Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis

  • 2012
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Real-estate maven Jeff Lewis revamps people's homes while trying to transform their personal lives for the better in this spin-off from "Flipping Out." Also along for the renovation ride are Lewis'... Más


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Ocdemented
Ep9 Who's on First?
Ep8 Tough Girls
Ep7 Goth No More
Ep6 Odd Couple
Ep5 Kid Rules
Ep4 The Castle
Ep3 Jillian's Job Swap
Ep2 Cats, Cats, Cats
Ep1 Fabulous Delusion

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Comedy Is Not Pretty
Ep9 Design Bully
Ep8 Mismatched
Ep7 Mama's House
Ep6 All That Glitters
Ep5 Panic in Pasadena
Ep4 Ross Is the Boss
Ep3 A House Divided
Ep2 Charity Begins at Home
Ep1 Almost Perfect

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Zoila Shops for a New Pair of Breasts
48 sec
Clip Nude Book Shopping
90 sec
Clip Jenni Pulos On Being a Mom
82 sec
Clip Can't Deal With Giving up Power
88 sec
Clip Hurting People in the Process
70 sec
Preview Jeff Finds Some Porn!
57 sec
Clip Pulling Jenni's G-String
91 sec
Clip A Laugh Like None Other
87 sec
Clip Everyone Needs to Purge
73 sec
Preview Retaliation Is a Major Motivation
56 sec
Clip Jenni Learns The Booty Pop
90 sec
Clip Who's Hotter Than Andy?
37 sec
Clip Jeff Gets This Client
90 sec
Clip Jeff's Patience Is Gone
102 sec
Clip Zoila's Drunk Flirting
93 sec
Preview Zoila and the Weird Toys
45 sec
Clip Sick of the BS and Sick of the Stories
65 sec
Clip Jeff's Clients Are Freaks!
112 sec
Preview Being Crystal Clear
113 sec
Clip There's a Spider in the House
91 sec
Clip Bed
33 sec
Clip No Compromise in Sight
90 sec
Clip Getting Away With Murder
90 sec
Clip Shut the Eff up and Like It!
87 sec
Clip The Planets Don't Revolve Around the Sun
84 sec
Preview Remembering Dad With a Penis?
43 sec
Clip Lisa's Wild Side
110 sec
Clip Comparing Dance Moves
82 sec
Clip Happy in a Castle?
88 sec
Preview Jenni's Camouflaged Bush
42 sec
Clip Closet Cleaning
97 sec
Clip How Jeff Coped With Jenni's Pregnancy
64 sec
Clip Nice vs. Regular Nice
119 sec
Clip Jillian Barberie Reynolds As a Full Time Mom
71 sec
Preview Jeff Pushes Barbara's Buttons
53 sec
Clip Don't Sex
100 sec
Clip Can't Handle the Cat Smell
60 sec
Clip Dealing With Addicts
89 sec
Preview Determined to Have a Fireplace
99 sec
Clip Crazy? Freaks? Both!
98 sec
Clip The Worst Client Imaginable
41 sec
Clip A Teardown Breakdown
90 sec
Clip The House You Break Into On Halloween
116 sec
Clip Starting Clean
52 sec
Preview Can't Break Jenni Down
103 sec
Clip Bustin' Balls
2 min 19 sec
Clip War of the Micro-Managers
21 sec
Clip Breaking Jeff Down
120 sec
Clip Trying to Get the Girls Wet
70 sec
Preview Zoila Wigs Out
53 sec
Clip Zoila Fails a Sobriety Test
95 sec
Clip What's the Effin' Problem?
22 sec
Clip Rather Go Somewhere Else
114 sec
Clip Water War
95 sec
Preview Wishing He Put the Penises Away
68 sec
Clip An Uncomfortable Situation in a Hot Tub
111 sec
Clip Whose House Is It?
21 sec
Clip Not Ready for Commitment
117 sec
Clip Perplexed by the Irony
120 sec
Preview Zoila Gets Digits
51 sec
Clip Enthralled by a Bikini Shot
116 sec
Clip Can't Move On from the Past
110 sec
Clip Jeff Feeling Like a Failure
97 sec
Preview Fun With Underwear
48 sec
Clip Benefits of Drinking
109 sec
Clip Goodbye Moulding!
66 sec
Clip But Jeff Means Well
79 sec
Preview Reaching the Breaking Point
2 min 51 sec
Clip Delving Into Zoila's Past and Fears
4 min 7 sec
Clip Just Burn the House Down
20 sec
Clip The Anti-Jeff Lewis
110 sec
Clip Throwing Out Wedding Rings
120 sec
Preview Zoila's Security Detail
56 sec
Clip Travelling Yard Sale
100 sec
Clip Telenovela by Bravo
80 sec
Clip Feeling Like a Man
80 sec
Clip Putting His Client On Edge
77 sec
Clip A Super Gay Client
23 sec
Preview A Bed Pan Is Not a Sentimental Object
59 sec
Preview A Picnic Munch for Zoila
57 sec
Clip Having Fun With a Poo Rag
60 sec
Clip Jeff and Jenni On Sleeping Together
64 sec
Clip B for Bosoms
52 sec
Clip A Closer Friendship
107 sec
Clip Jenni Getting Married?
2 min 16 sec
Clip Emotionally Fragile Client
23 sec
Clip A Possible Break up?
93 sec
Clip Pretty Intense Emotions
106 sec
Clip Zoila Gets on Her Game
104 sec
Clip Zoila Has a Heart Attack
95 sec
Clip Jeff Schools Jenni
89 sec
Clip A Hard Time Letting Go
118 sec
Clip Dealing With a Lot of Stuff
22 sec
Clip Perfume Fight
44 sec
Preview A Bad Mama Jama
20 sec
Clip Whose Side Is Jenni On?
118 sec
Clip All He Wants Is Six Inches!
116 sec
Clip Making Over Homes and Making Over Lives
30 sec
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Zoila Shops for a New Pair of Breasts

Fecha al aire:
Zoila sees what she can do to remodel her body.

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