Jerry Springer

  • 1991

The one-time newsanchor and Cincinnati mayor hosts this raucous daytime show, which often serves as a forum for guests to air their differences, not always politely. 'Springer' inspired the 1998 film... More


Season 25

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep160 Bro, I Need to Tell You This...
Ep159 Hipster Heartbreaks
Ep158 Dryspell Drama
Ep157 Honey, I'm Gay
Ep156 Girlfriends Mowed Over
Ep155 Hot Lesbian Action
Ep154 The Serious Side of Springer
Ep153 Twerked Off Girlfriends
Ep152 Sex With Twins!
Ep151 Cuddling Gets Complicated
Ep150 Lesbians Over Easy
Ep149 Miso Horny
Ep148 Dad, Stop Dating My Friends
Ep147 Girls Wig Out
Ep146 Boyfriends Break the Rules
Ep145 T.H.O.T.-Licious
Ep144 Personal Trainer Taps In
Ep143 I Cheated 40 Times
Ep142 Girlfriends Split
Ep141 I'm Your #1 Fan
Ep140 Three-Timing Stripper
Ep139 Bad Boys Blindsided
Ep138 Get the Picture We're Done
Ep137 Fight Invite
Ep136 Special Delivery: Betrayals
Ep135 Baby...Forgive Me
Ep134 Unsatisfying Sex
Ep133 Friend Zoned!
Ep132 Blindsided by a Secret
Ep131 Jilted While in Jail
Ep130 Guys Scared Straight
Ep129 Girls Whipped!
Ep128 Can I Be Blunt...I'm Cheating
Ep127 Main Chick Status: Denied
Ep126 Busted up Bae's
Ep125 Ain't No Friends @ the Strip Club
Ep124 Officially Over!
Ep123 Ding, Ding, Ding!
Ep122 Two Girls One Night
Ep121 Spring Fling Face Offs
Ep120 Droppin' Beats Down
Ep119 Threesome With Two Sisters
Ep118 2nd Thought T.H.O.T.S.
Ep117 Control Your Crazy
Ep116 Too Late to Say Sorry?
Ep115 Porn Fantasies & Fights
Ep114 Cyber Smackdown
Ep113 "L" Bombs Dropped
Ep112 Besties Have Beef
Ep111 Naked Peek-a-Boo
Ep110 Springer and Chill
Ep109 You Just Got Duuuumped!
Ep108 Amateur Porn Stars Slapped
Ep107 Snatched Up Baby Daddies
Ep106 Bad Girls Beatdown
Ep105 Stripper Pole Shakedown
Ep104 Never Wife a T.H.O.T.
Ep103 Unhappily Ever After
Ep102 Dudes Double Down
Ep101 Take My Lesbian V-Card
Ep100 Online Hook-ups IRL
Ep99 Hand Delivered Secrets
Ep98 Have Your Cake and Beat It!
Ep97 Eye Spy a Cheater
Ep96 Virginal Vixens
Ep95 Relationships in the Gutter
Ep94 Springer's Chapel of Love
Ep93 You Cheated...Literally
Ep92 Lesbian Spring Break!
Ep91 Sexing My Transsexual Sister's Boyfriend
Ep90 Sex Bet Goes Bust
Ep89 Bros vs. Babes
Ep88 "Sex Is My Thing"
Ep87 Bad Decisions With a Transsexual
Ep86 Jail Break Beatdown
Ep85 BBW Blizzard!
Ep84 Good, Good Turns Bad, Bad
Ep83 Meme Girls
Ep82 Frozen Lovers...Let It Go
Ep81 About Last Night...
Ep80 Betrayed by My Parrot
Ep79 Threesomes and Touchdowns
Ep78 Cray Cray Secrets
Ep77 I Won't Be Chained Down
Ep76 Baby Moms Go Balistic
Ep75 First Time Sexperience
Ep74 Beads & Boas...Springer Mardi Gras
Ep73 Red Hot Strippers
Ep72 Side Chick Pride
Ep71 Viewers Get Vicious
Ep70 Countdown to a Breakup
Ep69 Bye Felicia
Ep68 Brawling Blood Lines
Ep67 Fired up Strippers
Ep66 Booty in My...
Ep65 Surprise Wedding Guests
Ep64 Lesbian Cousins Kiss
Ep63 Girlfriends Flip Out
Ep62 Bad Boy Brawls
Ep61 Caught!
Ep60 High and Goodbye
Ep59 Surprise...I'm a Transsexual Stripper
Ep58 "I'm Gay...Sometimes"
Ep57 Scheming Sisters
Ep56 Past Guest Takedowns
Ep55 Throwback Throwdowns
Ep54 Love Burns Out
Ep53 Lip-Locked Lesbians
Ep52 Hexes on Exes
Ep51 Bisexual Shocker
Ep50 Holiday Hook-up Regrets
Ep49 Stalkers Pop-up
Ep48 Porn Star Auditions
Ep47 Love Punked
Ep46 Relationship Fails
Ep45 Twerksgiving
Ep44 Shocking Sexcapades
Ep43 Fights on Fleek
Ep42 Springer's Tailgate Party
Ep41 I Love Bad Boys
Ep40 Cousins Turnt Up
Ep39 Bad Blood BFF's
Ep38 Clingy Coeds
Ep37 Transsexual Sex Confessions
Ep36 Savage Splits
Ep35 #Lovewins
Ep34 Hottie High School Hook-ups
Ep33 My Virgin Sister Wants My Man
Ep32 The Stripper Life
Ep31 Mistresses Smoked Out
Ep30 Sorry Not Sorry
Ep29 Sisters Step Up to Throwdown
Ep28 Selfish Singles Get Slapped!
Ep27 Nightmare on Springer Street
Ep26 Ratchet Rejections
Ep25 Smash and Dash
Ep24 Hotties Hit Hard
Ep23 I Sexed Your Ex
Ep22 Sisters Throw Shade
Ep22 Jerry Springer
Ep21 Sex on a Break
Ep20 Crazy Cousin Crushes
Ep19 Roped Into Sex
Ep18 Springer's Internet Sensations
Ep17 Big Fat Lies
Ep16 Viral Nightmares
Ep15 Super Sabotaged
Ep14 Sham Marriage
Ep13 Babymamas Hit the Bricks
Ep12 Spontaneous Sex Mistakes
Ep11 Under Cover Exes
Ep10 Suspicious Packages
Ep9 Ruthless Rejections
Ep8 Boyfriends Bounce Around
Ep7 Big Girls Bring It!
