Last Man Standing

  • 2011
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A manly sporting-goods store marketing boss decides to spend more time at home with his daughters.

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Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Last Man Standing

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 #1 The Shortcut
Ep21 The Marriage Doctor
Ep20 #1 Tattoo
Ep19 #1 Outdoor Woman
Ep18 #1 He Shed, She Shed
Ep17 #1 Tanks for the Memories
Ep16 Eve's Band
Ep15 Home Sweet Loan
Ep14 The Ring
Ep13 Mike and the Mechanics
Ep12 Polar Run
Ep11 Gift of the Wise Man
Ep10 #1 The Puck Stops Here
Ep9 The Gratitude List
Ep8 The Big Sleepover
Ep7 The Dad Hat
Ep6 Halloween
Ep5 The Road Less Driven
Ep4 Educating Boyd
Ep3 Ping–Pong
Ep2 Free Range Parents
Ep1 The Wolf Returns

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Daddy Dearest
Ep21 Vanessa Fixes Up Eve
Ep20 Restaurant Opening
Ep19 Summer Internship
Ep18 Mandy's Party
Ep17 Kyle's Friend
Ep16 Three Sundays
Ep15 Big Brother
Ep14 Eve's Breakup
Ep13 Mike Hires Chuck
Ep12 Helen Potts
Ep11 Wedding Planning
Ep10 Outdoor Man Grill
Ep9 Changing Light Bulbs
Ep8 Risky Behavior
Ep7 #1 Big Shots
Ep6 Mike Advises Mandy
Ep5 School Merger
Ep4 Sinkhole
Ep3 Rediscover America
Ep2 War Games
Ep1 Here's the Kicker; War Games
Ep1 #1 Here's the Kicker
Here's the Kicker; War Games

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 #1 Mutton Busting
Ep21 #1 April, Come She Will
Ep20 #1 Parenting Bud
Ep19 Hard-Ass Teacher
Ep19 Hard-Ass Teacher
Ep18 Project Mandy
Ep17 Eve's Boyfriend
Ep16 Stud Muffin
Ep15 Tasers
Ep14 Renaming Boyd's School
Ep13 Breaking Boyd
Ep12 All About Eve
Ep12 All About Eve
Ep11 Elfie
Ep10 Spanking
Ep9 Thanksgiving
Ep8 Vanessa Fixes Kyle
Ep7 Shoveling Snow
Ep6 Larabee for School Board
Ep5 Haunted House
Ep4 Ryan v. John Baker
Ep3 Pledging
Ep2 Driving Lessons
Ep1 Back to School

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 College Girl
Ep17 The Fight
Ep16 Private Coach
Ep15 Breaking Curfew
Ep14 Buffalo Bill Day
Ep13 What's in a Name?
Ep12 Quarterback Boyfriend
Ep11 Mike's Pole
Ep10 The Help
Ep9 Attractive Architect
Ep8 Bullying
Ep7 Putting a Hit on Christmas
Ep6 Circle of Life
Ep5 Mother Fracker
Ep4 Ed's Twice Ex-Wife
Ep3 High Expectations
Ep2 Dodgeball Club
Ep1 Voting

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Last Man Standing
Ep26 Last Man Standing
Ep24 Found Money
Ep24 Last Man Standing
Ep23 The Spotlight
Ep22 This Bud's for You
Ep21 Wherefore Art Thou, Mike Baxter
Ep20 Animal Wrongs
Ep19 Ding Dong Ditch
Ep18 Baxter & Sons
Ep17 Adrenaline
Ep17 Last Man Standing
Ep16 Tree of Strife
Ep15 House of Spirits
Ep14 Odd Couple Out
Ep13 Take Your Daughter to Work
Ep12 Moon Over Kenya
Ep11 The Passion of the Mandy
Ep10 Last Christmas Standing
Ep9 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Ep8 House Rules
Ep7 Home Security
Ep6 Good Cop, Bad Cop
Ep5 Co-Ed Softball
Ep4 Last Halloween Standing
Ep3 Grandparents Day
Ep2 Last Baby Proofing Standing
Ep1 Pilot
Ep1 Pilot; Last Baby Proofing Standing

More to Watch

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Polar Run
The Wolf Returns
Home Sweet Loan
Eve's Band
Ep 5
Ep 7
Ep 8
Ep 9
Ep 6
Ep 3
Ep 2
Ep 4
Ep 1
Tanks for the Memories
Kamchatka - Cold Weather Endurance Run
He Shed, She Shed
Outdoor Woman
Gift of the Wise Man
The Gratitude List
He Shed She Shed
Free Range Parents
Educating Boyd
The Road Less Driven
The Dad Hat
Tanks for the Memories
Mike and the Mechanics
Last Man Standing — -1
The Shortcut

