Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

  • 2003-2012
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Families get the home-repair treatment from a team of designers in this popular spin-off from the personal-makeover hit. Another offshoot, 'How'd They Do That?' takes a closer look at the work done on... Más


Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Harris Family
Ep7 Harris Family
Ep6 Friday Family
Ep5 Friday Family
Ep4 Zdroj Family
Ep3 Zdroj Family
Ep2 Watson Family
Ep1 Watson Family

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Joplin Families
Ep22 Joplin Families
Ep21 Gibbs Family
Ep20 Gibbs Family
Ep19 Rhodes Family
Ep18 Rhodes Family
Ep17 Johnson-Goslee Family
Ep16 Johnson-Goslee Family
Ep15 Walker Family
Ep14 Walker Family
Ep13 Dunning Family
Ep12 Dunning Family
Ep12 Military Families
Ep11 Hill Family
Ep10 Hill Family
Ep9 McPhail Family
Ep8 McPhail Family
Ep7 Keefer Family
Ep6 Keefer Family
Ep5 Korpai Family
Ep4 Rucker Family
Ep3 Gomez Family
Ep2 Jubilee; Marshall Family
Ep1 Jubilee; Marshall Family

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Sharrock Family
Ep22 Prewitt-Brewer Family
Ep21 Dickinson Family
Ep20 Hill Family
Ep19 Hall Family
Ep18 Zeigler-Hansen Family
Ep17 Hurston Family
Ep16 Brown Family
Ep15 Graham Family
Ep14 Simpson Family
Ep13 Lampe Family
Ep12 Grommesh Family
Ep11 Gaston Family
Ep10 Anderson Family
Ep9 Lighthouse School/Sweatt Family
Ep8 Marshall-Spreier Family
Ep7 Oregon School for the Deaf
Ep6 Urban Family
Ep5 Arboleda Family
Ep4 Johnson Family
Ep3 Lutz Family
Ep2 Boys Hope/Girls Hope
Ep1 Boys Hope/Girls Hope

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Williams Family
Ep24 Starkweather Family
Ep23 Carr Family
Ep22 Suggs Family
Ep21 Beach Family
Ep20 Heathcock Family
Ep19 Skaggs Family
Ep18 Wagstaff Family
Ep17 Tripp Family
Ep16 Creasey Family
Ep15 Powell Family
Ep14 Cowan Family
Ep13 Morris Family
Ep12 Ward Family
Ep11 Scott Family
Ep10 Marshall Family
Ep9 Stott Family
Ep8 Terpenning Family
Ep7 Mattingly Family
Ep6 Montgomery Family
Ep5 Marshall Family
Ep4 Hill Family
Ep3 Hampton Family
Ep2 Huber Family
Ep1 Huber Family

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 McFarland Family
Ep26 McFarland Family
Ep25 Cerda Family
Ep24 Cooper Family
Ep23 Jordan Family
Ep22 Kadzis Family
Ep21 Almquist Family
Ep20 Bell Family
Ep19 Ruiz Family
Ep18 Riojas Family
Ep17 Augustin Family
Ep16 Girard Family
Ep15 Tutwiler Family
Ep14 Drumm Family
Ep13 Grys Family
Ep12 Slaughter Family
Ep11 DeVries Family
Ep10 Nickless Family
Ep9 Frisch Family
Ep8 Martirez and Malek Families
Ep7 Hill Family
Ep6 McCully Family
Ep5 King Family
Ep4 Anders-Beatty Family
Ep3 Akers Family
Ep2 Jackson Family
Ep1 Jackson Family

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Usea Family
Ep29 Usea Family
Ep28 Giunta Family
Ep27 Silva Family
Ep26 Martinez Family
Ep25 Martinez Family
Ep24 Latif Family
Ep23 Gaudet Family
Ep22 Boettcher Family
Ep21 Turner Family
Ep20 Lucas Family
Ep19 Hughes Family
Ep18 Gilyeat Family
Ep17 Voisine Family
Ep16 Luther Family
Ep15 Woodhouse Family
Ep14 Ray-Smith Family
Ep13 Chapin Family
Ep12 Vitale Family
Ep11 Stockdale Family
Ep10 Swenson-Lee Family
Ep9 Swenson-Lee Family
Ep8 Marrero Family
Ep7 Miller Family
Ep6 Yazzie Family
Ep5 Carter Family
Ep4 Brown Family
Ep3 Byers Family
Ep2 Akana Family
Ep1 Akana Family