Ep6 Lesbian Stepsister Hook-up
Ep5 My Transsexual Cousin Wants My Man
Ep4 Birthday T.H.O.T.S.
Ep3 Sorry Sis, Your Man Is Fair Game
Ep2 Marriage Meltdowns
Ep1 25th Season Spectacular

Season 24

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep160 Love Falls Flat
Ep159 Bros Get Brushed Off
Ep158 Now That's a Mouthful
Ep157 I Used You for Sex & Money...Sorry
Ep156 OMG on Springer
Ep155 Cheaters Out of Chances
Ep154 Love Predictions...Threesomes
Ep153 Fired Up Females
Ep152 Family Fisticuffs
Ep151 Hot and Dumped
Ep150 Dodging Divorce
Ep149 I Can't Bear Your Cheating
Ep148 Players Get Played
Ep147 Thirsty for a Transsexual
Ep146 Lesbian Sex and Candy
Ep145 Hot Girls Behaving Badly
Ep144 Fling Fall Outs
Ep143 Harsh Heartbreakers
Ep142 Talented Liars
Ep141 Is My Stripper Boyfriend Gay?
Ep140 Girls Off the Leash
Ep139 Shocking Family Secrets
Ep138 Relationships Hit a Sour Note
Ep137 Hush Hush Affairs
Ep136 Hostile Hook-ups
Ep135 Tutu Much!
Ep134 Secret Transsexual Mistresses
Ep133 He Wasn't Gay Last Weekend
Ep132 Epic Boyfriend Betrayal
Ep131 Men Acting Fishy
Ep130 Drama Queens Dethroned
Ep129 Back Up Booty Call
Ep128 Flexin' Females
Ep127 Tramps Stamped Out
Ep126 The Fiesta Is Over
Ep125 Fierce Fights
Ep124 High End Stripper Smackdown
Ep123 Party Bus-ted
Ep122 Bisexual Bombshells
Ep121 Snap Cheat
Ep120 I'm Soooorrry
Ep119 Sex Junkies
Ep118 My Baby Daddy Has a Boyfriend
Ep117 Naïve and Knocked Up
Ep116 Bro Code Brawl
Ep115 Baby Mama Battle Royale
Ep114 I Stopped Being A Lesbian For You
Ep113 Throw Down Or Go Home
Ep112 New Mama Drama
Ep111 Stripper Scandals
Ep110 Baby Daddies Bounce Back
Ep109 Cousin, Will You Be My Girlfriend?
Ep108 Rappers Battle...for Love
Ep107 Mad Mamas
Ep106 I Want Better Sex!
Ep105 My Twin Stole My Prom Date
Ep104 Springer Break-ups
Ep103 Twisted Love Triangles
Ep102 Hunting for a Man
Ep101 Girl...Bye
Ep100 3 Point T.H.O.T.S.
Ep99 Sexercise Me
Ep98 Snowed in Sex
Ep97 Frenemies Attack!
Ep96 Past Guest Mash-ups
Ep95 Awkward Hook-ups
Ep94 Bossy Brides
Ep93 Slapped With the Truth
Ep92 Sleeping With the Frenemy
Ep91 Lesbians Come Out...of the Cold
Ep90 In Your Face Mistresses
Ep89 Catfight Fever
Ep88 Busted by Your Bestie
Ep87 Stripnotized
Ep86 Secret T.H.O.T.S
Ep85 Sexperiments Backfire
Ep84 He's Taken!
Ep83 Grooms Full of Bologna
Ep82 Ice Cold Break-Ups
Ep81 Springer Strip Off
Ep80 Side Chick Sex
Ep79 Baby, I'm Weak
Ep78 Played by a Transsexual
Ep77 You're Pregnant by Him, But It Should be Me
Ep76 Past Guests Get Turned Up
Ep75 I Had Sex With My Baby Mama's Twin
Ep74 Young Mom Meltdown
Ep73 Sexy Girl Crushes
Ep72 Big Booty Mistakes
Ep71 I Paid Your Girlfriend for Sex
Ep70 Half Baked Proposals
Ep69 Frosty Females
Ep68 Steamy Sister Sex
Ep67 Sideline Chicks Smackdown
Ep66 Bad Baby Daddies
Ep65 Wrestling With a Secret
Ep64 Driven to Cheat
Ep63 Man Snatching Sister
Ep62 Megabeast Unleashed
Ep61 I'm Not His Cousin, I'm His Fiancée
Ep60 Bitter BFFs
Ep59 Stripper Slapfest
Ep58 Bad Boy Toys
Ep57 Pregnant Secrets Dropped
Ep56 Transsexual Surprise
Ep55 Boyfriend Stealing Bestie
Ep54 Next Level Shockers
Ep53 Mistress Takeover
Ep52 Fooled by a Fake Friend
Ep51 She Took My Man...and My Car!
Ep50 One Night Stands Reunited
Ep49 Hot Headed Bromance
Ep48 Baby Daddy Deception
Ep47 Hillbilly Heartbreak
Ep46 Don't Settle for My Sister...Pick Me
Ep45 Sex Secrets & Regrets
Ep44 I Was Set Up!
Ep43 WCW: Women Crushed Wednesday
Ep42 Strippers Shake It Up
Ep41 I Cheated Because You're Pregnant
Ep40 Stone Cold Sisters
Ep39 Mom We're Sleeping With Your Man
Ep38 Horrible Husbands
Ep37 Threesomes and Throwdowns
Ep36 Bestie Blindside
Ep35 Halloween: I'm Sorry Boo
Ep34 Barely Legal Hook-ups
Ep33 Baby Daddy Denial
Ep32 Chronic Cheaters
Ep31 You're Not Man Enough
Ep30 I Slept With 120 Men...and Yours
Ep29 Battle Royal With Cheese
Ep28 I Cheated With Three Strippers
Ep27 Girlfriends Get Rolled
Ep26 I'm Gay & I'm Sleeping With Your Nephew
Ep25 Mistresses Reeled In
Ep24 It Was a 1 Night Smash
Ep23 Auditioning New Girlfriends
Ep22 50 Shades of Springer
Ep21 Down for a Threesome?
