Everything's Rosie

  • 2010
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The misadventures of Rosie, a fun-loving rag doll who delights in taking on everyday challenges with help from a colorful group of friends.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Message in a Bozberry Bottle
Ep25 Making Mountains Out of Mysteries
Ep24 Space Hippo's Secret Mission
Ep23 Can I Have My Voice Back Please?
Ep22 The Incredible Vanishing Bees
Ep21 Twinkle, Twinkle
Ep20 The Abominable Snow Bear
Ep19 Around the World in a Day
Ep18 The Surprise Surprise
Ep17 Minibeast Safari
Ep16 A Tall Story
Ep15 Storm in a Teacup
Ep14 The Elephant in the Room
Ep13 Holly Wraps It Up
Ep12 Somewhere Under the Rainbow
Ep11 Water, Water Everywhere
Ep10 Close Encounters of the Fairy Kind
Ep9 A Right Royal Mess
Ep8 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Garden
Ep7 Snap Happy Will
Ep6 Mama Raggles
Ep5 Oakley's Special Delivery
Ep4 A Harvest Harmony
Ep3 Little Lessons
Ep2 Me and My Shadow
Ep1 It Came from Up There

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Battle of the Ragglebots
Ep25 The Great Outdoors
Ep24 Racetrack Rosie
Ep23 Will and the Dragon
Ep22 Wheels, Wings and Crawly Things
Ep21 Raggles Gets The Blues
Ep20 Welcome To The Hotel Oakley
Ep19 Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Ep18 Reaching For The Moon
Ep17 The Legend of the Red Panda
Ep16 The Little Girl Who Wanted To Be a Tree
Ep15 Big Bear's Big Wobble
Ep14 Bluebird and the Tootle Plinks
Ep13 Pirate Treasure
Ep12 The Art of Rubbish
Ep11 Raggle's Stupendous Breakfast Treat
Ep10 The Time Travelling Tree
Ep9 Big Bear in a Spin
Ep8 The Flying Featherettes
Ep7 Follow That Cloud
Ep6 Holly to the Rescue
Ep5 Bubble Trouble
Ep4 Big Bear's Little Cafe
Ep3 Let's Go to the Fluffy Bug Ball
Ep2 Never Play Tennis With an Egg
Ep1 How to Give Away Your Toys and Keep Them

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 How to Catch an Echo
Ep25 Rosie's Swap Shop
Ep24 Whoops
Ep23 The Last Snowball
Ep22 It's Time to Let It Go Little Bear
Ep21 The Greatest Show in the Garden
Ep20 When Did You Last See Your Nest?
Ep19 Super Will
Ep18 Looking After Little Bear
Ep17 Skipping Bears, Talking Trees and Knitted Nests
Ep16 Oakley and the Big Sneeze
Ep15 The Call of the Wild
Ep14 Bossy Bluebird
Ep13 The Slowest Race That Ever There Was
Ep12 How Holly Got Her Groove Back
Ep11 How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles
Ep10 The Mystery of the Four Feathers
Ep9 Little Bear
Ep8 Things That Go Glug in the Night
Ep7 Raggles the Reporter
Ep6 The Curious Story of Holly and the Four Bears
Ep5 From Little Acorns Great Oakley's Will Sleep
Ep4 How to Teach a Bear to Meet the Queen
Ep3 How Will Got His Wings
Ep2 Ala-Kalama-Kazagaza-Zoom
Ep1 How to Hide an Oak Tree

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El Mundo De Rosie
El Mundo De Rosie
El Mundo de Rosie
El Mundo de Rosie

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