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A young girl and an athletic superhero combat the efforts of a lazy villain in a strange village. This upbeat series promoting physical activity is the brainchild of two-time European aerobics... More


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Sportacus Saves the Toys
Ep22 Sportacus Saves the Toys
Ep21 Dancing Dreams
Ep20 The Lazy Rockets
Ep20 The Lazy Rockets
Ep19 Once Upon a Time
Ep18 The LazyTown Genie
Ep17 LazyTown Goes Digital
Ep16 Birthday Surprise
Ep15 Energy Book
Ep14 The School Scam
Ep13 Pixel's TV
Ep12 Friends Forever!
Ep11 The Lazytown Circus
Ep10 Snow Monster
Ep9 Haunted Castle
Ep8 Double Trouble
Ep7 Trash Trouble
Ep6 Little Sportacus
Ep5 Rockin Robbie
Ep4 Sportacus on the Move
Ep3 Dancing Duel
Ep2 Sports Candy Festival
Ep1 Ziggy's Alien

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep31 Robbie's Greatest Misses
Ep30 LazyTown's Surprise Santa
Ep29 LazyTown's Greatest Hits
Ep28 Secret Agent
Ep27 LazyTown's New Superhero
Ep26 LazyTown’s New Superhero
Ep26 LazyTown's New Superhero
Ep26 LazyTown's New Superhero
Ep26 LazyTown's New Superhero
Ep25 Miss Roberta
Ep24 Sportacus Who?
Ep23 Soccer Sucker
Ep22 Remote Control
Ep21 Play Day
Ep20 Pixelspix
Ep19 Prince Stingy
Ep18 Record's Day
Ep17 Zap It
Ep16 Dear Diary
Ep16 Dear Diary
Ep15 The Laziest Town
Ep14 My Treehouse
Ep13 Cry Dinosaur
Ep12 Rottenbeard
Ep11 #1 Dr. Rottenstein
Ep10 Lazy Scouts
Ep9 Happy Brush Day
Ep8 Sportafake
Ep7 Hero for a Day
Ep6 Swiped Sweets
Ep5 Sleepless in LazyTown
Ep4 Great Crystal Caper
Ep3 Sports Day
Ep2 Defeeted
Ep2 Defeeted
Ep1 #1 Welcome to LazyTown

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep4 Lazytown’s New Super Hero
Ep3 LazyTown's New Super Hero
Ep2 LazyTown
The Purple Panther - Part 2
The Purple Panther - Part 1
My Treehouse
Prince Stingy
Energy Run Workout
Tall Stories
One, Two, Ski!
Sportacus on the Move!
Soccer Sucker
Rockin' Robbie
Lazy Scouts
School Scum
Hero for a Day
Zap It!
Records Day
Bounce Away
Clean Up
Basketball Workout
I Love Sports Candy
Smart Art
Splish Splash
Ice Is Nice
One Arm Push-Up Workout
Jump Rope Workout
Dancing Due!
Let's Roll!
Power Jump Workout
Jump Up
Fantastic Gymnastics
LazyTown's Surprise Santa
Ready Set Go!
LazyTown's Surprise Santa
Super Speed
Picnic Time
Let's Jump
Deep Sleep
Push-Ups Workout
Dancing Due!
Great Greens
Pedal Power
Slam Dunk
Outdoor Action
It's Hip To Skip
Let's Dance
Skiing Workout
Do Re Mi
Dr Rottenstein
Kick Tricks
Prince Stingy
The Laziest Town
The Blue Knight
Castle of the Blue Knight
Lazy Towns New Super Hero Part 2
Zippy's Alien
Lazytown Rocket
Wizard of LazyTown, The
Let's Go To The Moon
Robbie's Dream Team
Secret Friend Day
New Kid In Town
LazyCup, The
Baby Troll, The
Princess Stephanie
Energy Book, The
Time To Learn
Ziggy's Talking Teddy
Last Sports Candy, The
Fortune Teller
Mystery Of The Pyramid
Ghost Stoppers
Records Day
Dancing Duel
Prince Stingy
Prince Stingy
Play Day
Dancing Duel
The Lazy Genie
Cry Dinosaur
Chef Rottenfood
Crystal Caper
My Treehouse
Lazy Scouts
Crystal Caper
Secret Agent Zero
Laziest Town
The Greatest Gift
Lazy Rockets
The Haunted Castle
School Scam
Lazy Town Circus
The Scavenger Hunt
The First Day of Summer
Little Pink Riding Hood
The Holiday Spirit
The Lazy Cup
Who's Who?
Dr. Rottenstein
Sports Day
Dancing Duel
Dear Diary
Dear Diary
Breakfast at Stephanie's
Dr. Rottenstein
LazyTown Marathon

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S1 | Ep11

Dr. Rottenstein

Air Date: 9/27/04
Robbie Rotten tries to undermine the kids' attempts to grow vegetables by declaring the town under quarantine due to Spotty Vegetitus.

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