House Hunters

  • 1999
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The process of finding and purchasing a home is chronicled, with prospective homebuyers looking at three properties and submitting a bid on the one they like best.


Season 118

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 High-End Custom Home in Carmel, Indiana
Ep6 Young Couple With Quirky Wish List in Colorado
Ep5 #1 Room for Hobbies in Reading, PA
Ep4 #1 Buying Bigger for Twins in Kansas City
Ep4 Buying Bigger for Twins in Kansas City
Ep3 #1 Room for Baby and a Pet Pig in OH
Ep2 #1 Vacation Home in Napa Valley
Ep1 Moving to the East Bay in San Francisco

Season 117

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Planting Roots in Plano, Texas
Ep9 Single Mom Seeks Dream Lakefront Home in Minnesota
Ep8 Couple Seeks Big Family Home With Vintage Charm in New Orleans
Ep7 #1 Couple Disagrees on New vs. Quirky in Phoenix
Ep7 Couple Disagrees on New vs. Quirky in Phoenix
Ep6 #1 Atlanta Couple Still Searching After a Year on the Hunt
Ep5 Couple Searches for Grand Home in Virginia
Ep4 #1 Millennials Have High Hopes in Downtown Denver
Ep3 #1 Size vs. Projects in Austin, Texas
Ep2 Starting Over in Southfield
Ep1 #1 Laying Roots in St. Louis

Season 116

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Seeking Charm In Phoenix
Ep13 Bye Buffalo, Hello Greenville
Ep12 Chicago-Style Showdown
Ep11 First Home In Tacoma
Ep10 D.C. Attorney Seeks Home for Herself and Her Cat in Prince George's County, MD
Ep9 College Sweethearts Seek Hurricane-Proof House in Tampa
Ep8 Professional Boxer and Musician Seek Home in Nashville
Ep7 Almost Empty Nesters Consider Downsizing in Louisville, KY
Ep6 Beer Brewer and Family Seek Forever Home in Brevard, North Carolina
Ep5 Des Moines Couple Seeks Vintage Home Before Baby Arrives
Ep4 #1 Twenty-Somethings Seek Historic Home in Midtown Mobile, AL
Ep3 Engaged Couple Wants Room for Shoe Collection in Dallas
Ep2 Couple Seeks Wow Factor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ep1 #1 St. Louis Couple Seeks Mixed-Use Home and Flower Shop

Season 115

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 #1 Young Couple Disagrees on 1 or 2 Story in Vancouver, WA
Ep7 Million-Dollar Style Battle in Chicago
Ep6 Husband Moves Family to Native Paramus, NJ
Ep5 Kids Help Find Victorian in Florida
Ep4 Chicago Family Starts Over in Raleigh, NC
Ep3 #1 Dome Home or Craftsman in Seattle
Ep2 Couple Commits to a House and Maybe More in Smyrna, TN
Ep1 #1 Tampa Couple Goes Head-to-Head on Style of First Home

Season 114

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Downsizing in Kansas City
Ep12 First-Time Buyer in Atlanta
Ep11 Young Couple With Modest Budget Seeks Bigger Home in Toledo
Ep10 Michigan Couple With Three Kids Seeks Lakefront Vacation Cottage
Ep9 Location Debate in Mt. Juliet, TN
Ep8 Brooklynites Seek Lakeside Weekend Home Near NYC
Ep7 Young Couple Debates Craftsman vs. Plantation-Style in Atlanta
Ep6 Compromising in Chicago
Ep5 Pennsylvania Newlyweds Differ on Dream of New Home
Ep4 Fancy vs. Frugal in Bloomington, MN
Ep3 Young Filmmaker Seeks Pre-War Apartment in NYC's East Village
Ep2 Couple Looks for Waterfront Summer Home in Myrtle Beach
Ep1 Young Parents Debate Move-In-Ready vs. Fixer-Upper in CA

Season 113

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Tampa Buyer Needs Big Backyard to Grow 3000 Pounds of Produce
Ep11 A Short Walk to the Water in Long Beach, CA
Ep10 #1 Midcentury Modern or Bust in the Boston Suburbs
Ep9 First-Timer Wants Charm Near Downtown Seattle
Ep8 Couple Looks for a Chicago Two-Flat
Ep7 Young Buyer Seeks Character in Downtown Denver
Ep6 Young Couple's First Home in Portland, Maine
Ep5 Young Seattle Buyers Debate Condo or Single-Family Home
Ep4 #1 Cincinnati Newlyweds Have Low Budget and Long Wish List
Ep3 Newlyweds Look for New Life in Detroit Rock City
Ep2 New Parents Want a Big Backyard in Jersey
Ep1 Atlanta Couple Debates Georgian Style or Split-Level

Season 112

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 #1 Austin Real Estate Agent Buys Her First Home
Ep11 #1 Family of Five Seek Larger Home in Tampa
Ep10 Parents of Triplets Seek Bigger Home in Bakersfield, CA
Ep9 Craftsman Fixer-Upper or Move-In Ready Ranch in South Florida
Ep8 Couple Moves From Australia to Hoboken, NJ
Ep7 Single Mom Looks for Vacation Home in Sunny Florida
Ep6 Pool or Waterfront in Florida
Ep5 #1 Newly Engaged Couple Disagree on First Home in Framingham, MA
Ep4 Trading the Suburbs for L.A.'s Urban Core
Ep3 Planning a Wedding and House Hunting in Westchester County, New York
Ep2 Couple Seeks Old Home That's Not Haunted in Massachusetts
Ep1 Couple Wants a Historic Brownstone in Brooklyn

Season 111

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Engaged Musicians Seek First Home in Nashville
Ep12 Lolita Seeks Multi Family Victorian in Springfield, MA
Ep11 Family of 10 Seeks Huge House in Texas
Ep10 Modern and Turn-Key vs. Vintage Fixer in Chicago
Ep9 Globe Trotting Couple Finally Settling Down in Suburban Detroit
Ep8 But Will the Sofa Fit?
Ep7 New Parents Look for Baby's First Home in Grand Rapids, S.D.
Ep6 Family of Five Look for Their Dream Home in Norwalk, CT
Ep5 Brian and Shannon Debate Victorian vs. Contemporary in St. Louis
Ep4 Musicians Getting Into the Hot Nashville Market
Ep3 Couple Wants Plantation Style in Tampa
Ep2 Couple Moves From California to Bend, Oregon
Ep1 Young Couple Debate Old vs. New in Manchester, NH

Season 110

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Young Family Wants Grand Staircase Home in Sacramento
Ep12 Couple Seeks Bigger Home in Clemson, SC
Ep11 Newlyweds Seek Antique Home With Charm in Boston Suburbs
Ep10 Million Dollar House Hunt on Southern California Coast
Ep9 Twenty-Something Looks for Her First Home in Orlando
Ep8 Town vs. Country in Watkinsville, Georgia
Ep7 Making Room for More Babies in Cleveland
Ep6 Bryan and Megan Debate New vs. Vintage in Detroit Suburbs
Ep5 Couple With Kids Can't Agree on Anything in New Haven, CT
Ep4 Native Cajuns Looking to Live Large in Lafayette, La.
Ep3 Looking for a Home With Land in Alabama
Ep2 Pilot and Wife Look for Vacation Home in Palm Springs
Ep1 Musicians Look for Home With Rehearsal Space in D.C. Suburbs

Season 109

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Young Couple Search for Vintage Touches in Historic Sugar Land, TX
Ep12 Two Bachelors Hunt for a Bungalow Near Downtown Austin
Ep11 Denver Transplants Look for Beautiful Downtown Views
Ep10 Putting Down Roots in Phoenix
Ep9 Surgeon and Wife Move Near Family in Kansas City
Ep8 Former Pro Athlete and Family Make Big Move to Oregon
Ep7 Hip Couple Looks for a Home With Style in Frederick, MD
Ep6 Military Family Seeks Place to Settle Down in Aurora, CO
Ep5 Cleveland Doctors Need Home Before Baby Arrives
Ep4 Family of Five Seeks Big Home in Pricey Orange County, Ca.
Ep3 Empty Nesters Seek to Make Florida Vacation Permanent
Ep2 Young Family in Rochester Disagree on City vs. Suburbs
Ep1 Couple Wants Big Kitchen to Avoid Booty Bumpin'

