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Adalind is in Portland with Captain Renard and their enchanted baby, but Kelly (Nick\'s mother) is still hell-bent on seizing the baby to ensure that the child lives a normal life free from the influence of both the Resistance and the Royals. Renard, on the other hand, will stop at nothing to keep his baby safe from harm.\n\nNick and Kelly arrive at Renard\'s condo, where Renard and Nick have a brief but tense standoff in the hallway. Renard is ready and willing to kill Nick, but fortunately that won\'t be necessary tonight. Nick ensures Renard and Adalind that he\'s not here to cause trouble. Nick explains that Adalind\'s best chance of protecting her baby is to stick close to the two Grimms.\n\nMeanwhile, Renard\'s half-brother, Eric, hires a group of Wesen assassins in Portland (who are also employed by the FBI) to obtain the child once and for all. Eric also heads to Portland himself, to ensure that the job is done.\n\nEric\'s FBI assassins arrive at Renard\'s condo, but Kelly manages to intercept the agents outside in order to buy Renard and Adalind enough time to escape. By the time they make it upstairs, the Captain is engaged in an all-out battle with two assassins. The Grimms manage to fend off the attackers and get Renard and Adalind to the safest place they can think of: Monroe\'s house.\n\nNick apologizes for bringing the party to Monroe\'s living room, but he has no choice. Monroe and Rosalee do their best to accommodate their guests, but the situation is less than comfortable. Luckily, Nick suggests that they keep moving in order to avoid detection while Adalind stays behind with the baby. Before Nick, Kelly and Renard depart to take care of the assassins on their trail, Kelly tells Renard that, if he wants to keep his baby safe, he\'ll need to stay as far away as he can. It\'s not what Renard wants to hear, but he knows she\'s right.\n\nAfter a brief torture session, one of the Wesen FBI agents tells Renard that Eric is on his way to Portland. They thought it was hot in Portland right now, but the battle is just getting started. Renard tells the FBI agent to inform Eric that he wants to turn Adalind\'s baby over to the Royals to put an end to the turmoil. It\'s clearly a ruse, but will it work?\n\nNick solicits help from Hank to keep track of Eric Renard after he arrives in Portland. If they know where Eric is, maybe they can get a jump on him. Eric considers heading to the warehouse as per Renard\'s instructions, but he\'s full prepared for a healthy double-crossing. Nothing is a sure bet in Portland. Instead, Eric heads straight to the source: Renard\'s office at the Portland Police Department.\n\nIn Renard\'s office, Eric and Sean exchange a few intimidating words. Eric promises that he\'ll get Adalind\'s baby one way or the other. If Renard doesn\'t turn the baby over in two hours, he\'ll order the assassination of Renard, Adalind and Renard\'s mother. It seems that the Captain doesn\'t have a choice, but Renard is hatching a scheme of his own.\n\nThe police arrive at

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