Ep20 My Big Gay Wedding
Ep19 A Hot Minute
Ep18 Heartburned
Ep17 Proposal Do Over
Ep16 Clingy Chicks
Ep15 Bring It Bro
Ep14 Lesbian Twin Love Triangle
Ep13 Girlfriend Grudge Match
Ep12 I Slept With Your Twin & Your Mom
Ep11 My Stripper Sister Strikes Again
Ep10 Fight Fest
Ep9 Lesbian Sister Betrayals
Ep8 Proposals Backfire
Ep7 Fall Flings
Ep6 Dangerously in Love
Ep5 Selfie Destruction
Ep4 Smothered...With Sauce
Ep3 Forecast: 90% Chance of Cheating
Ep2 Turned Down for...What!
Ep1 Love Sick

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1995 I'm Psychic, He's Cheating
Ep1994 Tranny Fever
Ep1993 Stalker Sex
Ep1992 Lesbians: Lusty and Livid
Ep1991 Harvest Hotties
Ep1990 It's Raining Trannies
Ep1989 'I'm Stripping to Support You'
Ep1988 Horrible Hookups
Ep1987 Outrageous Guilty Pleasures
Ep1986 Love Stranglehold
Ep1985 Skipping School With Springer
Ep1984 I'm Not Your Baby Mama...I'm Your Wife!
Ep1983 Pretenders Exposed
Ep1982 Rappers, Strippers and Groupies---Really?
Ep1981 Baby Mamas Bring It
Ep1980 Bad Girls Oiled Up
Ep1979 'Thanks for the Lies'
Ep1978 Young Moms Brokenhearted
Ep1977 Brides Get the Shaft
Ep1976 Jerry Is the Champ
Ep1975 Gimme Your Dough
Ep1974 I Slept With Her...One Time!
Ep1973 What a Knockout!
Ep1972 Females Flip Out
Ep1971 I'm Sexy and You Know It
Ep1970 Baby, I Was Born This Way
Ep1969 Ex-Lovers Attack!
Ep1968 Caught on Tape Confessions
Ep1967 Mining for Mistresses
Ep1966 I Slept With Your Girlfriend and Mom
Ep1965 Strippers Bare All
Ep1964 Love, Lies and Lesbians
Ep1963 Betrayed by My BFF
Ep1962 3...2...1...Relationships Implode
Ep1961 Teen Mom Mayhem
Ep1960 Starved for Sex
Ep1959 That Groupie Is a Guy
Ep1958 Fierce Females Fight It Out!
Ep1957 You're Fighting Over Him?
Ep1956 I Got Some Sugar
Ep1955 Crazy Catfights
Ep1954 I'm Addicted to Stripper Sex
Ep1953 Big Blow Offs
Ep1952 Stripper Spring Fling
Ep1951 Kiss Her Good-bye
Ep1950 Past Guests: Called Out and Coldcocked
Ep1949 Nocturnal Confessions
Ep1948 Transtastic Confessions
Ep1947 Will You Still Be My Prom Date
Ep1946 Crushes: Too Hot to Handle
Ep1945 Your Tears Mean Nothing
Ep1944 Bridal Bombshells
Ep1943 You Were a Big---Mistake!
Ep1942 Secret Sex Fetishes
Ep1941 I Slept With Your Bisexual Brother
Ep1940 Bridal Hit and Run
Ep1939 Outrageous Sex Secrets
Ep1938 Ruthless Rejection
Ep1937 Striptacular
Ep1936 Break Ups and Beatdowns
Ep1935 Extremely Loud and Too Close
Ep1934 Lipstick Lesbians
Ep1933 'I'm Proud to Be a Homewrecker'
Ep1932 I Cheated to Hurt You!
Ep1931 Stripper Code Violation
Ep1930 You're a Tranny?
Ep1929 My Ex Still Wants My Sex
Ep1928 Bi-Curious Cheaters
Ep1927 Mistresses on the Menu
Ep1926 Toxic Love
Ep1925 In Love With a Phone Sex Operator
Ep1924 Stop Sweatin' Me
Ep1923 Twin Sister Smackdown
Ep1922 I Slept With Your Brother's Boyfriend
Ep1921 Love Is a Battlefield
Ep1920 But, I Had Your Baby 13 Days Ago
Ep1919 Couples at War
Ep1918 Mooch Madness
Ep1917 What's Your Number?
Ep1916 Before the Baby...I Have a Secret
Ep1915 iCheat
Ep1914 Tranny Takeover
Ep1913 I Don't Care If You're Pregnant
Ep1912 'Baby, I Blacked Out'
Ep1911 Your Husband Knocked Me Up
Ep1910 Out of Control Catfights
Ep1909 Surprise Proposals...and Punches
Ep1908 Southern Belle Beatdown
Ep1907 Can We Patch It Up?
Ep1906 Saucy Mistresses
Ep1905 Happy Birthday Mr. Springer
Ep1904 Weddings...Crashed!
Ep1903 Am I Pregnant by a Gay Man?
Ep1902 'You're Not My Girlfriend, You're My Stalker'
Ep1901 Roses Are Red, Guests Are Black and Blue
Ep1900 Cheaters Put on Blast
Ep1899 Hot Lesbians and Snowball Brawls
Ep1898 You're Obsessed!
Ep1897 Porn Star Sex
Ep1896 Stripper Sister Vs. Pregnant Sister
Ep1895 Men Show No Mercy
Ep1894 Tranny Fever
Ep1893 Sister Seduction
Ep1892 Tears and Throwdowns
Ep1891 Bisexual Battles
Ep1890 She Cheated on Me...Again
Ep1889 Betrayals on Tape
Ep1888 Wedding Ring...Round 1
Ep1887 Crushed!
Ep1886 Moms Attack
Ep1885 I Went to War...You Cheated
Ep1884 'I'm a New Mom, You Cheated'
Ep1883 Online Bad Girls
Ep1882 BTW...I Cheated
Ep1881 I'm a Sex Escort...and a Man
Ep1880 Guests Go Nuts
Ep1879 Marriage Meltdown
Ep1878 I Can't Let You Go
Ep1877 Bro I Slept With Your Baby Mama
Ep1876 Our Marriage Is Poison
Ep1875 You Cheated...It's a Rap!
