• 1955-1975

This landmark adult Western centered on Marshal Matt Dillon of Dodge City. John Wayne turned down the lead, suggesting James Arness (who remained for its entire run). Originating on radio (with... More


Season 20

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Sharecroppers
Ep23 Manolo
Ep22 The Busters
Ep21 I Have Promises to Keep
Ep20 Hard Labor
Ep19 Brides and Grooms
Ep18 The Angry Land
Ep17 The Fires of Ignorance
Ep16 Larkin
Ep15 The Hiders
Ep14 The Squaw
Ep13 The Colonel
Ep12 Island in the Desert
Ep11 Island in the Desert
Ep10 In Performance of Duty
Ep9 The Tarnished Badge
Ep8 The Fourth Victim
Ep7 The Iron Men
Ep6 The Wiving
Ep5 Thirty a Month and Found
Ep4 The Guns of Cibola Blanca
Ep3 The Guns of Cibola Blanca
Ep2 A Town in Chains
Ep1 Matt Dillon Must Die

Season 19

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 The Disciple
Ep22 To Ride a Yellow Horse
Ep21 Cowtown Hustler
Ep20 A Trail of Bloodshed
Ep19 The Schoolmarm
Ep18 The Iron Blood of Courage
Ep17 The Foundling
Ep16 The Town Tamers
Ep15 Like Old Times
Ep14 A Family of Killers
Ep13 A Child Between
Ep12 The Deadly Innocent
Ep11 Susan Was Evil
Ep10 The Hanging of Newly O'Brien
Ep9 A Game of Death...An Act of Love
Ep9 Lynch Town
Ep8 A Game of Death...An Act of Love
Ep7 The Widow and the Rogue
Ep6 Kitty's Love Affair
Ep5 The Widowmaker
Ep4 The Boy and the Sinner
Ep3 Matt's Love Story
Ep2 Women for Sale
Ep1 Women for Sale

Season 18

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 This Golden Land
Ep23 Talbot
Ep22 Jesse
Ep21 Kimbro
Ep20 Whelan's Men
Ep19 Quiet Day in Dodge
Ep18 Patricia
Ep17 Shadler
Ep16 Homecoming
Ep15 Arizona Midnight
Ep14 Jubilee
Ep13 Hostage
Ep12 The Brothers
Ep11 The Sodbusters
Ep10 Tatum
Ep9 Milligan
Ep8 Eleven Dollars
Ep7 The Fugitives
Ep6 Sarah
Ep5 The Drummer
Ep4 Judgment
Ep3 Bohannan
Ep2 The River
Ep1 The River

Season 17

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 The Wedding
Ep22 Alias Festus Haggin
Ep21 Blindman's Bluff
Ep20 Yankton
Ep19 The Predators
Ep18 One for the Road
Ep17 Tara
Ep16 Hidalgo
Ep15 No Tomorrow
Ep14 P.S. Murry Christmas
Ep13 The Bullet
Ep12 The Bullet
Ep11 The Bullet
Ep10 Drago
Ep9 My Brother's Keeper
Ep8 Lijah
Ep8 Lynott
Ep7 Trafton
Ep6 The Legend
Ep5 New Doctor in Town
Ep4 Waste
Ep3 Waste
Ep2 Phoenix
Ep1 The Lost

Season 16

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Pike
Ep22 Pike
Ep21 Lavery
Ep20 Cleavus
Ep20 Murdoch
Ep19 Jaekel
Ep18 The Tycoon
Ep17 Mirage
Ep16 Captain Sligo
Ep15 Jenny
Ep14 Sergeant Holly
Ep13 The Noon Day Devil
Ep12 McCabe
Ep11 The Witness
Ep10 The Scavengers
Ep9 The Gun
Ep8 Luke
Ep7 Snow Train
Ep6 Snow Train
Ep5 Gentry's Law
Ep4 Sam McTavish, M.D.
Ep3 Stark
Ep2 The Noose
Ep1 Chato

