• 2003
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Music and sketches are used to teach children lessons on subjects like nature and technology. Based on an Australian series.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep63 Wonderful Gifts/Treasures/News
Ep62 Wonderful Days
Ep61 Wonderful Places
Ep60 Wonderful People
Ep59 Wonderful World
Ep58 Teams
Ep57 Teams: Cooperation and Communications
Ep56 Teams: Animal
Ep55 Teams: When Am I a Team Player?
Ep54 Teams: Sports
Ep53 Action: Health and Fitness
Ep52 Action: Machines and Other Things That Move
Ep51 Action Jobs
Ep50 Action: Games and Sports
Ep49 Making: Things Animals Create
Ep48 Making a Surprise
Ep47 Making a Space for Me
Ep46 Making a Work of Art
Ep45 Making: In Nature
Ep44 Music: Instruments
Ep43 Wishes: What If?
Ep42 Wishes: Daydreams
Ep41 Wishes: Imaginary Places
Ep40 Wishes: When I Grow Up
Ep39 Wishes: Imaginary Friends
Ep38 Bodies: Games and Sport
Ep37 Bodies: Movement
Ep36 Bodies: Inside/Outside
Ep35 Bodies: Arms and Legs
Ep34 Bodies: Faces
Ep33 Colors: Favorites and Feelings
Ep32 Colors: Colors in Nature
Ep31 Music: Silly Music
Ep30 Music: Music and Movement
Ep29 Music: Music From Around the World
Ep28 Colors: Playing
Ep27 Colors: Animals
Ep26 Colors: Imagination
Ep25 Music: Styles of Music
Ep24 Fantasy Games
Ep23 Rainy Day Games
Ep22 Outside Games
Ep21 Adventure Around Your Town
Ep20 Senses: Tasting
Ep19 Silly Day Games
Ep18 Senses: Smelling
Ep17 Physical Games
Ep16 Senses: Seeing
Ep15 Senses: Hearing
Ep14 Adventure Underground
Ep13 Adventure to the Universe
Ep12 Adventure Around the House
Ep11 Adventure to Other Countries
Ep10 Fun Machines
Ep9 Machines That Carry People
Ep8 Machines in the Country
Ep7 Machines in the City
Ep6 Machines in the House
Ep5 Animals: Insects
Ep4 Animals: Jungle Animals
Ep3 Senses: Touching
Ep2 Senses: Touching
Ep1 Hi-5
Journeys - Journeys You Can Take in Your Imagination
Caring for Our Environment
Episode 24
Journeys - Animals
Team - Co-operation & Communication
Friends (Animal Friends)
Episode 3
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 19
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 22
Episode 20
Episode 23
Episode 21
Learn Something New!
Favourite Things
Episode 8
Episode 12
Episode 11
Episode 10
Episode 13
Episode 5
Episode 7
Episode 6
Celebrate (Superheroes)
Action Heroes
Action Heroes
Journeys - Life
Journeys - Places
Journeys - People
Animals: Animals in the Neighborhood
Animals: Water Animals
Animals: Farm Animals

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