Highway Patrol

  • 1955-1959

Chief Dan Mathews is a tough guy with a gruff voice fighting crime somewhere in the West in a gritty series lent much dramatic heft by Oscar winner Broderick Crawford (`All the King's Men'). A major... More


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Bank Messenger
Ep38 Fire
Ep37 Detour to Death
Ep36 Confession
Ep35 Desperate Men
Ep34 Express Delivery
Ep33 Auto Press
Ep32 Women Escapees
Ep31 Dan Hostage
Ep30 Prisoner Exchange Copter
Ep29 Killer on the Run
Ep28 Illegal Entry
Ep27 Hitchhiker
Ep26 Cargo Hijack
Ep25 Diversion Robbery
Ep24 Brave Boy
Ep23 Revenge
Ep22 The Collector
Ep21 Framed Cop
Ep20 Mexican Chase
Ep19 Gem Robbery
Ep18 Coper Cave-in
Ep17 Narcotics Racket
Ep16 Breath of a Child
Ep15 Exposé
Ep14 The Trap
Ep13 Split Robbery
Ep12 Confidence Game
Ep11 False Confession
Ep10 Blood Money
Ep9 Deadly Diamonds
Ep8 Train Robbery
Ep7 Portrait of Death
Ep6 Train Copter
Ep5 Gambling Story
Ep4 Transmitter Danger
Ep3 Family Affair
Ep2 Hostage
Ep1 Frightened Witness

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Reward
Ep38 Dan Sick
Ep37 Double Copter
Ep36 Hostage Officer
Ep35 Explosives
Ep34 Dan's Vacation
Ep33 The Judge
Ep32 Phony Cop
Ep31 Suicide
Ep30 Psycho Killer
Ep29 Credit Card
Ep28 The Truckers
Ep27 Policewoman
Ep26 Careless Cop
Ep25 Fear
Ep24 Hit and Run
Ep23 Deaf Mute
Ep22 Tear Gas Copter
Ep21 Revenge
Ep20 Lady Bandits
Ep19 Foster Child
Ep18 The Seventh Green
Ep17 Insulin
Ep16 Slain Cabby
Ep15 Mother's March
Ep14 Hideout
Ep13 Double Death
Ep12 Chain Store
Ep11 Convicted Innocent
Ep10 Dead Hunter
Ep9 Witness Wife
Ep8 Hot Dust
Ep7 The Sniper
Ep6 Hostage Family Copter
Ep5 Mistaken Identity
Ep4 Safecracker
Ep3 Temptation
Ep2 Efficiency Secretary
Ep1 Hypo Bandit

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Rabies
Ep38 Hostage Copter
Ep37 Hired Killer
Ep36 Narcotics
Ep35 Double Cross
Ep34 Fake Cop
Ep33 Wounded
Ep32 Gem Robbery
Ep31 Stolen Plane Copter
Ep30 Reformation
Ep29 Convict's Wife
Ep28 Stripped Cars
Ep27 Officer's Wife
Ep26 Motorcycle B
Ep25 Nitro
Ep24 Female Hitchhiker
Ep23 Trojan Horse
Ep22 Suspected Cop
Ep21 Counterfeit
Ep20 Psycho
Ep19 Resident Officer
Ep18 Statute of Limitations
Ep17 Amnesia
Ep16 Ranch Copter
Ep15 Migrant Workers
Ep14 Armorered Car
Ep13 Escaped Mental Patient
Ep12 Stolen Car Ring
Ep11 Motel Robbery
Ep10 Ex-Con
Ep9 Oil Lease
Ep8 Hot Cargo
Ep7 Hot Rod
Ep6 Typhoid Carrier
Ep5 Magazine Writer
Ep4 Fisherman's Luck
Ep3 Trailer Story
Ep2 Kidnap Copter
Ep1 The Search

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Christmas Story
Ep38 Prospector
Ep37 Missing Witness
Ep36 Taxi
Ep35 Runaway Boy
Ep34 Art Robbery
Ep33 Dead Patrolman
Ep32 Anti-Toxin
Ep31 Blast Area Copter
Ep30 Hitchhiker Dies
Ep29 License Plates
Ep28 Mental Patient
Ep27 Motorcycle A
Ep26 Released Convict
Ep25 Plant Robbery
Ep24 Desert Copter
Ep23 Plane Crash
Ep22 Human Bomb
Ep21 Car Theft
Ep20 Hit and Run
Ep19 Harbor Story
Ep18 Scared Cop
Ep17 Lie Detector
Ep16 Mountain Copter
Ep15 Girl Bandit
Ep14 Resort
Ep13 Escort
Ep12 Phony Insurance
Ep11 Retired Gangster
Ep10 Father Thief
Ep9 Reformed Criminal
Ep8 Radioactive
Ep7 Desert Town
Ep6 Hitchhiker
Ep5 Gambling
Ep4 Lookout
Ep3 Reckless Driving
Ep2 Machine-Napping
Ep1 Prison Break

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Stolen Rental
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Asserting My Rights

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