Every Witch Way

  • 2014
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A teenage girl moves to Miami and discovers that she's a witch with special powers.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 A Girl's Sacrifice
Ep17 Mommie Dearest
Ep16 Stop Emma
Ep15 #1 Frenemies
Ep14 #1 What If?
Ep13 #1 Power in a Bottle
Ep12 Back to Square One
Ep11 #1 Van Pelt Reunion
Ep10 Diego's Wipeout
Ep9 #1 The Final Countdown
Ep8 #1 Monkey Face Emoji
Ep7 #1 Lunch at Lola's
Ep6 #1 Twisted Sister
Ep5 A Tale of Two Lives
Ep4 Stuck in a Storm
Ep3 Ever in the Everglades
Ep2 Road Trippin'
Ep1 A World Without You

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 New Witch Order
Ep19 New Witch Order
Ep19 New Witch Order
Ep18 The Kanay Strikes Back
Ep17 Magical Throwdown
Ep16 Defiance
Ep15 Kangaroo Jax
Ep14 Zombie Rescue Team
Ep13 The Truth About Kanays
Ep12 Invisible Me
Ep11 Kanay vs. Kanay
Ep10 El Cristal de Caballero
Ep9 Back to Back
Ep8 Spider No More
Ep7 No More Mr. Nice Guy
Ep6 Daniel Darko
Ep5 Neverending Summer
Ep4 Breaking All the Rules
Ep3 It's Always You
Ep2 Rebel Emma
Ep1 Beachside 7

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Emma vs. Emma
Ep22 I'll Stop the World
Ep22 The Abyss
Ep21 BF–Never
Ep20 Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree
Ep19 Zombie Boyfriend
Ep18 Beach Birthday Bash
Ep17 About a Wizard
Ep16 Stormageddon
Ep15 Emma Wants a Cracker
Ep14 The Breakup
Ep13 Missminion
Ep12 The Emma Squad
Ep11 Double Trouble
Ep10 Outta Hand
Ep9 The No-Sleep Sleepover
Ep8 Werewolves in Siberia
Ep7 No Can Do
Ep6 Daniel Who?
Ep5 The Fool Moon
Ep4 Powers by Proxy
Ep3 Love Pie Redux
Ep2 Runaway Witch
Ep1 Jax of Hearts

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 The Chosen One
Ep19 Which Witch Is Which
Ep18 Hexoren Squared
Ep17 Witches' Flu
Ep16 Lily Frog
Ep15 Beach Ball
Ep14 Walk Like a Panther
Ep13 Pantherized
Ep12 I Heart Beau
Ep11 I-Guana You Back
Ep10 I-Guana Dance With You
Ep9 I Said, Upside Down
Ep8 Mac-sic-cle
Ep7 Monkey Business II
Ep6 Monkey Business
Ep5 Magic Fight Club
Ep4 I'm a Witch
Ep3 The Big Chill
Ep2 The Big Rescue
Ep1 Discovery

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Breaking All the Rules
Breaking All the Rules
Rebel Emma
Beachside 7
Every Witch Way
Breaking All the Rules
Neverending Summer
The Chosen One
Every Witch Way
Forever Charmed
Which Witch is Which?
Always You
Always You
Stop Emma
Enchanted Ever After
I'll Stop the World; Emma vs. Emma
Once Upon a Spell
A Witch's Tale
S4 | Ep15

Frenemies New

Air Date: 7/27/15
Emma tries to gain power so she can cast a big spell, but she angers her friends in the process. Elsewhere, Jake attempts to reunite with his family.

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