JoJo's Circus

  • 2003-2007
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A 6-year-old circus clown encourages physical activity in this stop-frame animated series.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep82 Silly Silly Putt Putt
Ep79 Hula Is Cool-a
Ep77 The Giggle Kite
Ep20 Hop Hooey!
Ep19 My Clowny Valentine
Ep18 Circus Town Makeover
Ep17 Circus Town Makeover
Ep16 JoJo and the Beanstalk
Ep15 JoJo and the Beanstalk
Ep14 My Granny's Shoes
Ep13 My Granny's Shoes
Ep12 Pie in the Sky
Ep11 Pie in the Sky
Ep10 Princess for a Day
Ep9 Princess for a Day
Ep8 The Giggle Kite
Ep7 The Giggle Kite
Ep7 The Best Breakfast Ever
Ep6 Silly Silly Putt Putt
Ep5 Silly Silly Putt Putt
Ep4 Stuck on You
Ep3 Stuck on You
Ep2 Hula Is Cool-a
Ep1 Hula Is Cool-a
My Clowny Valentine; Hop Hooey!
Circus Town Makeover
JoJo and the Beanstalk
My Granny's Shoes
Pie in the Sky
Princess for a Day
Stuck on You

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep76 Simply Ear-Resistible
Ep71 Ride 'Em Goliath
Ep61 Charlie the Clown Baby Returns; The Fishing Trip
Ep58 The Mane Event
Ep55 Simply Ear-Resistible
Ep54 Simply Ear-Resistible
Ep54 Circus Town Hoedown; Time Flies
Ep53 Skating Away
Ep52 A Snowclown for Dinky
Ep51 Chores Galore
Ep50 Chores Galore
Ep49 Ride 'Em Goliath
Ep48 Ride 'Em Goliath
Ep47 Too Many Toys
Ep46 Quiet Magic
Ep45 The Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade
Ep44 The Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade
Ep43 Time Flies
Ep42 Circus Town Hoedown
Ep41 Harpo Comes Home
Ep40 Make It Snappy
Ep39 Picture Perfect
Ep38 Best Pet in Circus Town
Ep37 Happy Not-Birthday, Skeebo!
Ep36 Practice Makes Perfect
Ep35 Tickled Pink
Ep34 The Cricketeers
Ep33 Brushing Up
Ep32 Happy Hoppy Day
Ep31 X Marks the Spot
Ep30 Follow That Monkey
Ep29 Hiccups Helpers
Ep28 The Octopus Ride
Ep27 Bouncing Bowling Ball
Ep26 Get Crabby
Ep25 A Circus Town Wedding
Ep24 Mice-Capades
Ep23 The Robot Clown
Ep22 The Mane Event
Ep21 The Mane Event
Ep20 Join the Club
Ep19 Goliath Gets a Boo Boo
Ep18 Fishing Trip
Ep17 Charlie the Clown Baby Returns
Ep16 Hoop Happy
Ep15 100 Days and Counting
Ep14 Night of the Teddy Bear Dance
Ep13 My Favorite Frogsitters
Ep12 My Dinner With the Tightropes
Ep11 Hi There, Small Fry!
Ep10 Goliath the Great
Ep9 Frown Fighters
Ep8 Popcorn Panic!
Ep6 Lost & Found
Ep5 A New Twist
Ep4 Pedal Pushers
Ep3 Fit as a Tickle
Ep2 How Does Your Garden Grow
Ep1 Sleepover Surprises
Skeebo's Cousin; Too Many Toys
Silly Silly Putt Putt; Ride' Em Goliath
Simply Ear-Resistable; Hula Is Cool-A
The Giggle Kite; Chores Galore
The Mane Event; Stuck on You
A Snowclown for Dinky; Skating Away
Frown Fighters; Goliath the Great
The Best Breakfast Ever; Popcorn Panic!
A New Twist; Lost & Found
Fit as a Tickle; Pedal Pushers
Quiet Magic; Too Many Toys
The Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade
Circus Town Hoedown; Time Flies
Make It Snappy; Harpo Comes Home
Best Pet in Circus Town; Picture Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect; Happy Not-Birthday, Skeebo!
The Cricketeers; Tickled Pink
Happy Hoppy Day; Brushing Up
Follow That Monkey; X Marks the Spot
The Octopus Ride; Hiccups Helpers
Get Crabby; Bouncing Bowling Ball
The Robot Clown; Mice-Capades
Goliath Gets a Boo Boo; Join the Club
100 Days and Counting; Hoop Happy
My Favorite Frogsitters; Night of the Teddy Bear Dance
Hi There, Small Fry!; My Dinner with the Tightropes
Fit as a Tickle; Pedal Pushers
Sleepover Surprises; How Does Your Garden Grow
JoJo to the Rescue; A Clown Ride
Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm; Up, Up and Away

