Higglytown Heroes

  • 2004-2008
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Four kids learn that heroes come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are sometimes the most ordinary people in this charming animated series for preschoolers.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep105 All Warm Inside
Ep104 First Snow
Ep103 Wayne's Toasty Invention
Ep102 Snow Dazed
Ep101 Good Sports
Ep99 Tis the Season to Be Snowy; Bingo Bongos
Ep97 X Marks the Spot
Ep96 All Mapped Out
Ep94 Calling All Heroes
Ep93 Windy Watchers
Ep87 Wayne's Cycle Recycle; Wayne's Wet Pet
Ep73 Let's Get Moving
Ep72 Shear Luck
Ep70 Higgly Island
Ep69 Cry Baby Pookie
Ep68 Overnight Moose
Ep67 Twinkle Twinkle Little Fish
Ep66 Corn to Be Wild
Ep65 Dirigible Day
Ep64 Me and My Shadow
Ep63 Kip's Rocket Rescue
Ep62 All the Wrong Moves
Ep61 Big Night Out
Ep57 Baby Boom
Ep56 Green in the Gills
Ep54 The Fran in the Moon
Ep52 The Legend of Higgsquatch
Ep45 Patty Cake
Ep44 Eubie's Pink Dots
Ep43 Flower Power
Ep42 Wayne's Lollipop
Ep41 Twinkle's Tooth
Ep40 Kip's Sweet Tooth
Ep39 Higgly Harmonies
Ep38 Missing Grandpop
Ep37 A Really Hot Day
Ep36 Wayne's Good Guess
Ep35 Up a Tree
Ep34 Kip's Dad Gets a Strike
Ep33 Havin' a Ball
Ep32 Higgly Hoedown; Eubie's Turbo Sled
Ep25 Bright Sights, Big City; Kip's Shadow
Ep22 Wayne's 100 Special Somethings
Ep18 Twinkle's Star
Ep17 Higglytown Heroes
Ep14 The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club
Ep10 Higgly Halloween
Ep10 Higgly Halloween
Ep4 Twinkle's Tooth; Flower Power
Ep1 Higglytown Heroes
Kip Hits the Road (Calling All Cars)
Twinkle's Wish
Buki-Buki Boo Boo; Signs of Spring
Kip Joins the Circus / Baby Boom
Up A Tree; Missing Grandpop
All Tire'd Out; Great Un-expectations
Twinkle Wish
Wayne's Toasty Invention; Spell It Safe
A Little Big Fish; Good Sports
Happy Flappy Birthday; The Cuckoo County Caw-Caw Contest
Canyon Capers; High Country Hiccups
Fripp's Flip-Flap Flop; Say Cheese
Choo Choo Zucchini; Something Ducky Going On
Wing-A-Ding Whirly Box; Windy Watchers
X Marks the Spot; Eubie View
Wayne's Cycle Recycle; Wayne's Wet Pet
Easy to Get Sneezy; Unlock the Magic
The Big Pink Elephant Sale; Higglies on Horseback
Saturday Night Higgly; Monster Sandwiches
12-Pie Abe; The Day the Diner Stood Still
Shuffleboard Buddies; All Mapped Out
Hats All Folks; Hop-Hop Hooray
Happy Campers; All Washed Out
A Hoppin' Poppin' Problem; Hay Hay Hay!
Wayne's Day to Shine; Wayne Listens Up
Frozen Fish Follies; Look Who's Squawking
Kip Hits the Road (Calling All Cars!); Amazing Museum
Kip's Rocket Rescue; Let's Get Moving
Corn to Be Wild; Overnight Moose
Shear Luck; Big Night Out
Eubie's Big Boat Float; A Slippery Situation
Wayne's Big Big Discovery; Dirigible Day
Don't Wayne on My Parade; Twinkle's Terrific Twirl
Me and My Shadow; Out to Sea
Balloon-a-Palooza; Wayne's Day Out
Cry Baby Pookie; Wait for Me
A Valentine for Miss Fern; The Totally Secret Valentine
All Warm Inside; Calling All Ducks
Kip Gets Swing Fever; Wayne's Pieces of Gold
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fish; All the Wrong Moves
Eubie's Pink Dot; Two Bees or Not Two Bees
Higgly Frog Day; Eubie's Ele-Fantastic Adventure
Kip's Dad Gets a Strike; A Really Hot Day
Kip's Sweet Tooth; Wayne's Lollipop
Higgly Hoedown; Eubie's Turbo Sled
Twinkle's Favorite Author; Don't Fence Me In
Kip Joins the Circus; Baby Boom
Bright Sights, Big City; Kip's Shadow
Fran Takes a Hike; Mystery at Kip's House
Patty Cake; Havin' a Ball
Wayne's Good Guess; Wayne's 100 Special Somethings
Say What?; Higgly Harmonies
Wayne's Ripping Adventure; Meet Eubie's Cousin
Twinkle's Masterpiece; The Egg-cellent Adventure
First Snow; Snow Dazed
Soup with Stars; The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club
All Tire'd Out; Great Un-Expectations
Smells like a Mystery; Ship Ahoy
Catch Up with Ketchup; Star Struck
Weather or Not; Green in the Gills
Smooth Operator; Stinky Situation
Great Un-Expectations; Snow Dazed
Flappy's Not Happy; Electric Evening
First Snow; All Tire'd Out
Twinkle's Tooth; Flower Power
Up a Tree; Missing Grandpop
Up a Tree; Missing Grandpop

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