Handy Manny

  • 2006
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A song-filled preschool cartoon about a helpful repairman and his talking tools emphasizes teamwork and creative problem-solving.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep80 Valentine's Day Party
Ep79 Hoop Dream
Ep78 Mr. Lopart's Attic
Ep77 Phone Fix
Ep76 Kelly's Big Photo Shoot
Ep75 #1 Hank's Birthday
Ep74 Firefighter Manny
Ep73 Wedding Day
Ep72 Handy Manny and the 7 Tools
Ep71 St. Patrick's Day
Ep70 Vet Visit
Ep69 The Right Stuff
Ep68 Susanna's Dollhouse
Ep67 Snow Day
Ep66 Snow Problem
Ep65 Dog Fountain
Ep64 Fearless Rusty
Ep63 Manny's Wilderness Adventure
Ep62 Dusty's Big Day
Ep61 The Wing and Nut Challenge
Ep60 Picture This
Ep59 The Chicken or the Egg
Ep58 The Great Garage Rescue
Ep57 Fixit's Repair
Ep56 Pottery Class
Ep55 The Sheet Rock Hills Strikers
Ep54 Fearless Rusty; Dog Fountain
Ep54 Flicker the Kicker
Ep53 Sounds Like Halloween
Ep52 The Wing and Nut Challenge; Dusty's Big Day
Ep52 A Job From Outer Space
Ep51 Bunk Bed
Ep50 Table for Too Many
Ep49 Rocking Chair
Ep48 Doggie Door
Ep47 Bowling Night
Ep46 Breakfast of Champions
Ep45 Root Damage
Ep44 Beach Clean Up
Ep43 The Cowboy Cookout
Ep42 The Great Outdoors
Ep41 Community Garden
Ep40 To Catch a Litter Bug
Ep39 The Tools New Team
Ep38 Pet Picnic
Ep37 Just One of the Puppies
Ep36 he New Time Capsule
Ep35 Art Show
Ep34 Butterflies
Ep34 Leela's Birthday Party; Abuelito's Mower
Ep33 Good Fences
Ep32 The Ayala's Christmas Extravaganza
Ep31 Flicker Saves Christmas
Ep30 Abuelito's Mower
Ep29 Leela's Birthday Party
Ep28 Big Construction Job
Ep27 Long John Lopart
Ep26 Story Hour
Ep25 Kelly's Chili
Ep24 Chico Goes to Preschool
Ep23 Fast Eddie's Scooter
Ep22 Bunny in the Basement
Ep21 Mini Golf Game
Ep21 A Whale of a Tale; Julieta's Loose Tooth
Ep20 Pat Lightly
Ep19 Seal Appeal
Ep18 Dario Dance
Ep17 The Earth Day Challenge
Ep16 Big Race
Ep15 Mayor Rosa's Chimney
Ep14 The Twisty Turn Twist
Ep13 Staying Healthy
Ep12 Broken Drawbridge
Ep11 Francisco Comes to Town
Ep10 Back on Track
Ep10 Lyle & Leland Lopart; Blackout on the Block
Ep9 Which Way to the Barbecue?
Ep8 Paulette's Pizza Palace
Ep7 Flicker Joins the Band
Ep6 Julieta's Loose Tooth
Ep5 A Whale of a Tale
Ep4 Pepe's Agua Fresca Stand
Ep3 Mr. Lopart Sails Away
Ep2 The Best Vacation Ever
Ep1 Pepe's Rocket
Mr. Lopart's Attic; Hoop Dream
#1 Kelly's Big Photo Shoot; Phone Fix
#1 The Right Stuff; Vet Visit
Snow Day; Susanna's Dollhouse
Fearless Rusty; Dog Fountain
The Wing and Nut Challenge; Dusty's Big Day
The Chicken or the Egg; Picture This
Fixit's Repair; Pottery Class
Flicker the Kicker; The Sheet Rock Hills Strikers
A Job From Outer Space; Sounds Like Halloween
Table for Too Many; Bunk Bed
Doggie Door; Rocking Chair
Breakfast of Champions; Bowling Night
Beach Clean Up; Root Damage
The Great Outdoors; The Cowboy Cookout
To Catch a Litter Bug; Community Garden
Just One of the Puppies; Pet Picnic
Art Show; The New Time Capsule
Good Fences; Butterflies
The Ayala's Christmas Extravaganza; Mini Golf Game
Leela's Birthday Party; Abuelito's Mower
Story Hour; Long John Lopart
Chico Goes to Preschool; Kelly's Chili
Bunny in the Basement; Fast Eddie's Scooter
Mini Golf Game; Which Way to the Barbecue?
Seal Appeal; Pat Lightly
The Earth Day Challenge; Dario Dance
The Twisty Turn Twist; Mayor Rosa's Chimney
Francisco Comes to Town; Broken Drawbridge
Which Way to the Barbeque; Back on Track
Flicker Joins the Band; Paulette's Pizza Palace
Mr. Lopart Sails Away; Pepe's Agua Fresca Stand
Pepe's Rocket; The Best Vacation Ever
Fun and Games; Autumn Leaves
The Great Donate; Abuelito in a Fix
Picture Perfect; Some Assembly Required
Saving the Turtles; Abuelito's Siesta
A Night With Abuelito; Canine Case
Manny's Makeover; A Singing Salon
A Day at the Beach; Party Dress
Lyle & Leland Lopart; Blackout on the Block
Danny Starr; Quinceanera
Arbor Day; Flicker Speaks English
Home Sweet Home; Jackie's Old Shed
Special Delivery; Elliot's New Job
Frank's Barber Shop; Rusty's Second Wind
Movie Night; Cactus Manny
Flicker; Manny's Time Capsule