Season 108

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Family of Five Moves From Pittsburgh to California
Ep12 Family of Five Needs More Bathrooms in Upstate New York
Ep11 Family of Seven Looking for Larger House in Wisconsin
Ep10 Family Dreams of Living by the Water on Merritt Island, Florida
Ep9 NYC Family Moves Upstate to Open an Irish Pub
Ep8 Tom and Terri Seek Home in Santa Claus, Ind.
Ep7 Lots of Land or on the Water in Holly, Mich.
Ep6 Married Couple Looks for a Christmas Oasis in Florida
Ep5 Family of Four Looks to Spend the Holidays in Bethlehem, PA
Ep4 Newlyweds Search for a Water View Home in St. Augustine
Ep3 Couple Disagrees on Whether or Not to Downsize in Atlanta
Ep2 Brett and Travis Seek Historic Home in Lacrosse, WI
Ep1 Single Gal Bucks All the Trends in Ashtabula, Ohio

Season 107

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Young Professional Has High Expectations in D.C.
Ep12 Young Buyers Look for Character in Arlington, TX
Ep11 Family of Eight Looking for Big Home in Tennessee
Ep10 Selling the Row House and Moving to the Philly Burbs
Ep9 New vs. Charm in the Twin Cities
Ep8 Newlyweds in New Orleans Debating Shotgun vs. Victorian
Ep7 Tough Going in Hot Nashville Market
Ep6 A Passion for Flipping in Chicago
Ep6 To Pool or Not to Pool in Destin, Florida
Ep5 Young Couple Looks for a Family Farm in Rockford, Michigan
Ep4 To Pool or Not to Pool in Destin, Florida
Ep3 Husband/Agent Tries to Find House for Picky Wife in Baltimore
Ep2 Finicky Couple Wants No Southwest Style in Phoenix
Ep1 Couple Looking for the Right Fit in Raleigh, NC

Season 106

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Luke and Stephen Want Completely Different Styles in Fresno
Ep12 #1 Partners Disagree on Where to Buy Loft in Detroit
Ep11 First-Time Buyer Expects First-Rate Upgrades in California
Ep10 Single Mom Dreams of a Bungalow in Portland, Oregon
Ep9 Tampa Architect and High School Sweetheart Seek Rare Style of Home
Ep8 Looking for Million-Dollar Views in Tiburon, California
Ep7 Texas College Professor and Wife Debate Midcentury Modern vs. Victorian
Ep6 Expanding Austin Family in a Battle of City vs. Suburbs
Ep5 Newlyweds Can't Agree on One Story or Two in Lake Worth, Florida
Ep4 Beach Bungalow vs. Lake House in New Jersey
Ep3 Couple Disagrees on Midcentury vs. Victorian in Gainesville
Ep2 Artist and Husband Disagree on Historic vs. High-Rise in Atlanta
Ep1 Pregnant Nashville Couple Disagrees on Fixer-Upper vs. Move-in-Ready

Season 105

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Nicholas and Tyler Debate Upgraded vs. Vintage in Chicago
Ep12 Family Dukes It Out Over Style in Dallas
Ep11 Leaving Tech Bustle Behind for Coastal Calm in Half Moon Bay
Ep10 Making Room to Start a Family in Loudoun County, Virginia
Ep9 Location vs. New Construction in Virginia Beach
Ep8 Colorado Native Wants a Home With Room for Five Bicycles
Ep7 Young Engineer Searches for a Modest Bungalow in Indianapolis
Ep6 Newlyweds Hope for the Perfect House in Portland, OR
Ep5 Twentysomethings Disagree on Fixer-Upper vs. Turnkey in Connecticut
Ep4 Character vs. Cookie-Cutter in Columbus, OH
Ep4 Character vs. Cookie-Cutter in Columbus, OH
Ep3 Maine Dentist Wants Land for Trapshooting; Wife Says No
Ep2 Twin Sisters Hunt for a Beach House in Galveston
Ep1 Aspiring Singer and Husband Seek House in Nashville

Season 104

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 New York Natives Seek Antique Charm in Buffalo
Ep12 Disagreeing in New York City
Ep11 Bigger vs. Closer in Allen, TX
Ep10 Brian and John Shop for a New Home in Seattle
Ep9 Philly First-Timer Wants Vintage Charm
Ep8 Real Estate Agent Wants Place Near the Beach in Orange County
Ep7 Buyer Wants Killer Views in Reno
Ep6 Young Family Seeks First Home in Oahu
Ep5 Seeking Swiss Chalet in Lake Tahoe
Ep4 Tight Budget in Salisbury, N.C.
Ep3 City Folks Move to Rural Minot, N.D.
Ep2 Colorado Couple Seeks Historic Victorian Home
Ep1 Couple Searches DC for Home With Recording Studio

Season 103

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Looking for Bling on a Budget in Orlando
Ep12 Bill and Joe Hunt for High Rises in Chicago
Ep11 Champagne Taste on a Sparkling Wine Budget in Georgia
Ep10 Family Searches for Waterfront Home on Padre Island, TX
Ep9 Tampa Judge Seeks Ultra-Modern Downtown Home
Ep8 Polish Family Seeks Room for Toddler in Chicago
Ep7 Dreaming of a Vintage Home in Portland, OR
Ep6 Preservationist Buys a Piece of History in Buffalo
Ep5 Moving Back to Atlanta
Ep4 Planning a Wedding and House Hunting in Indy
Ep3 Buying a Vacation Home in Destin, FL
Ep2 He Wants Gadgets and She Wants Mermaids in Baltimore
Ep1 #1 Hunting for Her First Home in Hip and Pricey Austin, TX

Season 102

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Young Buyers Look for Vintage Home in Baltimore
Ep12 First Time Buyers Look for an Architectural Gem in Rockford, IL
Ep11 Family Tries to Replicate Their Georgia Dream Home in Kansas
Ep10 Buying a Home for Mom, Dad and Little Brother in Boston
Ep9 Buying a Vintage Home in North Carolina
Ep8 Buying a Home Is No Honeymoon for Newlyweds in Gainesville, FL
Ep7 Auto Engineer Seeks First House in Detroit
Ep6 Clint and Josh Search for Dream Home in Paducah, Ky
Ep5 Chicago Attorney Seeks Vintage House With Space for Lavish Parties
Ep4 Recently-Divorced Buyer Looks for Historic Charm in Beaver, Pa
Ep3 Seeking a Vintage Charmer in Portland, OR
Ep2 Rough Start for Newlyweds in North Carolina
Ep1 Phoenix Newlyweds Battle Over Size

Season 101

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Searching in the St. Louis Suburbs
Ep12 Getting a Deal in Denver
Ep11 Nashville Newlyweds Disagree on Stately or Casual Home
Ep10 Hunting for a Historical Country Home in New Jersey
Ep9 Missouri Couple Giving Up Multi-Generational Victorian
Ep8 Roller Derby Lovers Seek House in Denver
Ep7 College Sweethearts Seek Family Home in Nashville
Ep6 Young Buyer Fends Off Pushy Mom in Chicago Condo Hunt
Ep5 NYC Family Upgrades to Bigger Home in Connecticut
Ep4 Kansas City Couple Debate Charm vs. Contemporary
Ep3 Kansas City Couple Debate Charm vs. Contemporary
Ep3 Looking for a Log Cabin Vacation Home in Lake Tahoe
Ep2 Newly Single Mom Needs a Home for Herself and Her Daughters
Ep1 Family of Eight Moves to Minneapolis for Gymnast Daughter's Training

Season 100

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Young Buyer Wants Old Home in Dallas
Ep12 High Expectations in Washington, D.C.
Ep11 Tight Budget and Big Dreams in Nashville
Ep10 Jersey Shore Style Smackdown
Ep9 Engineers Search for a Fixer in San Antonio
Ep8 Tallahassee Husband and Wife Want Different Style Homes
Ep7 Engaged Couple Seek Home in Phoenix
Ep6 Single Gal Seeks Contemporary D.C. Area Condo
Ep5 Mid-Century Modern vs. Bungalow in Sioux Falls
Ep4 Cookie Cutter vs. Character in Folsom, CA
Ep3 Looking for a Home Near the Water in Sarasota, Florida
Ep2 Victorian or Craftsman in Montgomery, Alabama
Ep1 New Jersey Couple Wants Southern Charm in Georgia

