History's Mysteries

  • 1997
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Investigations into diverse historical subjects, including the Manhattan Project, Hitler's secret diaries and the Loch Ness monster.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep167 UFOs: The First Encounters
Ep166 Prophecies, Miracles & Mystics
Ep165 History of Prostitution: Sex in the City
Ep164 The Pirate's Lost City
Ep163 War Illusionist
Ep162 Getting High: A History of LSD
Ep161 Bible Mysteries
Ep160 Mystery of the Missing Ace
Ep159 Strange Behavior
Ep158 Lost Worlds
Ep157 Cover Ups?
Ep156 Out of This World
Ep155 Mysteries on the High Seas
Ep154 Monsters
Ep153 Samurai Warrior
Ep152 Pompeii
Ep151 In Search of Christmas
Ep150 The Christmas Truce
Ep149 Ancient Monster Hunters
Ep148 Frankenstein
Ep147 Stigmata: Marked for Life
Ep146 The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon
Ep145 The Nazi Plan to Bomb New York
Ep144 Echelon: The Most Secret Spy System
Ep143 Dr. Crippen
Ep142 Secret Passages
Ep141 Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked
Ep140 Giants: Friend or Foe
Ep139 Gangster Guns
Ep138 Alcatraz
Ep137 Secrets of the Dinosaur Hunters
Ep136 Mysteries of Easter Island
Ep135 The Mafia at War
Ep134 The Greek Gods
Ep133 England's Lost Castles
Ep132 England's Great Wall
Ep131 Roman Roads: Paths to Empire
Ep130 Five Points Gangs
Ep129 The Boy Who Gave Away the Bomb
Ep128 Werewolves
Ep127 Vigilantes
Ep126 The Manson Family Murders
Ep125 Navajo Code Talkers
Ep124 The Greensboro Massacre
Ep123 Pyramids of Giza
Ep122 Scotland Yard's Greatest Investigations
Ep121 Catacombs of Rome
Ep120 Outlaws: The Ten Most Wanted
Ep119 Dragons
Ep118 Zombies
Ep117 Silent Witnesses: The Kitty Genovese Murder
Ep116 The Lost Dutchman Mine
Ep115 The Borgias
Ep114 The Abominable Snowman
Ep113 The Mysteries of King Tut
Ep112 King Herod's Lost City
Ep111 The True Story of Marco Polo
Ep110 Exorcising the Devil
Ep109 Lost Colony of Roanoke
Ep108 The Mysterious Howard Hughes
Ep107 The Real Robinson Crusoe
Ep106 Ancient Drugs
Ep105 Salem Witch Trials
Ep104 Born Killers: Leopold and Loeb
Ep103 Natural Mummies
Ep102 Witchcraft
Ep101 The Real Dracula
Ep100 Quantrill's Raiders
Ep99 The Most Ancient Taboo: Cannibalism
Ep98 Who Destroyed Kiev?
Ep97 Drake's Secret Voyage
Ep96 Devil's Island: Hell on Earth
Ep95 The Secret of the U-110
Ep94 America's Stonehenge
Ep93 Alaska's Bermuda Triangle
Ep92 The War Illusionist
Ep91 Fatima Secrets Unveiled
Ep90 The True Story of Rob Roy
Ep89 Alamo Scouts
Ep88 Hidden Tomb of Antiochus
Ep87 The Strange Disappearance of the Anasazi
Ep86 Cliff Mummies of the Andes
Ep85 The True Story of Gladiators
Ep84 The Enduring Mystery of Stonehenge
Ep83 The Search for Noah's Ark
Ep82 Buried Treasure
Ep81 Crypts, Coffins and Corpses
Ep80 The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
Ep79 Monsters of the Sea
Ep78 The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment
Ep77 Wartime Deceptions
Ep76 Secret Brotherhood of Freemasons
Ep75 Hell's Angels
Ep74 Secret Societies
Ep73 Carlos the Jackal
Ep72 Killer Submarine
Ep71 The Odessa File
Ep70 The True Story of Rasputin
Ep69 Crop Circle Controversy
Ep68 FBI's Ten Most Wanted
Ep67 Bigfoot and Other Monsters
Ep66 The Legacy of Al Capone
Ep65 Jack Ruby on Trial
Ep64 The Search for Life on Mars
Ep63 America's Most Secret Agency
Ep62 The End of the World
Ep61 Ancient City: Found and Lost
Ep60 Prophecies
Ep59 The Death of Marilyn Monroe
Ep58 The FBI Celebrity Files
Ep57 Hitler's Perfect Children
Ep56 Ship of Gold
Ep55 Japan's Mysterious Pyramids
Ep54 Body Snatchers
Ep53 Circus Freaks and Sideshows
Ep52 The First Americans
Ep51 The Essex: The True Story of Moby Dick
Ep50 The Cavemen
Ep49 Lost City of Atlantis
Ep48 The Wright Brothers Controversy
Ep47 The True Story of the Fighting Sullivans
Ep46 Human Bondage
Ep45 Nazi Ghost Train
Ep44 Prostitution: Sex in the City
Ep43 The Nazi Bomb
Ep42 Vikings: Fury from the North
Ep41 Superstitions
Ep40 Amityville: Horror or Hoax?
