Hell Date

  • 2007-2008

Contestants seek their soul mates in this faux reality dating show featuring actors and actresses appearing as potential perfect partners.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep41 Let's Get Physical
Ep40 Check, Please!
Ep39 Just Not Into You
Ep38 Acting Out
Ep37 Friendly Fire
Ep36 Kiddie Games!
Ep35 Moron Alert!
Ep34 Is That a Dude?
Ep33 Crampin' My Style
Ep32 Fly Scholar
Ep31 Work It Out
Ep30 Break It Up!
Ep29 Gold Digger/Too Much Info
Ep28 Daddy's Princess/Black Ninja
Ep27 Daddy's On A Date/A Chick and Her Mirror
Ep26 Wannabe Actor/Girl with Vanilla Fever
Ep25 Roid Rage/Sports Fiend
Ep24 Piglette/Momma's Boy
Ep23 The Swinger/The Hustler
Ep22 I Didn't Hear That/Wannabe Actress
Ep21 Dance Machine/Cat Lady
Ep1 It Takes Two; Extreme Brotha
Hell Date
Don't Con Me!
Valley Boy, Baby Girl
Hell Date
Sweet or Spicy?
Hell Date
Hell Date
Hell Date
Quit Your Quackin'
Caveman Fever

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep56 Hater Dater
Ep55 Bitter Entertainer
Ep54 The Nutritionist
Ep53 Fantasy Dater
Ep52 The Cannibal
Ep51 Sweaty Guy
Ep50 Fresh Out of Rehab
Ep49 Super Candidate
Ep48 Diet Woman
Ep47 Love Me Some Tall Girls
Ep46 Failure to Launch
Ep45 Know It All Chick
Ep44 3 Bar Rap Star
Ep43 Celebrity Extra
Ep42 Celeb-U-Not
Ep41 Super Fan
Ep40 Unimpressed Dater
Ep39 No One Loves Me
Ep37 Coming From America
Ep32 Mean Mother
Ep31 Girl Fight
Ep30 The Auteur
Ep29 Stripper Gone Good
Ep28 Ghetto Psychologist
Ep27 Real Fake Girl
Ep26 Ex-Marine
Ep25 Inappropriate Chick
Ep24 Last Heterosexual Date
Ep23 Ex-Battered Betty
Ep22 The Voyeur
Ep21 Loud Lady
Ep20 Apprentice Audition
Ep19 Preacher's Daughter
Ep18 Country Damon
Ep17 X-Games Guy
Ep16 Dr. Hypochondriac
Ep15 CSI: Chick
Ep14 The Bodyguard
Ep13 Baby Daddy Audition
Ep12 The Vigilante
Ep11 Wanna Be Athlete
Ep10 Macho Chick
Ep10 Macho Chick
Ep9 Hell Date
Ep8 Conclusion
Ep7 Part 5
Ep6 Part 4
Ep5 Part 3
Ep4 Part 2
Ep3 Part 1
Ep2 Hell Date
Ep1 Hell Date
Don't Con Me!
Caveman Fever
Quit Your Quackin'
No. 35
No. 27
No. 32
No. 6
She-Spy / Bi-Polar Brother
Workout Chick / The Recycler
Germaphobe/all The World's An Ex
I'm Over My Ex... / The Shaman
Fresh Out / Klepto
Stalker / Mommy's On A Date
No. 57
No. 62
No. 24
No. 48
No. 52
No. 61
No. 10
No. 54
No. 23
No. 49
No. 8
No. 16
No. 45
No. 37
No. 44
No. 12
No. 39
No. 14
No. 46
No. 58
No. 59
No. 34
No. 28
No. 40
No. 53
No. 65
No. 36
No. 26
No. 18
Sweet or Spicy?
Valley Boy, Baby Girl
Everything But Cool!
Everything But Cool!
I Didn't Hear That/Wannabe Actress
Obsessive Behavior
Keep Your Goodies!
My Temple, Your Ex
My Temple, Your Ex
Letting Go
Letting Go
Got Issues!
Wandering Eyes
Wandering Eyes
Obsessive Behavior
Got Issues!
I Didn't Hear That/Wannabe Actress
Keep Your Goodies!
Fetish / Bi-Polar
Juvenile Dater / Love Struck Psycho
Germaphobe / Too Many Exes
Just Found Out She's Black / Arrogant