Season 99

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 High-School Sweethearts Seek First Home in Scenic Downingtown, Pa.
Ep12 Railroad Worker and His Family Buy a Home in Texas
Ep11 Newlyweds Seek Home for Many TVs in Florida
Ep10 St. Louis Couple Seeks Home for Expanding Pet Collection
Ep10 Classic in the City vs. New in the Suburbs of D.C.
Ep9 Classic in the City vs. New in the Suburbs of D.C.
Ep8 Couple Looks for Home to Convert Into a B&B on Maui
Ep7 Mid-Century Cool vs. Farmhouse Style in Atlanta
Ep6 Twenty-Something Wants Fixer Upper in Illinois
Ep5 Couple Seeks Colonial and Craftsman Homes in Buffalo
Ep4 Family of Nine Looks for a Big Enough Home in Portland
Ep3 First-Time Buyers Navigate Boston's High-Priced Real Estate Market
Ep2 St. Louis Couple Seeks Home for Expanding Pet Collection
Ep2 Albanian Family Seeks Multi-Generational Home in Queens
Ep1 Utah Family Seeks Home With Room for Soccer Field

Season 98

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 First Time Buyer Considers Fancy vs. Fixer in Memphis, TN
Ep12 Buying a Piece of History in Davenport, Iowa
Ep12 Buying a Piece of History in Davenport, Iowa
Ep11 Young Buyer Seeks Chicago Condo in Modern High-Rise With All the Amenities
Ep10 Suburban Detroit Couple Debates New Construction or Vintage Home
Ep9 So Called, Urban Pioneer, Seeks Fixer in Chicago
Ep8 Musicians Making It Shake in San Antonio
Ep7 Young Providence Buyers Battle Over Loft vs. Single Family Home
Ep6 Row House or Colonial Wanted in Baltimore
Ep5 Young Couple Looks for Mountain Views in Colorado Springs
Ep4 House Flipper Searches for Home in Cincinnati
Ep3 Can't Stay Away From Savannah, Georgia
Ep2 Texas Transplants Must Downsize Expectations in Nashville Hunt
Ep1 Family Needs Room for His Big Red Phone Booth in Iowa

Season 97

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Couple With New Baby Settle Down in San Antonio
Ep12 Chicago Newlyweds Debate Buying in the Outskirts or Downtown
Ep11 North Carolina Couple Experience Sticker Shock in L.A. Area
Ep10 Two Texans Let Their Opinions Flare Up in a Houston House Hunt
Ep9 Twenty-Something Seeks Philadelphia Rowhouse With Outdoor Space for Parties
Ep8 Finding Functionality and Luxury in Seattle
Ep7 Polish Ex-Pat and Wife Disagree on Historic vs. New in Winston-Salem
Ep6 A Couple Has a Tough Time Finding a New Home in Kansas City
Ep5 Television Actors Hunt for a Vacation Home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Ep4 Buying Into the Aloha Spirit in Hawaii
Ep3 Ohio Couple Duels Over Tornadoes and Backyards
Ep2 Family Gets a Second Chance at Home Ownership in Phoenix
Ep1 Family Seeks Vintage Farmhouse in Historic Delaware County, Pa.

Season 96

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Lots of Space vs. a Small High-Society Place in Houston
Ep12 Airline Pilot and Partner Seek Captain's Home in Orlando
Ep11 Washington National Guardsman and Family Ready to Settle Down
Ep10 Christmas-Obsessed Woman Wants Yule Palace in Chicago
Ep9 Putting Down Roots in Folsom, California
Ep8 Dallas Newlyweds Hope to Find a Modern-Meets-Craftsman Home
Ep7 Tampa Couple Wants Large House in Planned Community With Amenities
Ep6 Newlyweds Search for First Home in Bryan, Texas
Ep5 Single Mom Looks for a Home in Kansas City
Ep4 Couple Needs Space to Raise Twins in Upstate New York
Ep3 Chicago Couple Searches for a Home With Vintage Charm
Ep2 Family Seeks Huge Forever Home in Tiny Dacula, Georgia
Ep1 Couple in Oahu Debates Fixer-Upper vs. Move-in Ready

Season 95

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Vacation Home Wanted in Telluride, Colorado
Ep12 Leaving the Lake for a Western New York Mansion
Ep11 Chicago Couple Seeks Dog Friendly Condo for Chihuahuas
Ep10 Nashville Mom Looks for New Start With Her Three Kids
Ep9 Family Looks for Historic Charmer in Kansas City
Ep8 Young Couple Needs Space for Entertaining in Nashville
Ep7 Champagne Taste on a Soda Pop Budget in San Diego
Ep6 Single Gal Debates Suburbs vs. City Life in Rochester, New York
Ep5 Searching the Island Paradise of Key Largo for a Home
Ep4 Young Couple Needs a Bigger House in Small Town Kansas
Ep3 Young Doctor Searches for a Home in Hip West Hollywood
Ep2 Key West Couple Settles Down
Ep1 Moving From Virginia to a Coastal Town in Florida

Season 94

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Family of Eight Seeks Key West Vacation Home
Ep12 Search for a Fairytale Home in Las Vegas
Ep11 D.I.N.K.Y Couple Seek D.C. Area Home
Ep10 Puget Sound Navy Family Looks for Big House
Ep9 Newly Engaged Couple Seeks Condo in Chicago
Ep8 Newlyweds Debate Southwestern Style of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Ep7 Family Seeks Big Home With Room to Adopt in Virginia
Ep6 Former Marine Searches for First Home Near San Diego
Ep5 Tampa Couple Look for Mediterranean and Colonial Style Homes
Ep4 Football Fans Search for Passing Space in Alabama
Ep3 Young Couple Debate Country vs. Subdivision Life in Louisiana
Ep2 Twentysomethings Debate Family Home vs. Short Term in Denver
Ep1 22-Year-Old Seeks Victorian Fixer-Upper in Pittsburgh

Season 93

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Two Sisters Disagree on Modern vs. Vintage in Chicago
Ep12 Young Couple Seeks Home With Music Studio in Aurora, IL
Ep11 Couple Searches for Vacation Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ep10 CEO Wants an Impressive Home in Charlotte
Ep9 Wanting It All in Venice Beach
Ep8 Southern Californians Escape to a Slower Life in Salem, Oregon
Ep7 Space Needed in Austin for Dancing and Acrobatic Yoga
Ep6 Oklahoma City Dad Torn Between City Loft and Suburbs
Ep5 A Maryland Couple Looking for A House Has Her Mom Help in the Search
Ep4 Twenty-Somethings Debate Condo or House in San Diego
Ep3 Atlanta Twenty-Something Looks for an Industrial Loft
Ep2 Leaving the D.C. Suburbs for Kansas City
Ep1 New Yorkers Head to Arizona for Square Footage and Peace

Season 92

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Contemporary vs. Traditional in Chicago
Ep12 Couple Decides Between Virginia Beach or Out in the Burbs
Ep11 An Illinois Couple Searches for a Large Home With Character
Ep10 Young Doctors Disagree in Houston
Ep9 Contemporary vs. Quirky in Denver
Ep8 Exotic Cars and 3 Million Dollar Homes in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades
Ep7 Ohio Couple Disagrees on Old Home vs. Brand New
Ep6 Army Staff Sergeant Wants It All in the DC Area
Ep5 Couple Searches for a Historic Looking Home With Charm and Character in Dallas
Ep4 Boise Couple Locked in Country vs. Suburbs Showdown
Ep3 Atlanta Couple Decide Between Modern Condo or Euro Charm
Ep2 Key West vs. Spanish in Wilmington, North Carolina
Ep1 Young Couple Loves Old West Charm in Sheridan, Wyoming

Season 91

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Penthouse vs. Classic Brownstone in Chicago
Ep12 On the Hunt for a Family Home in Lake Villa, Illinois
Ep11 Sisters Disagree on High-Rise vs. Brownstone in Chicago
Ep10 Victorian vs. Craftsman in Salt Lake City
Ep9 Seeking Prom Picture Perfect Home in Upstate NY
Ep8 Million Dollar Budget in the City by the Bay
Ep7 New Orleans Couple Seeks House Full of Historic Character
Ep6 Phoenix Couple Seeks House in Center of Town
Ep5 Young Chicago Couple Seeks Ranch or Bungalow
Ep4 Mid-Century Home Search in Palm Springs
Ep3 Searching for a Unique Home in Pennsylvania
Ep2 Two Guys Battle Over Loft vs. House in Indianapolis
Ep1 Romanian Ex-Pats Buy Dream Beach House in Hawaii

