Iron Chef

  • 1993-2004

Chefs challenge each other to cook a four-star meal from one main ingredient that's revealed at the beginning of each episode. The chefs have a one-hour time limit, followed by a panel of judges who... More


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep114 Iron Chefs Chen and Sakai Spotlight
Ep113 France Battle, Part 2
Ep112 France Battle, Part 1
Ep111 Battle Sole
Ep110 Battle Sardines
Ep109 Holiday Chicken Battle
Ep108 Battle Kamo Eggplant
Ep107 Battle Spicy Pineapple
Ep106 Spinach
Ep105 Iron Chef: France Battle
Ep104 Aori Squid
Ep103 Udon Noodles
Ep102 Abalone
Ep101 Cod Roe
Ep100 Lettuce
Ep99 Egg
Ep98 Bell Pepper
Ep97 Scallop
Ep96 Battle Leeks
Ep95 Battle Scorpion Fish
Ep94 Dry Abalone Battle
Ep93 Battle Shiitake Mushrooms
Ep92 Battle Ronkonkai Chicken
Ep91 Valentine's Pear Battle
Ep90 Battle Crab
Ep89 Battle Umeboshi (Salt-Cured Plums)
Ep88 Battle Sweetfish
Ep87 Battle Sole
Ep86 Battle Sardines
Ep85 Tilefish
Ep84 Clam
Ep83 Squid
Ep82 Battle Sea Bass
Ep81 Battle Mango
Ep80 Pen Shell
Ep79 Battle Guinea Fowl
Ep78 Battle Wheat Noodles (Soba)
Ep77 Battle Quail
Ep76 Battle Mackerel
Ep75 Battle Shanghai Crab
Ep74 Battle Shark's Fin
Ep73 Battle Matsutake Mushroom
Ep72 Battle Shiba Shrimp
Ep71 Battle Veal
Ep70 Battle Red Snapper
Ep69 Battle Banana
Ep68 Battle New Potatoes
Ep67 Bamboo Shoots
Ep66 Iron Chef Michiba Spotlight
Ep65 Battle Peach
Ep64 Battle Giant Eel
Ep63 Battle Ray
Ep62 Battle Sea Eel
Ep61 Cod
Ep60 Battle Young Salmon
Ep59 Battle Sardine
Ep58 Battle Abalone (shellfish)
Ep57 Battle Tofu
Ep56 Battle Mishima Beef
Ep55 Battle Tokyo X
Ep54 Battle Foie Gras
Ep53 Battle Beef
Ep52 Battle Chicken
Ep51 Battle Carp
Ep50 Escargot Battle
Ep49 Lotus Root
Ep48 Crab
Ep47 Freshwater Shrimp
Ep46 Battle Sweet Potato
Ep45 Battle Potato
Ep44 Battle Rice
Ep43 Battle Sea Cucumber
Ep42 Battle Crayfish
Ep41 Battle Matsutake
Ep40 Battle Salmon
Ep39 Battle Clam
Ep38 Battle Sea Urchin
Ep37 Battle Eggplant
Ep36 Battle Swallow's Nest
Ep35 Battle Blue Crab
Ep34 Lamb
Ep33 Onion
Ep32 Broccoli
Ep31 Caviar
Ep30 Liver
Ep29 Tofu
Ep28 Codfish
Ep27 Egg
Ep26 Asparagus
Ep25 Taro Potato
Ep24 Matsuba Crab
Ep23 Soy Bean
Ep22 Chocolate Apple
Ep21 Chinese Cabbage
Ep20 Beet
Ep19 Mochi
Ep18 Battle Turkey
Ep17 Battle Angler
Ep16 Battle Pumpkin
Ep15 Battle Yam
Ep14 Battle Bell Pepper
Ep13 Battle Mushroom
Ep12 Battle Corn
Ep11 Battle Pike Conger
Ep10 Battle Eel
Ep9 Battle Homard
Ep8 Battle Tuna
Ep7 Battle Eggplant
Ep6 Battle Milk
Ep5 Battle Sea Urchin
Ep4 Battle Natto
Ep3 Battle Carrot
Ep2 Battle Cabbage
Ep1 Battle Truffles
Battle Beef, Part 2
NY Battle
New York Battle, Part 2
2000th Plate Special
Battle Beef, Part 1
2000th Plate Special
New York Battle, Part 1
Battle Sea Urchin
Battle Tomato
Battle Caviar
Battle Lamb
Battle Onion
Battle Broccoli
Battle Duck
Battle Freshwater Shrimp
Battle Lotus Root
Battle Escargot
Battle Cod Roe
Battle Ayu (Sweetfish)
Battle Curry Powder
Battle Octopus
Battle Dried Abalone
Battle Cod
Battle Rice
Battle Spanish Mackerel
Battle Broccoli
Battle Sea Bass
Battle Pumpkin
Battle Pork
Battle Asparagus
Battle Konnyaku (Fermented Japanese Root Paste)
Battle Sweet Fish
Battle Kinka Pork
Fatty Tuna
Battle Tomato
Battle Giant Lobster
Battle Potato
Battle Sea Urchin
Battle Jumbo Mushroom
Battle Foie Gras
Battle Black Pork
Battle Bonito (Tuna)
Battle Lamb
Battle Green Onion (Negi)
Battle Sushi
Battle Saury (Fish)
Battle Bean Sprout (Moyashi)
Battle Potatoes
Battle Wild Duck
Battle Shark's Fin
Battle Girls' Festival
Battle Maitake Mushroom
Battle Sanma (Pacific Saury)
Battle Bok Choy (Chingensai)
Battle Porcini Mushroom
Battle Asparagus
Battle Cod
Battle Fatty Tuna
Battle Angler
Battle Lobster
Holiday Strawberry Battle
Battle Oxtail
Battle Sturgeon (Chouzame)
Battle Chinese Cabbage
Battle Noodle (Soba)
Battle Bell Peppers
Battle Squid
Battle Suckling Pig
Battle Udon
Battle Spiny Lobster
Battle Turkey
Battle Yellowtail
Battle King Crab
Battle Oyster
Battle Bamboo Shoots
Battle Beet
Battle Yogurt
Octopus Battle
Battle Cuttlefish/Squid
Battle Valentines Banana
Battle Mochi
Battle Clam
Battle Taro Potato
Battle Tilefish
Battle Tofu
Battle Soybean
Battle Asparagus
Battle Squid
Battle Matsuba Crab
Battle Liver
Battle Bell Peppers
Sweetfish: Sakai Vs Omino
Mr Iron Chef Final (Beef): 2nd Half
Mr Iron Chef Final (Beef): 1st Half
Chicken: Chen V Sakai
Iron Chef
Iron Chef
Iron Chef
Battle Oyster
Pickled Plum: Michiba Vs Kaji

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