Get Squiggling!

A friendly monster uses a magical set of crayons to create colorful stories while encouraging kids to draw along with him at home.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep50 Get Squiggling
Ep49 Get Squiggling
Ep48 Get Squiggling
Ep47 Get Squiggling
Ep46 Get Squiggling
Ep45 Get Squiggling
Ep44 Get Squiggling
Ep43 Get Squiggling
Ep42 Get Squiggling
Ep41 Get Squiggling
Ep40 Get Squiggling
Ep39 Get Squiggling
Ep38 Get Squiggling
Ep37 Get Squiggling
Ep36 Get Squiggling
Ep35 Get Squiggling
Ep34 Get Squiggling
Ep33 Get Squiggling
Ep32 Get Squiggling
Ep31 Get Squiggling
Ep30 Get Squiggling
Ep29 Get Squiggling
Ep28 Get Squiggling
Ep27 Get Squiggling
Ep26 Get Squiggling
Ep25 Frog Prince
Ep24 Robot
Ep23 Penguin
Ep22 Crab
Ep21 Episode 10
Ep20 Get Squiggling!
Ep20 Hare & the Tortoise
Ep19 Get Squiggling!
Ep19 Episode 9
Ep18 Get Squiggling!
Ep18 Elephant
Ep17 Get Squiggling!
Ep17 Episode 8
Ep16 Get Squiggling!
Ep15 Get Squiggling!
Ep15 Episode 7
Ep14 Monsters
Ep14 Cowboy
Ep13 Photographer
Ep12 Knight
Ep11 Episode 5
Ep10 Spaceman
Ep9 Episode 4
Ep8 Hedgehog
Ep7 Spider
Ep6 Hippo
Ep5 Caterpillar
Ep4 Pirate
Ep3 Snowman
Ep2 Bee
Ep1 Episode 12
Photographer; Cowboy
Bloodhound; Monster
Cinderella; Troll
Fairy; Elephant
Circus; Fair
Robot; Frog Prince
Magician; Bat
Snowman; Pirate
Three Little Pigs; Spaceman
Giant; Crab
Get Squiggling!
Scarecrow; Hare and Tortoise
Caterpillar; Hippo Ballerina
Spider; Hedgehog
Get Squiggling!
Laughing Hyena; Bee
Three Little Pigs

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Get Squiggling!
Get Squiggling!
Get Squiggling!
Get Squiggling!
Get Squiggling!
Lamb; Knight
Get Squiggling!
Get Squiggling!
Episode 17

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