Ep1874 She's a Part-Time Lesbian
Ep1873 Backstage Pass
Ep1872 Baby, You're a Buzzkill
Ep1871 Backstabbing Secret Lovers
Ep1870 I Popped the Question on Springer
Ep1869 Gut-Wrenching Secrets
Ep1868 Cheatin's Not My Only Talent
Ep1867 Naughty or Nice?
Ep1866 Sex Industry Insiders
Ep1865 Honey, Meet My Mistress
Ep1864 Angry Chicks
Ep1863 Turkey Day Tirade
Ep1862 Fists of Fury
Ep1861 Heartless Homewreckers
Ep1860 Crazy in Love
Ep1859 Knock Out Queens
Ep1858 Best Friend Beatdown
Ep1857 Lesbian and Gay Affairs Confessed
Ep1856 Triple Ex!
Ep1855 Hook Ups and Hot Heads
Ep1854 Trannylicious
Ep1853 I'm Sorry I Slept With Your Man
Ep1852 Scandalous Strippers
Ep1851 I'm Having Your Man's Baby
Ep1850 Lesbians on Ice
Ep1849 Past Guest Throw Down
Ep1848 Past Guest Throw Down
Ep1847 You Slept With My Stripper Sister!
Ep1846 Sabotaged!
Ep1845 Halloween Hotties
Ep1844 Stripper Pole Showdown
Ep1843 Knocked Up and Knocked Out!
Ep1842 Betrayed by My Bro
Ep1841 My Sister Stole My Gay Boyfriend
Ep1840 Blindsided Brides
Ep1839 Rumble in the Jungle
Ep1838 Lies and Lesbians
Ep1837 Bruises and Broken Vows
Ep1836 A Side of Sex
Ep1835 Hookers and Hook Ups
Ep1834 The Recession Made Me Cheat
Ep1833 My Dad Is Marrying My BFF
Ep1832 Sisters Square Off
Ep1831 I Had a Threesome Last Night
Ep1830 Dumped and Devastated
Ep1829 Dad, I'm a Pregnant Prostitute
Ep1828 Oiled Up for a Smackdown
Ep1827 'It Wasn't Me'
Ep1826 My First Love Is Gay
Ep1825 Mad Love
Ep1824 I Had Sex With Your Mom
Ep1823 Lesbian Hot Tub Party
Ep1822 He Sweet-Talked Me
Ep1821 You Slept With 55 Girls!
Ep1820 Secret Sex Confessions
Ep1819 Springer Turns 21!
Ep1818 Drama!
Ep1817 The Fiesta Is Over
Ep1816 You Ripped My Hair Out
Ep1815 The Love Is Gone
Ep1814 Frenemies Face Off
Ep1813 Cheaters Fess Up
Ep1812 Unusual Stories on Springer
Ep1811 I Had a Threesome With Your Stripper Sisters
Ep1810 Son, You're Not a Woman
Ep1809 Beauties Get the Brush Off
Ep1808 Pregnant Secrets Get Delivered
Ep1807 Hook-Ups on the Down Low
Ep1806 Status Update: Cheating
Ep1805 Cold-Hearted Women
Ep1804 I Really Want Her...But You'll Do
Ep1803 It's Not You...It's Me
Ep1802 Feisty Love Triangles
Ep1801 Family Face Off
Ep1800 It Was Too Tempting
Ep1799 Sisters Duke It Out
Ep1798 You and Our Baby Hit the Road
Ep1797 Springer Summertime Bash
Ep1796 Baby Mama Meltdown
Ep1795 Past Guests Back for a Beat Down
Ep1794 Sexy, Young and Hooking Up
Ep1793 Hot Blooded Females
Ep1792 Lesborama!
Ep1791 I'm Leaving My Family for a Stripper
Ep1790 Pregnant By My Twin's Man
Ep1789 Trannies Tell All
Ep1788 Cougars Attack!
Ep1787 Cold Feet...Hot Tempers
Ep1786 He's Married...So What
Ep1785 Pimp Slapped!
Ep1784 Man-Stealin' Strippers
Ep1783 I Got Inside Action
Ep1782 One-Night Stand Shockers
Ep1781 Cheating Secrets Explode
Ep1780 You're Leaving...I'm Pregnant
Ep1779 Cheaters Never Change
Ep1778 My Mistress Is a Mister
Ep1777 Wildest Weddings
Ep1776 Baby Take Me Back
Ep1775 You Got Played!
Ep1774 Mom, I'm a Porn Star
Ep1773 Winning on Springer
Ep1772 I Had Sex With My Boyfriend's Sister
Ep1771 You Drove Me to Cheat
Ep1770 Sex Secrets Caught on Tape
Ep1769 Girlfriends vs. Groupies
Ep1768 You Slept With My Cousin and My Aunt
Ep1767 I've Cheated 19 Times
Ep1766 Sex Job Secrets
Ep1765 The Ex Factor
Ep1764 Springer's Ready to Rumble
Ep1763 I Want Free Sex
Ep1762 Put Up Your Dukes!
Ep1761 Vicious Sisters
Ep1760 Threesomes With My Sister
Ep1759 Catfights Over Dogs
Ep1758 Single and Ready to Mingle
Ep1757 Backstabbing Beauties
Ep1756 Wedding Crashers
Ep1755 I'm Karate Kicking You Out
Ep1754 College Coed Chaos
Ep1753 I'm Leaving My Wife for a Tranny
Ep1752 Jaw-Dropping Wedding
Ep1751 They Call Me Pimp Stick
Ep1750 Brawl Busters
Ep1749 Valentine's Day Vengeance
Ep1748 Wet and Wild Stripper Extravaganza
Ep1747 Dancing Queen Showdown
Ep1746 I Live With My Wife and My Girlfriend
Ep1745 Sister Smackdown
Ep1744 Betrayed By My First Love
Ep1743 I'm Your Pimp, Not Your Boyfriend
Ep1742 Our Threesome Ruined My Life
Ep1741 Torn Between a Brother and a Sister
Ep1740 Slapped!
Ep1739 You Slept With My Husband and My Sister
Ep1738 I Had Sex With My Ex
Ep1737 I Didn't See THAT Coming!
Ep1736 Sex Secrets
Ep1735 I'm Leaving You for My Mistress
Ep1734 I'm Taking Your Man
Ep1733 She Is Really a Man!
