Hotel Secrets & Legends

  • 2014

Uncovering the storied pasts of famous and not-so-famous hotels.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Deadwood Duel; Subterranean Suite; Billionaire Bucket List
Ep12 LSD Lab Rats; Portrait of a Con Man; Presidential Ransom
Ep11 Confederate Conspiracy; Psycho Surgeon; Jersey Man-Eater
Ep10 Vampire Outbreak; American Traitor; Corporate Retreat
Ep9 Scandalous Televangelist; Dream Speech; British Invasion
Ep8 Dangerous Lottery; Yosemite's Hero; Shady Sheriff
Ep7 Imperfect Crime; Stagecoach Shocker; People's President
Ep6 Space Race; Ghosts of Silver City; Surviving the Everglades
Ep5 Sports Scandal; Explorer Murder Mystery; Slave Escape
Ep4 Munchkin Mayhem; Undercover President; the Real Gatsby
Ep3 Dueling Politicians; Nuclear Intel; Seattle Scammers
Ep2 Deceptive Doctor; Portland Underground; Civil War Smackdown
Ep1 Mad Scientist; Hollywood Scandal; Outlaw's End

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Dangerous Lottery & Yosemite's Hero
LSD Lab Rats & Presidential Ransom
Duelling Politicians & Nuclear Intel
Confederate Conspiracy & Psycho Surgeon
Vampire Outbreak & American Traitor
Portland Underground & Civil War Smackdown
Scandalous Televangelist & British Invasion
Munchkin Mayhem & the Real Gatsby
Space Race & Surviving The Everglades
Imperfect Crime & People's President
Sports Scandal & Explorer Murder Mystery
Deadwood Duel & Whiskey Rebels

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