Fantasy Island

  • 1978-1984

An elegantly dapper man named Roarke is the mysterious proprietor of a tropical resort in this memorable Aaron Spelling confection, which finds a parade of B-list guest stars checking in to live out... More


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Surrogate Mother; Ideal Woman
Ep21 Bojangles and the Dancers; Deuces Are Wild
Ep20 Don Juan's Last Affair; Final Adieu
Ep19 Lost and Found; Dick Turpin's Last Ride
Ep18 The Mermaid and the Matchmaker; The Obsolete Man
Ep17 The Awakening of Love; The Impostor
Ep16 Baby on Demand; Last Dogfight
Ep15 Dark Secret; The Outrageous Mr. Smith
Ep14 Lady of the House; Mrs. Branwell's Favorites
Ep13 Lady's Choice; Skin Deep
Ep12 To Fly with Eagles; The High Cost of Living
Ep11 Sweet Life; Games People Play
Ep10 Goin' Home; Ambitious Lady
Ep9 Saturday's Child; The Fantasy Island Girl
Ep8 Random Choices; My Mother, the Swinger
Ep7 The Wedding Picture; Castaways
Ep6 Second Time Around; Three's a Crowd
Ep5 Roarke's Sacrifice; Butler's Affair
Ep4 God Child; Curtain Call
Ep3 Nurses Night Out
Ep2 The Big Switch; Hooker's Holiday
Ep1 Forbidden Love; The Other Man---Mr. Roarke

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Remember... When?
Ep21 Love Island; The Sisters
Ep20 What's the Matter with Kids?; Island of Horrors
Ep19 Edward; The Extraordinary Miss Jones
Ep18 The Devil Stick; Touch and Go
Ep17 King of Burlesque; Death Games
Ep16 Eternal Flame; A Date with Burt
Ep15 Return to the Cotton Club; No Friends Like Old Friends
Ep14 Charo; Revenge of the Forgotten
Ep13 Let Them Eat Cake; Midnight Waltz
Ep12 Room and Bard; The Tallowed Image
Ep11 Queen of the Soaps; The Songwriter
Ep10 Operation Breakout; Candy Kisses
Ep9 The Winning Ticket; Naughty Marietta
Ep8 The Kleptomaniac; Thank God, I'm a Country Girl
Ep7 Roller Derby Dolls; Thanks a Million
Ep6 Beautiful Skeptic; Lost Platoon
Ep5 Everybody Goes to Gilley's; Face of Fire
Ep4 Angel's Triangle; Natchez Bound
Ep3 The Perfect Gentleman; Legend
Ep2 Dancing Lady; The Final Round
Ep1 Curse of the Moreaus; My Man Friday

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Ghost's Story; The Spoilers
Ep21 Nancy and the Thunderbirds; The Big Bet
Ep20 The Quiz Masters; Forget-Me-Not's
Ep19 A Face of Love; Image of Celeste
Ep18 Sitting Duck; Sweet Suzi Swann
Ep17 Funny Man; Tattoo, The Matchmaker
Ep16 The Challenge; A Genie Named Joe
Ep15 The Case Against Mr. Roarke; Save Sherlock Holmes
Ep14 The Whistle; Daddy's Little Girl
Ep13 King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court; Shadow Games
Ep12 Mata Hari; The Magic Camera
Ep11 House of Dolls; Wuthering Heights
Ep10 The Sailor; A Very Strange Affair
Ep9 Night of the Tormented Soul; Romance Times Three
Ep8 Lillian Russell; The Lagoon
Ep7 Volcano; The Perfect Husband
Ep6 Druids; A Night in the Harem
Ep5 Mr. Nobody; La Liberatora
Ep4 The Lady and the Monster; The Last Cowboy
Ep3 Cyrano; The Magician
Ep2 The Devil and Mr. Roarke; Kid Corey Rides Again
Ep1 Slam Dunk; Show Me a Hero

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Paquito's Birthday; Technical Advisor
Ep24 Manbeast; Ole Island Oprey
Ep23 Lady Godiva; Hard Knocks
Ep22 The Devil's Triangle; Basin Street
Ep21 Delphine; The Unkillable
Ep20 The Proxy Billionaire; The Experiment
Ep19 The Searcher; The Way We Weren't
Ep18 Portrait of Solange; Also Rans
Ep17 Chorus Girl ; Surrogate Father
Ep16 Loving Strangers; Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Ep15 The Chateau ; White Lightning
Ep14 The World's Most Beautiful Woman; The Man From Yesterday
Ep13 The Heroine; The Warrior
Ep12 Elizabeth's Baby;The Artist and the Lady
Ep11 Reprisal; High Off the Hog
Ep10 My Late Lover; Sanctuary
Ep9 Crescendo; Three Feathers
Ep8 Snow Bird; The Invisible Woman
Ep7 With Affection, Jack the Ripper; Gigolo
Ep6 The Love Doctor; Pleasure Palace
Ep5 Pleasure Palace; Possessed
Ep4 Don Quixote; The Sex Symbol
Ep3 Skater's Edge; Concerto of Death; Last Great Race
Ep2 The Flying Aces; The Mermaid Returns
Ep1 The Devil and Mandy Breem; The Instant Millionaire