Season 90

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 A Marine Pilot and His Wife Seek Home in Beaufort, SC
Ep12 #1 Single Mom Seeks Dream Home in Fayetteville, Georgia
Ep11 #1 Historic Charmer or Sleek Bachelor Pad in L.A.
Ep10 #1 Family of Five Looks for Affordable Home in Clermont, Florida
Ep9 #1 Cool vs. Classic in Small Town Arkansas
Ep8 #1 Couple Looks for a Taste of the Tropics in the Desert
Ep7 #1 Chicago Neat Freaks Seek Big City Condo
Ep6 #1 Vintage Craftsman vs. High-Rise in Dallas
Ep5 #1 New Orleans Newlyweds Seek Historic Charm and Character
Ep4 #1 History Buff Seeks Loft in Chicago
Ep3 #1 First-Time Buyers in the Philadelphia Suburbs
Ep2 #1 Young Couple Resists the Burbs in Chicago
Ep1 #1 Buying a House With History in Brattleboro, Vermont

Season 89

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Couple Disagrees on Ideal Location for Florida Home
Ep12 #1 Chicago Couple Seeks Condo With No Chandeliers
Ep11 #1 Newlyweds Seek All Brick House in Columbia, South Carolina
Ep10 #1 Looking for Home in Hawaiian Paradise
Ep9 #1 Young Couple Looks for a Family-Friendly and Trendy Home in LA
Ep8 #1 Upsizing to a Dream Home in Tulsa
Ep7 #1 Toledo Couple Disagrees on City Loft vs. Suburban Dream
Ep6 #1 D.C. Couple Disagrees on Condo vs. House
Ep5 #1 Modern vs. Craftsman in Durham
Ep4 #1 Looking for a Houseboat in Seattle
Ep3 #1 Safety or Style in Pensacola, Fl.
Ep2 #1 Comic Book Fan Wants Nerd Nook in Quaint Westerville, Ohio
Ep1 #1 A Tale of Two Styles in the Mile High City

Season 88

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Historic Chicago Bungalows and Gut Jobs
Ep12 #1 Million Dollar Homes in San Francisco
Ep11 #1 Couple Disagrees on Ranch vs. Two-story in Jacksonville, Florida
Ep10 #1 Chicago High-Rises With All the Bells and Whistles
Ep9 Turn-Key vs. Fixer in San Diego
Ep8 #1 Young Couple Searches for the Perfect Baltimore Row Home
Ep7 #1 High End on a Budget in Brevard County, Florida
Ep6 #1 Tea Room Needed in North Carolina
Ep5 #1 Central California Firefighter Refuses to Live Near High School Rival
Ep4 #1 Searching for Wow Factor in the Atlanta Suburbs
Ep3 #1 Style Battle Near Downtown Kansas City
Ep2 #1 Big Kitchen and Basement Needed in Boulder
Ep1 #1 Twentysomethings Want Retirement Lifestyle in Naples, Florida

Season 87

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Fixer-Upper vs. Move-In Ready in New Jersey
Ep12 #1 A Los Angeles Compromise
Ep11 #1 Phoenix Couple With Four Dogs Downsizes From the Suburbs to the City
Ep10 #1 McMansion vs. Townhouse in Baltimore
Ep9 #1 Bachelor Pad vs. Family Friendly in Chicago
Ep8 #1 Moving From Malaysia to Houston for a Home
Ep7 #1 Couple Debate Wants Home With School Bus Parking in Durham
Ep6 #1 Not Waiting for Mr. Right in New Hampshire
Ep5 #1 A Young New Yorker Brings Mom Along for House Hunt in the Big Apple
Ep4 #1 High Expectations in Suburban Ft. Worth
Ep3 #1 Leaving Cold Kentucky Winters for Sun and Surf in Myrtle Beach
Ep2 #1 List of 26 Must-Haves in Indianapolis
Ep1 #1 Crime Scene Investigator Snoops Out San Francisco

Season 86

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 #1 Growing Family Looks for Upgrades and RV Space in California
Ep13 #1 Turn-Key vs. Fixer in Washington, D.C.
Ep12 #1 San Diego Surfer Wants the Beach but Wife Wants the Burbs
Ep11 #1 Family Has High Standards and Big Budget in Atlanta
Ep10 #1 Single Woman Priced Out of L.A. Looks for a Unique Home in Phoenix
Ep9 #1 Alabama Family Seeks Lakeside Vacation Home
Ep8 #1 Church Members Seek Large Home In Sin City
Ep7 #1 Two Guys Move Back to Their Native Detroit
Ep6 Chicago Couple Seeks Condo With No Chandeliers
Ep5 #1 Seattle Couple Spars Over Style in Seattle
Ep4 #1 East Coast Couple Move Down South to Alabama
Ep3 #1 Modern vs. Traditional in Phoenix
Ep2 #1 Woman Seeks Home Near Her Big Greek Family
Ep1 #1 Alabama Car Enthusiasts Seek Home With Huge Garage

Season 85

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Looking for a Historic Connecticut Home With No Ghosts
Ep12 Orlando Bodybuilders Seek House With Workout Space
Ep11 Walking the Line Between Boyfriend and Agent
Ep10 A Young Couple Learns the Realities of House Hunting in L.A.
Ep9 Young Couple Trades DC Lifestyle for Slow Paced Charlottesville
Ep8 Multi-Family Homes Are a Hot Commodity in Boston
Ep7 Family Trades Beaches of California for Colorado Rockies
Ep6 Southern Charm Wanted in North Carolina
Ep5 Young Columbus Couple Disagrees on Contemporary vs. Vintage
Ep4 D.C. Duo Can't Agree on the Style of Their New Home
Ep3 Picky First Timers Seek Perfection in Kansas City
Ep2 Business Major Buys First Place in Chicago
Ep1 Salt Lake Couple Look for Home With Supersized Laundry Room

Season 84

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Austin Couple Downsizes to a Smaller Home
Ep12 Young Couple Disagrees on Style and Color in Birmingham, Michigan
Ep11 Cookie Cutter vs. Craftsman Character in Des Moines
Ep10 Heather Wants Classic but Joe Wants Cool-Factor in Upstate New York
Ep9 Finding the Old and New in San Francisco
Ep8 Italian Couple Seek Palazzo of Their Own in Boca Raton
Ep7 North Dakota News Anchor Needs New Home
Ep6 Engaged in a Debate Between Lofts or Brownstones in Chicago
Ep5 Washington State Ladies Struggle to Find a Brick-Free Home
Ep4 Unrealistic First-Timers in Reno, Nevada
Ep3 Putting Down Roots in Augusta Georgia
Ep2 Best Friends Buying Together Face Bidding Wars in Northern California
Ep1 Jennipher Wants Brian to Break the Budget for a Historic Victorian in Montana

Season 83

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Expectant Parents Disagree in Rochester, New York House Hunt
Ep12 Learning to Compromise in Lexington, Kentucky
Ep11 Boston Area Newlyweds Need Brand New House With No Ghosts
Ep10 Looking for a Vacation Condo in Ft. Lauderdale
Ep9 Virginia Buyers Fight Over Plantation vs. Colonial Style Homes
Ep8 Charleston Couple's Challenging Search for First Home
Ep7 Two Men Stressed Out Over the Ideal Vacation Home in Palm Springs
Ep6 Looking to Get Away From NYC With a Place in Woodstock
Ep5 Twenty-Something House Hunts on Tight Budget in Spartanburg South Carolina
Ep4 Germaphobe and Husband Look for Clean Home in Maryland
Ep3 Young Buyers Disagree on Southern Charmer or Log Cabin in Florida
Ep2 New Parents Look for a Home With Good Feng Shui in L.A.
Ep1 Young New England Couple Looks to Leave the Nest

