Island Hunters

  • 2013

Buyers in the market for their own island are followed as they explore three choices and then ultimately decide which they'll call their private paradise.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Island Hunters
Ep15 Island Hunters
Ep14 Canadian Island Envy
Ep13 A Salty Proposition in Panama
Ep12 #1 On the Hunt in Ontario
Ep11 #1 Pre-Honeymooning in Colombia
Ep10 #1 Purchasing a Summer Island in Ontario Canada
Ep9 #1 The Fantasy Islands of Lake Nicaragua
Ep8 Taking Flight Over Queensland
Ep7 The Hunt for a Caribbean Paradise
Ep6 #1 Vacationing Off the Coast of Croatia
Ep5 #1 The Search for a Dream Pacific Island in Vanuatu
Ep4 #1 The Hunt for a Luxury Island in Georgia, Connecticut and New York
Ep3 #1 A Voyage Through the Fjords of Chilean Patagonia
Ep2 Buying an Island Off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua
Ep1 #2 The Hunt for the Perfect Island Resort in Belize

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 #1 The Hunt for a Vacation Home North of Toronto
Ep10 #1 Searching for a Deserted Island in Fiji
Ep9 #1 The Quest for a Dream Vacation in Tahiti
Ep8 #1 Hunting for a Luxurious Island in the South Pacific
Ep7 #1 The Hunt for Islands 30 Miles East of Columbus, Ohio
Ep6 #1 Outdoor Enthusiasts Look for an Island Home in Ontario, Canada
Ep5 #1 Wadding Through South Carolina's Coastal Marshes
Ep4 The Hunt for a Pacific Coast Island in Two States
Ep3 #1 Young Married Couple Searches for Islands in Ontario, Canada
Ep2 #1 Looking for the Perfect Honeymoon in Belize
Ep1 #1 The Search for an Eco Resort in Nicaragua

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 The British Are Coming? to the Islands of Lake Nipissing
Ep22 The British Are Coming… to the Islands of Lake Nipissing
Ep21 A Return to Island Living in Sans Souci
Ep20 Pushing for Privacy on Lake of the Woods
Ep19 The Hunt for a Resort Island in the Maldives
Ep18 Searching for Seclusion in South Florida
Ep17 A Journey Through the Exotic Islands of the Maldives
Ep16 Looking for the Perfect Sunset on the Muskoka Lakes
Ep15 A Voyage Through the Wild West of the Philippines
Ep14 Aerial Tours of Australia's Whitsunday Islands
Ep13 Hunting for an Island to Retire on in Panama
Ep12 Looking for a Vacation Rental Island in Upstate New York
Ep11 Searching a Summer Vacation Island in the North Atlantic
Ep10 The Hunt for a New Home on North Carolina's Crystal Coast
Ep9 Looking for a Secluded Getaway in Georgia
Ep8 Looking a Tropical Island Paradise in the Republic of Fiji
Ep7 The Hunt for a Second Island on Lake Huron's Georgian Bay
Ep6 Voyage to an Island Resort in Fiji
Ep5 Shopping for an Island Home in the Florida Keys
Ep4 Searching for a Summer Cottage on Georgian Bay
Ep3 Searching for a Resort Home Off the Coast of Belize
Ep2 On the Hunt for an Island Resort in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas
Ep1 An Island in the Florida Keys
S3 | Ep12

On the Hunt in Ontario

Air Date: 8/14/16
An American couple want to put down roots on the Georgian Bay of Ontario.

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