Investigative Reports

  • 1991

A long-running, Emmy-winning documentary series that explores foreign and domestic stories, including pieces that range from criminal cases to cultural trends. Host Bill Kurtis introduces segments and... Más


Investigative Reports

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep298 Mothers Who Kill
Ep297 The Recovery of New York City
Ep296 Danger in U.S. Parks
Ep295 Tribal Cops
Ep294 In Hot Pursuit
Ep293 Parole Board: Wisconsin
Ep292 The Littlest Patients: Neo-Natal ICU
Ep291 Forensic Fraud
Ep290 Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Ep289 Mental Health Dilemma
Ep288 Anatomy of September 11th
Ep287 Wage Slaves: Nickel and Dimed in America
Ep286 Inside SWAT
Ep285 Two Young Americans: The Patriot and the Taliban
Ep284 Flying Blind: Small Plane Accidents
Ep283 Dieting Wars
Ep282 Beauty Under the Knife
Ep281 Intelligence Failures
Ep280 Columbine: Understanding Why
Ep279 Parole Board: Colorado Juveniles
Ep278 Warlord
Ep277 Parole Board: Vermont
Ep276 Parole Board: Oregon
Ep275 Parole Board: Wyoming
Ep274 Airline Security
Ep273 FEMA: Urban Search and Rescue
Ep272 The Human Cloning Race
Ep271 The Spy Next Door: The Robert Hanssen Story
Ep270 Wide Open: Inside the World of High-School Football
Ep269 Portrait of a Terrorist: Mohamed Atta
Ep268 Parole Board: Missouri
Ep267 Healing and Prayer: Power or Placebo?
Ep266 Cold Case Files: Operation Jambalaya; The Christmas Eve Killer
Ep265 Parole Board: Utah
Ep264 When Pros Turn Con
Ep263 Cold Case Files: Bodies in the Bay; Till Death Do Us Part
Ep262 Stalking TV Anchors: The New Threat
Ep261 American Chief in the Amazon
Ep260 Bioterrorism
Ep259 The Deadly Trail of Sharif Sharif
Ep258 The Super-Sized Generation: Kids and Obesity
Ep257 Cold Case Files: Forty Years Cold; Blood Trail
Ep256 Parole Board: Southern New Jersey
Ep255 Cold Case Files: Family Secret; Blood Trail
Ep254 New York Justice: Second Chances
Ep253 Death Penalty on Trial
Ep252 War Against America
Ep251 Prison Romance
Ep250 Surveillance: Who's Watching You
Ep249 Cold Case Files: Frozen in Time; Little Girl Lost
Ep248 America in Pain: The Neglected Crisis
Ep247 Parking Wars
Ep246 Parole Board: Iowa
Ep245 Teen Thrill Killers
Ep244 Cold Case Files: Silent Witness; Innocence Lost
Ep243 Parole Board: New Jersey
Ep242 Cold Case Files: The Missing and the Dead
Ep241 Perfecting Baby: Controlling DNA
Ep240 The Dot.Com Roller Coaster
Ep239 Pets or Predators?
Ep238 Life After Death Row
Ep237 Cold Case Files: Missing Friend; Christmas Eve Murder
Ep236 Selling the Dream: Stock Hype and Fraud
Ep235 Cop Counselors
Ep234 AIDS in America: The Crisis Continues
Ep233 Parole Board: Louisiana
Ep232 Nightmare Journeys: Justice Abroad
Ep231 Parole Board: Oklahoma
Ep230 Teen Wilderness Camps: Therapy or Punishment?
Ep229 Cold Case Files: Vanished
Ep228 New York Justice: Beat Reporters
Ep227 Halfway House: Prison Without Bars
Ep226 #1 Cold Case Files: Portrait of a Killer; The Tortured Truth
Ep225 Behind Bars: Treatment or Punishment
Ep224 Parole Board: Rhode Island
Ep223 Cold Case Files: Terror in Telluride; Signature of a Killer
Ep222 New York Justice: Prosecutors
Ep221 Modern Mobs
Ep220 Parole Board: Kentucky State Reformatory
Ep219 Behind Bars: Violent Women in Holloway
Ep217 Generation RX: Reading, Writing and Ritalin
Ep216 Parole Board: Hawaii
Ep215 Behind Bars: Alcatraz
Ep214 New York Justice: Public Defenders
Ep213 Cold Case Files: Killer in the County
Ep212 Criminal Evidence
Ep211 Risky Business: The Day Traders
Ep210 Behind Bars: Riot in New Mexico
Ep209 Border Patrol: America's Gatekeepers