Season 15

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Cage
Ep25 Hackett
Ep24 The Thieves
Ep23 Morgan
Ep22 Celia
Ep21 Kiowa
Ep20 Albert
Ep19 The Badge
Ep18 Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D.
Ep17 The Judas Gun
Ep16 The Pack Rat
Ep15 The War Priest
Ep14 The Sisters
Ep13 Roots of Fear
Ep12 Jake MacGraw
Ep11 Ring of Darkness
Ep10 The Innocent
Ep9 A Matter of Honor
Ep8 The Still
Ep7 Charlie Noon
Ep6 A Man Called Smith
Ep5 Hawk
Ep4 Danny
Ep3 Coreyville
Ep2 Stryker
Ep1 The Devil's Outpost

Season 14

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 The Prisoner
Ep24 Exodus 21:22
Ep23 The Good Samaritans
Ep22 The Intruder
Ep21 The Night Riders
Ep20 The Long Night
Ep19 Reprisal
Ep18 The Mark of Cain
Ep17 Goldtown
Ep16 Mannon
Ep15 Time of the Jackals
Ep15 The Twisted Heritage
Ep14 The Money Store
Ep13 Johnny Cross
Ep12 Lobo
Ep11 Waco
Ep10 The Miracle Man
Ep9 Railroad
Ep8 Abelia
Ep7 9:12 to Dodge
Ep6 O'Quillian
Ep5 Slocum
Ep4 Uncle Finney
Ep3 Zavala
Ep2 The Hide-Cutters
Ep1 Lyle's Kid

Season 13

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 A Noose for Dobie Price
Ep24 Mr. Sam'l
Ep23 The First People
Ep22 The Jackals
Ep21 The Gunrunners
Ep20 Hill Girl
Ep19 Blood Money
Ep18 Nowhere to Run
Ep17 Dead Man's Law
Ep16 The Victim
Ep15 Baker's Dozen
Ep14 Wonder
Ep13 Rope Fever
Ep12 Death Train
Ep11 Stranger in Town
Ep10 Prairie Wolfer
Ep9 The Pillagers
Ep8 Major Glory
Ep7 Hard-Luck Henry
Ep6 A Hat
Ep5 Vengeance
Ep4 Vengeance
Ep3 The Prodigal
Ep2 Cattle Barons
Ep1 The Wreckers

Season 12

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Nitro
Ep27 Nitro
Ep26 Ladies From St. Louis
Ep25 Mistaken Identity
Ep24 The Favor
Ep23 Noose of Gold
Ep22 The Lure
Ep21 The Returning
Ep20 Fandango
Ep19 Old Friend
Ep18 Mail Drop
Ep17 Muley
Ep16 Mad Dog
Ep15 Saturday Night
Ep14 #2 The Hanging
Ep13 Champion of the World
Ep13 Moonstone
Ep12 Quaker Girl
Ep11 The Newcomers
Ep10 Stage Stop
Ep9 The Well
Ep8 Whispering Tree
Ep7 The Wrong Man
Ep6 Gunfighter, R.I.P.
Ep5 The Good People
Ep4 The Mission
Ep3 The Jailer
Ep2 The Goldtakers
Ep1 Snap Decision

Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep31 The Prime of Life
Ep30 Parson Comes to Town
Ep29 My Father, My Son
Ep28 Treasure of John Walking Fox
Ep27 Byline
Ep26 Harvest
Ep25 Which Doctor
Ep24 The Brothers
Ep23 Honor Before Justice
Ep22 Sanctuary
Ep21 Wishbone
Ep20 My Father's Guitar
Ep19 Killer at Large
Ep18 The Raid
Ep17 The Raid
Ep16 Sweet Billy, Singer of Songs
Ep15 Death Watch
Ep14 Gold Mine
Ep13 The Avengers
Ep13 Outlaw's Woman
Ep12 Hostage
Ep11 South Wind
Ep10 The Pretender
Ep9 Malachi
Ep8 The Reward
Ep7 Bounty Hunter
Ep6 Kioga
Ep5 Taps for Old Jeb
Ep4 Ten Little Indians
Ep3 Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood
Ep2 The Storm
Ep1 Seven Hours to Dawn

