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The world's population sees into the future when everyone blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds at the same time. The clairvoyant episode staggers the minds of all, as in many instances their... More


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 #1 Future Shock
Ep21 #1 Countdown
Ep20 #1 The Negotiation
Ep19 #1 Course Correction
Ep18 #1 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Ep17 #1 The Garden of Forking Paths
Ep16 #1 Let No Man Put Asunder
Ep15 Queen Sacrifice
Ep14 #1 Better Angels
Ep13 #1 Blowback
Ep12 Revelation Zero
Ep11 #1 Revelation Zero
Ep11 Revelation Zero
Ep11 What Did You See?
Ep10 #1 A561984
Ep9 #1 Believe
Ep8 #1 Playing Cards With Coyote
Ep7 #1 The Gift
Ep6 #1 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Ep5 #1 Gimme Some Truth
Ep4 Black Swan
Ep3 #1 137 Sekunden
Ep2 #1 White to Play
Ep1 #1 No More Good Days

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Gift
No More Good Days
White To Play

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56 sec
Clip FFD122 CL3.DV25
87 sec
Clip FFD120 CL1.DV25
79 sec
Clip FFD120 CL6.DV25
68 sec
Clip FFD120 CL3.DV25
70 sec
Clip FFD119 CL2.DV25
50 sec
Clip FFD119 CL1.DV25
73 sec
Clip FFD118 CL3.DV25
60 sec
Clip FFD118 CL1.DV25
56 sec
Clip FFD116 PC.DV25
4 min 48 sec
Clip FFD117 CL2.DV25
44 sec
Clip FFD117 CL1.DV25
32 sec
Clip FFD116 CL4.DV25
52 sec
Clip FFD116 CL3.DV25
39 sec
Clip FFD115 CL1.DV25
44 sec
Clip FFD115 CL6.DV25
43 sec
Clip FLF115 PC.DV25
3 min 11 sec
Clip FFD114 CL1.DV25
60 sec
Clip FFD114 CL3.DV25
44 sec
Clip FFD114 CL2.DV25
79 sec
Clip FFD113 CL1.DV25
42 sec
Clip FFD113 CL3.DV25
43 sec
Clip FFD113 CL2.DV25
50 sec
Clip FLF Suspect0 PC.DV25
4 min 4 sec
Clip FFD111 CL1.DV25
65 sec
Clip FFD111 CL3.DV25
61 sec
Clip FFD111 CL2.DV25
61 sec
Clip FFD111 CL4.DV25
74 sec
Clip FFD110 CL2.DV25 flv 480 4x3 n
31 sec
Clip FFD110 CL1.DV25 flv 480 4x3 n
51 sec
Clip FFD109 EPK CL1.DV25 flv 480 4x3 n
63 sec
Clip FFD108 CL2.MPEG2-PS
69 sec
Clip FFD108 CL1.MPEG2-PS
60 sec
Clip FFD108 CL3.MPEG2-PS
67 sec
Clip FFD107 CL1.DV25 flv 480 4x3 n
80 sec
Clip FFD107 CL2.DV25 flv 480 4x3 n
84 sec
Clip FFD President SP.DV25
114 sec
Clip FFD Meetings SP.DV25
2 min 8 sec
Clip FFD104 CL1.DV25
91 sec
Clip FFD104 CL2.DV25
71 sec
Clip FFD104 CL3.DV25
71 sec
Clip FFD103 CL2.DV25
39 sec
Clip FFD103 CL4.DV25
46 sec
Clip FFD103 CL3.DV25
40 sec
Clip FFD103 CL1.DV25
47 sec
Interview 090909 fancast flashforward cho interview
2 min 41 sec
Interview 090909 fancast flashforward sonja interview
2 min 47 sec
Clip FFD101 SP1.DV25 640x480
2 min 18 sec
Preview FFD UF CL2.DV25 4X3
57 sec
S1 | Ep22

Future Shock

Air Date: 5/27/10
In the Season 1 finale, the world waits to see if the flash-forward visions come true. Mark, meanwhile, learns the date of the next blackout while Simon and Demetri attempt to stop it.

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