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Animated series in which the singer of a garage band creates lyrics from his sister's diary entries and must ensure that she regularly feels the full range of teen angst in order to keep the lyrics... More


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Here, Us, Rock
Ep51 Here, Us, Rock
Ep50 Dueling Buttons
Ep49 The Curse of the Metrognome
Ep48 Group Hug
Ep47 Saxsquatch
Ep46 It's in the Card
Ep45 For Hat and Country
Ep44 That's My Jam
Ep43 Christrina
Ep42 A Capella Lips Now
Ep41 Bee Bop a Loofah
Ep40 The Snuffles With Sniffles
Ep39 Hologroj
Ep38 The Pirate Lounge For Me
Ep37 The Bandidate
Ep36 Girl, You'll Be a Festival Soon
Ep35 Pop Goes the Bubble
Ep34 Who Are You?
Ep33 In 'er Face
Ep32 Kon-Fusion
Ep31 Myme Disease
Ep30 War and Peaceville
Ep29 Rock the House
Ep28 The Grin Reaper
Ep27 Rocker-Size
Ep26 Six Strings of Evil
Ep25 Love in a Nethervator
Ep24 Ahead of Our Tone
Ep23 On the Air
Ep22 Hair Today
Ep21 Line of Credit
Ep20 Knight to Remember
Ep19 Super Zeroes
Ep18 Dreamreaver Pt. 2
Ep17 Dreamreaver Pt. 1
Ep16 Helmet
Ep15 All You Need Is Cake
Ep14 Wish Upon a Jug
Ep13 Space Jammin
Ep12 Queen Bee
Ep11 Smash Up Terby
Ep10 Math of Kon
Ep9 In-D Road Rager
Ep8 One-Plant Band
Ep7 Monster of Rock
Ep6 No Strings Attached
Ep5 Pox N' Roll
Ep4 Zoohouse Rock
Ep3 Creep-Away Camp
Ep2 Dance of the Dead
Ep1 Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls
In 'er Face; Who Are You?
Christrina; That's My Jam
Here, Us, Rock
The Curse of the Metrognome; Dueling Buttons
Rock the House; War and Peaceville
Myme Disease; Kon-Fusion
Rocker-Size; The Grin Reaper
Pop Goes the Bubble; Girl, You'll Be a Festival Soon
Saxsquatch; Group Hug
For Hat and Country; It's in the Card
Bee Bop a Loofah; A Capella Lips Now
Hologroj; The Snuffles With Sniffles
The Bandidate; The Pirate Lounge For Me
Love in a Nethervator; Six Strings of Evil
On the Air; Ahead of Our Tone
Line of Credit; Hair Today
Super Zeroes; Knight to Remember
Dreamreaver Pt. 1; Dreamreaver Pt. 2
All You Need Is Cake; Helmet
Space Jammin; Wish Upon a Jug
Smash Up Terby; Queen Bee
Monster of Rock; One-Plant Band
In-D Road Rager; Math of Kon
Pox N' Roll; No Strings Attached
Creep-Away Camp; Zoohouse Rock
Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls; Dance of the Dead

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ahead of Our Tone; Math of Kon
Smash Up Terby; Zoohouse Rock
One-Plant Band; Dance of the Dead
Monster of Rock; Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls
Dreamreaver Pt. 2; Wish Upon a Jug
Knight to Remember; Helmet
Queen Bee; Math of Kon
Dreamreaver Pt. 1; Space Jammin
Smash Up Terby; In-D Road Rager
Smash Up Terby In-d Road Rager
In-d Road Rager; Math Of Kon
Creep Away Camp; Queen Bee
Six Strings of Evil; Helmet
Line of Credit; Dreamreaver Pt. 1
Love in a Nethervator; All You Need Is Cake
On the Air; In-d Road Rager
Hair Today; Dreamreaver Pt. 2
Indie Rock; Math Of Kon
Soulin' Down the Road; That's My Jam
Super Zeroes; All You Need Is Cake
Creep-Away Camp; Pox N' Roll
Zoohouse Rock; No Strings Attached

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