Holmes on Homes

  • 2003
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A no-nonsense renovation expert points out and fixes shoddy work by contractors.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep103 Holmes: Lien on Me
Ep102 Holmes: Lien on Me
Ep101 Site Unseen
Ep100 Pane in the Glass
Ep99 Heavyweight Kitchen Knockout
Ep98 Window Un-Well
Ep97 House to Home
Ep96 Out of the Ashes (Part 2)
Ep95 Completing a Nursery and Bathroom Renovation
Ep94 Plumbing and Heating Issues, Plus a Caved-In Porch
Ep93 Repairing a Slate Shower Renovation Gone Awry
Ep92 Lack of Truss
Ep91 Capital Offence
Ep90 Rock Bottom
Ep89 Country Kitchen
Ep88 A Different Slant
Ep87 Gut Ache
Ep86 Blind Faith
Ep85 Behind the Scenes
Ep84 Brick-A-Brack
Ep83 Re-Inventing
Ep82 Third Time Lucky
Ep81 Island Cottage Rescue
Ep80 Held In Trust
Ep79 Rocky Reno
Ep78 Hit the Deck
Ep77 Lack of Truss
Ep76 Due Date
Ep75 Frozen Assets
Ep74 Clean Slate
Ep73 Nashville Kitchen
Ep72 Wheelchair Bathroom
Ep71 Whole House Disaster
Ep70 Pasadena Home Rescue
Ep69 Pasadena 911
Ep68 Gone to Pot
Ep67 Stone Walled
Ep66 Completely Incomplete
Ep65 Holmes for the Holidays
Ep64 Let's Rejoist
Ep63 Shaky Foundation
Ep62 Holmes Inspection 2
Ep61 Holmes Inspection 1
Ep60 Wall of Sound
Ep59 What a Mesh
Ep58 Showing the Cracks
Ep57 Taking a Bath
Ep56 Out of the Ashes
Ep55 Ceiling the Deal
Ep54 For Annie
Ep53 Bargain Basement
Ep52 Falling Flat
Ep51 O-fence-ive
Ep50 House Arrest
Ep49 Attica! Attica! Crappy Capping
Ep48 House to Home
Ep47 Unfinished Business
Ep46 Hullaba-loo
Ep45 This Mold House
Ep44 Sunny Side Down
Ep43 Best Laid Plan
Ep42 A River Ran Through It
Ep41 Two Steps Back
Ep40 Bar None
Ep39 Kitchen Coleslaw
Ep38 Bungled Bungalow
Ep37 Semi Dilemma
Ep36 Wash & Weep
Ep35 Honeymoon Ensuite
Ep34 Twice Bitten
Ep33 Drain Disdain
Ep32 Wall of Shame
Ep31 Step by Step
Ep30 Smoke and Mirrors
Ep29 All Decked Out
Ep28 Exit Wound
Ep27 Lamin-Ain't
Ep26 Cold Feet
Ep25 Cabinet Chaos
Ep24 Shower Stalled
Ep23 Hell's Kitchen
Ep22 Jacking the Box
Ep21 Access Denied
Ep20 No Grout About It
Ep19 Doozy Jacuzzi
Ep18 Floor Fiasco
Ep17 Roof Goof
Ep16 Garage Grievance
Ep15 Flooded Foundation
Ep14 Ramp Revamp
Ep13 Drafty Ducting
Ep12 Terrible Terrace
Ep11 Sweet Home Abandoned
Ep10 Whole House Disaster
Ep9 Tiles & Tribulations
Ep8 Faulty Showers
Ep7 Window Pain
Ep6 Kitchen Catastrophe
Ep5 Flimsy Floor
Ep4 Cold Comfort
Ep3 Botched Basement
Ep2 Soggy Sorority
Ep1 Additional Grief
House 2 Home - Part 2 of 2
Pasadena 911
House 2 Home - Part 1 of 2
Pasadena 911
Paradise Island
House to Home - Part 1
Boom Boom Kitchen
Holmes on Homes
Holmes on Homes
Holmes on Homes
Holmes on Homes
Honeymoon En Suite
Window Well to Hell
Holmes on Homes: Lien on Me
Holmes on Homes
Window Well To Hell
Holmes Inspection
Bath Reno Gone Wrong
Kitchen Knock-out

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