Ep208 Behind Bars: Life on the Inside
Ep207 #1 Cold Case Files: One Night on the Bayou; The Buckeye Misdemeanor
Ep206 Violence in the Workplace
Ep205 Parole Board: Montana
Ep204 The Cop and the Criminal: The Whitey Bulger Story
Ep203 Behind Bars: Supermax
Ep202 Cold Case Files: The Missing Informant; Man's Best Friend
Ep201 Inside the Killer's Mind
Ep200 Cadets: The Making of a Soldier
Ep199 Cold Case Files: Through the Eyes of a Child; The Killer Next Door
Ep198 Earthquake! On Shaky Ground
Ep197 Parole Board: New Hampshire
Ep196 Cold Case Files: Killer on the Strip; The Doll Murder
Ep195 Mission Possible: Shuttle Astronauts
Ep194 #1 Cold Case Files: The Hunter Homicides; The Skulls of Stanley Park
Ep193 Behind Bars: The Riots Within
Ep192 Tracking Storms: The Next Frontier
Ep191 The Danger on Our Plates
Ep190 Cold Case Files: The Answer in the Box; Maternal Instinct
Ep189 Cold Case Files: The Burning Secret; Justice Delayed
Ep188 #1 Cold Case Files: The Boy and the Monster; The Secret in the Cellar
Ep187 Stealing Wheels
Ep186 Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed and Grounded
Ep185 The SUV Craze
Ep184 Parole Board: West Virginia
Ep183 Teen Gambling
Ep182 Hype and Glory: Sweeps Month
Ep181 Parole Squad
Ep180 900 Women: Inside St. Gabriel's Prison
Ep179 Cruise Ships in Troubled Waters
Ep178 Life on the Edge: West Bank Settlers
Ep177 American Dream, American Nightmare
Ep176 Young Models: Growing Up Fast
Ep175 Managing Your HMO
Ep174 The Global Marketplace
Ep173 Tarnished Gold
Ep172 Dying to Win
Ep171 Hazing: A Deadly Game
Ep170 Cold Case Files
Ep169 The Planes That Fell to Earth
Ep168 JonBenet: Anatomy of an Investigation
Ep167 The Dark Side of Parole
Ep166 Danger: Fallout
Ep165 Solitary Confinement
Ep164 Caught in the 'Net
Ep163 Medical Mistakes
Ep162 The Mystery of I-45
Ep161 Friend or Foe: Flight 655
Ep160 The FBI Under Fire
Ep159 The Hate Network
Ep158 The Mysterious Dr. Swango
Ep157 e-terror
Ep156 Inside Alcoholics Anonymous
Ep155 Why O.J. Simpson Won
Ep154 Parole Board: Kentucky
Ep153 Vegas and the Mob
Ep152 Parole Board: Nevada
Ep151 Defectors: Life on the Run
Ep150 Return to the Killing Fields
Ep149 Bullied to Death
Ep148 Prescription for Murder
Ep147 In the Line of Fire: The Protectors
Ep146 Juvies
Ep145 Campus Insecurity
Ep144 Every Parent's Nightmare
Ep143 Playing to Extremes
Ep142 Bad Cops: Cause and Effect
Ep141 Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History
Ep140 Empire of Crime: A Century of the New York Mob
Ep139 Confessions of a Predator
Ep138 Shadows of Doubt: Vincent Simmons
Ep137 Wild Justice: Bounty Hunters
Ep136 War on the Range
Ep135 Behind the Blue Wall: Police Brutality
Ep134 Murder on the Tracks
Ep133 Justice for Joan
Ep132 Firestorm
Ep131 NYPD Emergency
Ep130 Hunt for the Killer Flu
Ep129 The Survivor
Ep128 Wildlife on the Edge
Ep127 In Search of the Kouprey
Ep126 Rage in the Air
Ep125 Road Warriors: The Biker Brotherhood
Ep124 Inside Polygamy
Ep123 Teenage Suicide: The Silent Threat
Ep122 The Junkie Next Door: Women and Heroin
Ep121 Bringing UFOs Down to Earth
Ep120 Celebrity Close Encounters
Ep119 Attack at Waco
Ep118 Baby Beauty Queens
Ep117 The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison
Ep116 The Heidi Fleiss Story
Ep115 To Russia for Love: Mail Order Brides
Ep114 Test Tube Dads
Ep113 Earth in the Hot Seat
Ep112 Underwater Volcano Hunters
Ep111 The Organ Trade: Life and Death For Sale
Ep110 IRS Horror Stories
Ep109 Inside LAX: A Sea of Luggage
Ep108 Inside LAX: A City in Itself
Ep107 Maneaters
Ep106 Boy Crazy: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story