Ep1732 She's Sweatin' Me
Ep1731 I Cheated With 2 Strippers
Ep1730 Springer's Sexiest Guests
Ep1729 Sibling Showdown
Ep1728 I Have a Secret Gay Lover
Ep1727 Springer's Angriest Guests
Ep1726 Family Fist Fight
Ep1725 Vegas Romance Roulette
Ep1724 Best Friend Slept With My Baby Daddy
Ep1723 I Was Desperate for Sex
Ep1722 Smokin' Love Triangles
Ep1721 Rejected!
Ep1720 But Mom, I Love Him
Ep1719 Why Don't You Just Beat It!
Ep1718 Stop Stalking My Lover
Ep1717 Mom, Your Man Paid Me for Sex
Ep1716 Crazy Catfights
Ep1715 Return of the Past Guests, Part 2
Ep1714 Return of Past Guests, Part 1
Ep1713 Cha-Cha Cheating
Ep1712 Blindsided by Love
Ep1711 One Night Stand Secrets
Ep1710 Bad Romance
Ep1709 Teen Moms Do Battle
Ep1708 Freaky Sex Fetishes
Ep1707 You Slept With a Porn Star!
Ep1706 Tranny's Throwdown
Ep1705 My Wife Moved Her Boyfriend In
Ep1704 Bridezillas Attack!
Ep1703 Stripper Spectacular
Ep1702 Betrayed!
Ep1701 Springer University
Ep1700 I Regret You
Ep1699 Lesbians Come Clean
Ep1698 Trick or Cheaters
Ep1697 Homewrecking Hotties
Ep1696 Springer Takes Times Square
Ep1695 Hottie Hook-Ups
Ep1694 Why Are You Being So Mean?
Ep1693 I'm Pimping Out Your Sister
Ep1692 Cheating With My High-School Sweetheart
Ep1691 Lesbian Sisters at War
Ep1690 Love Triangles Square Off
Ep1689 You Won't Steal My Man!
Ep1688 I Want Sex With Everyone
Ep1687 Mistresses Get Dumped
Ep1686 Beware of Friends With Gifts
Ep1685 Backstabbing Best Friends
Ep1684 My Brother Slept With My Boyfriend
Ep1683 I Am Not a Virgin Anymore
Ep1682 Lustful Lesbians
Ep1681 I Regret Having Sex With You!
Ep1680 Boyfriends Get the Smackdown
Ep1679 I Danced Her Pants Off
Ep1678 I Hate You!
Ep1677 Past Guests...New Secrets
Ep1676 Get Away From My Husband!
Ep1675 I'm Proud to Be on Springer!
Ep1674 Tranny Chasers
Ep1673 Drunken Disasters
Ep1672 Bridal Blowout
Ep1671 Engaged to Three Women
Ep1670 I Kissed Your Man and Liked It
Ep1669 Wife Confronts Prostitute
Ep1668 Misters or Sisters?
Ep1667 Fist Fightin' Females
Ep1666 A Prostitute Stole My Heart
Ep1665 Pretty Girls Fight Dirty!
Ep1664 Super-Sized Love
Ep1663 I Had Sex With 3 Sisters
Ep1662 Mam, I Can't Stop Pimpin'
Ep1661 I Slept With Your Best Friend
Ep1660 It's the Rooster or Me
Ep1659 Threesome With Two Sisters
Ep1658 Best Of: Family Feuds
Ep1657 I Want Your Man!
Ep1656 I Had Sex With Your Tranny Brother
Ep1655 Best Of: Girl Fights
Ep1654 You Had Sex With My Baby's Daddy
Ep1653 I Was in Jail and You Stole Her!
Ep1652 I'm in Love With a Prostitute
Ep1651 I Don't Want the Baby...Or You!
Ep1650 My Love for You Has Disappeared
Ep1649 Battling Babes
Ep1648 Stripper Sex Drama
Ep1647 Jerry's Big Gay Show
Ep1646 It Was the Best Night of My Life
Ep1645 Attack of the Angry Women
Ep1644 Dumped for My Lesbian Sister
Ep1643 Transsexual Shockers
Ep1642 Wild Confessions Caught on Tape
Ep1641 I Spent it all on a Hooker
Ep1640 Outrageous Updates: Guests Return
Ep1639 You Had My Baby, but I'm Leaving
Ep1638 Sexy Springer Break
Ep1637 I'm Never Going Away!
Ep1636 You Had a Threesome!
Ep1635 Sisters at War!
Ep1634 I'm Not Marrying You...Ever!
Ep1633 Gay Cousins in Love
Ep1632 Hot-Headed Hotties!
Ep1631 Threesome Disasters
Ep1630 Bad Boys Breaking Hearts
Ep1629 I'm Sorry...She Seduced Me
Ep1628 I Brought You the Proof: You're Cheating!
Ep1627 Twisted Love Triangles
Ep1626 Slapfest on Springer
Ep1625 Jerry's Best Of: Kung-Fu Hillbilly
Ep1624 Sex Secrets Uncovered
Ep1623 The Ex Factor
Ep1622 Jerry's Best Of: Fights!
Ep1621 You Can't Satisfy Me!
Ep1620 Stripper Scandals
Ep1619 Backstage Drama Explodes!
Ep1618 Fightin' for Your Love
Ep1617 Hook-Ups and Heartbreaks
Ep1616 Raging Family Drama
Ep1615 I Slept With a Transsexual
Ep1614 Jerry's Jilted Lovers
Ep1613 A Beauty Queen Gets Dumped
Ep1612 You Know You're a Lesbian
Ep1611 Backstabbing Best Friends
Ep1610 Gays of Our Lives
Ep1609 Man Stealers!
Ep1608 Cheaters Confess
Ep1607 I'm in Love With a Hooker
Ep1606 Kinky Sex Secrets
Ep1605 Love Triangle Drama
Ep1604 Your Twin Might Be the Father
Ep1603 I'm Obsessed With You!
Ep1602 Hateful Husbands
Ep1601 I Like Her Sex Better
Ep1600 I'm Leaving You for a Stripper
Ep1599 I'll Make You Love Me
Ep1598 Feisty One-Night Stands
Ep1597 Big Time Baby Daddy Drama
Ep1596 I'm Desperate For Your Love
Ep1595 Wives vs. Mistresses
Ep1594 Wedding Day Brawls
Ep1593 We Had Secret Sex
Ep1592 If It Looks Like a Woman...
