If Walls Could Talk

  • 1998-2008

Histories of structures notable for their famous inhabitants (or for unusual items left behind). Included: the former home of President Zachary Taylor and a house containing an ink sketch by Walt... More


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep197 French Cottage Surprise
Ep196 Hunting for History
Ep195 Chandelier Shocker
Ep194 Tom Sawyer
Ep193 Secret Passageways
Ep192 Fairytale Past
Ep191 Wild West History
Ep190 Brewing Mystery
Ep189 Hidden Hideout
Ep188 Tiffany Teaser
Ep187 Red-Light Mystery
Ep186 Presidential Paradise
Ep185 Painting Puzzler
Ep184 Royal Reader
Ep183 Tasty Treasures
Ep182 Mortuary Mystery
Ep181 Baccarat Baffler
Ep180 Ritzy Relics
Ep179 Cotton Conundrum
Ep178 Attic Mystery
Ep177 Gym to Gems Mystery
Ep176 Mobster Mystery
Ep175 Civil War Shocker
Ep174 Maple Mantle Mystery
Ep173 Treasure Hunt
Ep172 Privy Puzzler
Ep171 Backward Brainteaser
Ep170 Log Cabin Time Capsule
Ep169 Silver Lining House
Ep168 Piano Jackpot
Ep167 Hidden Treasure
Ep166 Household Headlines
Ep165 Reflection of Wealth
Ep164 Inn the Money
Ep163 Hunting for Treasure
Ep162 Castle of Cash
Ep161 Jail House Mystery
Ep160 Hospital History
Ep159 Heavenly Treasures
Ep158 Homes' Histories Come to Life
Ep157 Ancient Clues from the Past
Ep156 Historic Home Discoveries
Ep155 Antique Finds Abound
Ep154 Pieces of the Past
Ep153 Past Secrets Resurface
Ep152 Medical Mysteries Found
Ep151 Time Capsules
Ep150 Houses Full of History Legends
Ep149 House Mysteries Revealed
Ep148 Hidden History
Ep147 Curious Home Finds
Ep146 Hidden Treasures Abound
Ep145 Keys to the Past
Ep144 Historical Home Surprises
Ep143 Hidden Histories Uncovered
Ep142 Multiple Mysteries Unearthed
Ep141 Hidden Clues to the Past
Ep140 Uncovering Home Histories
Ep139 Previous Owners' Surprises
Ep138 The Crime Castle
Ep137 Historical Surprises
Ep136 Basement Bonanza
Ep135 Surprise Discoveries
Ep134 Finds From the Past
Ep133 Hidden Discoveries Revealed
Ep132 Safe-Cracking Discovery
Ep131 Historical Stories
Ep130 Secrets Exposed
Ep129 Clues From the Past
Ep128 Multiple Mysteries Revealed
Ep127 Shocking Discoveries Abound
Ep126 Blueprints, Booze and Mystery
Ep125 Records From the Past
Ep124 Mystery on the Menu
Ep123 Peculiar Pieces of the Past
Ep122 Restoration Revelations
Ep121 Treasures From the Past
Ep120 Cracking Open the Past
Ep119 Missing Mural Mystery
Ep118 Hidden Secrets Revealed
Ep117 Historical Pursuits
Ep116 Surprising Discoveries
Ep115 Piano Cash Surprise
Ep114 Multiple Clues to the Past
Ep113 Canonball Conundrum
Ep112 Russian Relics and More
Ep111 Historical Connections
Ep110 Speakeasy Mystery
Ep109 Mystery in the Trees
Ep108 Relics Reveal Answers
Ep107 House Histories Revealed
Ep106 Exploring the Past
Ep105 Hidden Treasures
Ep104 Pieces to the Past
Ep103 Mysteries Uncovered
Ep102 Historical Discoveries
Ep101 Digging Up Past Mysteries
Ep100 Historical Finds
Ep99 House Secrets Revealed
Ep98 Tales of Restoration
Ep97 Windows to the Past
Ep96 Mysterious Connections Discovered
Ep95 Past Secrets Revealed
Ep94 Hidden Treasures Revealed
Ep93 Revealing Renovations
Ep92 Home Histories
Ep91 Historical Ties
Ep90 Picture-Perfect Past
Ep89 History Lessons
Ep88 Tinseltown Ties
Ep87 Mayoral Roots and More
Ep86 Historical Links
Ep85 Discoveries of the Past
Ep84 Picture to the Past
