Henry Hugglemonster

  • 2013
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A friendly, 5-year-old monster living in a nice suburban neighborhood enjoys adventures with his family and friends.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 #1 On the Huggleroad
Ep20 Monster Mama's Day
Ep19 The Grr Cloud
Ep18 Rock, Rattle and Roller Practice
Ep17 Henry Time
Ep16 Robo-Friend
Ep15 Cobby and the Brain
Ep14 The Pizza Brothers
Ep13 Summer Vision
Ep12 Roarsville Rules
Ep11 Do-It-Yourself Sleepover
Ep10 The Roarsome Foursome
Ep9 Monsterly Ever After
Ep8 Scouts vs. Scouts
Ep7 Knit-O-Bots
Ep6 Huggleflight
Ep5 Where's Beckett?
Ep4 Runaway Airship
Ep3 Ivor Takes the Cake
Ep2 The Perfect Anniversary
Ep1 Big Baby
The Grr Cloud; Monster Momma's Day
Henry Time; Rock, Rattle and Roller Practice
Cobby and the Brain; Robo-Friend
Summer Vision; The Pizza Brothers
Do-It-Yourself Sleepover; Roarsville Rules
#1 Monsterly Ever After; The Roarsome Foursome
#1 Knit-O-Bots; Scouts vs. Scouts
Where's Beckett?; Huggleflight
#1 Ivor Takes the Cake; Runaway Airship
Big Baby; The Perfect Anniversary

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep50 Once Upon a Roar
Ep49 Cobby's Comfort Cruiser
Ep48 Monster Mail Madness
Ep47 Henry and the Sno-grrr
Ep46 Monster Seeds
Ep45 Daddo Daycare
Ep44 The Sledhouse
Ep43 Happy Hugglemas!
Ep42 All That Pizazz
Ep41 Huggsgiving Day
Ep40 Scout's Night Out
Ep39 The Halloween Scramble
Ep38 Summergrams
Ep37 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Monsterschool
Ep36 The Mighty Heromonsters
Ep35 New Monsterkid on the Block
Ep34 Monster Wave
Ep33 The Piano Lesson
Ep32 Ivor's First Stomp
Ep31 Monsterpet Pageant
Ep30 Runaway Summer
Ep29 Rain, Rain, You're Not a Pain
Ep28 The Monster Coin
Ep27 Iron Granny
Ep26 Monster in Charge
Ep25 Carried Away
Ep24 Fangs Out
Ep23 Grrr Power
Ep22 Enormo Henry
Ep21 Monsters on the Town
Ep20 Henry, Incorporated
Ep19 Paint the Town
Ep18 Fireworks Night
Ep17 The Huggledance Party
Ep16 The Hugglejuice Stand
Ep15 The Huggleball Game
Ep14 SneezoRama
Ep13 Henry's Hugglefish
Ep12 Number One Fan
Ep11 Monster Lullaby
Ep10 The Huggleflower
Ep9 Pet Party
Ep8 Bye Bye Beckett
Ep7 Mega Bouncers
Ep6 The Henry Show
Ep5 The Copymonster
Ep4 Runaway Dough
Ep3 The Sore Roar
Ep2 Astrobrix
Ep1 Fireworks Night
The Huggleflower; Monster Lullaby
Monster Mail Madness; Cobby's Comfort Cruiser
Monster Seeds; Henry and the Sno-grrr
The Sledhouse; Daddo Daycare
Huggsgiving Day; All That Pizazz
The Halloween Scramble; Scout's Night Out
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Monsterschool; Summergrams
New Monsterkid on the Block; The Mighty Heromonsters
The Piano Lesson; Monster Wave
Monsterpet Pageant; Ivor's First Stomp
Rain, Rain, You're Not a Pain; Runaway Summer
Iron Granny; The Monster Coin
Carried Away; Monster in Charge
Grrr Power; Fangs Out
Monsters on the Town; Enormo Henry
Paint the Town; Henry, Incorporated
Promises Promises; Fireworks Night
The Hugglejuice Stand; The Huggledance Party
SneezoRama; The Huggleball Game
Number One Fan; Henry's Hugglefish
Bye Bye Beckett; Pet Party
The Henry Show; Mega Bouncers
Runaway Dough; The Copymonster
Astrobrix; The Sore Roar

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
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S2 | Ep21

On the Huggleroad New

Air Date: 6/30/15
Henry, Cobby and Summer surprise Grando and Nan-oh with tickets to see their favorite band's reunion concert.

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