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 The Eagleman; The Children of Menta
Ep22 My Fair Pharaoh; The Power
Ep21 Jungle Man; Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate
Ep20 Nona; One Million B.C.
Ep19 Swinger; Terrors of the Mind
Ep18 Aphrodite; Dr. Jeckyll and Miss Hyde
Ep17 Playgirl; Smith's Valhalla
Ep16 Rogues to Riches; Stark Terror
Ep15 Unholy Wedlock; Elizabeth
Ep14 Look-Alikes; Winemaker
Ep13 On the Other Side; The Inventor
Ep12 Cheerleaders; Marooned
Ep11 The Victim; The Mermaid
Ep10 The Pug; Class of '69
Ep9 The Dancer; Nobody's There
Ep8 Tattoo's Romance; Handy Man
Ep7 The Wedding
Ep6 Red Baron; Young at Heart
Ep5 Chain Gang; The Boss
Ep4 Baby; Marathon: Battle Of The Sexes
Ep4 Baby; Marathon: Battle of the Sexes
Ep3 Tattoo: the Love God; Magnolia Blossoms
Ep2 The Stuntman; Goose for the Gander
Ep1 The Swimmer; Hit Man

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Amusement Park; Rock Stars
Ep24 Bowling; Command Performance
Ep23 Cornelius and Alfonse; The Choice
Ep22 The Comic;The Golden Hour
Ep21 Fountain of Youth; Yesterday's Love
Ep20 Birthday Party; Ghostbreaker
Ep19 The Hunted; Spending Spree
Ep18 Casting Director; Pentagram; A Little Ball
Ep17 Stripper; Boxer
Ep16 Photographs; Royal Flush
Ep15 Cowboy; The Second Mrs. Winslow
Ep14 Seance; Treasure
Ep13 The Lady and the Longhorn; Vampire
Ep12 Charlie's Cherubs; Stalag 3
Ep11 Carnival; The Vaudevillians
Ep10 The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird; The Island of Lost Women
Ep9 The Appointment; Mr. Tattoo
Ep8 The Return; The Toughest Man Alive
Ep7 Let the Goodtimes Roll; Nightmare; The Tiger
Ep6 War Games; The Queen of the Boston Bruisers
Ep5 The Jewel Thief; I Want to Get Married
Ep4 Best Seller; The Tomb
Ep3 The Beachcomber; The Last Whodunit
Ep2 Let the Good Times Roll; Nightmare
Ep2 The Pirate; Big Dipper
Ep1 The Sheik; The Homecoming

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Call Me Lucky; Torch Singer
Ep14 Fool for a Client; Double Your Pleasure
Ep13 Instant Family; King for a Day
Ep12 Reunion; Anniversary
Ep11 The Over the Hill Gang; Poof! You're a Movie Star
Ep10 Trouble, My Lovely; The Common Man
Ep9 Superstar; Salem
Ep8 The Funny Girl; Butch and Sundance
Ep7 Treasure Hunt; Beauty Contest
Ep6 Lady of the Evening; The Racer
Ep5 Fantasy Island
Ep4 The Prince; The Sheriff
Ep3 Mr. Irresistible; Bet a Million
Ep2 Escape and Cinderella Girls
Ep1 Family Reunion; Voodoo
Ep1 Fantasy Island

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Naughty Marietta; The Winning Ticket
Ep4 The Love Doctor; The Pleasure Palace; Possessed
Ep3 The Devil and Mr. Roarke; Ziegfeld Girls; Kid Corey Rides Again
Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate; Jungle Man
Cyrano; the Magician
Vampire; The Lady and the Longhorn
Nobody's There; The Dancer
Mood Madness; Vampire
Valerie; Mata Hari; The Magic Camera
Photographs; Royal Flush
Carnival; the Vaudevillians
Charlie's Cherubs; Stalag 3
Birthday Party, The / Ghost Breaker
Photographs / Royal Flush
Spending Spree / Hunted, The
Stripper, The / Boxer, The
Return to Fantasy Island
The Hitman/The Swimmer
Cowboy/Substitute Wife
The Return/The Toughest Man Alive
Bowling/Command Performance
Fantasy Island
Cornelius and Alfonse/The Choice
Dancing Lady; the Final Round
Roller Derby Dolls; Thanks a Million
Voodoo / Parent Trap
The Appointment; Mr. Tattoo
Best Seller; the Tomb
Skating Edge; Concerto of Death
Lady And The Longhorn, The / Vampire
Pentagram/A Little Ball
The Boss; Chain Gang

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