Fireman Sam

  • 1987
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An animated program, featuring humor and drama, that teaches children about fire safety.


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 When Fools Rush In
Ep25 Danger by the Double
Ep24 Towering Inferno
Ep23 Hot Air
Ep22 Alarm on the Beach
Ep21 Mam's Day
Ep20 Sheep on the Road
Ep19 Cry Wolf
Ep18 A Sticky Situation
Ep17 Floating Cart
Ep16 Dinosaur Hunt
Ep15 The One That Got Away
Ep14 No Nurse Like You
Ep13 The Wrong Smell
Ep12 Going Out With a Bang
Ep11 Seeing Red
Ep10 Cat Magic
Ep9 Mother's Little Helper
Ep8 Baa Baa Baby
Ep7 Best Foot Forward
Ep6 Santa Overboard
Ep5 The New Hero Next Door
Ep4 Perilous Path
Ep3 Hearts on Fire
Ep2 Hot and Cold Running Sniffer Dog
Ep1 Paper Plane Down

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Mike's Rocket
Ep25 Open Day
Ep24 Norman's Ark
Ep23 Three Legged Race
Ep22 Model Plane
Ep21 A Day at the Seaside
Ep20 Dily's Big Surprise
Ep19 Fireman James
Ep18 Sailor Steele
Ep17 Double Trouble
Ep16 Twitching the Night Away
Ep15 Pontypandy Pioneers
Ep14 Pirates of Pontypandy
Ep13 Poorly Penny
Ep12 Norman's Ghost
Ep11 Sheepdog Trials
Ep9 Off Duty Sam
Ep8 Flood's Flood
Ep7 Sausages Versus Shrimps
Ep6 Stuck in the Muck
Ep5 Heap of Trouble
Ep4 Fireworks for Mandy
Ep3 Elvis Sings the Blues
Ep2 Pontypandy Extreme
Ep1 Blow Me Down

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Big Freeze
Ep25 Let It Snow
Ep24 Fields of Fire
Ep23 Firefighter of Tomorrow
Ep22 Birthday Surprise
Ep21 Fiery Finale
Ep20 The Case of Licorice Shoelaces
Ep19 High Jinx
Ep18 Norman's Invisible Friend
Ep17 King of the Jungle
Ep16 Trouble and Squeak
Ep15 Fun Run
Ep14 Pizza Palaver
Ep13 Beast of Pontypandy
Ep12 Deep Water
Ep11 Fit for Nothing
Ep10 Joker Soaker
Ep9 Mummy's Little Pumpkin
Ep8 Carnival of Junk
Ep7 Twitchers in Trouble
Ep6 Neighborhood Watchout
Ep5 Bath Time for Dusty
Ep4 Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus
Ep3 A Real Live Wire
Ep2 Twist of Fate
Ep1 Danger: Falling Sheep

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Disaster for Dinner
Ep7 Steele Under Par
Ep6 What Goes Up
Ep5 Trevor's Boot Sale
Ep4 Deep Trouble for Sam
Ep3 Quarry Rescue
Ep2 Rich and Famous
Ep1 Home From Rome

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 Bentley the Robot
Ep8 Lost in the Fog
Ep7 Brass Band
Ep6 All in a Good Cause
Ep5 Lost Ring
Ep4 Norman's Pitfall
Ep3 Halloween
Ep2 A Spot of Bother
Ep1 Dilys's Forgetful Day

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Sam the Great Inventor
Ep6 Wishing Well
Ep5 Safe With Sam
Ep4 Chemistry Set
Ep3 Thief in Pontypandy
Ep2 Sam's Day Off
Ep1 Treasure Hunt

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Telly Trouble
Ep7 Lost Cat
Ep6 Norman's Tricky Day
Ep5 Camping
Ep4 Flat Tyre
Ep3 Trevor's Training
Ep2 Barn Fire
Ep1 The Kite