Ep105 Anti-Gay Hate Crime
Ep104 Dead Kid Walking
Ep103 Teenagers Under the Gun
Ep102 Guns in America: Inside the NRA
Ep101 Guns in America: The Gun Effect
Ep100 Mind Control Murder
Ep99 Copycat Crimes
Ep98 Keepers: A Job Behind Bars
Ep97 Extreme Punishment
Ep96 Inside Scientology
Ep95 Inside the FBI
Ep94 Waging War on Arson
Ep93 Transgender Revolution
Ep92 The Case of JonBenet: The Media vs. The Ramseys
Ep91 Anne Frank: The Missing Pages
Ep90 First Lady on the Front Line
Ep89 Long Arm of the Russian Mob
Ep88 Drugs at the Border
Ep87 Peace, Love & Murder: The Ira Einhorn Story
Ep86 Making the News
Ep85 Murder at Fort Devens
Ep84 Firearms Freeway
Ep83 Cybersex Cop
Ep82 San Francisco Vice
Ep81 Deadly Transactions
Ep80 The New Face of Crime
Ep79 The Men Who Would Be Pope
Ep78 Inside Heaven's Gate
Ep77 Deadly Bullets
Ep76 Diana's Last Day
Ep75 Desert Storm's Deadly Weapons
Ep74 Meth's Deadly High
Ep73 Kids Behind Bars
Ep72 The Secret White House Tapes
Ep71 Gentlemen's Clubs
Ep70 Stalking the Stalkers
Ep69 The New Face of Terrorism
Ep68 The Underboss
Ep67 Death Detectives: The L.A. County Coroner
Ep66 The Secret Letters of Churchill and Mussolini
Ep65 Cops or Criminals?
Ep64 The Secret Tapes of Richard Speck
Ep63 War Crime: Five Days in Hell
Ep62 Deadly Secrets of Cromwell Street
Ep61 Bad Judgment
Ep60 Movies and the Mob
Ep59 Counterfeit
Ep58 Kamikaze
Ep57 Gulf War Babies
Ep56 The Mystery of Josef Mengele
Ep55 Seized by the Law
Ep54 New York Street Sex
Ep53 Danger on the Rails
Ep52 A Pattern of Abuse
Ep51 The New Skinheads
Ep50 Disasters: America's Stormy Dilemma
Ep49 Cops on the Edge
Ep48 The Pope and the Nazis
Ep47 Uncle Ho and Uncle Sam
Ep46 A Matter of Fat
Ep45 Biological Weapons
Ep44 The Million Dollar Spy
Ep43 Newt Gingrich and the Republican Revolution
Ep42 ER: The Real Drama
Ep41 Wounds of the Cross: Miracle or Myth?
Ep40 Shot by a Kid
Ep39 Secrets of a Child Molester
Ep38 The Rise and Fall of the Royal Family
Ep37 Immoral Earnings
Ep36 Dragons of Crime
Ep35 Wired for Sex
Ep34 The Body Parts Business
Ep33 Storm Chasers
Ep32 Sex and the Church: A House Divided
Ep31 Private Police
Ep30 Bad Trip to Edgewood
Ep29 The Killer and the Candidate
Ep28 Adoption Vigilantes
Ep27 Chappaquiddick
Ep26 HUD: America's Slumlord
Ep25 Naked Washington
Ep24 Suicide Killers
Ep23 Prime Time Violence
Ep22 Space Warriors
Ep21 Let Her Die
Ep20 Hostage
Ep19 New York Law
Ep18 Women in Prison
Ep17 Seven Minutes That Stunned the Navy
Ep16 Stalkers: Assassins Among Us
Ep15 Mafia Boss
Ep14 Eye of the Storm
Ep13 Bad Blood
Ep12 Dogs of War
Ep11 The Bear Hunters
Ep10 Gambling on the Future
Ep9 Undercover
Ep8 Trial by Television
Ep7 Los Angeles: Anatomy of a Riot
Ep6 Prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton
Ep5 The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Witnesses
Ep4 The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Patsy
Ep3 The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Cover Up
Ep2 The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Forces of Darkness
Ep1 The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Coup d'Etat
Behind Bars
Dangerous Skies
Inside LAX
Anatomy of a War
A Soldier's Peace
Red Light Districts
Behind Bars
Cop World
Execution at Midnight
Bad Cops
Anatomy of a War
Red Light Districts
Behind Bars
Cop World
A Soldier's Peace
Bad Cops
Dangerous Skies
Execution at Midnight
Stalkers: The Assassins Among Us
Beirut Bombing
Patriot Missile: Hero or Hoax
Danger in the Air: Fake Airplane Parts
Naked News Anchor
The Russian Mob Goes Global
Business of Death
Las Vegas: Search and Rescue