Ep39 Amityville: The Haunting
Ep38 Secret Plunder: GI Looters
Ep37 Cults
Ep36 The Roman Emperors
Ep35 Hitler and the Occult
Ep34 Ghost Ships
Ep33 Where Is Jimmy Hoffa?
Ep32 Raise the Hunley
Ep31 Roswell: Secrets Unveiled
Ep30 Ancient Aliens
Ep29 Secret UFO Files
Ep28 Area 51: Beyond Top Secret
Ep27 Project Underworld: The Military and the Mafia
Ep26 Terror in the Heartland: The Black Legion
Ep25 Failed Assassinations
Ep24 Witness Protection: Dealing with the Devil
Ep23 The Spanish Armada
Ep22 The True Story of Robin Hood
Ep21 Ghost Plane of the Desert: Lady Be Good
Ep20 Discharged Without Honor: The Brownsville Raid
Ep19 Contaminated: The Karen Silkwood Story
Ep18 A Question of Conspiracy: The RFK Murder
Ep17 Spies of the Revolutionary War
Ep16 Doomed Sisters of the Titanic
Ep15 Sports: Games of Combat
Ep14 Amazon Women
Ep13 Dr. Guillotin and His Execution Machine
Ep12 Vanished!
Ep11 Exodus: Desperate Voyage
Ep10 The True Story of the Untouchables
Ep9 Family Feud: The Hatfields and McCoys
Ep8 Bounty Hunters: Relentless Pursuers
Ep7 First Detective
Ep6 Buried Secrets: Digging Up DNA
Ep5 Strange Case of Lizzie Borden
Ep4 Riddle of the Zodiac
Ep3 The Holy Grail
Ep2 Ark of the Covenant
Ep1 The Shroud of Turin
Lincoln: The Untold Stories
Lincoln: The Untold Stories
Who Killed Meriwether Lewis?
Truth About Science Fiction
Potions or Poisons
Hitler's Secret Diaries
Cardiff Giant
Ramses the Great
End of the World
Alchemy: Science of Magic
Secrets of the Oval Office
Mysteries of Devil's Triangles
Bloody Tower of London
War Strikes Home
Olmec Heads
The Real Captain Bligh
Shark Attack 1916
Oracle of Delphi Secrets Revealed
Alien Hunters
Knights of Camelot
Sodom and Gomorrah
Egypt's Great Queen
Lost City of the Incas
The Roman Legions
The First Olympics
The Headhunters
Arabian Nights
The Trojan City
China's Boxer Rebellion
Death Cult of the Incas
The Bloody History of Human Sacrifice
Rome's Glorious Cities
The Sphinx of Egypt
Tombs of Sipan
China's Forbidden City
The Hope Diamond
The Celts
Scourge of the Black Death
Madam President
Secrets of the Rosetta Stone
Real Newton Boys
Ishi: Last of His Kind
Alien Hunters
Lincoln: Untold Stories
Pompeii: Buried Alive
Deadly Deception
Spies Among Us
Loch Ness Monster
The True Story of 'Braveheart'
Secrets of Fatima Revealed
Legends of Werewolves
Joan of Arc: Soul on Fire
Beyond the Grave: The Afterlife
True Story of Molly Maguires
Venice: Queen of the Adriatic
Last Rites: Death Ceremonies
Tibet's Lost Paradise: Shangri La
Dark Invader: Story of Saboteur
Library of Alexandria
Hidden Glory of Petra
Oracle at Delphi
Monkey Trial
Saints and Sinners of California Missions
The Ark of the Covenant
Sports: Taming the Game
Mind Control
The Lost World of the Etruscans
The Seven Wonders of the World
Hawaii's Vengeful Goddess
The Mormon Rebellion
The Mound Builders
Mystic Ruins
The Plot to Overthrow FDR
Great Train Robbery
Lourdes: Shrine of Miracles
Pirates of the Barbary Coast
The Best Kept Secret: D-Day
Sacred Ceremonies
Sultana: The Mississippi Titanic
Mercury 13: Secret Astronauts
Forgotten Wars
Shark Attack 1916
Gold of El Dorado
U.S. Invaded
The Night Tulsa Burned
Smallpox: Deadly Again
Italian-American Internment: A Secret Story
Chain Gangs: The Untold Story
Hunt for Jack the Ripper
Viking Explorers
The Romanovs
England's Theaters of Blood
Voodoo Secrets
The Art of Tattooing
The Holy Lance
Rome's Eternal Wonders
Frontier Docs
Athens: Triumph and Tragedy
Mr. Ponzi and His Scheme
River Pirates
Hoax of Ages: Piltdown Man
World Series Fix!: The Black Sox Scandal
Curse on Gypsies
Karnak: Temple of the Gods
Mysteries of Amelia Earhart
First Draft Riots
Missing Princes of England
The True Story of Sacco and Vanzetti
Akhenaten: Egypt's Heretic King
Infamous Dreyfus Affair
Knights Templar
Evil Eye
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Children's Crusade
America's Psychic Past
The Inquisition

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