Season 82

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Pro Baseball Player Wants Off-Season Party Pad in Vegas
Ep12 Very Opinionated Friends House Hunt in Dallas
Ep11 Empty Nesters Upgrade to a Bigger Condo in Downtown Chicago
Ep10 Two Men Who Want to Live in Jersey City Can't Agree on a Home
Ep9 She Wants a Victorian Row Home but He Wants a Big Yard to Mow in D.C.
Ep8 Single Mom Wants a Large House in Atlanta
Ep7 The High Price of Living in Paradise
Ep6 Strong Views in Strongsville
Ep5 Two Guys Look for Hip Urban Loft in Philly
Ep4 Leaving Downtown St. Louis for the Burbs
Ep3 Young Musicians Search for Their First Home in Nashville, Tennessee
Ep2 Buying Turnkey vs. Building Their Dream Home in Oklahoma
Ep1 Grandioso on a Budget-Oso in Atlanta

Season 81

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Searching for Perfection in Honolulu
Ep12 Search for a San Diego Starter
Ep11 Boston Area Couple Seeks Big House for Family of Five
Ep10 Daughter Wants Style but Mom Questions Her Wish List in Dallas
Ep9 A Florida Girl and a Wisconsin Boy Clash Over Wish Lists in Chilly Green Bay
Ep8 Historic Charmer vs. New Construction in West Hartford, Connecticut
Ep7 Family Needs South Carolina Home With Room for Inlaws
Ep6 A Seattle Couple Is Eager to Find a Spacious Home With Character
Ep5 Looking for a Hawaiian Retreat From Their Hectic Mainland Lives
Ep4 Columbus Couple Clashes Over Secluded vs. Neighborhood Homes
Ep3 How Far Will a Million Dollars Go in Manhattan Beach?
Ep2 Deciding Between D.C. Charm or a Big Place in the Burbs
Ep1 A Successful Bachelor Searches for a Grand Home in Detroit

Season 80

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 He Wants Big Land but She Wants a Big House in Texas
Ep12 Wife and French-Born Husband Seek European Style Home in Houston
Ep11 Flight Attendant Searches for Dream Loft in Chicago
Ep10 Couple Wants Home With Space to Fly Toy Chopper Near Washington D.C.
Ep9 Family Looks For Home in Napa With Vineyard
Ep8 Wife Wants Quirky, Husband Wants Practical in Western Michigan
Ep7 Couple Wants Space for a Stripper Pole in the New Jersey Suburbs
Ep6 Honolulu Locals Seek Upgrade From Their Current Manoa Valley House
Ep5 Indianapolis Couple Struggles to Find a Big Home They Both Agree On
Ep4 She's Picky and He's Price-Conscious in South Amboy, New Jersey
Ep3 Desperate to Find a Starter Home in Denver
Ep2 Divorcee Starts Over in Kansas City
Ep1 Low Budget Blues in Memphis

Season 79

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Phoenix Couple Disagrees on Pretty Home for Her vs. Practical for Him
Ep12 Fixer vs. Upgraded in West Hartford, Connecticut
Ep11 Houston Couple Wants Updated Home With Vintage Charm
Ep10 A Young Couple in Omaha Has Hard Time Finding Their First Home
Ep9 Hipsters Want an Unconventional Space in St. Louis
Ep8 Sports Room vs. Indian Dancing Studio Near Washington D.C.
Ep7 She's Sick of His Renovation Projects in Houston
Ep6 Looking for Opposite Things in Boston
Ep5 Wisconsin Couple Can't Agree on Buying Rural or Urban Home
Ep4 Single Mom Looks for Home With Teen Daughter in Boise, Idaho
Ep3 Artsy First Time Buyers Debate Old vs. New in Little Rock
Ep2 John and Steve Move From Rural Texas to Washington, D.C.
Ep1 Tall Couple in Tampa Seeks House With High Ceilings

Season 78

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Musical Tribute Artist Searches for a Home Fit for the King
Ep12 Duking It Out Over His and Hers Wish Lists in Dallas
Ep11 Young Couple in Ohio Looks for Home After Being Robbed in Rental
Ep10 Interior Designer's Vintage Dreams vs. Brotherly Advice in Michigan
Ep9 Nurse Makes Fresh Start on a Tiny Budget in Small Town Georgia
Ep8 Tennessee Couple Can't Agree on Buying a New Build or Older With Charm
Ep7 Wisconsin Real Estate Agent Struggles to Find a Home for His Own Family
Ep6 Oahu Native Looks for Hawaiian Style in Virginia Beach
Ep5 Young D.C. Couple Debates Merits of a Single Family Home vs. Townhouse
Ep4 Recent Connecticut Transplants Buy Their First Home Together
Ep3 Moving to Atlantic City for the Coast Guard
Ep2 The Neverending House Hunt in Denver
Ep1 Vancouver Couple Seeks Dream Vacation House on Lush Hawaiian Island

Season 77

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 NASA Employee Looks for Huge Home in Houston
Ep12 Couple Bickers Over Country vs. City in Columbia, Missouri
Ep11 Triathlete Wants a Home With History in Wilmington, North Carolina
Ep10 Chicago Couple Seeks House With Enough Space for Chickens
Ep9 Wife Wants a Big House in Ohio but Her Husband Wants to Downsize
Ep8 TV Personality Looks for a Mid-Century Retreat in Palm Springs
Ep7 San Diego Family Searches for Vintage Cottage by the Bay
Ep6 Out of the Basement and Into the Atlanta Burbs
Ep5 A Professional Designer and Her Husband Search for a Home in Chicago
Ep4 #1 He Wants Character, She Wants New in Austin, Texas
Ep3 Jason Wants to Put Down Roots and Buy a Condo in Washington, D.C.
Ep2 Newlyweds Buy a Big Home in the Richmond Burbs
Ep1 Native New Yorkers Move Back Home to Westchester County

Season 76

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Newlyweds Hunt Near Beach in Southern California
Ep13 #1 Single Gal Looks for Shipping Container Home in Austin
Ep12 San Francisco Salesman Seeks Palm Springs Vacation Paradise
Ep11 Twin Brothers Buy a House Together in Dallas
Ep10 Young Couple Seeks Old Home in Colorado Springs
Ep9 Seeking a Lakefront Home With Space for Family Get-Togethers in Connecticut
Ep8 Long and Quirky Wish List in Utah
Ep7 Couple Hunts for Beach Vacation Home on Florida's Gulf Coast
Ep6 Denver Newcomers Search for a Vintage-Style Home
Ep5 Northern California Couple Is on the Hunt for Very Unique Home
Ep4 Picky Buyers Want It All in Scottsdale, Arizona
Ep3 Upgrading in the Emerald City
Ep2 Tampa Couple Has a Hard Time Finding a Home They Can Agree On
Ep1 Teacher Searches for a Home in San Diego Near Historic Balboa Park

Season 75

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Young Family Moves Out of Their Parents' House in Maryland
Ep12 Perfect Location or Two Bedrooms?
Ep11 Looking for His Forever Home in the Desert
Ep10 Chicago Couple Wants Deck to Deep Fry Turkeys
Ep9 A Million Dollar Vacation Home in Orlando
Ep8 Couple Can't Decide Between a Victorian or a Modern Home in San Francisco
Ep7 Couple Searches for Two Million Dollar Home in Silicon Valley
Ep6 North Carolina House Hunters Need Large House but Disagree on Style
Ep5 Chicago Couple Wants to Trade Their Downtown Condo for a Spacious Home in the Burbs
Ep4 Newly-Single Professor Wants a Fresh Start in an Alabama Home
Ep3 Jessica Seeks a Home With Midwestern Charm in Austin, Texas
Ep2 What Will a Million Dollar Budget Buy in Manhattan?
Ep1 Hippie Chick vs. Army Guy in Durango, Colorado

Season 74

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Picky 24-Year-Old Searches for First Home in Virginia
Ep12 North Carolina Couple Wants a House in the Country
Ep11 First Comes House, Then Comes Marriage in the Chicago Suburbs
Ep10 San Diego Couple With Limited Budget Wants Large House and Ocean View
Ep9 Lawyer Couple Wants Craftsman Style in Seattle
Ep8 Hicksville vs. the Burbs in Charleston
Ep7 A Wisconsin Couple Searches for a Spacious Family Home
Ep6 Couple Clashes Over Style in Palm Springs
Ep5 Deciding Between a High-Rise and a Brownstone in Chicago
Ep4 Make Room For Mama In Boston
Ep3 Air Force Couple on a Mission to Buy Home in Maryland
Ep2 Quirky Couple Can't Find Everything They Want in Louisville
Ep1 Young and Picky Single Looks for a Family-Sized Home in Atlanta

