Extreme Machines

A look at unique motorized equipment.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep46 Ultimate Ballooning
Ep45 Armored Cars
Ep44 World's Greatest Ships: Dangerous Seas
Ep43 Million Dollar Motors
Ep42 O'Hare Airport
Ep41 World's Greatest Ships: Power & Glory
Ep40 Hog Heaven
Ep39 21st Century Flight
Ep38 Ultimate Underwater Machines: Into the Abyss
Ep37 City in a Pyramid
Ep36 Armored Cars
Ep35 Military Force
Ep34 Underwater Machines
Ep33 Military Planes
Ep32 Oil Rigs
Ep31 Off-Shore Rigs
Ep30 Submarines
Ep29 Cars
Ep28 Incredible Motorcycle Jumpers
Ep27 Fear of Flying: Mayday
Ep26 Jump Jets
Ep25 Fear of Flying: Crash Landing
Ep24 Bridges
Ep23 Metal Monsters
Ep22 Daring Aviators
Ep21 Airships
Ep20 Disasters at Sea
Ep19 Extreme Rides
Ep18 Speed Freaks
Ep17 Vertical Flight
Ep16 Adrenaline Junkies
Ep15 Raiders of the Deep
Ep14 Super Trains
Ep13 Mega Machines
Ep12 Aviators
Ep11 Car Crash
Ep10 Rocketeers
Ep9 Pedal Power
Ep8 Ice Masters
Ep7 Landspeed Record
Ep6 Emergency Vehicles
Ep5 Supercars
Ep4 Speed Freaks II
Ep3 Super Sight
Ep2 Car Crazy
Ep1 Tanks
Military: Sea Power
Flight of the Future
4-Wheel Force
Ultimate Space Machines
Liebherr Dumptruck
Military Forces: Air Power
Diving Deep
The Landspeed Record
Military Forces: Sea Power
Ferrary Of Furi
Military Forces: Land Power
Greatest Ships - Dangerous Seas
Underwater Machines - Submarines
Greatest Ships - Power and Glory
Four-Wheel Force
Abrams Tank
Military: Land Power
Military: Air Power
Supersonic Landspeed
Smart Weapons
Ultimate Speed Machines
Ep 12
Ep 3
Ep 7
Ep 5
Ep 4
Ep 9
Ep 6
Ep 8
Fastest Man on Earth
Power Boats
Mega Trucks
Motorcycle Mania
Race Cars
Wheels of Steel
Ultimate Speed Machines
Nuclear Submarines
Flight Power
Earth Breakers
Image Impossible
Ultimate Space Machines
Incredible Robots
Monster Trains
World's Tallest Buildings: Reach for the Sky
Car Crush

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