• 1964-1967

Viewers flipped for the megasmart dolphin that routinely helped his two young owners, Sandy and Bud, the sons of a widower living on the Florida shore (episodes were filmed in the Florida Keys and the... More


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Flipper's New Friends
Ep27 Flipper's New Friends
Ep26 Capn. Flint
Ep25 Devil Ray
Ep24 Firing Line
Ep23 Firing Line
Ep22 Decision for Bud
Ep21 Dolphin in Time
Ep20 Dolphin for Ransom
Ep19 Aunt Martha
Ep18 Dolphins Don't Sleep
Ep17 Flipper and a Seal
Ep16 The Most Expensive Sardine in the World
Ep15 Flipper and Fugitive
Ep14 Flipper and Fugitive
Ep13 Alligator Duel
Ep12 Flipper's Island
Ep11 Flipper and the Puppy
Ep10 Executive Bud
Ep9 Explosion
Ep8 Whale Ahoy
Ep7 An Errand for Flipper
Ep6 Cupid Flipper
Ep5 Warning!
Ep4 The Lost Dolphin
Ep3 Disaster in the Everglades
Ep2 Disaster in the Everglades
Ep1 Agent Bud

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Dolphin Love
Ep29 Dolphin Love
Ep28 Deep Waters
Ep27 Flipper's Underwater Museum
Ep26 Flipper Joins the Navy
Ep25 Flipper Joins the Navy
Ep24 The Raccoon Who Came to Dinner
Ep23 A Gift Dolphin
Ep22 Air Power
Ep21 The Lobster Trap
Ep20 Flipper and a Shark Cage
Ep19 The Slingshot
Ep18 Flipper's Odyssey
Ep17 Flipper's Odyssey
Ep16 Flipper's Odyssey
Ep15 Flipper Detective
Ep14 Shark Hunt
Ep13 Flipper and Bounty
Ep12 Flipper and the Horse Thieves
Ep11 A Job for Sandy
Ep10 Dolphin Patrol
Ep9 Flipper and a Spy
Ep8 Ditching
Ep7 Ditching
Ep6 Junior Ranger
Ep5 Coral Fever
Ep4 Flipper's Hour of Peril
Ep3 Dolphin in Pursuit
Ep2 Dolphin in Pursuit
Ep1 Flipper and the Mermaid

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Flipper's Monster
Ep29 Call of the Dolphin
Ep28 Sailor Bud
Ep27 Bud Minds Baby
Ep26 Flipper and Elephant
Ep25 Flipper and Elephant
Ep24 Flipper and Elephant
Ep23 Teamwork
Ep22 The White Dolphin
Ep21 Flipper's Treasure
Ep20 Money to Blow
Ep19 Love and Sandy
Ep18 The Day of the Shark
Ep17 Lifeguard
Ep16 Flipper's Bank Account
Ep15 Misanthrope
Ep14 Danger
Ep13 A Lady and a Dolphin
Ep12 A Lady and a Dolphin
Ep11 The Second Time Around
Ep10 My Brother Flipper
Ep9 Mr. Marvello
Ep8 Countdown for Flipper
Ep7 Not Necessarily the Gospel
Ep6 Dolphin for Sale
Ep5 City Boy
Ep4 The Gulf Between
Ep4 The Gulf Between
Ep4 The Gulf Between
Ep3 S.O.S. Dolphin
Ep2 The Red Hot Car
Ep1 300 Feet Below

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Flipper
76 sec
S0 |


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The classic television series featuring the awesome aquatic adventures of a young boy and his best friend, an intelligent and heroic dolphin named Flipper. Two episodes per tape, 25 in all.

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