All Full Length Videos

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Clip 'Last Man Standing' Sneak Peek: Is Kyle Going to Propose to Mandy?
92 sec
Clip Mike Helps Boyd With His Christmas List
54 sec
Clip Mike Is Not Sure Ed Will Like Kyle's Costume
55 sec
Preview Jay Leno Guest Stars On Last Man Standing
3 min 14 sec
Clip Last Man Standing Season 5 Premiere
62 sec
Preview Should Mike and Ed Shoot Ryan's Dad?
72 sec
Preview Ryan and His Dad Go Hunting With Mike
78 sec
Preview The Baxters Meet Ryan's Dad (Jere Burns)
120 sec
Preview Mike Rants: When to Let Your Kids Go
50 sec
Preview Mike Explains How to Kill an Elk
69 sec
Preview Outdoor Man Vlog: Mike On Couples
68 sec
Preview Time for Mandy to Get Punished
2 min 38 sec
Preview Outdoor Man Vlog: Help the Homeless
55 sec
Preview Mike Helps Out Ryan
2 min 26 sec
Preview Outdoor Man Vlog: Don't Be a Deadbeat Dad
92 sec
Preview Vanessa's "Cat Crime" Caught On Video
2 min 37 sec
Preview Eve's Fine After Her First Breakup
91 sec
Preview Ed and Chuck Get Emotional
2 min 41 sec
Preview Should Mike Hire Chuck?
2 min 30 sec
Preview Ed Hires Chuck
112 sec
Preview The Outdoor Man Vlog: Pride Goes Before a Fall
81 sec
Preview Mike and Chuck Agree to Stop Being Friends
120 sec
Preview Patricia Richardson Tries to Fix Mike's Sink
118 sec
Preview Patricia Richardson Drops in
60 sec
Preview Mike Bonds With Patricia Richardson
3 min 17 sec
Preview Mike Offers to Pay for Kristin and Ryan's Wedding
118 sec
Preview Ed Lets Kyle Win at Poker
2 min 7 sec
Preview Vanessa: "No Church, No Check"
2 min 6 sec
Preview Mandy's First Time Hunting
60 sec
Preview Mike Turns Out the Lights
84 sec
Preview Is Mike's Family Blacker Than the Larabees?
67 sec
Preview Ed Tries to Get Mike to Do Yoga
54 sec
Preview Kyle Concentrates On Lemonade
104 sec
Preview Mike Baxter On the New Kardashian
24 sec
Preview Vaccinations
2 min 25 sec
Preview Kristin Hasn't Had Boyd Vaccinated
2 min 8 sec
Preview Kyle vs. the Tent
83 sec
Preview Ed vs. the Tent
107 sec
Preview Vanessa Is Changing Jobs
3 min 13 sec
Preview Mandy Works the Poll
2 min 7 sec
Preview Boyd Won't Go Home With Ryan
91 sec
Preview Kyle and Ed See Mike in a Magazine
58 sec
Preview Mike's Columbus Day Vlog
2 min 15 sec
Preview Mandy Dresses up Vanessa
114 sec
Preview Mike Sells Pink Camouflage
79 sec
Preview Eve Tells Her Sisters She's Playing Football
2 min 10 sec
Preview Mandy Needs a Model
91 sec
Preview Vanessa Looks Smokin' Hot
84 sec
Preview Boyd the Mutton Buster
2 min 47 sec
Preview Mike On Having Kids
84 sec
Preview The Guys Swap War Stories
2 min 28 sec
Preview "A Nation of Confident Idiots"
88 sec
Preview Mike On Money Matters
68 sec
Preview Mike On Saying What You Mean
68 sec
Preview Mike and Chuck's Dog Dispute
2 min 22 sec
Preview Mike On Retirement
90 sec
Preview Kristin's Got a Taser
70 sec
Preview Vanessa Gets Awkward…Again
92 sec
Preview Mike On Offensive Words
66 sec
Preview Mike On Valentine's Day
51 sec
Preview Jonathan Taylor Thomas On LMS
120 sec
Preview Duck Dynasty On Last Man Standing
2 min 6 sec
Clip Jon: Restaurant Owner
48 sec
Clip Maggot
54 sec
Clip Small Business Owner
40 sec
Preview "Love Arrow" Music Video
2 min 33 sec
Clip Dead Bald Eagle
92 sec
Clip Death Sled
69 sec
Clip See That Ball Drop
25 sec
Clip Canine Teeth
84 sec
Clip Dead Bird
62 sec
Clip Free health care for everybody
78 sec
Clip I thought you voted Republican
52 sec
Clip Am I dying?
41 sec
Clip Shouldn't he be living with us?
30 sec
Clip Horror movie
51 sec
Clip It's Science
46 sec
Clip Fandy I'm your biggest man
50 sec
Clip Pirate princess
32 sec
Clip Don't be scared
37 sec
Preview Last Man Standing Trailer
91 sec
S5 | Ep22

The Shortcut

Fecha al aire: 4/22/16
In the fifth-season finale, Mike's long tenure at Outdoor Man is celebrated with an anniversary dinner, complete with a speech from Joe and Chuck. Meanwhile, Mandy suggests that she and Kyle save money after they're married by moving in with her folks.

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