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep50 Fire House Day
Ep49 Charlie the Clown Baby
Ep48 A Clown Ride
Ep47 JoJo to the Rescue
Ep46 Ivan the Bearable
Ep45 Funny Bunnies
Ep44 Hide and Go-Liath
Ep43 A Case of the Sillies
Ep42 Follow That Rainbow
Ep41 Skeebo's Pet
Ep40 Helping Hands
Ep39 The Last Roar
Ep38 A Circus Town Christmas
Ep37 A Circus Town Christmas
Ep36 Shoo Fly Shoo!
Ep35 Hamster-cize!
Ep34 Dinky's Dance
Ep33 The Clown Family Picnic
Ep32 Trina Trips Up
Ep31 Mirror Mirror
Ep30 The Un-Average Day
Ep29 Jojo Signs Up
Ep28 The Spudinski's New Act
Ep27 Zero Heroes
Ep26 What's the Trick?
Ep25 The Watchamadoodle
Ep24 Pop Up!
Ep23 Messy Mess
Ep22 The Itchy-Oochy Scratch Patch
Ep21 Flower Shower
Ep20 Cannonball JoJo
Ep19 A Circus Town Christmas
Ep19 Drum Roll Please
Ep18 The Little Big Top Boogie Band
Ep17 Circus Shh Shh
Ep16 The Legend of Clownfoot
Ep15 The Legend of Clownfoot
Ep14 Skeebo's Missing Hat Trick
Ep13 Seal Fright
Ep12 Nighty Night
Ep11 Cotton Andy
Ep10 The Legend of Clownfoot
Ep10 Happy Birthday Tater!
Ep9 Try These on for Boing!
Ep8 JoJo on the Tightrope
Ep7 Confetti Caper
Ep5 Hide and Go Dinky
Ep4 Up, Up and Away
Ep3 Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm
Ep2 Take a Bow
Ep1 Easy as Pie
Charlie the Clown Baby Returns; The Fishing Trip
The Lost Roar; Helping Hands
Fire House Day; Charlie the Clown Baby
Funny Bunnies; Ivan the Bearable
A Case of the Sillies; Hide and Go-Liath
Skeebo's Pet; Follow That Rainbow
The Last Roar; Helping Hands
Hamster-cize!; Shoo Fly Shoo!
The Clown Family Picnic; Dinky's Dance
Mirror Mirror; Trina Trips Up
Jojo Signs Up; The Un-Average Day
Zero Heroes; The Spudinski's New Act
The Whatchamadoodle; What's the Trick?
Messy Mess; Pop Up!
Flower Shower; The Itchy-Oochy Scratch Patch
Drum Roll Please; Cannonball JoJo
Circus Shh Shh; The Little Big Top Boogie Band
Skeebo's Missing Hat Trick; Seal Fright
Cotton Andy; Nighty Night
Try These on for Boing!; Happy Birthday Tater!
Confetti Caper; JoJo on the Tightrope
Hide and Go Dinky; Fire Chief Says
Easy as Pie; Take a Bow
Easy as Pie; Take a Bow

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep70 Chores Galore
Ep59 JoJo's Circus
Ep47 JoJo's Circus
Ep39 Shoo Fly Shoo!
Ep1 JoJo's Circus

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