Ep83 If Walls Could Talk
Ep82 Hidden Home Treasures
Ep81 Portrait of English Life
Ep80 Unlocking Corners of the Past
Ep79 Getting a Handle on History
Ep78 Album of Memories
Ep77 Melting Down Clues
Ep76 Large Family Ties
Ep75 Photographic Patchwork
Ep74 Building Connections
Ep73 Excavating Escapade
Ep72 Past Preservation
Ep71 Divine Discoveries
Ep70 Finding Clues to the Past
Ep69 Stormy Past
Ep68 Kennedy Connection
Ep67 Metallic Mystery
Ep66 Turning Down Pages of the Past
Ep65 Flashback
Ep64 The History Is in the Homes
Ep63 Toast of the Town
Ep62 Tennessee Farmhouse History
Ep61 1886 Romanesque Castle
Ep60 Landmark Discoveries
Ep59 Home Is Where the Art Is
Ep58 Tavern Traditions
Ep57 Passage Through Time
Ep56 From Hardware Store to Home
Ep55 Miner, Sausage, Store
Ep54 Love Connection
Ep53 Time-Capsule Victorian
Ep52 Romantic Rancher
Ep51 1893 Queen Anne
Ep50 Historical Influences
Ep49 1869 Baroque Revival
Ep48 Long Island Farmhouse
Ep47 Unintended Time Capsule
Ep46 A Nautical History
Ep45 Pathway to History
Ep44 Wild West
Ep43 Famous Fliers
Ep42 West Virginia Mansion
Ep41 The Raven
Ep40 The Little House
Ep39 Easton Castle
Ep38 Dairy Farm House
Ep37 1865 Georgia Farmhouse
Ep36 South Dakota Queen Anne
Ep35 Alhambra
Ep34 Bad Book
Ep33 High-Society Attic
Ep32 Austrian Murals
Ep31 Pony Express Trail
Ep30 New Hampshire Stagecoach
Ep29 Creole Family Heritage
Ep28 California Cottage
Ep27 1880s Victorian
Ep26 Duluth Mansion
Ep25 Prominent Past
Ep24 Abolitionist House
Ep23 Macon Family Reunion
Ep22 Cajun Country Boarding House
Ep21 Elvis House
Ep20 African-American University House
Ep19 Bomb Shelter House
Ep18 San Diego Hacienda
Ep17 Portsmouth Victorian
Ep16 Queen Anne Home
Ep15 Adobe House
Ep14 1920s Savannah House
Ep13 Cape Charles House
Ep12 Crockett House
Ep11 Sam Houston House
Ep10 Civil War Reunion House
Ep9 French Quarter Lanaux House
Ep8 Jonas Green House
Ep7 Castle Marne
Ep6 Degas House
Ep5 Learning Family History
Ep4 Vermont Artifacts
Ep3 Southern Author's Finds
Ep2 Postcard Row
Ep1 Mysterious Victorian Attics
Capitol, Pasta,Tildens
Flower Shop House
Famous Architect
Divided; Music; Rachel
Time Capsule
Railroad Ties
Pullman, Holliday, Sleuth
Boxing Souvenir
Blueprint, Grace, Home
Fabulous Ceilings
Long-Lost Doors
Afoot, Cobblestone, 1875 Judge House
Naughty, Immigrant, Flowers
Docs, Hamptons, Buttons
If Walls Could Talk
McMemories, Twisted, Wind
Connecticul Captain's Inn
Old Castle
Quaker, Dawson House, Hutchings
Time, Table, Relative
Palm Reader
Cather, Romancing, Native
Holmes Hall for Boys, Secret, Fine
Palm Reader
Haunted Mansion
Miner, Styles, Perfect Juneau Cabin
Vision, Wild West, Home Cooking
Eyesore, Raceland, Russian
Minnie, Baby Shoes, Nine
Visit From a Princess
Cadillac, Opera, Friends
Norman Rockwell House
1888 Queen Anne
Louisiana Farmhouse
Stained-Glass Connection
Galveston Hurricane House
West Virginia Bed-and-Breakfast
Railroad Ties
At the White House
Odessa House
The Factory
1807 House
1910 Greek Revival
1900s Mission Revival
1923 Hot Springs Home
1878 Victorian Adobe
Second-Empire House
Wildwood 1884
Sculpt, Scotch, Staircase
Charm, Amen, Teacher
Town & Country House
G.W. Nesom House B & B
Bonaventure Bed & Breakfast
Protection, Chapel, Family
Clauser's Bed & Breakfast

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