Cold Case Files: The Texas Drifter; The Fingerprint File; A 'Rose' Among Thorns
Blood on the Tracks
Secret Tapes of Richard Speck
Tabloid: Inside the New York Post
The Shattered Mind: Schizophrenia
Future War: Silver Bullets
Future War: The Warrior Cult
Future War: Rules of Engagement
Crisis in the Classroom
Cold Case Files: The Mark of Cain; Death on the Freeway
Frat Parties and Binge Drinking
Crimefighters: Danger Zone
#1 Cold Case Files: Diary of a Serial Arsonist; The Lost Clue
Cold Case Files: Murder Illustrated; Blood Relations
Rampage Killers: Looking for Signs
Cold Case Files: Reconstructing Murder; Fire Flicks
Buyer Beware
Agony of Ecstasy
Parole Board: Illinois
Cadets: Life of a Student Recruit
Toxic Free TX
M.I.A. The Long Journey Home
The Plague Monkeys
DEA: Michele
Naked News, Talk Radio
Animal ER
New Bomb Makers
Behind Bars
Fatal Flaw; Skyscrapers Nightmare
Trophy Kill; America's Poacher Wars
Jack Anderson: JFK, the Mob and Me
Untying the Straitjacket
Same-Sex Marriages
Anatomy of a Manhunt, Unabomber
EMS, Street Saviors
Royal Scandal
Timothy McVeigh
Dangerous Skies
Military Weapons; Buy Now, Test Later
On Parole; Prisoners of Freedom
The Man Who Wanted World War III
Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold
Execution at Midnight
Hunt for the Red Ripper
Guns in America, Young Guns
Guns in America: Gun Makers
DEA: Undercover Eddie
Guns in America, Gun Life
Date Rape Drug
Monica Lewinsky; When I Knew Monica
Watching the Detectives, Bill Dear
Women Warriors: The Making of a Marine
L. A. Riots Revisited
Watching the Detectives; Bo Dietl
Who Killed JFK? On the Trail of the Conspiracies
DEA: The Ant and the Elephant
Joseph Cicippio: From Chains to Roses
Watching the Detectives; Logan Clarke
Terrorism, Target America
Talk to Me: Hostage Negotiators of the NYPD
Father Louis Gigante
Real Story; "In the Name of the Father"
Son of Sam Speaks; the Untold Story
On Track of Elephants
Naked News
Peace, Love and Murder
War on Drugs: R.I.P
New Pirates
Video Vultures
Child Sex Trade
Secret Life of a Serial Killer
Murder in Mississippi
The Living Room Campaign
Nuclear Airplane
The Mafia in Italy
Journals of War
Dying for Sex
Water Wars
The RFK Assassination
The Healing Mind
The Killing Culture
All the President's Women
Charles at 50
Death of Vince Foster
The Angel of Bergen-Belsen
Search for Amy
Dirty Secrets of Cromwell Street
Stolen Identities
The Nazis' Secret Killing Squads
Intimate Deception
Punishing the Pedophiles
Cruelty Connection
Kuwait Oil Fires: Hell on Earth
DEA: The Birthday Party
Ivan the Terrible
The Gander Crash: Why Did They Die?
Japan Goes to Washington
Crack Doctors
F.D.N.Y.---Brothers in Battle
Dangerous Seas; Inside the U. S. Coast Guard
Jonestown: Mystery of a Massacre
Cybersex Cop
Hooked on a Dream
Thalidomide, the Drug That Came Back
A Soldier's Peace
L. A.; Behind Bars
Jack Anderson: Fall of J. Edgar Hoover
Death to America; The Terrorism Trail
Fur Wars
ER; Real Drama
Pirates and Treasure; the Gulf of Thailand Incident
Royal Soap Opera
Wildfires; Fighting Fire With Fire
Fire: In the Heat of the Battle
Merchandising Murder, the OJ Simpson Industry
Can We Trust NASA?
Out of the Gulf, Into New Navy
Sins of Father
Jack Anderson and the Howard Hughes Double
L.A. Riots Revisited
Cold Case Files: Presumed Dead; The Tow Truck Killer
The Assassin
Women Trade
Why Women Kill
S-1 | Ep226

Cold Case Files: Portrait of a Killer; The Tortured Truth

Fecha al aire: 5/29/01
Included: the 1975 murder of a freelance photographer in Colorado is solved 20 years later. Host: Bill Kurtis.

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