Season 73

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Outspoken Fort Worth Couple Can't See Eye to Eye
Ep12 First the House, Then the Wedding
Ep11 Modern Dream House on the Lake in Michigan
Ep10 Twenty-Somethings Try to Find a Detroit Home With Good Cell Phone Reception
Ep9 Texas Single Mom Wants Good Schools for Her Son
Ep8 He Wants Popcorn Ceilings, She Doesn't
Ep7 Couple Wants to Buy Home in Newly Adopted Town of Fayetteville, Georgia
Ep6 Buying a Vacation House That Renters Will Love, but Feels Like Home
Ep5 A Couple's House Hunt in New Hampshire and Massachusetts
Ep4 Five Guys Search for a Spacious Home in the Boston Suburbs
Ep3 Texas Couple Looks for a Rental Property on the Gulf of Mexico
Ep2 Quirky Young Gal Wants a Historic Home in Ann Arbor
Ep1 Expectant Parents With Very Long Wish List Seek More Space

Season 72

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Looking for European Flair in Pennsylvania
Ep12 Young Couple Moves From Michigan to the California High Desert
Ep11 Couple Searches for a Classic Bungalow in Denver
Ep10 Looking for a California Beach House That Won't Break the Budget
Ep9 Growing Family Is Running Out of Room in Raleigh
Ep8 A New England Couple Search for a Vacation Home in Charleston
Ep7 First-Time Buyers Want a High-Rise and High-End Condo in Chicago
Ep6 A Single Guy Wants a Hip Space in Downtown Cincinnati
Ep5 Battle of North vs. South in Salt Lake City
Ep4 Former Beauty Queen Wants Fancy Digs in Philly
Ep3 Home Near the Runway in Sacramento
Ep2 Boston-Area Couple Seeks Family Vacation House on Cape Cod
Ep1 A Young Family Moves From L.A. to Lincoln, Nebraska

Season 71

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Trading in Their Historic New England Home for a Southern Style Place in Carolina
Ep13 A Singer and Her Husband Relocate to Austin's Music Scene
Ep12 Old and Charming vs. New and Modern in Seattle
Ep11 She Has Baby Fever and He Wants a Room for His Drums
Ep10 Charles and Jay Look for a Mid-Century Home With a View in the Oakland Hills
Ep9 Couple Looks for Historic Home in Charming Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania
Ep8 A Southern Boy and His British Bride Battle Over Bedrooms and Foyers in Nashville, Tennessee
Ep7 Midwest House for Portland Prices
Ep6 He Wants a Yard, She Wants the City Life in Atlanta
Ep5 Man and His Wife Look for a Home With Perfect Beer Brewing Area
Ep4 Wanting It All in Destin, Florida
Ep3 A Pastor and His Wife Look for a Place to Settle Down in Saginaw, Michigan
Ep2 Very Organized Young Couple Uses a Binder in Search for First House
Ep1 Opinionated Law Professor Settles Down in St. Louis

Season 70

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Baseball Scout Clint and His Wife Shari Search for a Starter Home in the Houston Suburbs
Ep11 Newlyweds at Odds Over Style in Cincinnati
Ep10 A Couple in Tulsa Is Eager to Trade Their Starter Home for a More Impressive Place
Ep9 Texas Transplants Hunt for a Home in the Houston Suburbs
Ep8 There'll Be No Blues for This Memphis Belle as She Hunts Homes in Happening Downtown
Ep7 First Time Buyers Look for an Extra Large Home in the DC Suburbs
Ep7 She's All About the Budget, He's All About the Perfect House
Ep6 First Time Buyer Seeks Hip Pad in West Hollywood, CA
Ep5 Kenyala and Jody Search for a Bigger Home in Alabama
Ep4 She's All About the Budget, He's All About the Perfect House
Ep3 Capitol Hill Staffer Seeks Condo With Character
Ep2 Trading in the Sleepy Burbs for the Boston Bustle
Ep1 Neighborhood vs. Lots of Land in Little Rock, Arkansas

Season 69

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Young Florida Parents Debate Form vs. Function in Their First Home
Ep11 The Million-Dollar Compromise of School District vs. Space
Ep10 Young Couple Looks for Home in Waco, Texas, Where He Can Hang His Battle Axe
Ep9 Condo vs. House in Charlotte
Ep8 Michelle Loves New York but She Wants Her Young Daughter to Be Raised in Kentucky
Ep7 A Couple Look for a Home With a Vacation Feel on Florida's Anna Maria Island
Ep6 A Husband Wants a Baltimore Row Home but His Wife Wants the Suburbs
Ep5 Homebuyers Hunting for History in the Nation's Capital
Ep4 A Philadelphia, Pa., Family Wants Their First Home in the Suburbs
Ep3 A Young Couple Can't Seem to Agree on a Home in the Suburbs of Cleveland
Ep2 Food-Lovers Dig Into Their Hunt for a Weekend Place in Philly
Ep1 A Young Couple Moves Close to Family in Pittsburgh

Season 68

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Adam and Cara Bring Their Boys Home to Houston
Ep15 Young Couple Searches Grand Rapids for Vintage Charmer
Ep14 Finding an Arlington Home for a Family and Four TVs
Ep13 DJ Wants Rooftop Party Pad in the Heart of Chicago
Ep12 From Cramped Apartment to Grand Home in Jensen Beach, Florida
Ep11 A Seattle Couple Has Trouble Deciding on a Condo or a House in Seattle
Ep10 They Love the Chi-Town City Life but With Two Kids in Tow They're Ready to Go
Ep9 High Hopes for Cincinnati Dream Home
Ep8 Ann Arbor Couple Want to Buy a Home Where They Can Throw Big Parties
Ep8 Ann Arbor Couple Want to Buy a Home Where They Can Throw Big Parties
Ep7 The Perfect Place vs. the Perfect Price in Orange County, CA
Ep6 Picky First-Time Buyer Needs Sister to Keep Her Grounded
Ep5 Swim Instructor Wants Home Near Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island
Ep4 Dustin and McKenzie Want It All in Their First Home in Nashville
Ep3 Looking for a House With Space for the Band in New Haven, CT
Ep2 Picky Buyers Relocate From San Francisco to Orange County, CA
Ep1 A Young Woman Wants to Buy a Condo in Minneapolis and Rent a Room to Her Best Friend

Season 67

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Science Teacher and Basketball Coach Searching San Diego for Their First House
Ep12 Finding a House for Triplets in San Diego
Ep11 Million Dollar Log Cabin in Colorado
Ep10 A Young Woman Is Excited to Put Down Roots in Orange County
Ep9 Newlywed House Hunters Fight It Out in D.C.
Ep8 A California Family Looks for Their Dream Home in Idaho
Ep7 Looking for Southern Style in the Charlotte Suburbs
Ep6 Picky Actors Search for Starter Home in Aurora, IL
Ep5 A Young Couple Search for High-End Properties in Las Vegas
Ep4 Antique-Obsessed House Hunter in Fort Collins
Ep3 Couple Searches for Million Dollar New England Lake House
Ep2 A Portland Couple Wants Room for Chickens
Ep1 Florida Family Buys Home on an Island

Season 66

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Pentagon Army Officer and Wife at War Over D.C. House Hunt
Ep10 Young Family Looking for a Classic Southern Style Home in Alabama
Ep9 Buying a Home in a New City After a Year Living Apart
Ep8 Young Buyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan Demand the Perfect Home
Ep7 A Georgia Couple Living in Their Family's Basement Is Eager to Find a Home of Their Own
Ep6 Iranian-Born Mali and Husband Clash Over Modern vs. Old Charm in Denver House Hunt
Ep5 A Couple With Vastly Different Tastes Searches for the Perfect Home in Las Vegas
Ep4 Room for Softball Team in Chicago
Ep3 Two Tall Texans Looking for Headroom in Fort Worth
Ep2 Radio Show Host and Salesman House Hunting in Indianapolis Suburb
Ep1 Single Gal Buys a Cape Cod Home to Play Host to Her Family

