Franklin and Friends

  • 2011
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The continuing adventures of Franklin the turtle as he grows up and explores his world. The character is based on the book series by Paulette Bourgeois.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Franklin's Rocket Team
Ep1 Franklin and the Heat Wave

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Franklin and Friends
Ep12 Franklin's Spaceship
Ep12 Franklin Flies His Kite; Franklin's Flying Lesson
Ep11 Franklin and the Circus Trick; Franklin's Earth Day
Ep10 Franklin's Christmas Spirit; Franklin's Campout
Ep9 Franklin the Dinosaur Hunter; Franklin Paints a Picture
Ep8 Franklin's Spaceship; Franklin and the Missing Monarch Mystery
Ep7 Franklin the Engineer; Franklin Needs to Notice
Ep6 Franklin and the Super Sleepover; Franklin and the Snoring Situation
Ep5 It's Halloween Franklin!; Franklin the Adventurer
Ep4 The Super Cluepers Big Small Case; Franklin and the Mystery Muddle
Ep3 Franklin Changes the Rules; Franklin and Harriet's Buggy
Ep2 Franklin and the Shadow Show; Franklin's Fishing Trip
Ep1 Take Harriet With You; Franklin's New Hat

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Bumpy Buggy; Father's Day
Ep13 Franklin and the Pinecone Pass; Franklin and the Creepy Clock
Ep12 In the Stars; Franklin and Sam
Ep11 Snow Dragon; Gets Bugged
Ep10 Franklin Find the Treasure; Franklin and the Tunnel Team-Ups
Ep9 Franklin and Snail Mail; Franklin the Mooseratops
Ep8 Franklin's Ups and Downs; Franklin's New Teacher
Ep7 Franklin and the Mystery of the Blue Begonia; Franklin, the Planner
Ep6 Franklin and the Mystery of the Berry Bogie; Franklin Sees a Storm
Ep5 Franklin's Partner; Franklin Helps Out
Ep4 Franklin and the Wonder; Franklin, the Little Bubble
Ep3 Franklin's Special Job; Franklin Needs a Reminder
Ep2 Franklin and the Snow Princess; Franklin and the Firefly Festival
Ep2 Franklin Helps Out; Franklin's Partner
Ep1 Franklin's All Ears; Franklin and the Gecko Games
Ep1 Franklin and the Gecko Games; Franklin's All Ears

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Franklin and the Acorn Alley Picnic; Super Cluepers Case of the Missing Hat
Franklins Big Box; Franklin Lends a Hand
Franklin and the Shadow Show/Franklin's Fishing Trip
Franklin and the Amazing Stupendous Circus Trick/Franklin's Earth Day
Franklin and the No-Sleep Sleepover; Franklin the Farmer
Coach Franklin; Franklins Day With Dad
Franklin in the Stars/Franklin and Sam
Franklin and Snail Mail/Franklin and the Mooseratops
Franklin's Dynaroo Day; Franklin and Harriet in Space
Franklin and the Snow Dragon/Franklin Gets Bugged
The Super Cluepers Big Small Case/Franklin and the Mystery Muddle
Franklin and Harriet's Buggy/Franklin Changes the Rules
Franklin and the Bumpy Buggy/It's Father's Day Franklin
Franklin Follows the Leader; Franklins Wilderness Trip
Franklin and the Nature Nuts Hike; Franklin and the Terrible Terrible Dragon
Franklin and the Drum Circle; Franklin Takes Flight
Franklin's School; Franklin Plays Hoppity Bop
Franklin's Firefighter Flapjacks; Franklin and the Missing Mega Machine
Franklin and the Sculpture Garden; Franklin and the Silly Stakes
Franklin and the Lost Lost Tooth; Franklin and the Karate Klub
Franklin and the Woodland Fuzzies; Franklin and Beavers Show and Sing
Super Cluepers Case of the New Friend; Franklin's Woodland Night
Super Cluepers and the Mysterious Mark; Franklin Versus the Ninjaroos
Who's Who in Woodland Franklin; Franklin the Inventor
Polar Explorer
Franklin and the Four Seasons
Franklin Makes Some Noise; Super Cluepers Case of the Missing School Bell
Franklin Gets a Hole in One; Franklin and the Radio
Franklin's Big Breakfast; Franklin Switches It Up
Super Cluepers Case of the Missing Carrots; Franklin and the Pickle Problem
Franklin the Post Turtle; Franklin's Wild Paper Chase
It's Halloween, Franklin/Franklin the Adventurer
Franklin Back in the Saddle; Franklin's Backwards Day
Franklin and the Adventure on Planet Zorb; Franklin and the Two Unicycles
Franklin and the First Snowfall Festival; Franklin and the Bumpy Fire Buggy
Franklin and the Heat Wave; Franklin's Rocket Team

Clips & More

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Preview Franklin And Friends
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Franklin And Friends

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Franklin And Friends clip - starring Graeme Jokic, John Stocker, Christian Martyn, Mark Ramsay, Paul Giurgeu. Directed by John Payne.

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