How Do I Look?

  • 2004

A lifestyle-makeover show in which the subject is given a new look by two friends and a professional stylist.


Season 12

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Down Under Makeover
Ep26 Holly Would if Holly Could
Ep25 Sylina's Busting Out All Over
Ep24 Fitting In, Moving On
Ep23 The Gritty Grandma
Ep22 Sequiner or Seq-Loser
Ep21 Till Death Do Us Part
Ep20 Heather and the Girls
Ep19 Passing the Fashion Bar
Ep18 Fab Abb
Ep17 Twisted Sister
Ep16 Southern Comfort
Ep15 Worst Dressed in America
Ep14 Tackling the Football Fanatic
Ep13 Spare the Glare
Ep12 Bye Bye Birdie
Ep11 '80s Rocker Gets Rolled
Ep10 Leaving the Streets Behind
Ep9 Most Likely to Need a Makeover
Ep8 The Queen of Comfort
Ep7 The Weight Is Over
Ep6 The Anti-Style Activist
Ep5 Online, Off Style
Ep4 Walk Down the Aisle in Style
Ep3 The A, B, Cs of Fashion
Ep2 Thirty, Going On Thirteen
Ep1 New AttiTUTUed

Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Two Sexy
Ep21 Damsel Distressed
Ep20 The Terror of Tiny Tops
Ep19 Goodbye Grandma Blahs
Ep18 The Prom Dress Mess
Ep17 Big Change, Little Woman
Ep16 Christine Comes First
Ep15 Past the Stripping Point
Ep14 Mistress of the Macabre
Ep13 Flashdance From the Past
Ep12 Lost in Los Angeles
Ep11 Debunking the Punk
Ep10 Will You Be My Valentina?
Ep9 Fashion Under Construction
Ep8 Runway Runaway
Ep7 Dazed and Confused Fashion
Ep6 The Pint-Sized Punk
Ep5 Ill Fitting Ill-iana
Ep4 Trick-or-Treat Retreat
Ep3 Let Go of the Leggings!
Ep2 Double Trouble
Ep1 New Look, New Jersey

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 A New Style for a New Life
Ep19 A Charity Case for Fashion
Ep18 Covered and Discovered
Ep17 Earth-Friendly, Fashion-Hostile
Ep16 The Overcoordinated Disaster
Ep15 The Confused Fashionista
Ep14 Kindergarten Couture
Ep13 One Sloppy Mother
Ep12 Mission Kimpossible
Ep11 Perplexingly Purple
Ep10 The Unhappy Hippy
Ep9 Matronly Marleigh
Ep8 Grow Up and Dress Up
Ep7 Carnivore Couture
Ep6 Sloppy Joe to Fashionable Pro
Ep5 Ivy League Raunch
Ep4 The Girl in the Red Glasses
Ep3 Grin and Stop Baring It
Ep2 An End to Menswear
Ep1 Unique Chic or Freak of the Week?

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Sylina's Busting Out All Over