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep80 Autumn Leaves
Ep79 Fun and Games
Ep78 Motorcycle Adventure
Ep77 Abuelito in a Fix
Ep76 The Great Donate
Ep75 Some Assembly Required
Ep74 Picture Perfect
Ep73 Abuelito's Siesta
Ep72 Saving the Turtles
Ep71 Canine Case
Ep70 A Night With Abuelito
Ep69 A Singing Salon
Ep68 Manny's Makeover
Ep67 Party Dress
Ep66 A Day at the Beach
Ep65 Blackout on the Block
Ep64 Lyle & Leland Lopart
Ep63 The Good, the Bad, the Handy
Ep62 Quinceanera
Ep61 Danny Starr
Ep60 Jackie's Old Shed
Ep59 Home Sweet Home
Ep58 Flicker Speaks English
Ep57 Arbor Day
Ep56 Elliot's New Job
Ep54 Special Delivery
Ep53 Rusty's Second Wind
Ep52 Frank's Barber Shop
Ep51 Cactus Manny
Ep50 Movie Night
Ep49 Have a Handy New Year
Ep48 Manny's Time Capsule
Ep47 Flicker
Ep46 Camping Tools
Ep45 Bake Sale
Ep44 Cock-A-Doodle-Do
Ep43 Pedal 'n Tool
Ep42 Tools in a Candy Store
Ep41 Learning to Fly
Ep40 Dig It
Ep39 The Big Picture
Ep38 Little Lopart
Ep37 Abuelito's Telescope
Ep36 Scribble Trouble
Ep35 Bingo Night
Ep34 Book Drop
Ep33 Felipe's Hiccups
Ep32 Scout Manny
Ep31 Happy Birthday Mr. Lopart
Ep30 Mr. Ayala's New Car Wash
Ep29 Sizing Things Up
Ep28 Science Fair
Ep27 Lost and Found
Ep26 Abuelito's Yard Sale
Ep25 Talent Show
Ep24 Manny Goes Solar
Ep23 Sculptor Manny
Ep22 Basketball for All
Ep21 Squeeze Sticks
Ep20 Ups and Downs
Ep19 Bloomin' Tools
Ep18 Cowboy Manny
Ep17 Skateboard Park
Ep16 Manny's Mouse Traps
Ep15 Tools for Toys
Ep14 Mr. Lopart Moves In
Ep13 Valentine's Day
Ep12 Handy Hut
Ep11 Manny to the Rescue
Ep10 Squeeze Makes a Promise
Ep9 Skateboard Park; Cowboy Manny
Ep9 Elliot Minds the Store
Ep8 Tool Dance
Ep7 All Tools on Deck
Ep6 Renaldo's Pretzel Castle
Ep5 Squeeze's Day Off
Ep4 All Tools on Deck; Tool Dance
Ep4 Abuelito's Tomatoes
Ep3 Light Work
Ep2 Oscar's House of 18 Smoothies
Ep1 Haunted Clock Tower
Bake Sale; Camping Tools
Halloween; Haunted Clock Tower
Pedal 'n Tool; Cock-A-Doodle-Do
Learning to Fly; Tools in a Candy Store
The Big Picture; Dig It
Abuelito's Telescope; Little Lopart
Bingo Night; Scribble Trouble
Felipe's Hiccups; Book Drop
Happy Birthday Mr. Lopart; Scout Manny
Sizing Things Up; Mr. Ayala's New Car Wash
Lost and Found; Science Fair
Talent Show; Abuelito's Yardsale
Talent Show; Abuelito's Yard Sale
Sculptor Manny; Manny Goes Solar
Squeeze Sticks; Basketball for All
Bloomin' Tools; Ups and Downs
Skateboard Park; Cowboy Manny
Tools for Toys; Manny's Mouse Traps
Valentine's Day; Mr. Lopart Moves In
Manny to the Rescue; Handy Hut
Elliot Minds the Store; Squeeze Makes a Promise
All Tools on Deck; Tool Dance
Squeeze's Day Off; Renaldo's Pretzel Castle
Light Work; Abuelito's Tomatoes
Haunted Clock Tower; Oscar's House of 18 Smoothies

