Hidden Potential

  • 2006-2009

Digital imagery reveals to home buyers what various houses could look like after renovations are made in order to aid them in the decision-making process.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep119 Making Space for Twins to Each Have Their Own Rooms
Ep118 Dirt Bike Desert Oasis
Ep117 Sibling Set-Up
Ep116 A Big Family Makes a Big Move
Ep115 Wardrobe for Two
Ep114 Adapting and Adopting
Ep113 Austin City Limits
Ep112 A Large Family Need Room for Themselves and Their Many Vehicles
Ep111 A Basement in a New Home Might Be a Space Just for Dad
Ep110 An Arizona Couple Seek Modern Design Ideas as They Search for a Home
Ep109 A Boisterous Family Sees Design Suggestions for Their Great Room
Ep108 Updates to the Kitchen Would Boost This Home's Sales Potential
Ep107 Let the Sunshine In
Ep106 Head to Toe
Ep105 Modern Kitchen Updates
Ep104 Home Floats
Ep103 Let There Be Light
Ep102 Brandie and Barry Help a Political Couple Decide How to Vote on Renovation
Ep101 Marketing a Home They Inherited
Ep100 A Young Chicago Couple Looks for a Home With Good Bones
Ep99 Looking for a Life on a Houseboat in Seattle
Ep98 Mr. and Mrs. Style
Ep97 Doctor, Doctor
Ep96 A Major and His Wife Explore Possibilities for Their First Home
Ep95 Exploring Options for a New Master Suite
Ep94 Creative City Dwellers
Ep93 A Greener Way of Life
Ep92 New Life on the Great Lakes
Ep91 Finding the Potential in a Huge, Characterless House
Ep90 Choosing Charm
Ep89 Sticker Shock
Ep88 Personality Plus
Ep87 Condo Blues
Ep86 Investment Ideals
Ep85 Snags in Suburbia
Ep84 Four Generations, One Move
Ep83 Keeping the Family Together
Ep82 Surf's Up?
Ep81 Wooed by the Water
Ep80 A Rosy Relocation Outlook
Ep79 Entertaining Essentials
Ep78 From Two Condos to One Home
Ep77 Starter Home
Ep76 Time for Change
Ep75 Room for Everyone
Ep74 Ready to Retire
Ep73 Diamond in the Rough
Ep72 Empty Nesters
Ep71 Urban Suburbia
Ep70 Starter Home for a Single Mom
Ep69 Doggie Daycare
Ep68 Band Practice
Ep67 Octagon House
Ep66 Something Smaller
Ep65 Young Investors
Ep64 Twice the Office Space
Ep63 More Room in Florida
Ep62 Adaptable Abode
Ep61 Kid-friendly House
Ep60 Small Budget Reno
Ep59 Make Room for the Twins
Ep58 Back to the Future
Ep57 Longing for Long Island
Ep56 One Size Fits All
Ep55 Making the Grade
Ep54 Seeing Green
Ep53 Gotta Dance!
Ep52 In Need of a Nursery
Ep51 Three's Company!
Ep50 Classic Versus Contemporary
Ep49 Living Out of a Suitcase
Ep48 Big Plans, Small Budget
Ep47 Creating a Dream Kitchen
Ep46 Looking for a Green House
Ep45 First-time Buyers
Ep44 800 Houses and Counting!
Ep43 Finding a Fixer-upper
Ep42 Safer Surroundings
Ep41 Too Small for Two
Ep40 Buying in Brooklyn
Ep39 A Beach House on the Jersey Shore
Ep38 Trading the South Side for the Suburbs
Ep37 Windy City Woes
Ep36 House Poor
Ep35 Just Say No to Rent!
Ep34 Newlyweds Need Their Space
Ep33 Look Homeward
Ep32 Connecticut Cost$ Big Bucks!
Ep31 Room to Grow
Ep30 Ready, Set, Move!
Ep29 A Budget That Won't Budge
Ep28 Cutting Down on the Commute
Ep27 Bye Bye Basement
Ep26 Leaving the Nest
Ep25 Nomads No More
Ep24 Kicking the Condo to the Curb
Ep23 Branching Out in Brooklyn
Ep22 Time for a Two-Family Home
Ep21 First Single-Family House
Ep20 First Place of Their Own
Ep19 Artists Need More Space
Ep18 Branching Out to the 'Burbs
Ep17 City to Suburbs
Ep16 First Home Together
Ep15 More Room for Baby
Ep14 Downsizing for a Fresh Start
Ep13 Too Tight for Comfort
Ep12 Searching for a Starter Home
Ep11 More Space Required
Ep10 Growing Family Needs More Room
Ep9 Seeking Safer Ground
Ep8 Beyond the Apartment
Ep7 Looking on Long Island
Ep6 A House for Gracie
Ep5 Trio Looks to Downsize
Ep4 New Place, More Space
Ep3 Additional Room Required
Ep2 Dual Renovation Aspirations
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
Hidden Potential
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