Hole in the Wall

  • 2006
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Contestants contort themselves to avoid oddly shaped obstacles hurtling toward them (and face dunking in a pool beneath them if they can't) in this team game imported from Japan. Other versions of the... More


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 CN Celebs - The Dudes vs. Level Up
Ep29 Holla for the Ballas vs. The Shamrockers
Ep28 Derby Divas vs. Flush Bunch
Ep27 Mohawk & the Madness vs. The Cranium Kids
Ep26 Ladies Love Us vs. Pizzazz N Jazz
Ep25 Psych vs. Can't Stop the Hip Hop
Ep24 Dream Team vs. Howdy, We're Rowdy
Ep23 Ice Ice Ladies vs. First & Goal
Ep22 Shred the Gnar vs. Karate Kickin' Cubanos
Ep21 Mini Ninjas vs. Go for the Gold
Ep20 Tap and Destroy vs. Game On!
Ep19 Bestco From Esco vs. Animuhls
Ep18 Wall Stars vs. Hole Lotta
Ep17 Lights, Camera, Action! vs. Broadway Babies
Ep16 Family Feudz vs. Grapes of Wrath
Ep15 We Are the Grampions vs. Punchline
Ep14 Sky High vs. Awaken the Breakin
Ep13 Flexin' Pecs vs. Sweethearts of the South
Ep12 Release the Crackin? vs. A Hole Lot of Sparkle
Ep11 Quad Squad vs. Alarm Fire
Ep10 Lucky From Kentucky vs. Sumo Slammers
Ep9 Heavy Metal vs. Medieval Melee
Ep8 Team Dougie vs. Kickin' Cousins
Ep7 Hog Wild vs. XL
Ep6 Sugar and Spice & Everything Nice vs. Twin It to Win It
Ep5 NFL's DeSean Jackson vs. NBA's Chris Webber
Ep4 Sly Foxes vs. Wall Nutz
Ep3 Wall Pass vs. School You
Ep2 Awesome & We Know It vs. Nerd Herd
Ep1 Girls Rule, Boys Drool vs. Tidal Wave

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Beauty and the Beasts vs. the Hairdresser, the Geek and the Jock
Ep9 Abracadabra vs. Steer Clear
Ep8 The Super Supers vs. Buff and Bronze
Ep7 Bust-a-Move vs. Party Posse
Ep6 Musical Mayhem vs. Big Bro & the Disco Sistas
Ep5 The Booty Kickers vs. the Schmerlsters
Ep4 Flipped Out vs. Bug Lady & The Fly Boys
Ep3 The Shape Shifters vs. Team Giddyup!
Ep2 Hot Lava vs. Born to Be Wild
Ep1 The Good, the Bad and the Stepdad vs. Mama Trucker and the Mudflaps

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Hole in the Wall
Ep13 Hole in the Wall
Ep12 Hole in the Wall
Ep11 Hole in the Wall
Ep10 Hole in the Wall
Ep9 Hole in the Wall
Ep8 Hole in the Wall
Ep7 Freedom Rappers vs. Guitar Heroes; Rock of Love vs. Flavor of Love
Ep6 Hole in the Wall
Ep5 Hole in the Wall
Ep4 Burger Boys vs. Chicken Wing Chicks; Small But Mighty vs. Flex Appeal
Ep3 Hole in the Wall
Ep2 Brooklyn Wrecking Balls vs. Hollywood Hair Raisers
Ep1 Beer Bellies vs. 6-Packs

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview foxfall prev holeinwall 360
38 sec
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Hole in the Wall is sure to be a smash hit.

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