Extreme Couponing

  • 2011
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Bargain shoppers who go to extremes to find great deals are profiled.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Zadia & Briana
Ep7 Amanda & Jess
Ep6 Maryann & Haley
Ep5 Susan & Cole
Ep4 Pam & Broderick
Ep3 April & Chasity
Ep2 Julie & Faatima
Ep1 Rudy & Gia

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Krista & Amanda
Ep7 Jane & Judy
Ep6 Lisa and April
Ep5 Adrienne & Sarah
Ep4 Joyce and Aprille
Ep3 Jeff & Kelly
Ep2 Cole & Angelique
Ep1 Erin & Dominique
Extreme Couponing: Black Friday Blitz
Extreme Couponing: Midnight Madness

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Chris & Joni
Ep11 KT & Erin
Ep10 Missy & Nicole
Ep9 Heather & Bree
Ep8 Katherine & Joel
Ep7 Perry & Melissa
Ep6 Callie & Kelly
Ep5 Michelle & Tyler
Ep4 Michelle & Kelly
Ep3 Erin & Shavon
Ep2 April & Carla
Ep1 Judy & Faatima

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Scott & Jen
Ep12 Joni & Angelique
Ep11 Scott & Jen
Ep10 Kelly & Rebecca
Ep9 Amber & Amanda
Ep8 Chrystie & Treasure
Ep7 Amber & Tammilee
Ep6 Chris & Antoinette
Ep5 Desirae & Stephanie
Ep4 Missy & Amy
Ep3 Tai and Tarin & Nathan
Ep2 Rebecca & Jessica
Ep1 J'aime & Tiffany

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep3 Extreme Couponing
Ep2 Extreme Couponing: Black Friday Blitz
Ep1 Extreme Couponing: Midnight Madness
Black Friday Blitz
Adrienne & Sarah
Jeff & Kelly
Cole & Angelique
Rebecca & Jessica
Midnight Madness
Erin and Dominique
Holiday Hauls
All-Stars: Callie v Melissa
All-Stars: Finale
All-Stars: Jessica v Perry
Missy & Amy
Jaime & Tiffany
Greatest Givers: Extreme Couponing
Extreme Couponing
Holiday Hauls

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Don't Get the Retail Blues
68 sec
Preview Coupon Machine
83 sec
Preview The Coupon Kid
85 sec
Preview Photo of The Haul
65 sec
Preview Training With A Coupon Addict
113 sec
Clip Extreme Cougar Wives
69 sec
Preview April and Chasity
49 sec
Preview Pregnant and Dumpster Diving
86 sec
Preview Coupon Crazy
65 sec
Clip 308 Pregnant and Dumpster Diving
90 sec
Preview Rap for Savings
57 sec
Preview The Coupon Kid
74 sec
Preview Farming For Savings
91 sec
Preview Coupons Are My Crack
39 sec
Preview Clearances, Oh My!
85 sec
Preview Black Friday-Aholic
71 sec
Preview Extreme Givers
3 min 27 sec
Preview Deploy the Troops
73 sec
Preview Generous Donations
56 sec
Preview Teenage Coupon Addict
40 sec
Preview Homemade Laundry Detergent
55 sec
Preview Perry and Jessica's Grand Totals
3 min 44 sec
Preview Savings and Donations
4 min 49 sec
Preview No Crying at the Register!
84 sec
Preview The Couponator
61 sec
Preview Chris vs. Michelle
4 min 0 sec
Preview Shopping Showdown
117 sec
Preview Panic at the Supermarket!
55 sec
Preview Top Five Biggest Coupon Savings
3 min 12 sec
Preview Feeding America for Free!
115 sec
Preview Couponing Powers Combined
97 sec
Preview Rethinking Couponing Strategy
3 min 2 sec
Preview Making Ends Meet
94 sec
Preview Recycle Diving for Coupons
68 sec
Preview Negative Price at Register
75 sec
Preview Couponing for the Girls
81 sec
Preview Couponing to Provide for Family
69 sec
Preview If It's Free, It's for Me!
65 sec
Preview Couponing to Impress Mom
119 sec
Preview $30,000 Couponing Stockpile
2 min 48 sec
Preview The Couponing Basics
83 sec
Preview Couponing Sister Team
67 sec
Preview Obsessively Organized Couponer
72 sec
Clip Joel - Teenage Coupon Addict
44 sec
Preview All About the Numbers
80 sec
Preview Callie's Coupon Bedtime Stories
62 sec
Preview The Shelf Clearer & College Couponer
76 sec
Preview Welcome to the Bunker
66 sec
Preview Welcome to the Bunker
66 sec
Preview Couponing Sister Knows Best
86 sec
Preview Couponing Life Change
85 sec
Preview Season 2 Sneak Peek
97 sec
Preview Best of Extreme Couponing
107 sec
Preview Free Candy!
104 sec
Preview $100,000 Donation
84 sec
Preview Enter the House of Free
102 sec
Preview Walk-In Stockpile
89 sec
Preview Coupon Insomnia
85 sec
Preview Couponing with Kids
62 sec
Preview Couponing with Daddy
63 sec
Preview Coupon Strategy Derailed
94 sec
Preview How to Save $40,000
41 sec
Preview Amanda's Coupon Game Day Plan
2 min 56 sec
Preview Debt-Free Coupon Diva
2 min 30 sec
Preview Nathan's Six-Figure Stockpile
61 sec
Preview Dumpster Diving for Coupons
101 sec
Preview Locked Up
62 sec
Preview Coupons from Above
41 sec
Preview Couponing for Troops
43 sec
Preview Monthly Menus
39 sec
Preview Stockpile Storage Space
96 sec
Preview Going Bananas for Coupons
63 sec
Preview We Bought Them Out
99 sec
Preview Coupon Man Cave
70 sec
Preview Can't Beat the Bargain
93 sec
Preview $160 Budget
60 sec
Preview Couponing While Pregnant
77 sec
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Don't Get the Retail Blues

Fecha al aire:
Zadia takes her friends couponing to prove that she can still get super savings.

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