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Hide and Seek
One Way Street
Rocky Rescue
Turtle Hunt
Norman's Big Fossil Adventure
Pest in Show
The Treasure Trap
Stage Fright
The Pontypandy Polar Bear
Boyce will be Boyce
Elvis in Concert
The Big Chill
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The Best Sleepover Ever
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Up, Up and Away
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Lights, Camera, Avalanche
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Bronwyn's Millionth Customer
The Pontypandyness Monster
Water Tower Inferno
Mandy's Mountain
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
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Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Mandy At Sea
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Disastrous Dilys
The Great Guinea Pig Rescue
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam
Runaway Train
Garden Force
Falling Sheep; Twist of Fate
A Real Live Wire; Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus
Mummy's Little Pumpkin; Joker Soaker
Bath Time for Dusty; Neighborhood Watchout
Beast of Ponty Pandy; Pizza Palaver
Trouble & Squeak; Twitcher's in Trouble
Norman's Invisible Friend; Bathtime for Dusty
Carnival of Junk; High Jinx
Carnival of Junk; Fun Run
Joker Soaker; The Case of Licorice Shoelaces
Twist of Fate; Fiery Finale
Fit For Nothing; Fiery Finale
Joker Soaker; The Beast of Pontypandy
Pizza Palaver; Carnival of Junk
Sheep Dog Trials
Paper Plane Down
Off Duty Sam
Sticky Situation
Pirates of Pontypandy
Danger: Falling Sheep
High Jinx
Fields of Fire
Perilous Pan
Firefighter of Tomorrow
Twist of Fate
Twitchers in Trouble
Christmas Special
Fun Run
Joker Soaker
Trouble and Squeak
Norman's Invisible Friend
King of the Jungle
High Jinks
Let it Snow
Neighbourhood Watch Out
Fiery Finale
Deep Water
Pizza Palaver
The Big Freeze
Norman Price - Fireman of Tomorrow
Mummy's Little Pumpkin
The Beast of Pontypandy
The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces
Danger by the Double / When Fools Rush in
Turtle Hunt Ocean
King of the Jungle; Norman's Invisible Friend
High Jinx; Case of the Licorice Shoelaces
Joker Soaker; High Jinx
Danger: Falling Sheep; Deep Water
Beast of Pontypandy; Birthday Surprise
Fields of Fire; Twitchers in Trouble
Birthday Surprise; Bathtime for Dusty
The Case of the Licorice Shoelaces; A Real Live Wire
Fields of Fire; Fit for Nothing
Danger: Falling Sheep; Fit for Nothing
Firefighter of Tomorrow; Joker Soaker
Neighbourhood Watchout; King of the Jungle
Beast of Pontypandy; Deep Water
Bath Time for Dusty; Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus
King of the Jungle, Trouble & Squeak
Twitcher's in Trouble; Neighborhood Watch Out
Trouble & Squeak; Carnival of Junk
Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus; High Jinx
The Beast of Pontypandy; Firefighter of Tomorrow
Pizza Palaver; Fields of Fire
Carnival of Junk; Birthday Surprise
Joker Soaker; Fun Run
Deep Water; Birthday Surprise
Elvis Sings the Blues
Stranded Whale
Mother's Helper
No Nurse Like You
Hot Air
Saves the Day
Ready for Action
When Fools Rush In
Danger By The Double
Mighty Mountain Heroes
Pirates of Pontypandy
Battle of The Birthdays
On Thin Ice
Wild Cheese Chase
Hero Next Door
Hero Next Door
Mam's Day / Alarm On the Beach
Cry Wolf / Sheep On the Road
Hot Air / Towering Inferno
Norman's Halloween Heist
Dinosaur Hunt
Sheep On the Road
Help Is Here!
Twitcher's in Trouble; Carnival of Junk
Fun Run; Trouble and Squeak
Fit for Nothing; In Deep Water
Fiery Finale; Birthday Surprise
To the Rescue!
Twitcher's in Trouble; Fiery Finale
Neighborhood Watch Out; The Case of Liquorice Shoelaces
A Real Live Wire; Norman's Invisible Friend
King of the Jungle; Twist of Fate
Trouble & Squeak; Danger: Falling Sheep
Fun Run; The Big Freeze
Fun Run; Pizza Palaver
Fit for Nothing; Joker Soaker
A Real Live Wire; Twist of Fate
The Big Freeze; Joker Soaker
Let it Snow; Carnival of Junk
Firefighter of Tomorrow; Neighborhood Watch Out
Fiery Finale; Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus
High Jinx; Twist of Fate
Norman's Invisible Friend; Danger: Falling Sheep
King of the Jungle; Big Freeze
Trouble & Squeak; Let It Snow
Fun Run; Fields of Fire
Pizza Palaver; Firefighter of Tomorrow
Deep Water; Fiery Finale
Fit for Nothing; the Case of the Licorice Shoelaces
Carnival of Junk; Mummy's Little Pumpkin
Twitcher's in Trouble; Norman's Invisible Friend
Bathtime for Dusty; Trouble & Squeak
Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus; Fun Run
A Real Live Wire; Pizza Palaver
Twist of Fate; The Beast of Pontypandy
Let It Snow; The Big Freeze
Safety Special

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