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 He Who Steals
Ep35 The New Society
Ep34 Honey Pot
Ep33 Two Tall Men
Ep32 Bad Lady From Brookline
Ep31 Gilt Guilt
Ep30 The Pariah
Ep29 Twenty Miles From Dodge
Ep28 Dry Road to Nowhere
Ep27 The Lady
Ep26 Bank Baby
Ep25 Breckinridge
Ep24 Thursday's Child
Ep23 Eliab's Aim
Ep22 Winner Take All
Ep21 Song for Dying
Ep20 Circus Trick
Ep19 Chief Joseph
Ep18 One Killer on Ice
Ep17 Deputy Festus
Ep16 Run, Sheep Run
Ep15 Double Entry
Ep14 Hammerhead
Ep13 Aunt Thede
Ep12 Innocence
Ep11 Chicken
Ep10 Big Man, Big Target
Ep9 Jonah Hutchison
Ep8 Hung High
Ep7 Help Me, Kitty
Ep6 Take Her, She's Cheap
Ep5 Doctor's Wife
Ep4 The Violators
Ep3 Old Man
Ep2 Crooked Mile
Ep1 Blue Heaven

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep35 Journey for Three
Ep35 The Other Half
Ep34 Homecoming
Ep33 The Warden
Ep32 Scot Free
Ep31 Trip West
Ep30 The Promoter
Ep29 Kitty-Cornered
Ep28 Bentley
Ep27 Owney Tupper Had a Daughter
Ep26 Caleb
Ep25 Now That April's There
Ep24 Father Love
Ep23 Comanches Is Soft
Ep22 The Kite
Ep21 The Bassops
Ep20 Mayblossom
Ep19 No Hands
Ep18 Once a Haggen
Ep17 Friend
Ep16 Prairie Wolfer
Ep15 Dry Well
Ep14 The Glory and the Mud
Ep13 Pa Hack's Brood
Ep12 The Magician
Ep11 Extradition
Ep10 Extradition
Ep9 Ex-Con
Ep8 Carter Caper
Ep7 Quint's Trail
Ep6 My Sister's Keeper
Ep5 Easy Come
Ep4 Tobe
Ep3 Legends Don't Sleep
Ep2 Lover Boy
Ep1 Kate Heller

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 The Quest for Asa Janin
Ep35 Jeb
Ep34 The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner
Ep33 Daddy Went Away
Ep32 Old York
Ep31 Quint-Incident
Ep30 Tell Chester
Ep29 Panacea Sykes
Ep28 The Far Places
Ep27 With a Smile
Ep26 I Call Him Wonder
Ep26 Anybody Can Kill a Marshal
Ep25 Two of a Kind
Ep24 Quint's Indian
Ep23 Blind Man's Bluff
Ep22 Ash
Ep21 Shona
Ep20 The Cousin
Ep19 The Bad One
Ep18 Cotter's Girl
Ep17 The Renegades
Ep16 Louis Pheeters
Ep15 Old Comrade
Ep14 False Front
Ep13 Uncle Sunday
Ep12 Us Haggens
Ep11 The Way It Is
Ep10 Abe Blocker
Ep9 The Hunger
Ep8 Phoebe Strunk
Ep7 The Trappers
Ep6 The Ditch
Ep5 Collie's Free
Ep5 Jenny
Ep4 Root Down
Ep3 Quint Asper Comes Home
Ep2 Call Me Dodie
Ep1 The Search

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 The Boys
Ep32 The Prisoner
Ep31 Chester's Indian
Ep30 Cale
Ep29 The Dreamers
Ep28 The Summons
Ep27 The Dealer
Ep26 Wagon Girls
Ep25 Durham Bull
Ep24 The Widow
Ep23 Coventry
Ep22 The Reprisal
Ep21 Gallows
Ep20 He Learned About Women
Ep19 Half Straight
Ep18 Catawomper
Ep17 Old Dan
Ep16 Cody's Code
Ep15 Lacey
Ep14 The Do-Badder
Ep13 A Man a Day
Ep12 Marry Me
Ep11 Nina's Revenge
Ep10 Apprentice Doc
Ep9 Indian Ford
Ep8 Milly
Ep7 Chesterland
Ep7 The Squaw
Ep6 Long, Long Trail
Ep5 All That
Ep4 Harper's Blood
Ep3 Miss Kitty
Ep2 Old Yellow Boots
Ep1 Perce

