Fanboy & Chum Chum

  • 2009
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The animated adventures of two passionate comic-book loving boys who wear superhero costumes.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep46 Super Chums
Ep45 Buddy Up
Ep44 Normal Day
Ep43 Boog Zapper
Ep42 Slime Day
Ep41 The Winners
Ep40 Two Tickets to Paladise
Ep39 Champ of Chomp
Ep38 Dental Illness
Ep37 Microphonies
Ep36 Freezy Freaks
Ep35 Speed Eraser
Ep34 Hex Games
Ep33 Lucky Chums
Ep32 Bubble Trouble
Ep31 Igloo of Irritation
Ep31 Robo-mance; Rattleskunkupine!
Ep30 Put That Cookie Down!
Ep30 Tooth or Scare; The Big Bopper
Ep29 Funny Face
Ep29 Game Boy; Crib Notes
Ep28 Field Trip of Horrors
Ep27 Frosty Mart Dream Vacation
Ep26 Camp-Arctica
Ep25 The Cold Rush
Ep24 Secret Club
Ep23 Attack of the Clones
Ep22 Lice Lice Baby
Ep21 Get You Next Time
Ep20 Face-Eating Aliens From Planet X!
Ep19 Heroes vs. Villains
Ep18 Robo-mance
Ep17 Rattleskunkupine
Ep17 The Last Strawberry Fun Finger; Power Out
Ep16 Very Brrr-y Icemas
Ep15 There Will Be Shrieks
Ep14 The Last Strawberry Fun Finger
Ep14 Risky Brizness; Kids in the Hall
Ep13 Power Out
Ep12 HypnotOZed
Ep11 Risky Brizness
Ep10 Kids in the Hall
Ep9 Crib Notes
Ep8 The Big Bopper
Ep7 Game Boy
Ep7 Schoolhouse Lock; Back From the Future
Ep6 Back From the Future
Ep5 Schoolhouse Lock
Ep4 Game Boy; The Big Bopper
Ep4 Present Not Accounted For; The Sword in the Throne
Ep4 The Sword in the Throne
Ep3 Present Not Accounted For
Ep2 No Toy Story
Ep1 I'm Man-Arctica!
Ep1 I'm Man-Arctica!; No Toy Story
Normal Day; Buddy Up
Slime Day; Boog Zapper
Two Tickets to Paladise; The Winners
Dental Illness; Champ of Chomp
Freezy Freaks; Microphonies
Hex Games; Speed Eraser
Bubble Trouble; Lucky Chums
Igloo of Irritation; HypnotOZed
Frosty Mart Dream Vacation; Field Trip of Horrors
The Cold Rush; Camp-Arctica
Attack of the Clones; Secret Club
Get You Next Time; Lice Lice Baby
Heroes vs. Villains; Face-Eating Aliens From Planet X!