Ep1591 Sex With Your Best Friend
Ep1590 I'll Fight You For Your Fiancée
Ep1589 Be My Valentine...Not!
Ep1588 Get Rid of Your Mistress
Ep1587 Lesbian Sexcapades
Ep1586 I Came Here to Fight!
Ep1585 You Got My Sister Pregnant!
Ep1584 I Slept With 3 Brothers
Ep1583 Big Lies and Big Pimpin'
Ep1582 Springer's Fight Club
Ep1581 Scandalous Secrets on Springer
Ep1580 A Porn Star Broke Us Up
Ep1579 Jerry's Best Of: Strippers
Ep1578 Love Triangle Disasters
Ep1577 Attack of the Tranny Cousins
Ep1576 My Girlfriend Is a Pimp
Ep1575 It Was the Greatest One-Night Stand
Ep1574 Jerry's Best Of: Sisters
Ep1573 Sex, Chicken and Candy!
Ep1572 My Sister Is Sleeping With My Dad
Ep1571 Your Twin Tricked Me!
Ep1570 My 9th Kid Is Your Brother's
Ep1569 Man Stealers Confronted
Ep1568 Baby, I Screwed Up
Ep1567 Hidden Affairs Reveled
Ep1566 Sexcapades on Springer
Ep1565 I Had Sex With Your Mama
Ep1564 He's Bad but I Love Him
Ep1563 I'm Here to Marry My Stepmom
Ep1562 Liars Confronted
Ep1561 You're a Virgin & I Can't Wait
Ep1560 The Babysitter Stole My Husband
Ep1559 Hot-Tempered Hoedown
Ep1558 My Sister Stole My Boyfriend!
Ep1557 Love...Up in Smoke
Ep1556 Jailbird Brothers Brawl!
Ep1555 Jerry's Thanksgiving Special
Ep1554 Heavy Hitters Do Battle
Ep1553 I Have a Big Secret...
Ep1552 Stripper Showdown
Ep1551 Love Bites
Ep1550 My Pimp Wants to Marry Me
Ep1549 I Just Had Your Baby...Why Cheat?
Ep1548 Hot-headed Homewreckers
Ep1547 Boxing Blowout: Viewers vs. Guests
Ep1546 Your Lover Is Hot for Me
Ep1545 Oops...I Had Sex With a Tranny!
Ep1544 A Stripper Stole My Man
Ep1543 Angry Sisters and Oil Wrestling
Ep1542 Transsexual Tell-All
Ep1541 My Cousin's Baby Is Yours?
Ep1540 I Need More Than You
Ep1539 You're NOT Leaving Me!
Ep1538 Lesbian Love Fest!
Ep1537 Trick or Treat?
Ep1536 You Can't Run From Me!
Ep1535 I'm a Lesbian & I'm Leaving!
Ep1534 I'm a Rock Star, Baby
Ep1533 A Woman's Wrath
Ep1532 I Want a Divorce!
Ep1531 I Had a Threesome With My Sister!
Ep1530 You've Been Caught!
Ep1529 Liars, Cheaters & Strippers!
Ep1528 I Slept With Your Sister!
Ep1527 I'm Leaving You for My Dream Girl
Ep1526 More Mistress Mayhem
Ep1525 Cheaters Confronted!
Ep1524 Down and Dirty Affairs!
Ep1523 My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me!
Ep1522 I Slept With a Midget Stripper!
Ep1521 Short Stack Smackdown!
Ep1520 Your Sister Gave It Up!
Ep1519 Stripper Sex Tales!
Ep1518 I'm Done!
Ep1517 Busted...on Bended Knee!
Ep1516 Wild One-Night Stands!
Ep1515 You Cheated---So Beat It!
Ep1514 Battle of the Dancing Queens!
Ep1513 Sex With Two Sisters!
Ep1512 Mad Mom Meltdown!
Ep1511 Face It...I Don't Want You!
Ep1510 Brawlin' Brides!
Ep1509 Transsexual Takedown
Ep1508 My Man Slept With a Stripper!
Ep1507 Back Off My Jailbird Lover!
Ep1506 Let Me At Her!
Ep1505 Both Brothers Wanna Marry Me!
Ep1504 A Gay Ol' Time
Ep1503 Bad Boys
Ep1502 I Cheated on You While I Was Pregnant
Ep1501 But Honey She Was Hot
Ep1500 It's All Gravy
Ep1499 I Was a Prostitute for the Mob!
Ep1498 Angry Moms!
Ep1497 Lessons of a Ladies' Man!
Ep1496 Hillbilly Bonanza!
Ep1495 I Won't Be Your Pawn!
Ep1494 Weddings Explode!
Ep1493 Raucous Weddings
Ep1492 Scrapped Engagements!
Ep1491 Reverend's Workout Plan!
Ep1490 Marry Us So We Can Have Sex!
Ep1489 I'm Sleeping With My Brother's Girl!
Ep1488 I Cheated on My Cousin With a Tranny!
Ep1487 I'm Sleeping With Three Brothers!
Ep1486 I Had Sex With My Sister's Man!
Ep1485 Cheatin' on My Cousin With My Cousin!
Ep1484 Messy Affairs!
Ep1483 I Don't Want You or the Baby!
Ep1482 Stay Away From My Wife!
Ep1481 Jerry Cracks Up!
Ep1480 Rappers, Rumors & Rage!
Ep1479 Grand Finale!
Ep1478 Getting Pregnant With a Turkey Baster!
Ep1477 Furious Females!
Ep1476 Boxin' Babes!
Ep1475 Honey, Our Grandson Is Our Son!
Ep1474 Tricked By a Transsexual!
Ep1473 Pregnant From a Threesome!
Ep1472 Trailer Park Tryst!
Ep1471 Shocking One-Night Stands!
Ep1470 Crushed at 18!
Ep1469 You Don't Satisfy Me!
Ep1468 You're Gonna Git It!
Ep1467 Mom, I'm Getting Married!
Ep1466 Last Round for Love!
Ep1465 Open Your Ears, I Have a Secret!
Ep1464 Sex for Diapers!
Ep1463 Shirts Off...Fights On!
Ep1462 Love Gets a Lashin'!
Ep1461 Hot-Tempered Love Triangles
Ep1460 Big Pimpin' on the Springer Show!
Ep1459 Get Out of My Life
Ep1458 Gay Secrets Exposed!
Ep1457 It's Good to Keep Two Women!
