Hey Arnold!

  • 1996-2004
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An animated look at city life through the eyes of 9-year-old Arnold, who has a football-shaped head and lives in a racially diverse neighborhood in a boardinghouse with his grandparents.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Phoebe's Little Problem
Ep27 Grandpa's Packard
Ep26 Curly's Girl
Ep25 The Racing Mule
Ep24 Big Bob's Crisis
Ep23 Simmon's Documentary
Ep22 Gerald Vs. Jamie O
Ep21 Ghost Bride
Ep20 Eugene, Eugene
Ep19 Timberly Loves Arnold
Ep18 The Journal
Ep17 The Journal
Ep16 Family Man
Ep15 The Journal
Ep15 On the Lam
Ep14 Married
Ep13 Married
Ep12 Married
Ep12 Fishing Trip
Ep11 Gerald's Game
Ep10 April Fools' Day
Ep9 April Fools' Day
Ep9 April Fools' Day
Ep8 Arnold and the Rich Guy
Ep7 Harold and Patty Arm Wrestle
Ep6 Chocolate Boy
Ep5 Arnold Visits Arnie
Ep4 Old Iron Man
Ep3 Beaned
Ep2 Rhonda Goes Broke
Ep1 Stuck in a Tree
The Racing Mule; Curly's Girl
Ghost Bride; Gerald Vs. Jamie O
On the Lam; Family Man
Gerald's Game; Fishing Trip
Harold and Patty Arm Wrestle; Arnold and the Rich Guy
Simmon's Documentary; Big Bob's Crisis
Timberly Loves Arnold; Eugene, Eugene
Grandpa's Packard; Phoebe's Little Problem
Arnold Visits Arnie; Chocolate Boy
Beaned; Old Iron Man
Stuck in a Tree; Rhonda Goes Broke

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep54 Summer Love
Ep53 Summer Love
Ep52 Parents Day
Ep51 Parents Day
Ep50 Ernie in Love
Ep49 Suspended
Ep48 Summer Love
Ep48 Sid and Germs
Ep47 Parents Day
Ep47 Helga's Locket
Ep46 Phoebe Breaks a Leg
Ep45 New Bully on the Block
Ep44 Principal Simmons
Ep43 Bag of Money
Ep42 Big Sis
Ep41 Sid the Vampire Slayer
Ep40 Mr. Green Runs
Ep39 Helga's Masquerade
Ep38 Buses, Bikes, Subways
Ep37 Monkeyman
Ep36 Dino Checks Out
Ep35 Dino Checks Out
Ep34 Helga on the Couch
Ep33 Helga on the Couch
Ep32 Veterans Day
Ep32 Dino Checks Out
Ep31 Veterans Day
Ep31 Helga on the Couch
Ep30 Veterans Day
Ep30 Friday the 13th
Ep29 Headless Cabbie
Ep28 Fighting Families
Ep27 Helga Sleepwalks
Ep26 Synchronized Swimming
Ep25 Grandpa's Sister
Ep24 Baby Oskar
Ep23 Weird Cousin
Ep22 Polishing Rhonda
Ep21 Grudge Match
Ep20 Deconstructing Arnold
Ep19 It Girl
Ep18 Back to School
Ep17 Egg Story
Ep16 Weighing Harold
Ep15 Love and Cheese
Ep14 Chocolate Turtles
Ep13 Helga's Parrot
Ep12 Phoebe Skips
Ep11 Grudge Match; Polishing Rhonda
Ep11 Dinner for Four
Ep10 It Girl; Deconstructing Arnold
Ep10 Oskar Can't Read
Ep9 Beeper Queen
Ep8 Love and Cheese; Weighing Harold
Ep8 Stinky's Pumpkin
Ep7 Helga's Parrot; Chocolate Turtles
Ep7 Eugene's Birthday
Ep6 Jamie O. in Luv
Ep5 Big Gino
Ep4 Ms. Pataki, Student Teacher
Ep3 Full Moon
Ep2 School Play
Ep1 School Play
Ep1 School Play
Suspended; Ernie in Love
Helga's Locket; Sid and Germs
New Bully on the Block; Phoebe Breaks a Leg
Bag of Money; Principal Simmons
Sid the Vampire Slayer; Big Sis
Helga's Masquerade; Mr. Green Runs
Monkeyman; Buses, Bikes, Subways
Headless Cabbie; Friday the 13th
Helga Sleepwalks; Fighting Families
Grandpa's Sister; Synchronized Swimming
Weird Cousin; Baby Oskar
#1 Grudge Match; Polishing Rhonda
#1 It Girl; Deconstructing Arnold
Egg Story; Back to School
#1 Love and Cheese; Weighing Harold
#1 Helga's Parrot; Chocolate Turtles
Dinner for Four; Phoebe Skips
Beeper Queen; Oskar Can't Read
Eugene's Birthday; Stinky's Pumpkin
Big Gino; Jamie O. in Luv
Full Moon; Ms. Pataki, Student Teacher