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Stan-Arctica
Ep51 Man-Arctica the Ride
Ep50 Fan vs. Wild
Ep49 Separation Anxiety
Ep48 Separation Anxiety; Strings Attached
Ep48 Book Report of the Dead
Ep47 Battle of the Stands
Ep46 Eyes on the Prize
Ep45 The Incredible Chulk
Ep44 Lord of the Rings
Ep43 Eyes on the Prize; Battle of the Stands
Ep43 Freeze Tag
Ep42 Jingle Fever
Ep41 Lord of the Rings; The Incredible Chulk
Ep41 Fanboy Ahoy!
Ep40 Sigmund the Sorcerer
Ep39 The Great Bicycle Mystery
Ep38 A Bopwork Orange
Ep37 Stan-Arctica; Fanbidextrous
Ep37 Sigmund the Sorcerer; Fanboy Ahoy!
Ep37 Brain Drain
Ep36 Man-Arctica the Ride; Fan vs. Wild
Ep36 Fanbidextrous
Ep35 Fan vs. Wild; Separation Anxiety
Ep35 The Tell-Tale Toy
Ep34 Strings Attached
Ep33 Book Report of the Dead; Battle of the Stands
Ep33 Book Report of the Dead; Battle of the Stands
Ep33 The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy
Ep32 Norse Code
Ep31 Saving Private Chum Chum
Ep30 Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble
Ep29 Freeze Tag; Saving Private Chum Chum
Ep29 Pick a Nose
Ep28 Fan vs. Wild; The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy
Ep28 Cold War
Ep27 The Frosty Bus
Ep26 A Bopwork Orange; The Great Bicycle Mystery
Ep26 Chicken Pox
Ep25 Brain Drain; Fanbidextrous
Ep25 Brain Drain; Fanbidextrous
Ep25 Secret Shopper
Ep24 A Bopwork Orange; Freeze Tag
Ep24 Fanbedextrious; The Tell-Tale Toy
Ep24 Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
Ep23 The Tell-Tale Toy; Strings Attached
Ep23 Refill Madness
Ep22 Strings Attached; The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy
Ep22 Total Recall
Ep21 The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy; The Frosty Bus
Ep21 Little Glop of Horrors
Ep20 Saving Private Chum Chum; Norse Code
Ep20 Prank Master
Ep19 Moppy Dearest
Ep18 Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble; Pick a Nose
Ep18 The Frosty Bus; The Tell-Tale Toy
Ep18 Fanboyfriend
Ep17 Pick a Nose; Cold War
Ep17 Chicken Pox; Moppy Dearest
Ep17 The Hard Sell
Ep16 Cold War; The Frosty Bus
Ep16 Fanboy Stinks
Ep15 The Frosty Bus; Chicken Pox
Ep15 Marsha, Marsha, Marsha; Secret Shopper
Ep15 The Janitor's Apprentice
Ep14 Total Recall; Refill Madness
Ep14 Norse-ing Around
Ep13 Prank Master; Little Glop of Horrors
Ep13 Night Morning
Ep12 Excuse Me
Ep11 Precious Pig
Ep10 Fanboyfriend; Moppy Dearest
Ep10 Norse-ing Around; The Janitor's Apprentice
Ep10 Chimp Chomp Chumps
Ep9 Brain Drain; Fanboyfriend
Ep9 Fanboy Stinks; The Hard Sell
Ep9 Fangboy
Ep8 Excuse Me; Night Morning
Ep8 Monster in the Mist
Ep7 Chimp Chomp Chumps; Precious Pig
Ep7 Berry Sick
Ep6 Monster in the Mist; Fangboy
Ep6 I, Fanbot
Ep5 I, Fanbot; Berry Sick
Ep5 Digital Pet Cemetery
Ep4 The Janitor Strikes Back
Ep4 Digital Pet Cemetery; Fanboy Stinks
Ep3 The Janitor Strikes Back; Digital Pet Cemetery
Ep3 Trading Day
Ep2 The Janitor Strikes Back; Dollar Day
Ep2 Wizboy
Ep2 Wizboy; Trading Day
Ep2 Wizboy; Trading Day
Ep1 Trading Day; The Hard Sell
Ep1 Dollar Day
Man-Arctica the Ride; Fanbidextrous
Cold War; Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble
Book Report of the Dead; Stan-Arctica
Saving Private Chum Chum; Jingle Fever
Norse Code; The Great Bicycle Mystery
Wizboy; Pick a Nose

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Chimp Chomp Chumps; The Hard Sell
Brain Freeze
Pick a Nose; Fanboy Stinks
Saving Private Chum Chum
Refill Madness
Total Recall
Battle of the Stands
Eyes on the Prize
Berry Sick
Man-Arctica the Ride
Eyes on the Prize
Cold War
The Incredible Chulk
Lord of the Rings
Risky Brizness
The Incredible Chulk
Lord of the Rings
Dollar Day
Brain Drain; The Tell-Tale Toy
Norse Code; The Great Bike Robbery
Last Fun Finger/Powerout
Funny Face; Put That Cookie Down!
Lice Lice Baby;Get you Next Time
Tooth or Scare

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