Game of Crowns

  • 2014
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Six ambitious wives compete on a "Mrs." pageant circuit in this reality series, which documents the ladies' intense pageant preparation as they focus on the perfect swimsuit, work with trainers and... More


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Secrets Revealed
Ep10 Reunion
Ep9 Bound By the Crown
Ep8 The Legends of the Crowns
Ep7 Tight and Right
Ep6 Circus Display of Affection
Ep5 Unladylike Behavior
Ep4 Losers' Buffet
Ep3 Apple Trees Don't Grow Pears
Ep2 They Can't Shine Your Shoes
Ep1 Beauty Is Pain

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Circus Display of Affection
Tight and Right
Secrets Revealed
Tight And Right
The Legends Of The Crowns
Bound By The Crown

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Forgiving But Never Forgetting Jumpsuit-Gate
100 sec
Preview Lori-Ann Backs It up
74 sec
Preview Is This the Biggest 'Game of Crowns' Blowout?
109 sec
Preview Vanassa Goes to the "Boob Store"
116 sec
Preview Leha's Done With the 'He Said She Said'
109 sec
Preview There’s Pageant Patties, Then There’s Susanna
60 sec
Preview Lori-Ann Gets Her Tan On – Literally
105 sec
Preview With My Cha Cha Hanging Out?
61 sec
Preview Having Their Cake and Eating It Too
81 sec
Preview Lynne Breaks Down
68 sec
Preview Lynne Relives Her Wedding Day
94 sec
Preview Sometimes You Need a Little Alcohol
2 min 1 sec
Preview “Oh My God, With the Crown On?!”
103 sec
Preview A Great Opportunity to Beat You On Stage
87 sec
Preview Are Vanassa and Shelley Drama Scape Goats?
93 sec
Preview The Most Famous Girl in Rhode Island
73 sec
Preview “Who Has a Tea Salon?!”
99 sec
Preview What Does an Apology Do?
2 min 24 sec
Clip Get Susanna’s Blinged Out Fashion Tips
114 sec
Clip Learn How to Do the Perfect Pageant Smile
3 min 32 sec
Clip Get Leha Guilmette’s Pageant Tips
71 sec
Clip Hair Tips from the Peacock Heather Locklear
92 sec
Clip Get Tips On How to Make the Perfect Bun
88 sec
Preview Learn How to Walk Like a Beauty Queen
59 sec
Clip Get “That Booty” With Fitness Pro Lori-Ann
48 sec
Clip How to Wake up Pageant Ready
82 sec
Clip The Do’s and Don’t’s of Pageant Interviews
113 sec
Clip Learn How to Do the Beauty Queen Wave
51 sec
Preview Gamble of Crowns
92 sec
Preview Was Leha’s Husband Out of Line?
89 sec
Preview Was Leha’s Husband Out of Line?
2 min 25 sec
Clip Susanna’s Pageant-Centric Home
3 min 23 sec
Clip Tour Lori-Ann’s Competition Room and Home
4 min 3 sec
Clip Tour Lynne’s Sparkling Abode
3 min 56 sec
Clip Shelley’s Picture Perfect Home
5 min 8 sec
Clip Vanassa’s Louboutin-Filled House and Closet
5 min 18 sec
Preview Two Beauty Queens, One Outfit
118 sec
Clip Pageants 101: What Is a Cuchini?
95 sec
Preview Two Beauty Queens, One Outfit
118 sec
Clip Pageants 101: “Of Course I Get Botox”
89 sec
Clip Pageants 101: Butt Glue
98 sec
Clip Pageants 101: Don’t Be a Pageant Patty
66 sec
Preview Susanna On “Speaking Eloquent” in Interviews
65 sec
Clip Pageants 101: Working It
95 sec
Preview Sneak Peek: Winning the Crown Isn’t a Game
29 sec
Preview “Wait Till You See My Box!”
31 sec
Preview They’re Called Mrs. Pageants
2 min 20 sec
Preview The Red Robin Looks Like a Stripper
93 sec
Clip Pageants 101: When Pageants Get Cray
94 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: ‘Game of Crowns’
2 min 5 sec
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Forgiving But Never Forgetting Jumpsuit-Gate

Air Date:
Post-airport blowout, Vanassa Sebastian and Susann Paliotta face off at the hotel -- still in matching outfits.

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