House Hunters Renovation

  • 2012

Buyers search for a home, then make renovations to a room in their new abode in this hourlong spin-off of the popular real-estate series 'House Hunters.'


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 House Hunters Renovation

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Young Family Upgrades to a Spacious Home They Can Renovate in Simi Valley, CA
Ep12 A Connecticut Family Hopes to Create a Home With All Natural Elements
Ep11 A Young Police Officer Buys Her First Home and Renovates It With the Help of Her Family
Ep10 A Fireman and His Family Rescue a Home in Need of Big Renovations
Ep9 A Divorced Mom Searches for a Fresh Start in a New Home
Ep8 A Long-Distance Renovation
Ep7 A Los Angeles Couple Goes Rogue on Designer's Renovation Plans
Ep6 A Young Couple Rushes to Finish Reno Before Their First Baby Arrives
Ep5 A Connecticut Couple Tries to Blend Their Clashing Styles
Ep4 High School Sweethearts Buy a Home That Tests Their Reno Skills
Ep3 A Growing Family Buys an Old House With New Problems
Ep2 Moving Out of the In-Laws and Into a Renovation
Ep1 A Young Couple's Hands-on Renovation Still Blows the Budget

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Outdated House Gets a Much Needed Makeover
Ep12 A Young Couple Leaves Manhattan's Pricey Real Estate Market for Something Outside of the City
Ep11 An Old House Gets a New Master Plan
Ep10 Awkward House Gets a Major Transformation
Ep9 A Shocking Fixer Transforms Into a Stunning Forever Home
Ep8 A Young Family Move from Australia to Boston to Buy and Renovate Their First Home
Ep7 From Buffalo to a Fixer in Baltimore
Ep6 Realtor Turns Contractor on His Own Fixer-Upper
Ep5 Young Architects Take on Their First Renovation in Baltimore, MD
Ep4 First Time Homebuyers Take on an Over the Top Renovation
Ep3 A Boston Couple Take on a Major Overhaul of Their First Home Together
Ep2 A Young Family Buys a Fixer and Transforms the Outdated Kitchen Into Their Dream Space
Ep1 The Ever-Expanding Makeover

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Young Couple Hopes to Move Out of Their Parents' Houses and Into Their Own Home in Los Angeles
Ep12 A Couple Can't Agree on a Home Since He Wants Rustic and She Likes Modern
Ep11 Erica and Jeff Look for a House They Can Renovate and Entertain Friends In
Ep10 A Pastor and His Wife Hope to Purchase Their First Home Together in Burbank, CA
Ep9 A Couple and Their Dogs Need More Space So They Buy and Renovate a Home
Ep8 A First-Time Buyer Has Her Heart Set on a Spanish Fixer
Ep7 A Couple Has Trouble Finding and Renovating a Home to Combine Their Granny Chic and Modern Styles
Ep6 A Young Family Buys a Fixer-Upper and Turn an Outdated Kitchen Into a Showpiece
Ep5 A Master Makeover Before Marriage
Ep4 A Couple Is Looking for a Bigger House to Put Their Own Stamp On
Ep3 A Master Suite Gets an Overhaul for Husband's Modern Taste and Wife's Need for Charm
Ep2 A Master Suite's Transformed to Combine a Wife's Model Home Dream and Her Husband's Bohemian Flair
Ep1 A Vacation Bungalow in the Hollywood Hills Undergoes Extensive Renovations

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Couple Is Ready to Buy a Place They Can Redo
Ep12 A Shabby Beach House Becomes a Cozy Retreat With a Top-of-the-Line Kitchen
Ep11 An Eagle Rock, CA Couple Buy a Fixer-Upper and Overhaul the Space
Ep10 A Worn-Out Home Gets a Sleek, Modern Master Bedroom Redo
Ep9 A Kitchen Gets a One-of-a-Kind Teppanyaki Makeover, While the Rest of the House Gets an Overhaul
Ep8 A Suburban Fixer Get a Major Kitchen Upgrade
Ep7 A Wrecked Rec Room Gets a Hip Update
Ep6 A Small Kitchen Gets a Big Renovation
Ep5 Turning an Unlivable Living Room Into a Stylish, Eclectic Entertaining Space
Ep4 A Shabby Kitchen Gets a Part-Modern, Part-Beachy Overhaul
Ep3 A Tired House Gets a Whole New Floor Plan
Ep2 Modernizing a Master Suite
Ep1 Dreaming Up a Big Renovation in a Little Kitchen

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Creating a Modern Craftsman Kitchen
Ep12 Designing a Space to Entertain In
Ep11 Spanish Bathroom and Walk-In Closet
Ep10 Quirky and Modern Bedroom Blend
Ep9 New Coast, New House, New Kitchen
Ep8 Bye Bye Apartment, Hello Modern Mexican Backyard
Ep7 Giving a Garage New Purpose
Ep6 Living Room Converted to Master Bedroom
Ep5 From Spanish Fixer to Spanish Fantasy
Ep4 Modern Masculine Kitchen vs. Cooking With a Hotplate
Ep3 Contemporary Kitchen With Charm and Craftsman Touches
Ep2 A New House, a New Baby and a New Room
Ep1 Cape Cod Style With Wonderful Wood Detail

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Modernizing a Master Suite
Creating a Honeymoon Suite

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