• 1966

Stage and screen star Shirley Booth cleaned up with two Emmys for the title role of a busybody maid, based on the `Saturday Evening Post' cartoons by Ted Key. Hazel may have officially been the... More


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 A Question of Ethics
Ep28 A Little Bit of Genius
Ep27 The Perfect Boss
Ep26 Bee in Her Bonnet
Ep25 Hazel's Free Enterprise
Ep24 Who Can Afford a Bargain?
Ep23 But Is It Art?
Ep22 Please Don't Shout
Ep21 My Son, the Sheepdog
Ep20 How to Find Work Without Really Trying
Ep19 Harold's Gift Horse
Ep18 Boom or Bust!
Ep17 $285 by Saturday
Ep16 Once an Actor
Ep15 A Car Named Chrysanthemum
Ep14 Hazel's Endearing Young Charms
Ep13 Noblesse Oblige
Ep12 Kindly Advise
Ep11 The Crush
Ep10 A Bull's Eye for Cupid
Ep9 A 'Lot' to Remember
Ep8 Hazel Sits It Out
Ep7 Hazel Needs a Car
Ep6 A-Haunting We Will Go
Ep5 The Hold-Out
Ep4 Do Not Disturb Occupants
Ep3 How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Minutes
Ep2 Hazel's Second Week
Ep1 Who's in Charge Here?

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Investor
Ep25 George's Man Friday
Ep24 Hazel's Inquisitive Mind
Ep23 Hazel's Day in Court
Ep22 What's Bugging Hazel?
Ep21 Stop Rockin' Our Reception
Ep20 Bonnie Boy
Ep19 Temper, Temper
Ep18 Love 'Em or Leave 'Em
Ep17 It's a Dog's World
Ep16 Champagne Tony
Ep15 Just 86 Shopping Minutes Till Christmas
Ep14 Hazel Squares the Triangle
Ep13 Better to Have Loved and Lost
Ep12 To Build or Not to Build
Ep11 A Lesson in Diplomacy
Ep10 Mixup on Marshall Road
Ep9 Just Me, Harold and the Universe
Ep8 High Finance Hits a New Low
Ep7 Mind Your Own Business
Ep6 Welcome Back, Kevin
Ep5 The Flagpole
Ep4 The Marriage Trap
Ep3 Ain't That a Knee Slapper
Ep2 Luncheon with the Governor
Ep1 Never Trouble Trouble

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Maid for a Day
Ep31 Let's Get Away from It All
Ep30 Campaign Manager
Ep29 Such a Nice Little Man
Ep28 Arrivederci, Mr. B
Ep27 All Mixed Up
Ep26 Everybody's a Comedian
Ep25 Hazel's Midas Touch
Ep24 The Countess
Ep23 Democracy at Work
Ep22 The Reluctant Witness
Ep21 George's Ordeal
Ep20 The Fashion Show
Ep19 Scheherazade and Her Frying Pan
Ep18 Scheherazade and Her Frying Pan
Ep17 Hot Potato ala Hazel
Ep16 Hazel and the Model T
Ep15 Hazel and the Halfback
Ep14 Hazel's Nest Egg
Ep13 The Retiring Milkman
Ep12 Call Me Harve
Ep11 The Vanishing Hero
Ep10 All Hazel Is Divided into Three Parts
Ep9 The Baby Came C.O.D.
Ep8 George's 32nd Cousin
Ep7 Hazel Scores a Touchdown
Ep6 Piccolo Mondo
Ep5 Cheerin' Up Mr. B
Ep4 You Ain't Fully Dressed Without Smile
Ep3 Dorothy Takes a Trip
Ep2 An Example for Hazel
Ep1 Potluck ala Mode

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 So Long Brown Eyes
Ep31 Maid of the Month
Ep30 Oh, My Aching Back
Ep29 Hazel's Luck
Ep28 Hazel Sounds Her 'A'
Ep27 Hazel Digs a Hole for Herself
Ep26 The Hazel Walk
Ep25 Hazel's Navy Blue Tug-Boats
Ep24 The Fire's Never Dead While the Ashes Are Red
Ep23 I Been Singing All My Life
Ep22 Hazel's Day Off
Ep21 Hazel and the Stockholder's Meeting
Ep20 Mr. Griffin Throws a Wedding
Ep19 Ain't Walter Nice?
Ep18 Hazel's Highland Fling
Ep17 A Good Example for Harold
Ep16 The Sunshine Girls Quartet
Ep15 Top Secret
Ep14 Hazel and the Love Birds
Ep13 Herbert for Hire
Ep12 A New Man in Town
Ep11 The Natural Athlete
Ep10 Genie with the Light Brown Lamp
Ep9 License to Wed
Ep8 Mr. B on the Bench
Ep7 Hazel's Tax Deduction
Ep6 A Four-Bit Word to Chew
Ep5 Barney Hatfield, Where Are You?
Ep4 How to Lure an Epicure
Ep3 We've Been So Happy Till Now
Ep2 Rosie's Contract
Ep1 Hazel's Cousin

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep35 Hazel's Day
Ep34 George's Assistant
Ep33 Heat Wave
Ep32 The Burglar in Mr. B's PJs
Ep31 Rock-a-Bye Baby
Ep30 Hazel the Matchmaker
Ep29 Hazel Quits
Ep28 Bringing Out the Johnsons
Ep27 Three Little Cubs
Ep26 Hazel's Pajama Party
Ep25 Them New Neighbors Is Nice
Ep24 Number Please
Ep23 Dorothy's Birthday
Ep22 Hazel and the Gardener
Ep21 Hazel's Mona Lisa Grin
Ep20 The Investment Club
Ep19 Hazel, the Tryst-Buster
Ep18 Hazel's Secret Wish
Ep17 Hazel's Tough Customer
Ep16 Hazel's Famous Recipes
Ep15 A Replacement for Phoebe
Ep14 Hazel's Dog Days
Ep13 Dorothy's Obsession
Ep12 Hazel's Christmas Shopping
Ep11 Hazel's Winning Personality
Ep10 Winter Wonderland
Ep9 Everybody's Thankful but Us Turkeys
Ep8 George's Niece
Ep7 A Dog for Harold
Ep6 What'll We Watch Tonight?
Ep5 Dorothy's New Client
Ep4 A Matter of Principle
Ep3 Hazel Plays Nurse
Ep2 Hazel Makes a Will
Ep1 Hazel and the Playground

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