Ep1456 Tranny Turmoil!
Ep1455 A Poke & a Pig!
Ep1454 He's Having Sex With My Sister!
Ep1453 Udder Betrayals!
Ep1452 I'll Marry You Anyway!
Ep1451 Sexy One-Night Stands!
Ep1450 I've Been Horsin' Around!
Ep1449 Dumping Teen Wife for Her Mom!
Ep1448 My Big Fat Jerry Springer Wedding!
Ep1447 You're Not Gonna Take My Man!
Ep1446 Lustful Lies Revealed!
Ep1445 You Took My Virginity!
Ep1444 Stripper Takedown!
Ep1443 Big Tranny Surprise!
Ep1442 I Have a Latin Lover!
Ep1441 Supermodel Smackdown!
Ep1440 Cheatin' and Mad About It!
Ep1439 Big Time Brawlin' Show!
Ep1438 Hot Headed Hookers
Ep1437 It Doesn't Add Up to Love
Ep1436 He Said He'd Make Me a Model
Ep1435 Honey, I Had Sex With an 18-Year-Old
Ep1434 A Porn Star Slept With My Man
Ep1433 You Told Me You Were a Man!
Ep1432 Brutal Boyfriends!
Ep1431 Don't Make Grandma Mad!
Ep1430 I Had Sex With Your Best Friend!
Ep1429 Springer's Wild Ride!
Ep1428 Springer Secrets!
Ep1427 Big Love Stoties!
Ep1426 A Stripper's Pregnant By My Man!
Ep1425 My Boyfriend Is a Girl!
Ep1424 "I Love You...On Paper!"
Ep1423 Husband's Stripper Affair!
Ep1422 Left at the Altar!
Ep1421 It's Not My Baby
Ep1420 I'm Cheatin' on My Third Cousin
Ep1419 I Love Two Women!
Ep1418 Near-Bi Love Affairs!
Ep1417 Relationships Ripped Apart!
Ep1416 Brothers' Transsexual Surprise!
Ep1415 Phone-Bill Blues & Military Affairs!
Ep1414 Hair Pullin' Smack Down!
Ep1413 I Slept With My Girlfriend's Brother!
Ep1412 My Man's a Cheater!
Ep1411 You Slept With My Sister!
Ep1410 Raging Women and a One-Armed Bandit
Ep1409 Doughy Love Affairs!
Ep1408 Tu Tu Many Lovers!
Ep1407 A Tranny and a Fugitive!
Ep1406 Homewreckers!
Ep1405 My Brother Stole My Wife!
Ep1404 That Baby Better Not Be Yours!
Ep1403 My Mom's a Truck-Stop Prostitute
Ep1402 Holiday Giveaway Show!
Ep1401 Sex Secrets!
Ep1400 Sisters Attack!
Ep1399 I had Sex With a Stripper!
Ep1398 Fiery Family Affairs!
Ep1397 Springer Smackdown!
Ep1396 Hot-Headed Hillbillies!
Ep1395 I'm Not Gay...Anymore!
Ep1394 My Marriage Was a Mistake!
Ep1393 Transsexual Secrets
Ep1392 Big Time Family Drama!
Ep1391 Prostitutes Confronted!
Ep1390 I Must Confess...I'm Not Pregnant!
Ep1389 Angry Women Attack!
Ep1388 My Wedding Day Bites!
Ep1387 Ex-lovers & a Backstabbing Brother!
Ep1386 Spin Cycle Love Affairs!
Ep1385 I Won't Be Your Girlfriend
Ep1384 Springer Gender Bender Blowout!
Ep1383 Mistress Mayhem!
Ep1382 I Slept With Your College Roommate!
Ep1381 Forgive Me, I Slept With Your Man!
Ep1380 What Happens in a Trailer Park...
Ep1379 The Case of the Missing Panties!
Ep1378 You Can't Afford Me, Baby!
Ep1377 Broken Hearted Battle!
Ep1376 Fightin' Love Triangles!
Ep1375 I'm a Gay Prostitute!
Ep1374 A Godfather, a Trannie and a Midget!
Ep1373 You Won't Destroy My Family!
Ep1372 Brawlin' Sisters!
Ep1371 I Had a One-Night Stand!
Ep1370 I'm Sleeping With Two Brothers!
Ep1369 Jerry's Keepin' It Real!
Ep1368 You'll Never Marry My Son!
Ep1367 Face the Ugly Truth
Ep1366 Lil' Cousins, Big Problems & a Tranny!
Ep1365 Dad, I'm Gay!
Ep1364 Feuding In-Laws
Ep1363 Pregnant 4 Times By Another Man!
Ep1362 A Bi Guy, a Vet!
Ep1361 "She" Is a He!
Ep1360 I Want an Emmy!
Ep1359 Mad Moms!
Ep1358 Bullfrog and Dead Animal, Man!
Ep1357 I'm Dating My Son's Grandfather!
Ep1356 One Leg, Gay Guys and a Babysitter!
Ep1355 Jerry's 18th Year!
Ep1354 Save My Lesbian Daughter!
Ep1353 I Have Five Wives!
Ep1352 I'm in Love With My Uncle!
Ep1351 A Gay Mobster and a Tractor Guy!
Ep1350 Springer Cleaning
Ep1349 Hittin' the Road
Ep1348 College Capers
Ep1347 College Capers
Ep1346 Winners, Losers & Las Vegas
Ep1345 Winners, Losers & Las Vegas
Ep1344 College Capers
Ep1343 College Capers
Ep1342 College Capers
Ep1341 College Capers
Ep1340 College Capers
Ep1339 This Show Stinks #3!
Ep1338 Hogs and Ho's!
Ep1337 Cholesterol Hell!
Ep1336 Big Bible Blow Out!
Ep1335 Reverend Goes Toe to Toe
Ep1334 Midget's Big Problem
Ep1333 Two Tons of Fun
Ep1332 Cousins in Love
Ep1331 Goldy the Pimp & a Cow
Ep1330 Mixed Up Wedding
Ep1329 Paco Pick a Ho
Ep1328 Lesbians Attack!
Ep1327 Hillbilly Games III
Ep1326 More Hillbilly Games!
Ep1325 Rockin' Reverend #3!
Ep1324 Cult Mom Confronts Reverend!
Ep1323 Wheel of Misfortune!
Ep1322 Return of the Kung-Fu Hillbilly!