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep122 The Not So Hip Hippie
Ep121 The Hoochie Hunter
Ep120 The WEIGHT Is Over
Ep119 Spicing Up a Wanna Be Wardrobe
Ep118 Making Over a Dreadful Style
Ep117 How Not to Play Dress Up
Ep116 Don't Be a Boob About Style
Ep115 De-PLUM Your Wardrobe
Ep114 The Rock-T, Bride-To-Be
Ep113 How Do I Look NOW?
Ep112 Totally Bizarre
Ep111 Taking Steps Toward Success
Ep110 Must See Makeovers
Ep109 Barbara Rees
Ep108 Erin Vasquez
Ep107 Laura Mayers
Ep106 Rebecca Fierro
Ep105 Carrie Dockendorff
Ep104 Grace Under Pressure
Ep103 Meg Morrow & Mary Eddy
Ep102 Jeni Ivey
Ep101 Emily Bruns
Ep100 Jennifer Mora
Ep99 Shana Taylor
Ep98 Jessica Neilson
Ep97 Lola Dada
Ep96 New Orleans---Rebuilding With Style
Ep95 Mother/Daughter Makeover
Ep94 Valerie Perkins
Ep93 Ludmila Merka
Ep92 Thon Walker
Ep91 Jolie Milstein
Ep90 Danielle Robertson
Ep89 Erin Robbins
Ep88 Angie Taylor
Ep87 Kristen Kells
Ep86 Cancer Survivor Bride
Ep85 Sabrina Mansfield
Ep84 Pre-School Teacher
Ep83 Amanda Knauff
Ep82 Single Mother, Cancer Survivor
Ep81 Kathleen Valencia
Ep80 Nichole 'Nicki' Meuse
Ep79 Mother-Daughter Special
Ep78 Dress for Success Special
Ep77 Dress for Success Special
Ep76 Connie Niebuhr
Ep75 Joy Arnes
Ep74 Most Memorable Moments
Ep73 Wedding Cruise Cutdown
Ep72 Marisol Garcia
Ep71 Emelia Stuart
Ep70 Comeback Challenge Special
Ep69 Irene Pan
Ep68 Sabrina Thomas
Ep67 Cynthia Basulto
Ep66 Wedding Special
Ep65 Grace Monson
Ep64 Alissa Johns
Ep63 Samantha Spangler
Ep62 Kimberly Simpson
Ep61 Emily Blumenthal
Ep60 Celeste McWhorter
Ep59 Diane Moss
Ep58 Karen Maruyama
Ep57 Erin Paxton
Ep56 Sandra Henry
Ep55 Deanna Hays
Ep54 Sarah Olczak
Ep53 Phillip DeRobertis
Ep52 Amantha Hordagoda
Ep51 Debie Knapik
Ep50 AJ Becker
Ep49 Tyra Hughes
Ep48 Ashley Geren
Ep47 Irene Vaksberg
Ep46 Clare Witt
Ep45 Joyce Robinson Agu
Ep44 Wendy O'Brien
Ep43 Rebekah Ingraham
Ep42 Adela Agolli
Ep41 Leah Huber
Ep40 Yesenia Heraldo
Ep39 Frank Harnish
Ep38 Laura Herlovich
Ep37 Ashley Adams
Ep36 Sarah Frankenburg
Ep35 Lisa Carriste
Ep34 Marlena McTigue
Ep33 Nurit Siegel
Ep32 Kenni Palmer
Ep31 Doug Marsh
Ep30 Alex Jamieson
Ep29 Lauri Hyink
Ep28 Howard Nelson
Ep27 Melody Babka
Ep26 From Roadie to Rock Star
Ep25 Kristin Kaiser
Ep24 Shelly Abrams
Ep23 Alisha Brophy
Ep22 Gina Griem
Ep21 Ashley Rudd
Ep20 Amanda Godwin
Ep19 How Do I Look?
Ep18 How Do I Look?
Ep17 How Do I Look?
Ep16 How Do I Look?
Ep15 How Do I Look?
Ep14 Jas Dinh
Ep13 How Do I Look?
Ep12 Robert Bell
Ep11 How Do I Look?
Ep10 How Do I Look?
Ep9 How Do I Look?
Ep8 Julie Peterson
Ep7 Julie Peterson
Ep6 Susan Deming
Ep5 How Do I Look?
Ep4 Shamelle Shine Salahuddin
Ep3 Yo Yo
Ep2 How Do I Look?
Ep1 How Do I Look?
Ep 5
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?
Amanda Knauff
100th Episode: New Orleans Rebuilding With Style
The Unhappy Hippy
Making Over A Dreadful Style
Mother/ Daughter Makeover
Mission Kimpossible
Karen Maruyama
Jolie Milstein
Unique Chic Or Freak Of The Week?
Wedding Cruise Cutdown
Valerie Perkins
Ludmila Merka
The Weight Is Over
Meg Morrow and Mary Eddy
Marisol Garcia
Sabrina Mansfield
Thon Walker
Samantha Spangler
Spicing Up A Wannabe Wardrobe
Laura Mayers
Kristen Kells
Kimberly Simpson
Shana Taylor
The Girl In The Red Glasses
Totally Bizarre
Matronly Marleigh
Most Memorable Moments
Joy Arnes
The Confused Fashionista
Nichole Nicki Meuse
Jennifer Mora
Taking Steps Towards Success
Kindergarten Couture
The Not So Hip Hippie
The Hoochie Hunter
The Rock-T, Bride To-Be
Lola Dada
The Overcoordinated Disaster
Rebecca Fierro
Jessica Neilson
Perplexingly Purple
Sloppy Joe To Fashionable Pro
Jeni Ivey
Kathleen Valencia
One Sloppy Mother
Sabrina Thomas
Ep 4
Ep 2
Ep 1
Ep 3
Ep 6
Ep 9
Ep 8
Ep 7
Must-See Makeovers

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How Do I Look?

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The stylistically challenged will begin the New Year by finally confronting the unfashionable truth, as everyone's favorite makeover series "How Do I Look?" debuts ten all-new episodes on The Style Network. With the help of host and fashion expert Jeannie Mai, as well as concerned friends, family and a professional stylist, they will encourage their disastrously dressed loved one to follow through on a resolution for better fashion sense. Featuring a whole new cast of characters, outrageous 'before' looks and some explosive altercations, will each victim work to achieve their style goals or resist change every step of the way?

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