Gold Fever

Prospecting throughout the U.S. and a look at events along the gold-rush trail.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Alone And Wild
Alone And Wild - Part 2
Diggin' Pannin' Sluicin' N Such
New Mexico
Racing For Gold
Fellowship of the Prospector
My Old Kentucky Home
Big Sky Country
Silver Bullet
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Tom's Favorites
Little Big Gold
There's No Place Like Nome
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Pirate Treasure & Beez Wax
Declaration Of Gold
Deep Down In The Glory Hole
Return To The Stanislous
Kia's Mine Slumber Party
Stanton Easter
Incredible Odds
Alaska Golden Bonanza
Row Row Row Your Boat
Big Bender Bring Up
Panamint City
The Land Down Under
Proud To Be An Okie
No Two Pans Are The Same
Eye In The Sky
Michigan Gold
Experimental Motherlode
Big Gold Here We Come!
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Moonlit Monuments
Some Kind of Fever
The Dredginator
Hot and Cold Gold
Eastern Gold Belt
The Carolinas
Scary Mother Lode
Casa De Paga Alaska
Lobster Nuggets
Them There Coyote Holes
X Marks The Spot
South Dakota
Just Pannin'
The Good, The Bad & The Gold
Kaels Creek
The Evergold State
Treasure Keys
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Alone and Wild
First Time Gold
Summer Of Gold
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Luck Vs Chance
Gold Fever
Gold Fever
Gold City Bonanza
Prospecting In Hawaii
Gold Fever
Cold Fever
Never Too Cold For Gold
Hit And Run
The Hills Of Georgia
Beyond The Nozzle
Italian Bar
Concrete Jungle
Desert Show
Brotherly Love & Nuggets
Tundra Sharks & Soupy Holes
Fiebre del Oro
Nuggets on the Barbie
A Day On The River
Giant Nuggets & One-Armed Bandits
Gold Fever Blues
Sixteen To One Mine
Gold Grabbers
Kia's Gold Mine Slumber Party
The Lost Dutchman
Give Me Shelter
Virtually Untouched
Great Alaskan Shootout
Lost Dutchman
The Great Three Way Split
Northwest to Alaska
Cindy Dredging
Devils & Tigers & Gold! Oh My

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