Great Chefs

  • 1998

Culinary advice served up by chefs from around the world. The series has had a number of permutations and offshoots (`Great Chefs of the Caribbean,' `Great Chefs---Great Cities' and `Great Chefs---The... More


Great Chefs

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep57 Shrimp Scampi Tempura; Rib Eye Steak; Warm White Chocolate Cake
Ep56 Chilies with Wild Mushroom Stuffing; Whole Roasted Fish; Roasted Bananas
Ep55 Chicken Adobo; Whole Roasted Lobster; Chocolate Pudding Cake
Ep54 Grilled Tian of Star Fruit; Yellowtail Snapper; Mint Mousse Bombe
Ep53 Carpaccio of Lobster; Antelope Loin with Chestnuts; Bosc Pear Financier
Ep52 Shrimp Tempura; Black Bean-Crusted Yellowfin Tuna; Cracked Corn Custard
Ep51 Hugo's Texas BBQ; Bacon-Wrapped Beef Fillet; Cayenne-Spiced Peach Cobbler
Ep50 Light Basil & Spinach Gnocchi; Braised Lamb Hocks; French Silk Chocolate
Ep49 Ricotta and Greens-Filled Tortelloni; Stuffed Quail with Shiitake; Berry Brio
Ep48 Shrimp Provencale; Seared Antelope Loin with Rhubarb
Ep47 Wild Rice & Spinach Stuffed Turkey Breast; Venison Adobado; Armagnac-Ging
Ep46 Scallop Sea Urchins; Chicken-Stuffed Pepper; Chocolate-Orange Mousse
Ep45 Quenelles of Salmon; Quail Farci; Chocolate- Hazelnut Bread Pudding
Ep44 Asparagus and Prosciutto Salad; Wild Striped Bass; Banana Chocolate Tart
Ep43 Bay Scallops with Rosemary; Rice Paper- Wrapped Salmon; Chocolate Basket with Fresh Fruit
Ep42 Salmon in Rice Paper; Sugar-Chile-cured Venison Chop; Blood Orange Risotto
Ep41 Lobster Relleno; Grilled Chicken-Wild Rice Burrito; Old-fashioned Carrot Cake
Ep40 Risotto d'Oro; Yellowtail Snapper; Chocolate Dipped Florentine Cookies
Ep39 Shrimp Flautas; Baby Lamb; Fresh Peach and Raspberry Shortcake
Ep38 Japanese Sampler - Crab; Atlantic Salmon in Red Wine Sauce; Chocolate Mint Napoleon
Ep37 Antoine's Provencal Olive Tart; Chili-seared Scallops; Magnolia Torte
Ep36 Morels Stuffed with Herb Cheese; Lobster Civet; White Chocolate Risotto
Ep35 Skillet Gratin of Crawfish; King Salmon Napoleon; Milk Chocolate Banana Cake
Ep34 Sauteed Darnes of Salmon; Prosciutto-wrapped Monkfish; Sweet Potato Cheesecakes
Ep33 Seared Sirloin Strip; Lime-crusted Trout; Apple Tart
Ep32 Captain Corelli's Recipe for Romance
Ep31 Arugula-Mushroom Salad; Barbecued Salmon; Coconut-Key Lime Soup
Ep30 Sesame-Mustard Seed Crusted Tuna; Roulade; Caramel Mousse
Ep29 Braised Lobster; Fresh Egg Papparadelle; Swan Lake
Ep28 Salmon in Gingerbread; Roasted Duck; Bananas Foster Bread Pudding
Ep27 Portobello with Polenta; Fillet of Wild Sea Bass; Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Ep26 Sunflower Tofu; Tuna Oriental; Chocolate Crispy Praline Pyramid
Ep25 Pecan-Breaded Oysters; Leg of Lamb; Sugarfree Cheesecake
Ep24 Masamun Beef; Crusted Halibut; Lemon Bavaroise
Ep23 Shellfish Extravaganza; Veal Tenderloin; Praline-White Chocolate Staircase
Ep22 Lobster Dumplings; Beef Roulade; Banana Tart
Ep21 Crab Spring Roll; Roasted Bass; Zabaglioni with Fresh Fruit
Ep20 Lobster Salad; Roasted Pompano; Pear Napoleon
Ep19 Sauteed Lobster; Ostrich in Chili Glaze; Lemon Tart
Ep18 Crab-Filled Salmon Boules; Shad Roe; Cherry-Almond Strudel