Date With Stalker / Date With Child From Hell
Internet Hottie / Extreme Brotha
Extreme Love/hater-aide
Extreme Girl In Love/ All The World's An Ex Girlfriend
Fly Roommate / Superior Male
No. 25
No. 64
No. 33
No. 11
No. 51
No. 43
No. 13
No. 31
No. 60
No. 50
Can't Get Over Ex / Super Arrogant
Cell-Phone Addicted / Country Boy
Date With Foreign Exchange Student / Baby Mama Drama
Date With Crazy Baby Daddy / Sorority Pledge
Abducted By Aliens / Singing Dater
Collector of Beautiful Women
Flirt / Dater With O.C.D.
Doomsday Dater / Transgender
Bi-Sexual / Escaped Mental Patient
Phobia Guy
Extreme Sistah / Heckler
Wannabe Actor / Vanilla Fever
Doomsday Dater / Lesbian
Gay Man On First Straight Date / Ultra-Confident Plus Size
Clumsy / Datcare Lady
Desperate For Marriage / Too Many Exes
Anger Management
Wannabe Dancer / Cat Lady
Jilted Girl / Talks to Spirits
Masochistic Chick
Piglet / Mama's Boy
Prostitute / Multiple Personality
Gold-Digger / Male Stripper
Ventriloquist / Daddy's Little Girl
Picky Dater / Swinger
Prude With Horny Roommate / Bossy
Lovestruck Dater / Hater-Ade Dater
Multiple Personalities / Crackberry Dater
Sneaker Pimp / Best Friend From Hell
Special Part 3
Good Old Fashioned Girl
Internet Hottie / Extreme Brotha
Hefty Lover / Sistah With Crazy ex
Fresh Out Of Jail / Kleptomaniac
Special Part 4
Fraternity Pledge / Date With Horny Mom
Special Part 1
Are You My Mother?
Cult Member / Dumb Jock
Sure Thing With Gross Habits / Gambler
Annoying / Bi-Polar
Hard To Hear / Wannabe Famous
Piglet / Ex-Gangster Chick
Murda Mommy
Clutzy / Down Low Brotha
Rapping Drag Queen
Hypochondriac / Hefty Lovin Honey
Boob Obsessed Girl
Swinger Dater / Hustler Dater
Germaphobe / Too Many Exes
Fetish Boy; Bi-Polar Sistah
Crazed Coach / Keep It Real Dater
Spoiled Girl / Black Ninja From hell
Special Part 2
Jealous / Vegan
Wannabe Baler / TMI Dater
Virgin / Little Man Complex
Date With Daughter From Hell / Self Absorbed
Super Hero / Date with Hating Homegirl
Juvenile Dater / Love Struck Psycho
Special Part 6
Insecure / Best Friend from Hell
Special Part 5
International Chauvinist / Dumb Chick
Practical Joker / Chick With Nervous Twitch
Ultra Feminist / Recently Divorced
Too Romantic Dude
Date With Stalker / Date With Child From Hell
She-Male / Younger Brother Issues
Steroid Rage / Sports Fiend
The Con Artist
Just Found Out She's Black / Arrogant
Wannabe Comic / OCD Dater
Flirt / Loves To Hit
It Takes Two / Extreme Brotha
Steal 2 Heal
Steal 2 Heal
Puppy Love
Racist Redbone
High School Senior
Time's Up
30's the new 20
Reformed Thug
Compulsive Gambler
Upgrade Dater
Sensitive Guy
The Baby Hater
Overly Affectionate Girl
Quit Your Quackin'
Caveman Fever
Vanilla Fever / Spoiled Baby
Don't Con Me!
Sweet or Spicy?
Shake Him Off, Baby
My Temple, Your Ex
Why You Hatin'
Ex-Pimp / Wannabe Black Girl

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