Ep1321 Lesbians, Weddings & a Tranny!
Ep1320 Between Iraq and a Hard Place, No. 2!
Ep1319 Big Foot Visits Jerry!
Ep1318 Stripper & a Redneck!
Ep1317 The 22-Year-Old Virgin!
Ep1316 Scrappin' & Rappin' on Springer!
Ep1315 Prison Made Me Gay!
Ep1314 Jerry's Frog Giggin' Special No. 2!
Ep1313 A Gay Old Easter!
Ep1312 On Top of Old Smokey!
Ep1311 Convict Is a Cupid!
Ep1310 Wedding Riot!
Ep1309 Deep Fried Lovers!
Ep1308 Age of Aquarius!
Ep1307 Rev's No. 1 Fan!
Ep1306 Family Fun!
Ep1305 Demolition Lesbian!
Ep1304 Axe Man and Avon Lady!
Ep1303 Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On!
Ep1302 Dishwasher's Blues!
Ep1301 Heavy Relationships!
Ep1300 This Show Sticks #2!
Ep1299 Chicken Tails!
Ep1298 Hickeys, Cousins & Lesbian Cousins!
Ep1297 Trannie Triangle!
Ep1296 Jerry Springer
Ep1295 Brawlin' Broads!
Ep1294 Past Guests Mania!
Ep1293 Lesbian Mom!
Ep1292 Trannies & Carnies!
Ep1291 Tranny Trouble!
Ep1290 Pizza/Extra Toppings!
Ep1289 Tomato Toss!
Ep1288 Feets of Strength
Ep1287 Dragon Boy vs. Brain Surgeon!
Ep1286 Jerry's Valentine's Day Special!
Ep1285 Strung Along Like Puppets!
Ep1284 The A. of a Woman!
Ep1283 I Do, I Don't!
Ep1282 Sesame Springer!
Ep1281 Hillbilly Games II
Ep1280 Puppet Made Me Do It!
Ep1279 Stop Pullin' My Strings!
Ep1278 Hillbillies in a Tent!
Ep1277 Jerry's Blue Ribbon!
Ep1276 Midget Madness!
Ep1275 Springer's Slapfest!
Ep1274 Reverend on Tap!
Ep1273 Catnip Capers!
Ep1272 Jerry's Caucus!
Ep1271 The Chuch 'Lady'!
Ep1270 Redneck Games!
Ep1269 Lesbian Snowball Fight!
Ep1268 We Should Have Had an Ice Storm!
Ep1267 Juggling Relationships
Ep1266 I've Been Voodooed
Ep1265 She's Rubber, I'm Real
Ep1264 Mime Your Own Business
Ep1263 Pregnant Gals and a Mime!
Ep1262 Show 3357!
Ep1261 A Spin on Weddings!
Ep1260 Spinning Tales on Springer!
Ep1259 Springer Fiasco!
Ep1258 Jolly Jerry Christmas!
Ep1257 Classic Springer: Dump Your Lover...You're Mine!
Ep1256 Classic Springer: Update: I Still Love You!
Ep1255 Classic Springer: I'll Fight for My Man!
Ep1254 Classic Springer: I Have a Surprise...I'm Cheating!
Ep1253 Classic Springer: Why Did You Cheat?
Ep1252 Jerry's Angels!
Ep1251 Bonding with Jerry!
Ep1250 Cousins and Breakdancers!
Ep1249 Jason's Thanksgiving!
Ep1248 Gator Skinner Love!
Ep1247 CIA Guy on Springer!
Ep1246 Ride 'Em Cowboy!
Ep1245 Cross-dressing Caper!
Ep1244 My Ant's a Horse!
Ep1243 Springer Carnival!
Ep1242 Catfish Fights!
Ep1241 Sisters Explode!
Ep1240 Jerry's Rap Off!
Ep1239 Jerry and the Whooars!
Ep1238 Jerry and the Pope!
Ep1237 The Deer Hunter!
Ep1236 Jerry Springfield!
Ep1235 Guests Collide!
Ep1234 Classic Springer: I Want Your Lover!
Ep1233 Hillbilly Hullabaloo!
Ep1232 Kung Fu Hillbilly!
Ep1231 Rockin' Reverend 2!
Ep1230 Itchin' For Love!
Ep1229 Classic Springer: Wives Battle Mistresses!
Ep1228 A Stupid Show!
Ep1227 Dancin' With Gay Guys!
Ep1226 Foot Boxin'!
Ep1225 Eat Your Tomatoes!
Ep1224 Classic Springer: I'm Pregnant by My Brother
Ep1223 Jerry & Ray Ray!
Ep1222 A 'Sheepish' Guest!
Ep1221 Jerry's Diner!
Ep1220 Jerry's Casting Couch!
Ep1219 Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On!
Ep1218 Update: Hillbilly Smackdown
Ep1217 Uncle Bob/Aunt Robin!
Ep1216 Talk to the Paw!
Ep1215 Cross-Dressing Carny!
Ep1214 Three Pigs in a Trailer Part II
Ep1213 You Give Me a Haddock!
Ep1212 Rockin' Reverend!
Ep1211 Invasion of the Little People
Ep1210 Jimmy Meets Mr. Vee
Ep1209 Livid Lesbians!
Ep1208 Meat Me on Springer
Ep1207 Return of Jason
Ep1206 I'm Not Gay!
Ep1205 Guests Go Toe to Toe!
Ep1204 Classic Springer: Lovers vs. Mistresses!
Ep1203 Classic Springer: I'll Never Let You Go!
Ep1202 Classic Springer: My Lover Is a Cheat!
Ep1201 Classic Springer: I've Had Enough! It's Over!
Ep1200 Classic Springer: Attack of the Ex Lovers!
Ep1199 Jerry & the Vampire!
Ep1198 Charge of the Angry Guests!
Ep1197 Color Me Married!
Ep1196 No More Beer!
Ep1195 Hillbilly Smackdown!
Ep1194 Lesbian Lovin' and Combatin' Cousins
Ep1193 Springer Brawls
Ep1192 Reverend's Road Trip of Love
Ep1191 Jerry's Love Stories
Ep1190 Blood Cousins Wed
Ep1189 A Big Fighting Show
Ep1188 Brawlin' Brothers, Part II
Ep1187 Can't We All Just Get Along?
Ep1186 Donate to the Reverend