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep48 Squeeze's Magic Show
Ep47 Halloween
Ep46 Ice Cream Team
Ep45 Musica
Ep44 Firehouse Tools
Ep43 Abuelito's Garden
Ep42 A Very Handy Vacation
Ep41 Gopher Help
Ep40 Mr. Lopart's Mother
Ep39 Best Repairman
Ep38 Sinko-De-Mayo
Ep37 Pat's Big Idea
Ep36 Felipe Strikes Out
Ep35 Manny's Sick Day
Ep34 Join the Club
Ep33 Radio Rusty
Ep32 Detective Dusty
Ep31 Kitty Sitting
Ep30 Uncle Manny
Ep29 A Very Handy Holiday
Ep28 Tool Games
Ep27 Wonder Tool
Ep26 Merry Go Round
Ep25 Not So Fast Food
Ep24 Shine Bright
Ep23 Time Out
Ep22 Shoe Biz
Ep21 The New Kid
Ep20 Tool for Sale
Ep19 Amigo Grande
Ep18 Tool Talk
Ep17 Supremoguy
Ep16 Big Sister
Ep15 Pat the Screwdriver
Ep14 Pinata Party
Ep13 Rusty to the Rescue
Ep12 Squeeze in a Pinch
Ep11 Rusty's Little Light Lie
Ep10 Felipe's New Job
Ep9 Pet Problem
Ep8 Welcome to Sheet Rock Hills
Ep7 Tool in a China Shop
Ep6 Julietta's Monster
Ep5 Tight Squeeze
Ep4 Page Turner
Ep3 Stretch's Cookies
Ep2 Paint Job
Ep1 A Sticky Fix; Paint Job
Ep1 A Sticky Fix
Halloween; Squeeze's Magic Show
Musica; Ice Cream Team
Abuelito's Garden; Firehouse Tools
Mr. Lopart's Mother; Gopher Help
Cinco de Mayo; Best Repairman
Sinko-De-Mayo; Best Repairman
Felipe Strikes Out; Pat's Big Idea
Join the Club; Manny's Sick Day
Detective Dusty; Radio Rusty
Uncle Manny; Kitty Sitting
Wonder Tool; Tool Games
Not So Fast Food; Merry Go Round
Time Out; Shine Bright
The New Kid; Shoe Biz
Amigo Grande; Tool for Sale
Supremoguy; Tool Talk
Pat the Screwdriver; Big Sister
Rusty to the Rescue; Pinata Party
Rusty's Little Light Lie; Squeeze In a Pinch
Pet Problem; Felipe's New Job
Tool in a China Shop; Welcome to Sheet Rock Hills
Tight Squeeze; Julieta's Monster
#1 Stretch's Cookies; Page Turner

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Join the Club/Manny has a Cold
Ups and Downs; Bloomin' Tools
To The South Pole
Amigo Grande / Tool For Sale
Home Sweet Home / Jackie's Old Shed
Cinco De Mayo / Best Repairman
House of 18 Smoothies
Shoe Biz / the New Kid
Stretch's Cookies / Page Turner
Mrs. Lopart's Attic; Hoop Dream
Tool in the Candy Shop
Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure - Part One
The Great Barbecue Cookout
Learning to Fly; Tools in the Candy Shop
Doggie Door / Rocking Chair
Table for Too Many / Bunk Bed
Manny has a Cold
Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure
Manny has a Cold
Ice Cream Dream
Fire Fighter Manny
Handy Manny's Big Race
Handy Manny And The Seven Tools
A Very Handy Holiday
Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure
Have a Handy New Year
Detective Dusty / Radio Rusty
Wonder Tools
Movie Night
S3 | Ep75

Hank's Birthday

Air Date: 10/9/12
Manny takes the tools on their first airplane ride.

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