Kitchen Nightmares

  • 2007-2014
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A reality series following chef Gordon Ramsay's attempts to turn around troubled restaurants. Based on the popular British show.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Revisited: La Galleria 33, Olde Hitching Post, Prohibition Gastropub
Ep10 Revisited
Ep9 Bella Luna
Ep8 Zayna Flaming Grill
Ep8 Zayna Flaming Grill, Part 2
Ep7 Zayna Flaming Grill, Part 1
Ep7 Zayna Flaming Grill
Ep6 Mangia Mangia
Ep6 Mangia Mangia, Part 2
Ep5 Mangia Mangia, Part 1
Ep5 Mangia Mangia
Ep4 Kati Allo
Ep3 Old Neighborhood
Ep2 Pantaleone's
Ep1 Return to Amy's Baking Company
Zayna Flaming Grill Parts 1 & 2
Mangia Mangia, Parts 1 & 2
Old Neighborhood; Kati Allo

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Amy's Baking Company
Ep15 Chappy's
Ep14 Prohibition Grille
Ep14 Prohibition Grille
Ep13 Yanni's
Ep12 Mill Street Bistro Bar, Part Two
Ep11 Mill Street Bistro, Part One
Ep10 Nino's Italian Restaurant
Ep9 Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room
Ep8 Levanti's Italian Restaurant
Ep7 Olde Hitching Post
Ep6 Revisited #1
Ep5 Barefoot Bob's
Ep4 Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine
Ep3 Mama Maria's
Ep2 La Galleria 33, Part 2
Ep2 La Galleria 33, Part 2
Ep1 La Galleria 33, Part 1
Ep1 La Galleria 33, Part 1
Ep1 Greek at the Harbor; Luigi's
Ep1 Greek at the Harbor; Luigi's

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 #2 Zocalo
Ep16 #2 Chiarella's
Ep15 #2 Café Hon
Ep14 #2 Charlie's
Ep13 #2 Spin a Yarn
Ep12 #2 Park's Edge
Ep11 #1 Revisited #2
Ep10 #2 El Greco
Ep9 #2 Michon's
Ep8 #2 Greek at the Harbor
Ep7 #2 Burger Kitchen
Ep7 Burger Kitchen, Part 2
Ep6 #2 Burger Kitchen
Ep6 Burger Kitchen Part 1
Ep6 Burger Kitchen
Ep5 #1 Revisited #1
Ep4 #2 Luigi's
Ep3 #2 Mike & Nellie's
Ep2 #2 Leone's
Ep1 Blackberry's; Leone's
Ep1 #2 Blackberry's

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Oceana
Ep14 #1 Oceana
Ep13 #1 Zeke's
Ep13 Zeke's
Ep12 Capri
Ep12 #1 Capri
Ep11 #1 La Frite
Ep10 #1 Kingston Café
Ep9 #1 Tavolini
Ep8 #1 Revisited #2
Ep7 #1 Down City
Ep6 #1 Davide
Ep6 Davide
Ep5 #1 Grasshopper Also
Ep4 #1 Revisited #1
Ep4 Revisited #1
Ep3 #1 PJ's Steakhouse
Ep2 #1 Classic American
Ep1 #1 Spanish Pavilion

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Revisited #1
Ep13 #1 Revisited #1
Ep12 #1 Sushi Ko
Ep12 Sushi Ko
Ep11 #1 Fleming
Ep11 Fleming
Ep10 Revisited #2
Ep10 #1 Revisited #2
Ep9 #1 Anna Vincenzo's
Ep9 Anna Vincenzo's
Ep8 #1 Mama Rita's
Ep8 Mama Rita's
Ep7 Casa Roma
Ep7 #1 Casa Roma
Ep6 #1 Le Bistro
Ep6 Le Bistro
Ep5 Lido's di Manhattan Beach
Ep5 #1 Lido's di Manhattan Beach
Ep4 #1 Mojito's
Ep4 Mojito's
Ep3 #1 Bazzini
Ep3 Bazzini
Ep2 Flamango's
Ep2 #1 Flamango's
Ep1 #1 Hot Potato Cafe
Ep1 Hot Potato Cafe

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Cafe 36
Ep22 #1 Cafe 36
Ep21 #1 Sante La Brea
Ep20 #1 Fiesta Sunrise
Ep19 #1 Sabatiello's
Ep18 #1 Jack's Waterfront
Ep17 #1 Hannah & Mason's
Ep16 #1 J Willy's
Ep15 Trobiano's
Ep15 #1 Trobiano's
Ep14 #1 Black Pearl
Ep13 #1 Giuseppi's
Ep12 #1 Handlebar
Ep11 Revisited: Gordon Returns
Ep11 Revisited: Gordon Returns
Ep11 #1 Revisited: Gordon Returns
Ep10 #1 Secret Garden
Ep9 #1 Campania
Ep8 #1 Lela's
Ep7 #1 Finn McCool's
Ep6 #1 Sebastian's
Ep5 #1 The Olde Stone Mill
Ep4 #1 Seascape
Ep3 #1 The Mixing Bowl
Ep2 #1 Dillons
Ep1 #1 Peter's