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Colorado Sheriff
Ep37 Melinda Miles
Ep36 The Love of Money
Ep35 Chester's Dilemma
Ep34 The Imposter
Ep33 Hard Virtue
Ep32 Long Hours, Short Pay
Ep31 Bless Me Till I Die
Ep30 Minnie
Ep29 Stolen Horses
Ep28 Little Girl
Ep27 Big Man
Ep26 Old Faces
Ep25 Potshot
Ep24 Harriet
Ep23 About Chester
Ep22 Kitty Shot
Ep21 Bad Seed
Ep20 Love Thy Neighbor
Ep19 Tall Trapper
Ep18 Unloaded Gun
Ep17 Bad Sheriff
Ep16 Brother Love
Ep15 Old Fool
Ep14 The Cook
Ep13 The Wake
Ep12 No Chip
Ep11 Ben Tolliver's Stud
Ep10 Distant Drummer
Ep9 The Badge
Ep8 The Worm
Ep7 Don Matteo
Ep6 The Peace Officer
Ep5 Shooting Stopover
Ep4 Say Uncle
Ep3 Small Water
Ep3 #1 Small Water
Ep2 The Blacksmith
Ep1 Friend's Payoff
#1 Worm

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Cherry Red
Ep38 The Deserter
Ep37 Old Flame
Ep36 Bobsy Twins
Ep35 Belle's Back
Ep34 Speak Me Fair
Ep33 Gentleman's Disagreement
Ep32 The Lady Killer
Ep31 I Thee Wed
Ep30 The Ex-Urbanites
Ep29 Colleen So Green
Ep28 Crowbait Bob
Ep27 Where'd They Go
Ep26 Unwanted Deputy
Ep25 Jailbait Janet
Ep24 Kitty's Killing
Ep23 Moo Moo Raid
Ep22 Doc Judge
Ep21 Hinka Do
Ep20 The Tragedian
Ep19 Till Death Do Us
Ep18 Big Tom
Ep17 Groat's Grudge
Ep16 Thick 'n' Thin
Ep15 Tag, You're It
Ep14 False Witness
Ep13 Box o' Rocks
Ep12 Miguel's Daughter
Ep11 Odd Man Out
Ep10 The Boots
Ep9 Brother Whelp
Ep8 Saludos
Ep7 Annie Oakley
Ep6 Tail to the Wind
Ep5 Kangaroo
Ep4 Johnny Red
Ep3 Horse Deal
Ep2 Kitty's Injury
Ep1 Target

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Cheyennes
Ep38 Blue Horse
Ep37 The Constable
Ep36 Print Asper
Ep35 There Never Was a Horse
Ep34 The Choice
Ep33 Buffalo Hunter
Ep32 Change of Heart
Ep31 Murder Warrant
Ep30 Renegade White
Ep29 Fawn
Ep28 Wind
Ep27 The F.U.
Ep26 The Coward
Ep25 The Bear
Ep24 Doc Quits
Ep23 Sky
Ep22 Kitty's Rebellion
Ep21 Jayhawkers
Ep20 Love of a Good Woman
Ep19 Passive Resistance
Ep18 Marshal Proudfoot
Ep17 Young Love
Ep16 Gypsum Hills Feud
Ep15 Snakebite
Ep14 Robber Bridegroom
Ep13 The Cast
Ep12 Grass
Ep11 How to Kill a Friend
Ep10 Lynching Man
Ep9 Land Deal
Ep8 Lost Rifle
Ep7 Stage Hold-Up
Ep6 Thoroughbreds
Ep5 Letter of the Law
Ep4 Monopoly
Ep3 Gunsmuggler
Ep2 The Patsy
Ep1 Matt for Murder
#2 Letter of Law