Season 65

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Bachelor Searches for Manhattan Pied-a-Terre
Ep12 Young Professional Seeks Upscale Chicago Condo With Modern Conveniences
Ep11 New Home in the Boston Suburbs
Ep10 A Wife Wants Historic Charm but Her Tall, Football-Playing Husband Wants New Construction
Ep9 Picky Connecticut Buyer Has to Compromise
Ep8 #1 Newlywed Couple Wants Home in a Master Planned Community in Suburban Austin, Texas
Ep7 Major Differences Over Style in Philadelphia
Ep6 A Couple Relocating to Connecticut Doesn't See Eye to Eye on the Ideal Home
Ep5 Hollywood Photographer Wants Second Home in Vegas
Ep4 A Young Couple Get a Rude Awakening When They Look for Their First Place in New York City
Ep3 Tommy and Robby Search for a Vacation Home in the Great Smokey Mountains
Ep2 Looking for a Pre-Sixties Home in Texas
Ep1 Multi Family Brownstone in Brooklyn

Season 64

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Air Force Couple Searches for New Home in Destin, Florida
Ep12 Engaged Couple Looking for First House and Planning Wedding in Charlotte, NC
Ep11 Boston Couple Has Big Money to Spend
Ep10 Couple Wants a Backyard Big Enough for Baseball
Ep9 Buyers Disagree on Purchase in Historic New Orleans
Ep8 Newlyweds Hunt for Their First Home in Branson
Ep7 Newlywed Refuses to Settle for Less Than Great Deal in Suburban Orlando
Ep6 A Couple in Virginia Is on the Hunt for the Perfect Family Home
Ep5 Newlyweds Can't Agree in Tennessee
Ep4 Buying a Condo for 40k in Atlanta
Ep3 Parents Expecting Twins Need a Home in a Hurry
Ep2 Gut Jobs and Golf Courses in West Palm Beach
Ep1 No Time for Projects in Pennsylvania

Season 63

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Looking for Fun Town in Nashua, New Hampshire
Ep12 Leaving Lake Tahoe to Build Dream Home in Texas
Ep11 Young Minneapolis Couple Wants Creative Inspiration
Ep10 Kenyan Couple Selling Hip Condo in Chicago for House in the Suburbs
Ep9 Recently Engaged Couple Looking for Resort-Style Home in Gulf Coast Town of Destin, Florida
Ep8 Denver Couple Is Anxious to Escape Townhome They Share With Their Mother-in-Law
Ep7 Newlyweds on the Hunt in the Chicago Suburbs
Ep6 Three Bedrooms and a Basement in D.C.
Ep5 Buyer Has Five Days to Buy Her Home and Move From New Orleans to Fresno
Ep4 A Blended Family Deals With a Blended Wish List on Their Bay Area House Hunt
Ep3 A Recently Married Couple Hunt for Their First Home Together in College Station, Texas
Ep2 Seeing Eye to Eye in New Hampshire
Ep1 Young Wife Has Renovation Phobia and Her Husband Wants a Fixer-Upper

Season 62

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Picky Couple Looking for a Bigger Home in Pricey Orange County, California
Ep12 Young Pennsylvania Couple Is Taking Some Big Steps
Ep11 Couple Needs Non-Traditional in the Shenandoah Valley
Ep10 Wandering Family of Four Looking to Settle Down in Texas Hillcountry
Ep9 Mainlanders Settle Down in Maui
Ep8 Young Woman Decides Between House and Townhouse in Nashville
Ep7 Downtown San Francisco vs. Bay Area Burbs
Ep6 Brother vs. Younger Sisters in Boston Burbs
Ep5 Mark and Meghan Are Excited to Buy Their First Home in Charlotte, N.C.
Ep4 Multi-Generational Home in Nashville
Ep3 Job Transfer Has Couple Hunting for Home in Austin Before Moving From Tampa Bay
Ep2 A Picky Wife and Her Do-It-Yourself Husband Struggle to Find the Perfect Arizona Home
Ep1 Sisters Search for a Sacramento Home

Season 61

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 An Iraq War Vet and Wife Seek First Home for Future Family
Ep12 In Search of Historic Charm or Modern Upgrades in the Gateway City
Ep11 Looking for a Vacation Home in Sunny Florida
Ep10 Las Vegas Dancer Wants His First Place
Ep9 An Atlanta Attorney Is Determined to Find a Place in Her Ideal Area
Ep8 A Young Chicago Couple Decides Between Chicago and the Suburbs
Ep7 Space Needed in Northern California to Raise Goats, Grow Vegetables and Store 50 Bicycles
Ep6 Getting a Deal in St. Louis
Ep5 Couple Searches for Starter Home in Los Angeles Before Baby
Ep4 Minnesota Transplants Debate the Merits of Fixer vs. Move-in Ready in Wisconsin
Ep3 An Overachieving Couple Sets a Goal of Buying a Home Near Houston
Ep2 Looking for Space and Extra Room for the Nieces and Nephews
Ep1 A Man and His Family Hunt for New Home in California

Season 60

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Couple Disagrees on Townhouse or Single Family Home in Philadelphia Search
Ep12 Escaping Utah Chill for Sunny Austin, Texas
Ep11 First Time Buyers Make Unusual Demands as They Search for a Home in Houston
Ep10 A North Carolina Couple Struggles to Find a Home They Both Like
Ep9 Searching for a New England Escape
Ep8 Luxury Vacation Living in Downtown Miami
Ep7 Wife and Husband Seek Home in California That Can Pass Her Sniff Test
Ep6 Buying a Piece of History in Old Town Key West
Ep5 Finding the Perfect House Before Baby Is Born in Illinois
Ep4 A Picky Couple Wants a House Just Like the Dream Home They Left Behind in Pennsylvania
Ep3 A Couple Looks for Their First Home in San Diego
Ep2 James and Sherry Have Worked Hard and Saved Up to Buy a Spacious Dream Home in Dallas
Ep1 Bigger Is Better in Minneapolis

Season 59

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Clairvoyant House Hunter Adds Challenge to California Search
Ep12 Florida Couple Search for Home Before Wedding With Help of Dad
Ep11 Iraq War Veteran and Wife Search for First Home in Raleigh
Ep10 First-Time Buyers Zack and Lauren Want a Place That Will Generate Income
Ep9 Finicky First-Time Buyers in Durham, North Carolina
Ep8 Moving Out of a Hotel, Into a Home in Indiana
Ep7 Fashion Designer and Engineer Look for an Eichler in Palo Alto, CA
Ep6 Oregon Teacher Trades Frat Boy Lifestyle for His First Home
Ep5 Buying a House That Mom Likes in San Antonio
Ep4 A 20-Something Engineer Looks for Her First Home in Kansas City
Ep3 Newlyweds Search for First Home Near San Jose
Ep2 Newly Dating Couple Search for the Perfect Home in Michigan With Mom's Help
Ep1 This Family of Four Is Tired of Their Cramped Condo in Honolulu, HI

Season 58

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Sisters With Opinions Search Atlanta
Ep12 Couple Gets Home Downpayment as Wedding Gift
Ep11 Single Mom Hunts for a Home in Kent, Ohio
Ep10 A Golf Pro and His Wife Have a Tough Time Finding the Perfect Home in Louisiana
Ep9 Out of Storage in Salt Lake
Ep8 Rain Lovers Search for New Home in Portland, Oregon
Ep7 Young Couple Seeks First Home in Minneapolis Area
Ep6 Picky Buyers in a Seattle Suburb
Ep5 Divorced Michigan Mom Seeks Home With European Flair
Ep4 House or Condo in Key West, FL
Ep3 A Growing Family Looks for a Five Bedroom Home Near New Orleans
Ep3 A Growing Family Looks for a Five Bedroom Home Near New Orleans
Ep2 Convenience Is Costly in the Silicon Valley
Ep1 Selling the Ranch in Wyoming and Moving to Montana

Season 57

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Former New Yorkers Brian and Bryce Look to Buy in Los Angeles
Ep12 A Single Mother of Two Is Eager to Find a Home in Los Angeles
Ep11 Outdoor Lovers Buy First Home in Denver
Ep10 First Home in Minneapolis Is a Long Time Coming
Ep9 Passing the 100 Point Test in Portland, OR
Ep8 A Young Couple Searches for Their First Home in West Virginia
Ep7 Search For Cool Mid-Century Home in Austin
Ep6 First Time Buyers Seek Forever House in Motor City
Ep5 A Couple Planning to Adopt Wants to Find the Perfect Family Home in LA
Ep4 Couple Looks for an RV for Their Growing Family
Ep3 Picky Pooch Lover Wants Home With Doggy Door in Sacramento, California
Ep2 A Couple Is on the Search for Their First Home Together in Hollywood
Ep1 Engaged Couple Searches Gainesville, Florida for a House That Reminds Them of Colorado