Ep17 Hot Grouper Cheeks; Foie Gras; Chocolate Renaissance
Ep16 Stuffed Salmon Rolls; Lamb Chops; Rum Baba
Ep15 Duck Paquet; Warm Chocolate Cake
Ep14 Halibut Cheeks; Banana-Chocolate Tart
Ep13 Scallop Salad; Sturgeon on Stew
Ep12 Vegetable Terrine; Chocolate Mousse
Ep11 Chicken Tortilla Soup; Bruschetta of Pears
Ep10 Pickled Chanterelles; Boar Chops
Ep9 Crabmeat Caesar Salad; Almond Experience
Ep8 Grilled Quail; Steamed Black Sea Bass
Ep7 Mushroom Stew; Sea Bass on Grits
Ep6 Shrimp & Crab Cakes; Sturgeon Napoleon
Ep5 Salmon Terrine; Partridge; Blueberry Cobbler
Ep4 Salmon Tournedos; Chocolate Creme Brulee
Ep3 Steamed Clams; Fillet of Walleye; Pear Tart
Ep2 Chinese New Year- Oriental Obsessions
Ep2 Gratin of Oysters; Rabbit & Foie Gras
Ep1 Christmas- An International Holiday Table
Ep1 Oyster Stew; Grilled Tuna; Pear Charlotte
Suckling Pig Fois Gras; Tarte Tatin
Frog Legs; Strawberry Brulee
Foie Gras; Pork Chops; Cappucino
Sea Bream; Cognac Poached Plums
Trio of Shrimp; Fricasse of Seafood
Portobello Napoleon; Sacher Truffle Torte
Red Mullet; Chocolate Espresso Cake
Roasted Rabbit; Strawberry Soup
Leg of Lamb Salad; Calvados Souffle
Lamb Roulade; Scampi; Summer Berries
Cannelloni; Cassoulet of Scallops
Quail w/Brown Butter; Opera Torte
Lobster Salad; Chocolate Coffee Cup
Artichoke a la Barigoule; Lobster
Roast Pork; Creme Caramelized Mangoes
Lobster & Mushrooms; Rhubarb Au Gratin
Pacific Hot Pot; Guinea Hen; Mascarpone
Duck Liver; Crepe a la Goldener Hirsch
Mussel Soup; Chocolate Savarin
Crab Chowder; Poached Chicken Breast
Tuna Salad; Red Snapper; Chocolate
Foie Gras & Scallops; Crabmeat Phyllo
Seared Salmon; Pad Thai; Napoleon
Thai BBQ Wahoo; Lebkuchen Souffle
Filet of Turbot; Rack of Lamb
Pacific Delicatessen; Passion Fruit Souffle
Fried Green Tomatoes; Duck with Wild Rice
Grilled Asparagus; Blackberry Tart
Asparagus Pots; Osso Bucco
Roasted Scallops; Sour Creme Souffle
Saddle of Veal; Praline Tart with Ice Cream
Scallops; Pizza Margherita; Chocolate
Foie Gras; Opakapaka; Skyscraper
Mussels; Seared Shrimp; Cheese Cake
Swordfish; Lamb with Pesto; Sorbet
Lobster; Scallop Pie; Chocolate Cake
Lobster; Seared Rockfish; Dessert
Squab with Figs; Red Snapper; Brownie
Gulf Shrimp; Tuna Salad; Chocolate
Tuna; Roasted Lamb; Rhubarb Pizza
Salmon Rolls; Filet of Beef; Cherry Tart
Salmon; Sauteed Quail; Risotto
Corn Tamales; Pan-Fried Crawfish; Tart
Grits; Mandarin Quail; Chocolate Torte
Dungeness Crab Roll; Seared Squab
Moroccan-Style Salmon Steak; Fruit Soup
Cheese Grits Cake; Roasted Red Snapper
Smoked Salmon; Rabbit; White Mousse
Ahi Katsu; Red Snapper; Phyllo
Oysters; Venison; Chocolate Cake
Curried Tuna; Sea Scallops; Risotto
Bouillabaisse; Yellowfin Tuna; Cake
Soft-Shell Crabs w/Lobster Slaw; Sabayon
Smoked Oyster Timbale; Pork Tenderloin
Trout; Roast Lobster; Dumplings
Pasta Gratin; Lamb Chops; Kumquat
Pan-Cooked Yellowtail; Coffee Ice Cream
Oyster Tarts; Roasted Salmon; Custard
Pork Leg; Yellowtail Snapper; Pudding
Lobster; Salmon Salad; Dim Sum
Lobster Cassoulet; Grouper w/Rice
Prawns; Roast Squab; Chocolate
Crabmeat Napoleon; Ahi Tuna Medallions
Asparagus; Squab; Panna Cotta
Fish Soup; Cannoli w/Zabaglione Sauce