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 The Gentleman
Ep38 Overland Express
Ep37 Carmen
Ep36 Chester's Hanging
Ep35 Widow's Mite
Ep34 The Big Con
Ep33 Innocent Broad
Ep32 Hanging Man
Ep31 Amy's Good Deed
Ep30 Texas Cowboys
Ep29 Laughing Gas
Ep28 Bottleman
Ep27 Joke's on Us
Ep26 Dooley Surrenders
Ep25 Dirt
Ep24 The Cabin
Ep23 Wild West
Ep22 Sunday Supplement
Ep21 Ma Tennis
Ep20 Claustrophobia
Ep19 #2 Kitty Caught
Ep18 Buffalo Man
Ep17 Joe Phy
Ep16 Twelfth Night
Ep15 Kitty Lost
Ep14 Doc's Reward
Ep13 Cows and Cribs
Ep12 How to Kill a Woman
Ep11 Fingered
Ep10 Never Pester Chester
Ep9 Romeo
Ep8 Born to Hang
Ep7 Mavis McCloud
Ep6 Jesse
Ep5 Potato Road
Ep4 Kitty's Outlaw
Ep3 Blood Money
Ep2 Gun for Chester
Ep1 Crack-Up

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Jealousy
Ep38 Liar From Blackhawk
Ep37 The Man Who Would Be Marshal
Ep36 Daddy-O
Ep35 Uncle Oliver
Ep34 Who Lives by the Sword
Ep33 Moon
Ep32 Cheap Labor
Ep31 What the Whiskey Drummer Heard
Ep30 Big Girl Lost
Ep29 Wrong Man
Ep28 Photographer
Ep27 Chester's Murder
Ep26 #2 Last Fling
Ep25 Bureaucrat
Ep24 Cain
Ep23 Sweet and Sour
Ep22 Skid Row
Ep21 Bloody Hands
Ep20 Gone Straight
Ep19 Executioner
Ep18 #2 Kick Me
Ep17 Sins of the Father
Ep16 The Cover Up
Ep15 Pucket's New Year
Ep14 Cholera
Ep13 #2 Poor Pearl
Ep12 Spring Term
Ep11 No Indians
Ep10 Greater Love
Ep9 The Mistake
Ep8 Legal Revenge
Ep7 How to Cure a Friend
Ep6 Indian White
Ep5 Young Man With a Gun
Ep4 #2 The Roundup
Ep3 #2 Custer
Ep2 Skid Row
Ep2 #2 Brush at Elkader
Ep1 #2 Cow Doctor

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Alarm at Pleasant Valley
Ep38 Unmarked Grave
Ep37 Mr. and Mrs. Amber
Ep36 Cara
Ep35 The Guitar
Ep34 Chester's Mail Order Bride
Ep33 Prairie Happy
Ep32 Dutch George
Ep31 How to Die for Nothing
Ep30 The Preacher
Ep29 Doc's Revenge
Ep28 The Killer
Ep27 Cooter
Ep26 Hack Prine
Ep25 The Big Broad
Ep24 The Pest Hole
Ep23 Indian Scout
Ep22 Tap Day for Kitty
Ep21 Helping Hand
Ep20 Reunion '78
Ep19 20-20
Ep18 Yorky
Ep17 Robin Hood
Ep16 Reward for Matt
Ep15 No Handcuffs
Ep14 Professor Lute Bone
Ep13 #1 Reed Survives
Ep12 Magnus
Ep11 General Parsley Smith
Ep10 The Queue
Ep9 The Hunter
Ep8 Kite's Reward
Ep7 Smoking Out the Nolans
Ep6 Night Incident
Ep5 Obie Tater
Ep4 Home Surgery
Ep3 Word of Honor
Ep2 Hot Spell
Ep1 #1 Matt Gets It (Pilot)
Smoke Out Nolans

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Gunsmoke
Ep4 Gunsmoke
Ep1 The Guitar
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The Noonday Devil
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One Man's Justice
The Tycoon
The River
Smoke Out Nolans
Innocent Abroad
New Comers
#3 Love Thy Neighbor
Snake Bite
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S12 | Ep14

The Hanging

Air Date: 12/31/66
As a murderer waits for his partners to free him, Matt tries to determine how and when the men will strike. Boles: Tom Stern. Ivy: Kit Smythe. Matt: James Arness. Oro: Henry Darrow. Warren: Robert Knapp. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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