Jungle Junction

  • 2009
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A preschool series featuring jungle animals on wheels that teaches literacy skills to kids with road signs and maps, and stresses the importance of caring for the environment.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep31 The Buzz About Toadhog
Ep30 Zooter Slips Up
Ep29 The Bungo-naut
Ep28 An Excellent Party
Ep27 Stay Awake Crocker
Ep26 Bungo Joins the Club
Ep25 Zooter's Surprise Delivery
Ep25 Dozer's Magic Kettle
Ep24 Daredevil Ellyvan; Bungo & the Beasties
Ep24 Zooter Gets a Beetlebug
Ep23 Ellyvan Says No
Ep22 Zooter Peeks!
Ep21 Really Wheely Stuck
Ep20 Crocker Gets Cross
Ep19 The Amazing Crab-dini
Ep18 Big Little Adventure
Ep17 Best Buddy Mix Up
Ep16 Lance in Love
Zooter Slips Up; The Buzz About Toadhog
An Excellent Party; The Bungo-naut
Bungo Joins the Club; Stay Awake Crocker
Zooter Gets a Beetlebug; Dozer's Magic Kettle
Zooter Peeks!; Ellyvan Says No
Crocker Gets Cross; Really Wheely Stuck
Big Little Adventure; The Amazing Crab-dini
Lance in Love; Best Buddy Mix Up
Bungo's Big Bounce; Zooter's Tire Troubles
Toadhog Goes Fishing; Ellyvan's Whiffy Delivery
Ellyvan's Ballet Lesson; Crocker for a Day
Bungo Moves In; Big Red Lance
Bungo Leads the Way; Ellyvan and the Zoominator
Bobby's Road Rules; Zooter's Strange Spots
Bungo's Better Best Friend; Lance and the Jumpy Pumpkin
Cadet Zooter; Jungle Job Swap
Where's Ellyvan; Bobby's Hat
Rock Around the Clock; The Jolly
Floaty Fruit; Zooter's Blankie
Bungo's Wheeler Wash; Ellyvan's Road Waffles
Ellyvan Goes Up; Easy Does It, Dozer
Ripe Fruit Bungo; Caterpillar Crossing
Fly Zooter Fly; Ellyvan's Boing-Boing Blues

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Prickly Pal; A Beautiful Stink
Ep1 The Big Race Around
Hiccup Power; Fifi Frenzy
Follow That...Thing!; The Spooky Road
Wheeler Ball; The Great Garden Caper
Dozer Digs; Taxicrab's Whistle
Muddy Zooter; Stargazing
A Bubbly Emergency; Funny Fruit
Bungo the Magnificent; Thingums
The Night Before Zipsmas; A Gift for Zooter
The Mystery of Miss Jolly's Missing Glasses; Dozer's Daisy
Rainy Daze; King Ellyvan
Stuck!; Coconuts!
Smile, Toadhog!; Zooter's Surprise
The Star Juggler; Bungo's Box
Sap Trap; River Race Rescue
A Mystery for Bobby; Signs of Trouble
The Big Race Around; Zooter Loses Her Zip
Prickly Pal; A Beautiful Stink
Nothing to Sneeze At; Fire Station Hero
Bungo to the Rescue; Pinky Picnic
The Treasure of Jungle Junction; Shrinky

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Signs of Trouble
Ep28 The Mystery of Miss Jolly's Missing Glasses
Ep27 Funny Fruit
Ep26 A Bubbly Emergency
Ep25 Thingums
Ep24 Bungo the Magnificent
Ep23 King Ellyvan
Ep22 Rainy Daze
Ep21 Zooter Loses Her Zip
Ep20 Fifi Frenzy
Ep19 Hiccup Power
Ep18 The Great Garden Caper
Ep17 Wheeler Ball
Ep16 A Gift for Zooter
Ep15 The Night Before Zipsmas
Ep14 Sap Trap
Ep13 Zooter's Surprise
Ep12 A Beautiful Stink
Ep11 Prickly Pal
Ep10 Shrinky
Ep9 Fire Station Hero
Ep8 Pinky Picnic
Ep7 Dozer Digs
Ep6 Bungo to the Rescue
Ep5 The Treasure of Jungle Junction
Ep4 A Mystery for Bobby
Ep2 Nothing to Sneeze At
Smile, Toadhog!
Sap Trap/ River Race
The Spooky Road
Taxicrab's Whistle
Dozer Digs
River Race
Dozer's Daisy
Follow that... Thing!
The Star Juggler
Muddy Zooter
Wheeler Ball
Bungo's Box
Where's Ellyvan; Bobby Loses His Hat
Ripe Fruit Bungo; Caterpillar Crossing
Ellyvan's Boing, Boing Blues
Jungle Job Swap
Rock Around the Clock
Zooter's Surprise Delivery: Part Two
Bobby Loses His Hat
Where's Ellyvan?
Easy Does it Dozer
Bungo Leads the Way
Ripe Fruit Bongo
Caterpillar Crossing
Bungo's Better Best Friend
Crocker for a Day
Bungo Moves In
Big Red Lance
Lance and the Jumpy Pumpkin
Ellyvan's Ballet Lesson
Cadet Zooter
The Jolly
Ellyvan's Road Waffles
Bungo's Wheeler Wash
Ellyvan Goes Up
Fly, Zooter, Fly
Ellyvan and the Zoominator
Zooter's Blankie
Bobby's Road Rules
Floaty Fruit
Zooter's Strange Spots
Daredevil Ellyvan
Bungo & the Beasties

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