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Oatman-Gaitan Family
Ep28 Oatman-Gaitan Family
Ep27 Jacobo Family
Ep26 Kilgallon Family
Ep25 Collins Family
Ep24 Westbrook Family
Ep23 Jones Family
Ep22 Wilson Family
Ep21 Tipton-Smith Family
Ep20 Tate Family
Ep19 O'Donnell Family
Ep18 Thomas Family
Ep17 Thomas Family
Ep16 Riggins Family
Ep15 Noyola Family
Ep14 Fullerton-Machacek Family
Ep13 Ripatti Family
Ep12 Ripatti Family
Ep11 Lewis Family
Ep10 Pauni Family
Ep9 Koepke Family
Ep8 Farina Family
Ep7 Thibodeau Family
Ep6 Kibe Family
Ep5 Bliven Family
Ep4 Hawkins Family
Ep3 Gilliam Family
Ep2 Rogers Family
Ep1 Rogers Family

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep45 Llanes Family
Ep44 Llanes Family
Ep43 Turner Family
Ep42 Turner Family
Ep41 Arena Family
Ep40 Peter Family
Ep39 Py Family
Ep38 Py Family
Ep37 Hassall Family
Ep36 Texas
Ep35 Craft Family
Ep34 New Orleans
Ep33 Holmes Family
Ep32 Holmes Family
Ep31 Florida
Ep30 Mississippi
Ep29 Rainford Family
Ep28 Rainford Family
Ep27 White Family
Ep26 White Family
Ep25 Kubena Family
Ep24 Crawford-Smith Family
Ep23 Crawford-Smith Family
Ep22 DeAeth Family
Ep21 Hebert Family
Ep20 Kirkwood Family
Ep19 Kirkwood Family
Ep18 Nutsch Family
Ep17 Holiday Wishes
Ep16 Novak Family
Ep15 Lewis Family
Ep14 Lewis Family
Ep13 Tripp Johnson Family
Ep12 Goodale Family
Ep11 Tom Family
Ep10 Tom Family
Ep9 Ginyard Family
Ep8 Teas Family
Ep7 Teas Family (1)
Ep6 Harrison Family
Ep5 Barrett Family
Ep4 Rodriguez Family
Ep3 Rodriguez Family
Ep2 Nick Family
Ep1 Nick Family

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Piestewa Family
Ep31 Piestewa Family
Ep30 Vitale Family
Ep29 Vitale Family
Ep28 Johnson Family
Ep27 Dolan Family
Ep26 Dolan Family
Ep25 Harvey Family
Ep24 Leslie Family
Ep23 Leomiti-Higgins Family
Ep22 Okvath Family and University Medical Center
Ep21 Okvath Family and University Medical Center
Ep20 Harris Sextuplets
Ep19 Harper Family
Ep18 Family Reunion
Ep17 Correa/Medeiros Families
Ep16 Correa/Medeiros Families
Ep15 Sears Family
Ep14 Anderson Family
Ep13 Anderson Family
Ep12 Dore Family
Ep11 Broadbent Family
Ep10 Burns Family
Ep9 Elcano Family
Ep8 Vardon Family
Ep7 Vardon Family
Ep6 Ali Family
Ep5 Mackey Family
Ep4 Grinnan Family
Ep3 Pope Family
Ep2 Garay Family
Ep1 Wofford Family

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Imbriani Family
Ep13 Cadigan-Scott Family
Ep12 Powell Family
Ep11 Walswick Family
Ep10 Friends Helping Friends
Ep9 Tugwell Family
Ep8 Hardin Family
Ep7 Zitek Family
Ep6 Harris Family
Ep5 McCrory Family
Ep4 Mendoza Family
Ep3 Cox Family
Ep2 Woslum Family
Ep1 Powers Family

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Jackson Family
Ep9 Teas Family
Ep8 Rodriguez Family
Ep2 Friends Helping Friends Reveal
Holiday Wishes
Boys Hope/Girls Hope
The Turner Family
The Py Family
Craft Family
The Holmes Family
The Crawford Smith Family
Holiday Wishes
Mattingly Family - 1.5h
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Rogers Family
Watson Family Thanksgiving
Zdroj Family
The Sears Family
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Ward Family - 1.5h
Harris Family Christmas
The Keefer Family
The McPhail Family
Friday Family Christmas
The O'Donnell Family
McPhail Family
Jubilee House; Marshall Family
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
The Riojas Family
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Ty Pennington - Behind the Scenes
Thomas Family
Ripatti Family
After The Storm - Texas
Craft Family: Part 2
After the Storm: Mississippi
Okvath Family
The Vardon Family
Woslum Family
Pilot Episode

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Clip My co-host, Jewel
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Clip Rachael Ray
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Clip J.R. Martinez
34 sec
Clip Major League Baseball Stars
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Clip This is a true hero
64 sec
Clip Sherri Shepherd
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Clip Derek Jeter
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