Giada at Home

  • 2008

The Italian-American chef entertains with simple, elegant meals inspired by fresh California flavors.


Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 East Meets Italy
Ep12 Giada's Tasting Menu
Ep11 Not Your Grandmother's Tea Party
Ep10 Raffy's in the House
Ep9 15-Minute Pastas
Ep8 Friends for Lunch
Ep7 The Steak House
Ep6 Starry, Starry Night
Ep5 Springtime Celebrations
Ep4 Late Night Munchies
Ep3 Hooray for Hollywood
Ep2 Chocolate Kisses
Ep1 Football's Top Four

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Restaurant Tips
Ep12 Festive Desserts
Ep11 Garden Spa Day
Ep10 An Italian Christmas
Ep9 Slumber Party With Alie and Georgia
Ep8 Giving Thanks
Ep7 Halloween Goodies
Ep6 Ciao Chow!
Ep5 Cooking With Raffy and Buzz
Ep4 Giada's Quick and Easy Favorites
Ep3 Giada's Korean Barbecue
Ep2 Giada's Vegas Favorites
Ep1 Kids in the Kitchen

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Summer Splash
Ep25 My Thai
Ep24 California Dream
Ep23 Mini Me
Ep22 Lunch With Mom
Ep21 Spice of Life
Ep20 Recipe Swap
Ep19 Springtime in Italy
Ep18 Feel-Good Food
Ep17 Giada's L.A. Vacation
Ep16 All Grown Up
Ep15 Cocktails and Appetizers
Ep14 Black and White
Ep13 Game Day Goodies
Ep12 Easy Italian
Ep11 Healthy and Hearty
Ep10 Christmas Brunch
Ep9 Gifts Galore
Ep8 Thanksgiving Leftovers
Ep7 Casino Night
Ep6 Ghoulish Goodies
Ep5 Diner Favorites
Ep4 Dim Sum
Ep3 Jade's Sleepover
Ep2 Grilling With Bobby
Ep1 Career Day

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Stuff It
Ep27 Pasta From Scratch
Ep26 Jade's Dance Class
Ep25 Viewer's Choice 2
Ep24 Planting the Seed
Ep23 Happy Birthday, Raffy
Ep22 Muffin Mania
Ep21 Father's Day Pasta
Ep20 An Apple a Day
Ep19 Coast to Coast Barbecue
Ep18 My Grandfather's Favorites
Ep17 Double Trouble Baby Shower
Ep16 Mexican Fiesta
Ep15 Venice Beach
Ep14 Ladies Empowerment Lunch
Ep13 Milestone Recipes
Ep12 Spring Luncheon
Ep11 Decadent Delights
Ep10 Meatball Madness
Ep9 Recipe for Romance
Ep8 Sports Bar Favorites
Ep7 Chicken Three Ways
Ep6 Spa Day at Home
Ep5 Happy Holidays
Ep4 Share the Amore
Ep3 Thanksgiving Sides
Ep2 Ethnic: Spanish Food
Ep1 Haunted House

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Pie Heaven
Ep37 Nonna Luna's Recipe Diaries: Chapter 3
Ep36 Meatless Mondays
Ep35 Oodles of Noodles
Ep34 Date Night
Ep33 Beer and Snacks
Ep32 L.A. Hot Spots: Breakfast
Ep31 Just Desserts
Ep30 LA Food Trucks
Ep29 Soccer and Snacks
Ep28 Cooking With Kids
Ep27 Tahitian Party
Ep26 Weeknight Special
Ep25 Girls Rock
Ep24 Alex's Lemonade Stand
Ep23 Stars and Stripes
Ep22 The Royal Treatment
Ep21 Go Fly a Kite
Ep20 Italian Food Tour
Ep19 L.A. Steak Houses
Ep18 Backyard Campout
Ep17 Nonna Luna's Recipe Diary: Chapter 2
Ep16 Book Club: Chapter 2
Ep15 Cooking With Web Designers
Ep14 Jade Turns 3
Ep13 Spring Lunch
Ep12 Baked Goodies
Ep11 Pure Comfort
Ep10 Chocolate Heaven
Ep9 Game Day Favorites
Ep8 Everyday Ingredients
Ep7 Power Boost
Ep6 Rise and Shine
Ep5 Giada's Christmas Dinner
Ep4 Elegant Appetizers
Ep3 Thanksgiving Favorites
Ep2 Sweets and Treats
Ep1 Giada's Chili Favorites