Clams; Scallops; Strawberries
Green Tomato Gaspacho; Pistachio Brownie
Asparagus; Cured Lamb; Pound Cake
Smoked Pork; Crab Cobbler; Apples
Mushroom Salad; Roasted Red Snapper; Blanc Mange
Stone Crab in Phyllo; Smoked Sturgeon; Carmelized Pear Pocket
Wild Mushroom Stew; Pheasant in Wild Mushroom Sauce; Mariposa 'Butterfly'
Scallops & Arugula; Salmon in Phyllo; Angel Food Cake
Scallops; Jolthead & Broth; Kahlua Souffle
Wild Rice Risotto; Lamb w/Country Ham; Strawberry Bavarian Jaconde
Shirred Eggs & Caviar; Rabbit 3 Ways; Chocolate Beignets
Crab Cakes; Sea Bass Au Papillotte; Chilled Sago Soup
Pizza Margherita; Tropical Tuna Danish; Banana Bavario
Shrimp Salad Pionono; Duck Paquet
Black Tie Scallops; Honey and Tamari-Seared Salmon; Lemon Mousse
Jumbo Sea Scallops; Goose Liver Pepper Balls
Seafood Cocktail; Red Mullet
Moano & Kahuku Prawns; Dungeness Crab Roll
Sauteed Lobster; Goose Liver Terrine
Japanese Sampler: Wafu Roast Beef; Seared John Dory; Grand Marnier Creme
Tournedos Sturgeon; Salmon Terrine
Trio of Shrimp; Homard Paillete
Lobster Salad; Ginger-Crusted Onaga
Roast Pork; Crabmeat Napoleon
Steamed Clams; Mushroom Salad
Eggplant & Goat Cheese; Scallops
Suckling Pig Fois Gras; Scallop Salad
Smoked Salmon; Crab Spring Roll
Filet of Turbot; Mussel Soup
Shellfish Extravaganza; Portobello with Polenta
Lobster Cassoulet; Prosciutto Wrapped Rabbit
Smoked Trout Terrine; Cancato
Arugula-Mushroom Salad; Lobster with Fresh Grains
Eggplant Napoleon; Fried Trout in Beer Batter
Green Tomato Gaspacho; Fried Green Tomatoes
Portobello Napoleon; King Crab Cake
Togarashi-Sheared Beef; Leg of Lamb Salad
Chicken Tortilla Soup; Pacific Delicatessen
Masamun Beef; Sauteed Prawns in Curry
Shark Hash; Prawns in Rice Dough
Grilled Quail; Pike Fillet on Potato Salad
Cannelloni; Pickled Chanterelles
Smoked Salmon; Shirred Eggs & Caviar
Shrimp & Crab Cakes; Rack of Lamb
Moroccan-Style Salmon Steak; Mussels & Braised Vegetables
Ahi Tartar & Taro Chips; Smoked Oyster Timbale
Crab Cakes; Sea Scallops
Cornish Game Hens; Soft-Shell Crabs with Lobster Slaw
Lobster-stuffed Rigatoni Salad; Sesame Crusted Tuna
Roast Langoustine with Pesto; Confit Duck Salad; German Country Plum Tart
Carrot & Orange Soup; Grilled Swordfish Thai Style; Ibarra Chocolate Souffle
Scallops with Chanterelles; Lobster Dumplings
Mosaic of Sole; Le Coq Hardi Smokies
Grilled Asparagus; Thai BBQ Wahoo
Roasted Rabbit; Crabmeat Caesar Salad
Pizza Margherita; Seared Fois Gras
Saddle of Veal; Vegetable Terrine
Chili Crab Singapore Style; Cinnamon-Crusted Mahimahi; All that Jazz
Southwest Thanksgiving
Chocolate Dreams
Great Southern Barbecue
The Women
A Halloween Treat
Cook Italian
Chocolate Edition
International Holiday Table
Oriental Obsessions
New Orleans Jazz Brunch
Great American Inns
Great BBQ
Great Outdoor Cooking
Down Home Cooking
French Fest
Chocolate Passion
Mexican Madness
Cook American
Seafood Sampler

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Chocolate Edition

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A complete review of incredible chocolate dishes, featuring the country's finest chocolatiers.

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