Season 56

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Fashion Lover Searches for Closet Space in Fredericksburg, VA
Ep12 Looking for a Home in Austin
Ep11 A Place to Party in Atlanta
Ep10 Picky and Looking for the Perfect Chicago Condo
Ep9 Virginia Couple Looks for Single Family Home in Historic Richmond
Ep8 First Time Buyer Has Dad's Help in Baltimore
Ep7 Ohio Family Needs More Space
Ep6 A First Time Buyer Tries to Go From Renter to Landlord in the D.C. Area
Ep5 Transforming a Fixer Into a Bachelor Pad in Corona, CA
Ep4 Everything's Bigger in Houston
Ep3 Buying on a Budget in Manhattan
Ep2 After Living All Over the World, Blair & Crystal Settle Down in Houston
Ep1 Jessica and Alex Are on the Hunt for Their First Home in Delaware

Season 55

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Matt and Laura Are Tired of Living 400 Miles Apart and Are Searching Baton Rouge, LA, for Their First Home
Ep12 Search for New Orleans Getaway
Ep11 Couple Searches for House With Short Commute in Wilmington, Delaware
Ep10 Family Searches for Dream Home in Wilmington, North Carolina
Ep9 Young Buyers Seek Ultimate Deal in Hip Detroit
Ep8 Looking for Charm in Indiana
Ep7 Picky First Time Buyers in Chicago
Ep6 Charlotte Newcomers Need Home Before Baby Is Born
Ep5 Former D.C. Pro Football Cheerleader Seeks a Home
Ep4 Young Social Worker Seeks Vintage Pad in Historic Cleveland
Ep3 Should a Couple Buy a Home Near a Town or Out in the Country on the Island Paradise of Kauai, Hawaii
Ep2 Doctor and Family Start Over in Sunny Palm Harbor Florida After Losing Equity in Detroit
Ep1 A Trauma Surgeon Searches for a Home in Fargo

Season 54

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Great Dane, Two Chihuahuas and a Whole Lot of House in Nashville
Ep12 A Portland Couple Wants Out of Their Cramped High-Rise Studio
Ep11 High End Taste on a Teacher's Salary in Connecticut
Ep10 Single Guy Searches for Home in Birmingham, MI
Ep9 A Knoxville Couple Living With Their Family Is Eager to Find a Home of Their Own
Ep8 Young Couple Search for a Starter Home in San Antonio
Ep7 Traditional vs. Modern in Dallas
Ep6 Atlanta Hipsters Buying Their First Home Are Hard to Please
Ep5 An Engaged Couple Needs to Decide if They Want to Live in the Heart of Atlanta or in the Suburbs
Ep4 Young Family Seeks Craftsman Bungalow in St. Paul
Ep3 Newlyweds' First Home in New Jersey Is a Long Time Coming
Ep2 Couple Seeks Home With Room for Shoes in Austin
Ep1 Million Dollar Pad in Chicago

Season 53

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep55 San Diego Surfer Wants the Beach But Wife Wants the Burbs
Ep55 San Diego Surfer Wants the Beach But Wife Wants the Burbs
Ep13 High Expectations, Low Budget in Sacramento
Ep12 Single Mom Searches for a Family Home in South Carolina
Ep11 He Wants Modern, She Wants Traditional in Chicago
Ep10 Teacher Searches for a Starter Home in Raleigh, N.C.
Ep9 A Chicago Lawyer, a Teacher, and a Lap Dog
Ep8 Just 23 and Ready to Buy
Ep7 Nathan & Amy Search for a New Home in New Orleans That's Close to the Action, but Also Family-Friendly
Ep6 First Time Buyer in Boulder
Ep5 A Single Girl Searches for a Spacious Home in Orlando
Ep4 Couple Torn Between City or Suburbs in Los Angeles
Ep3 Search for Jersey Shore Dream Cottage
Ep2 From Inner-City to the O.C.
Ep1 Two Opinionated Ladies, 4 Pit Bulls and a Baby

Season 52

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Second Home in New Orleans
Ep12 Searching for a Family Home in Northern California
Ep11 Coast Guard Family Wants a Permanent Home in Seattle
Ep10 Musical Family Needs More Space in Portland
Ep9 Atlanta Transplants Shocked by Frigid New England Real Estate Market
Ep8 Single Woman Looks for Home Within Biking Distance of Work in Arizona
Ep7 Half Full Versus Half Empty in Chicago
Ep6 Engaged Couple Searches for First Home in Atlanta GA
Ep5 Portland Couple Want Their First Home to Be a Fixer
Ep4 An Active Couple in Jacksonville Wants Their Home to be Near a Gym
Ep3 Cleveland Newlyweds Search for Home Near Downtown
Ep2 Florida Couple Expects a Lot as They Look for a Home in Manhattan Beach CA
Ep1 Newlyweds Melanie and Kenny Search for a Home That Meets His Needs and Her Wishes in Hampton, Virginia

Season 51

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 A Second Chance Near St. Paul, Minnesota
Ep12 Chris Wants a Cool Bachelor Pad in the Heart of Washington, DC
Ep11 Singer Searches for Starter Home in L.A.
Ep10 Stylists Search for Hip Starter Home
Ep9 Young Buyer Has Limited Budget But High Expectations in Charleston, South Carolina
Ep8 Brothers Search for Place to Share in Denver
Ep7 Barry's Trading High-Rise Living in Chicago for the Quieter Charms of Syracuse, New York
Ep6 Florida Newlyweds Need to Get Out of Their Friend's Condo and Find Their First Home
Ep5 She Wants the Suburbs, He Wants the City
Ep4 A Single Mom With a Young Son Needs to Downsize in Tucson, AZ
Ep3 Varun and Oxana Are Having a Hard Time Agreeing on Their First Place in Raleigh, NC
Ep2 The Serra Family Is Looking Forward to Settling Down in San Antonio, TX
Ep1 Making a Commitment to Richmond, Virginia

Season 50

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Teachers Search for Starter Home in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley
Ep12 A Couple That Recently Moved to the Suburbs of Illinois Is Desperate to Find a Home
Ep11 Gene Has Decided It's Time to Stop Throwing Money Away on a Rental and Buy a Permanent Home in Cleveland, OH
Ep10 Couple Looks for Row House Fixer in Washington, D.C.
Ep9 New Bride Wants to Buy a Home in San Diego Before Navy Husband Returns Home
Ep8 Ben and Julie Start Over After a Difficult Year
Ep7 Josh and Amy Want a Home With the Perfect Backyard for Their Wedding
Ep6 A Woman With Quirky Tastes Searches for Starter Home in Seattle
Ep5 A Florida Couple Stuck Living With Their Family Are Desperate to Find a Larger Home
Ep4 Justine Returns to Her Hometown All Grown Up
Ep3 San Francisco City Life Versus Life in the Suburbs
Ep2 Back to Civilization in Whitefish, Montana
Ep1 The Valley Family Is New to the Dallas Area, and Must Choose Between Buying a Home That's Close to Work, or Close to Friends

Season 49

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Will and Wynter Want to Buy Their First Home in Visalia, CA Before Getting Engaged
Ep12 Mike and Clare Are Stuck in His Parents' Basement Until They Can Find a Home to Buy
Ep11 Atlanta Couple Disagrees Over Home Purchase
Ep10 Best Friends Jayme and Courtney Are On the Search for Their First Place in San Diego
Ep9 Couple Rushes to Buy Home in Montana
Ep8 Getting It All in Baltimore and Getting It Now
Ep7 Doctor Wants to Live in High Rise While Dentist Wife Votes for Townhouse
Ep6 Cyclist Searches for Home Near Detroit
Ep5 Move In Ready Versus Fixer in Dallas
Ep4 Amanda and Rich Want a Fresh Start in the Denver Suburbs
Ep3 City vs. Suburbs: A Couple Seeks a Compromise in Chicago
Ep2 Britt Finds Her First Home in Seattle