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep42 If I Could Have Lunch With Anyone 2
Ep41 Market Fresh
Ep40 Giada's Book Club
Ep39 Italian Desserts
Ep38 Future Chefs
Ep37 Surf and Turf
Ep36 Have Food Will Travel
Ep35 Viewer's Choice: Vegetarian
Ep34 Modern Italian
Ep33 Treasure Hunt
Ep32 Weeknight Meals
Ep31 From Scratch
Ep30 The Heat Is On
Ep29 Garden Variety
Ep28 Boat Cruise Picnic
Ep27 Nonna Luna's Recipe Diary
Ep26 Pool Party
Ep25 Giada's Greek Feast
Ep24 Dad's Day
Ep23 A Girl's Grill
Ep22 Celebrating Mom
Ep21 If I Could Have Lunch With Anyone
Ep20 Spring Has Sprung
Ep19 Golden Hour Beach Picnic
Ep18 Bake Sale
Ep17 Taste of Peru
Ep16 Jade's Music Class
Ep15 Total Comfort
Ep14 Cooking With Raffy
Ep13 Valentine's Day
Ep12 Big Game
Ep11 LA Nights
Ep10 More for Your Money
Ep9 Light and Fabulous
Ep8 Sunday Brunch
Ep7 One Pot Meals
Ep6 Giada on Ice
Ep5 No Stress Party
Ep4 Flavors of Fall
Ep3 Childhood Favorites
Ep2 Lunch With the Girls
Ep1 Sweet and Spooky

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep37 College Rivalry
Ep36 Cucina Capri
Ep35 Progressive Dinner Party
Ep34 Cooking School Made Easy
Ep33 All Dressed Up
Ep32 Elegant and Easy
Ep31 Grill It Your Way
Ep30 Totally Fried
Ep29 De Laurentiis Family Dinner
Ep28 Paint and Party
Ep27 Let Them Eat Cake
Ep26 Giada's Restaurant Favorites
Ep25 Tex-Mex BBQ
Ep24 Walk for Life
Ep23 Todd Loves Thai
Ep22 Lunch With Raffy
Ep21 Pizza Party
Ep20 Picnic at the Getty
Ep19 When Life Gives You Lemons
Ep18 Aloha L.A.
Ep17 Basic Italian
Ep16 Play Date
Ep15 Comfort Food
Ep14 Northern Italian
Ep13 Giada's Sunset Brunch
Ep12 Football Weekend
Ep11 Jade's First Birthday
Ep10 Smoke in the House
Ep9 Light and Delicious
Ep8 Body and Soul
Ep7 Christmas
Ep6 Housewarming
Ep5 Thanksgiving
Ep4 Giada's Kidz Kitchen
Ep3 Todd's Midwestern Favorites
Ep2 Sugar Rush
Ep1 Bowling Night

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep45 More for Less
Ep44 Makeover
Ep43 Special Delivery
Ep42 Dig in for a Cause
Ep41 Sweet Treats
Ep40 Busy Day Menu
Ep39 Welcome Home
Ep38 Surf's Up
Ep37 Road Trip Picnic
Ep36 Beach Volleyball
Ep35 More Cheese Please
Ep34 Dinner With the Band
Ep33 Father's Day Party
Ep32 Around the World
Ep31 Last Minute Menu
Ep30 Many Thanks
Ep29 Food and Fun
Ep28 Mother's Day Brunch
Ep27 Small Bites
Ep26 Pasta Party
Ep25 Cocktails With Couples
Ep24 Lazy Day Lunch
Ep23 Spring Fling
Ep22 Picnic in the Park
Ep21 Happy Trails
Ep20 Bridal Shower
Ep19 Food and Fashion
Ep18 We'll Always Have Paris
Ep17 Table for Two
Ep16 Polo Brunch
Ep15 California Sushi
Ep14 Moroccan Magic
Ep13 California Light & Healthy
Ep12 Day of Indulgence
Ep11 Recipe Sharing
Ep10 Breakfast for Dinner
Ep9 Secret Santa
Ep8 Lobster Bake
Ep7 Art House
Ep6 California BBQ
Ep5 A Family Thanksgiving
Ep4 Garden Party
Ep3 Remembering Rome
Ep2 Trick or Treats
Ep1 Rock the Block

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Giada's Family Christmas
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