• 2008

A satirical look at the week in the media.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep53 The Final Episode
Ep52 Michael Rapaport & A Tribe Called Quest
Ep51 News Gone Wild
Ep50 Family Guys
Ep49 Rob Corddry and Celebrity Hoaxes
Ep48 Oprah Hangover
Ep47 Doomsday Spoilers
Ep46 Royals, Russia and Rehab
Ep45 Cinco de Mania, Derby Delirium
Ep44 Royal Wedding Scoop
Ep43 Sexercise and the Strokes
Ep42 Reality Stars and 'Marijuanaman'
Ep41 Media Madness
Ep40 Tech Extravaganza
Ep39 Madness by March
Ep38 Virtual Water Cooler
Ep37 Rockets' Red Fail
Ep36 Real Scoop on the Oscars
Ep35 Valentine's Hangover
Ep34 Single Ladies and Gay Bars
Ep34 Single Ladies and Gay Bars
Ep33 Before the Big Game
Ep33 Before the Big Game
Ep32 A Kick in the Headlines
Ep32 A Kick in the Headlines
Ep31 New Year, New Look
Ep31 New Year, New Look
Ep30 Best & Worst of 2010
Ep29 Techie Gifts & Plastic Surgery
Ep28 News You Can't Use
Ep27 Politicians and Stunt Cats
Ep26 Zombie Dance Party
Ep25 Get Biebered
Ep24 Pumpkin Guts
Ep23 Grown Men Wearing Capes
Ep22 Don't Try This at Home
Ep21 Oktoberfest
Ep20 Dance Fail Fever
Ep19 Glee Clubbed
Ep18 Fashion Ninjas
Ep17 Shaq vs. Scream Queens
Ep16 Let Them Eat Cake
Ep15 Fainters and Breast Milk
Ep14 TV Gets Extreme
Ep13 Viral Video Child Stars
Ep12 Celebrity Weddings and iPhone Madness
Ep11 TV's Dirtiest Jobs
Ep10 Fireworks, Soccer and Extreme TV
Ep9 Gamers, Beer and Trey Songz
Ep8 Lady GaGa and Freaky Robots
Ep7 Hot Grandmas and New Gadgets
Ep6 Ke$ha Intervention
Ep5 Bikini Season
Ep4 Miley Grows Up
Ep3 Cheating Celebs
Ep2 Playing Gay
Ep1 Cheaters and Tricks

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