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Girl Trouble
Ep37 School Dance
Ep36 Rich Kid
Ep35 Crabby Author
Ep34 The Pig War
Ep33 Phoebe Takes the Fall
Ep32 Part Time Friend
Ep31 Runaway Float
Ep30 The Flood
Ep29 Helga's Show
Ep28 Arnold's Thanksgiving
Ep27 Arnold's Thanksgiving
Ep27 Arnold's Thanksgiving
Ep26 Grand Prix
Ep25 Arnold and Lila
Ep24 Cool Party
Ep23 Best Man
Ep22 Hey Harold!
Ep21 Career Day
Ep20 Helga and the Nanny
Ep19 Arnold Betrays Iggy
Ep18 Oskar Gets a Job
Ep17 Aptitude Test
Ep16 Sid's Revenge
Ep15 Roller Coaster
Ep14 Road Trip
Ep13 Grandpa's Birthday
Ep12 Preteen Scream
Ep11 Curly Snaps
Ep10 Olga Gets Engaged
Ep9 Stinky Goes Hollywood
Ep8 Helga vs Big Patty
Ep7 Arnold's Room
Ep6 Gerald's Tonsils
Ep5 Casa Paradiso
Ep4 Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Ep3 Dangerous Lumber
Ep2 Harold the Butcher
Ep1 Helga Blabs All
Crabby Author/Rich Kid
Dangerous Lumber/Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Aptitude Test/Oskar Gets A Job
Career Day/Hey Harold!
Arnold Betrays Iggy/Helga and the Nanny
Curly Snaps/Preteen Scream
Arnold's Room/Helga VS Big Patty
Stinky Goes Hollywood/Olga Gets Engaged
Casa Paradiso/Gerald's Tonsils
Helga Blabs All/Harold the Butcher
Girl Trouble; School Dance
Crabby Author; Rich Kid
Phoebe Takes the Fall; The Pig War
Runaway Float; Part Time Friend
Helga's Show; The Flood
Arnold and Lila; Grand Prix
Best Man; Cool Party
Career Day; Hey Harold!
Arnold Betrays Iggy; Helga and the Nanny
Aptitude Test; Oskar Gets a Job
Roller Coaster; Sid's Revenge
Grandpa's Birthday; Road Trip
Curly Snaps; Preteen Scream
Stinky Goes Hollywood; Olga Gets Engaged
Arnold's Room; Helga vs Big Patty
Casa Paradiso; Gerald's Tonsils
Dangerous Lumber; Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Helga Blabs All; Harold the Butcher

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Partners
Ep37 Partners
Ep37 Bio Square
Ep36 Teacher's Strike
Ep35 Tour de Pond
Ep34 What's Opera, Arnold?
Ep33 Eugene Goes Bad
Ep32 Four-Eyed Jack
Ep31 Coach Wittenberg
Ep30 Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Ep29 Hall Monitor
Ep28 Crush on Teacher
Ep27 Helga's Boyfriend
Ep26 Rhonda's Glasses
Ep25 Eating Contest
Ep24 Quantity Time
Ep23 Steely Phil
Ep22 Arnold's Halloween
Ep21 Arnold's Halloween
Ep21 Arnold's Halloween
Ep20 Best Friends
Ep19 The High Life
Ep18 Gerald Moves Out
Ep17 Mud Bowl
Ep16 Phoebe Cheats
Ep15 Freeze Frame
Ep14 Hookey
Ep13 Arnold Saves Sid
Ep12 Ms. Perfect
Ep11 Ransom
Ep10 Big Caesar
Ep9 Monkey Business
Ep8 Longest Monday
Ep7 Eugene's Pet
Ep6 Harold's Kitty
Ep5 Big Scoop
Ep4 Gerald's Secret
Ep3 Helga's Love Potion
Ep2 New Teacher
Ep1 Save the Tree
Coach Wittenberg/Four Eyed Jack
The Big Scoop/Harold's Kitty
Tour de Pond/Teacher's Strike
Bio Square; Partners
Tour de Pond; Teacher's Strike
Eugene Goes Bad; What's Opera, Arnold?
Coach Wittenberg; Four-Eyed Jack
Hall Monitor; Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Helga's Boyfriend; Crush on Teacher
Eating Contest; Rhonda's Glasses
Steely Phil; Quantity Time
The High Life; Best Friends
Mud Bowl; Gerald Moves Out
Freeze Frame; Phoebe Cheats
Arnold Saves Sid; Hookey
Ransom; Ms. Perfect
Monkey Business; Big Caesar
Eugene's Pet; Longest Monday
Big Scoop; Harold's Kitty
Helga's Love Potion; Gerald's Secret
Save the Tree; New Teacher