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Spin a Yarn; Charlie's
Ep1 Michon's; Park's Edge
Kitchen Nightmares
Nino's Italian Restaurant; Levanti's Italian Restaurant
Kitchen Nightmares
Return to Amy's Baking Company; Pantaleone's
La Galleria 33
Revisited: Gordon Returns

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Kitchen Nightmares: Return To Amy's Ba
54 sec
Clip Kitchen Nightmares: Return To Amy's Ba
71 sec
Clip Kitchen Nightmares: Samy Confides In G
53 sec
Preview Peter Took $200
59 sec
Preview Is The Crabcake Homemade?
35 sec
Interview Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares
53 sec
Preview I Don't Need Any Parsley
57 sec
Preview Frozen, Not Fresh
53 sec
Interview Burnt Salmon Nicoise
43 sec
Interview There's A Fly In My...Everything
68 sec
Interview Food's Most Important
84 sec
Preview A Very High Standard
40 sec
Preview That's Sewage
79 sec
Preview Lemme Give Away This Money
56 sec
Preview Doug and Charlie In Action
57 sec
Clip Listen to the Chef
40 sec
Clip Can't Accept Mistakes
53 sec
Clip Here's the Problem
30 sec
Clip Busting Her Balls
49 sec
Preview The Fight
62 sec
Clip Work Together
20 sec
Preview So Defensive
16 sec
Clip Who's in Charge?
27 sec
Preview Hair in the Crab
58 sec
Preview Talk
20 sec
Preview We Care
26 sec
Clip What's the Matter?
22 sec
Preview Pressure's On
50 sec
Preview Health Hazard
67 sec
Preview The Biggest Confrontation
20 sec
Preview We Love Florida
44 sec
Clip The Worst
15 sec
Preview Week-Old Ribs
47 sec
Clip Defensive
83 sec
Preview You Right, Me Wrong
37 sec
Preview Clean up
40 sec
Clip Two Minutes
92 sec
Clip A Valentine's Day Menu
34 sec
Preview I Feel Awful
33 sec
Preview Proud Of Our Food
35 sec
Preview Disaster
16 sec
Clip No Passion
47 sec
Clip Disgusting, Tart, and Acidic
66 sec
Clip Oil Slick
51 sec
Preview Taste of Italy?
55 sec
Clip Dreadful
73 sec
Clip Never Ending
33 sec
Interview Chicken Nightmare
55 sec
Clip Refried
28 sec
Clip Tiny Mind
61 sec
Preview Dinner Service
23 sec
Clip Disgusting
65 sec
Preview Advice
34 sec
Clip Frozen
67 sec
Clip Crispy Calamari
45 sec
Clip Princess
61 sec
Interview Earth Day Tip
11 sec
Clip Bags
86 sec
Clip Sound Effects
51 sec
Clip Dogs
38 sec
Clip French Onion Soup
25 sec
Clip Disaster
67 sec
Clip Denial
37 sec
Interview DownCity Nightmare
55 sec
Clip Value
46 sec
Clip Seafood Crepe
65 sec
Clip Complete Picture
68 sec
Clip No Captain
53 sec
Preview Frozen
43 sec
Clip Salty
30 sec
Clip Season 3 Preview
87 sec
Clip Fighting in the Kitchen
36 sec
Clip Raw
26 sec
Clip Kitchen Nightmares: Five Things Gordon
105 sec
Preview Kitchen Nightmares: Season 3
86 sec
Preview Kitchen Nightmares: Spanish Pavilion
39 sec
Clip Kitchen Nightmares: Five Things Gordon
105 sec
Clip Kitchen Nightmares: Clip 1
42 sec
Clip Kitchen Nightmares: Five Things Gordon
100 sec
Clip The Negative
102 sec
Preview Anger
101 sec
Clip Rocket Science
60 sec
Clip Way Overcooked
93 sec
Clip Rude
81 sec
Clip Mold
67 sec
Preview Mother and Son
57 sec
Preview Atmosphere
67 sec
Clip Changes
50 sec
Interview Three Things Restaurant Do Wrong
81 sec
Preview Thing Logically
33 sec
Preview Mushrooms
66 sec
Preview Cold Mezze Platter
21 sec
Preview Greek Dancing
41 sec
Preview Scariest Nightmares
45 sec
Preview F Bombs Away
65 sec
Preview Filthy Mess
30 sec
Preview Business Partners
51 sec
Preview Quitting
41 sec
Preview Two Sides
75 sec
Preview The Lamp
30 sec
Preview Chicken Murphy
52 sec
Preview Horrifying
78 sec
Preview What Is It?
24 sec
Preview Risotto
22 sec
Preview Chitlins
90 sec
Preview Broken Records
47 sec
Preview Honesty
52 sec
Clip First Look: Kitchen Nightmares Season 4
2 min 26 sec
Clip Fall Preview: Kitchen Nightmares
62 sec
Preview foxfall prev kitchennightmares 360
22 sec
Interview kitchnight 123 1 tagged 360
37 sec
Preview kitchnight sneakpeak tagged 360
2 min 40 sec
S4 | Ep17


Fecha al aire: 3/30/12
In the fourth-season finale, chef Ramsay visits Zocalo, a Mexican eatery in Philadelphia, and finds a befuddled staff and disappointing service.

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