Last Shot With Judge Gunn

  • 2011

A no-nonsense but compassionate judge gives drug offenders an alternative to prison and one last shot at redemption.


Last Shot With Judge Gunn

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Participant: Tina S
Ep24 Participant: Misty H
Ep23 Participant: Stephen
Ep22 Participant: Shawn H
Ep21 Participant: Justin
Ep20 Judge Gunn 119
Ep20 Participant: Misty
Ep19 Participant: Matt
Ep19 Judge Gunn 120
Ep18 Judge Gunn 118
Ep18 Participant: Monica
Ep17 Judge Gunn 117
Ep17 Participant: Mike
Ep16 Judge Gunn 115
Ep16 Participant: Sharonda
Ep15 Participant: Chris
Ep15 Judge Gunn 116
Ep14 Last Shot With Judge Gunn
Ep13 Participant: Andrea
Ep12 Judge Gunn 112
Ep12 Participant: Charity
Ep11 Judge Gunn 111
Ep11 Participant: Paula
Ep10 Participant: Jennifer P
Ep9 Participant: Dana
Ep8 Participant: Kunawv
Ep7 Participant: Chris B
Ep6 Participant: Colton
Ep5 Participant: Aleisha
Ep4 Participant: Jennifer H
Ep3 Participant: Lachan
Ep2 Participant: Taylor
Ep1 Participant: Katress

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