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 Arnold's Valentine
Ep39 Arnold's Valentine
Ep38 Arnold's Valentine
Ep38 World Records
Ep37 False Alarm
Ep36 Arnold's Christmas
Ep35 Arnold's Christmas
Ep35 Arnold's Christmas
Ep34 Magic Show
Ep33 Twenty Four Hours to Live
Ep32 Abner Comes Home
Ep31 Sewer King
Ep30 Salley's Comet
Ep29 Olga Comes Home
Ep28 Spelling Bee
Ep27 Pigeon Man
Ep26 Wheezin' Ed
Ep25 Das Subway
Ep24 Door 16
Ep23 Arnold as Cupid
Ep22 Roughin' It
Ep21 Mugged
Ep20 Old Building
Ep19 Helga's Makeover
Ep18 Snow
Ep17 Heat
Ep16 Stoop Kid
Ep15 Arnold's Hat
Ep14 Gerald Comes Over
Ep13 Tutoring Torvald
Ep12 Field Trip
Ep11 Little Pink Book
Ep10 Cool Jerk
Ep9 Bench Warmer
Ep8 The Baseball
Ep7 Sixth Grade Girls
Ep6 Vacant Lot
Ep5 Operation: Ruthless
Ep4 The Haunted Train
Ep3 The List
Ep2 Eugene's Bike
Ep1 Downtown as Fruits
The Spelling Bee; Pigeon Man
Bench Warmer/Cool Jerk
Das Subway/Wheezin' Ed
Downtown as Fruits; Eugene's Bike
Downtown as Fruits; Eugene's Bike
Mugged/Roughin' It
Door 16/Arnold as Cupid
Tutoring Torvald; Gerald Comes Over
Stoop Kid; Twenty-Four Hours to Live
False Alarm; World Records
Twenty Four Hours to Live; Magic Show
Sewer King; Abner Comes Home
Olga Comes Home; Salley's Comet
Pigeon Man; Spelling Bee
Das Subway; Wheezin' Ed
Arnold as Cupid; Door 16
Mugged; Roughin' It
Helga's Makeover; Old Building
Heat; Snow
Arnold's Hat; Stoop Kid
Tutoring Torvald; Gerald Comes Over
Little Pink Book; Field Trip
Bench Warmer; Cool Jerk
Sixth Grade Girls; The Baseball
Operation: Ruthless; Vacant Lot
The List; The Haunted Train
Downtown as Fruits; Eugene's Bike

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep105 Arnold Saves the Neighborhood
Hey Arnold!
Part Time Friends; Bio Square
Hey Arnold!
Downtown as Fruits; Eugene's Bike
Olga Comes Home; Salley's Comet
Abner Comes Home; The Sewer King
Runaway Float; Partners
Gerald's Tonsils
Bio Square/Partners
Arnold's Christmas
Four Eyed Jack; Teacher's Strike
Boat Races; Dino and Don
Arnold's Valentine
Stoop Kid; Pigeon Man
Hey Arnold!
Arnold's Thanksgiving
Tutoring Torvald; New Bully on the Block
Quantity Time; Roughin' It
S4 |

Grudge Match; Polishing Rhonda

Air Date: 9/25/99
Arnold and Grandpa argue with Helga and Big Bob over who caused an auto accident; Rhonda and Patty attend the same finishing school. Voices include Philip Van Dyke, Francesca Marie Smith, Jamil W. Smith.

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