Leave It to Beaver

  • 1957-1963
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The clean-cut 1950s sitcom, about young `Beaver' Cleaver, his brother Wally and their folks was a family favorite over its six-year run. Unlike most other sitcoms of that innocent era, the stories... More


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Family Scrapbook
Ep38 The Clothing Drive
Ep37 Beaver Sees America
Ep36 The All-Night Party
Ep35 Wally's Practical Joke
Ep34 Beaver's Graduation
Ep33 Summer in Alaska
Ep32 Don Juan Beaver
Ep31 The Poor Loser
Ep30 The Book Report
Ep29 Eddie's Sweater
Ep28 Wally and the Fraternity
Ep27 Beaver's Prep School
Ep26 Uncle Billy's Visit
Ep25 The Silent Treatment
Ep24 Lumpy's Scholarship
Ep23 Box-Office Attraction
Ep22 Beaver on TV
Ep21 Beaver the Caddy
Ep20 The Credit Card
Ep19 Beaver's Good Deed
Ep18 More Blessed to Give?
Ep17 The Parking Attendants
Ep16 Wally Buys a Car
Ep15 The Mustache
Ep14 The Party Spoiler
Ep13 Beaver's Autobiography
Ep12 Beaver the Hero
Ep11 Beaver the Sheep Dog
Ep10 Wally's Car Accident
Ep9 Beaver Joins a Record Club
Ep8 Bachelor at Large
Ep7 Tell It to Ella
Ep6 Eddie, the Businessman
Ep5 Double Date
Ep4 The Late Edition
Ep3 Wally's License
Ep2 Beaver's Football Award
Ep1 Wally's Dinner Date

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Un-Togetherness
Ep38 Stocks and Bonds
Ep37 Long Distance Call
Ep36 A Night in the Woods
Ep35 Sweatshirt Monsters
Ep34 One of the Boys
Ep33 Tennis Anyone?
Ep32 Yard Birds
Ep31 Brother vs. Brother
Ep30 The Merchant Marine
Ep29 Beaver's Typewriter
Ep28 The Younger Brother
Ep27 Beaver the Babysitter
Ep26 Lumpy's Car Trouble
Ep25 Beaver's Laundry
Ep24 Wally Stays at Lumpy's
Ep23 Eddie Quits School
Ep22 Three Boys and a Burro
Ep21 Beaver's Fear
Ep20 Nobody Loves Me
Ep19 Beaver's Jacket
Ep18 Beaver's Long Night
Ep17 Beaver's Electric Trains
Ep16 Beaver the Bunny
Ep15 Farewell to Penny
Ep14 Ward's Golf Clubs
Ep13 Beaver's First Date
Ep12 Wally's Chauffeur
Ep11 Beaver's English Test
Ep10 Weekend Invitation
Ep9 Beaver's Ice Skates
Ep8 Wally's Big Date
Ep7 Beaver Takes a Drive
Ep6 Wally's Weekend Job
Ep5 Beaver's Cat Problem
Ep4 Beaver's Birthday
Ep3 Wally's Car
Ep2 No Time for Baby Sitters
Ep1 Going Steady

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Substitute Father
Ep38 Beaver's Doll Buggy
Ep37 Kite Day
Ep36 Beaver Goes into Business
Ep35 Beaver's Frogs
Ep34 Junior Fire Chief
Ep33 Community Chest
Ep32 In The Soup
Ep31 Beaver's Rat
Ep30 The School Picture
Ep29 Wally's Dream Girl
Ep28 Mistaken Identity
Ep27 Beaver's Report Card
Ep26 Eddie Spends The Night
Ep25 Wally and Dudley
Ep24 The Dramatic Club
Ep23 Mother's Helper
Ep22 Beaver's Poster
Ep21 The Big Fish Count
Ep20 Beaver's Tonsils
Ep19 Beaver's Old Buddy
Ep18 Wally's Track Meet
Ep17 Beaver's Secret Life
Ep16 Ward's Millions
Ep15 Teacher's Daughter
Ep14 Uncle Billy
Ep13 Beaver's Accordion
Ep12 Beaver & Kenneth
Ep11 Chuckie's New Shoes
Ep10 Wally's Glamour Girl
Ep9 Beaver's IQ
Ep8 Eddie's Double Cross
Ep7 Miss Landers' Fiance
Ep6 Beaver's Big Contest
Ep5 Beaver's Freckles
Ep4 Wally the Lifeguard
Ep3 Beaver Becomes a Hero
Ep2 Beaver's House Guest
Ep1 Beaver Won't Eat

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Beaver's Team
Ep38 Last Day of School
Ep37 Wally's Play
Ep36 Beaver and Ivanhoe
Ep35 Wally the Businessman
Ep34 Beaver the Model
Ep33 The Spot Removers
Ep32 Beaver and Violet
Ep31 Mother's Day Composition
Ep30 Beaver Finds a Wallet
Ep29 Beaver's Monkey
Ep28 Ward's Baseball
Ep27 Wally's Orchid
Ep26 Beaver's Bike
Ep25 Wally and Alma
Ep24 The Hypnotist
Ep23 School Sweater
Ep22 Larry's Club
Ep21 Beaver's Dance
Ep20 Beaver and Andy
Ep19 Wally's Election
Ep18 Beaver's Library Book
Ep17 Wally's Test
Ep16 Pet Fair
Ep15 Larry Hides Out
Ep14 Tire Trouble
Ep13 June's Birthday
Ep12 Beaver the Magician
Ep11 Beaver Makes a Loan
Ep10 Beaver's Fortune
Ep9 Teacher Comes to Dinner
Ep8 Beaver's Tree
Ep7 The Borrowed Boat
Ep6 Beaver Takes a Walk
Ep5 Baby Picture
Ep4 Beaver's Prize
Ep3 School Bus
Ep2 Beaver Takes a Bath
Ep1 Blind Date Committee

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Most Int'resting Character
Ep38 Found Money
Ep37 Beaver the Athlete
Ep36 Forgotten Party
Ep35 The Cookie Fund
Ep34 Wally's Haircomb
Ep33 Dance Contest
Ep32 Friendship
Ep31 Beaver's Sweater
Ep30 Beaver's Newspaper
Ep29 Beaver Says Goodbye
Ep28 Beaver's Hero
Ep27 A Horse Named Nick
Ep26 The Price of Fame
Ep25 Beaver & Gilbert
Ep24 Bus Ride
Ep23 Haunted House
Ep22 Beaver Gets Adopted
Ep21 The Tooth
Ep20 Beaver's Pigeons
Ep19 Wally's Pug Nose
Ep18 Garage Painters
Ep17 Beaver Plays Hooky
Ep16 The Boat Builders
Ep15 Grass Is Always Greener
Ep14 Wally's Present
Ep13 Happy Weekend
Ep12 Visiting Aunts
Ep11 School Play
Ep10 Wally's New Suit
Ep9 The Pipe
Ep8 The Shave
Ep7 Beaver's Ring
Ep6 Her Idol
Ep5 Lost Watch
Ep4 Beaver & Chuey
Ep3 Ward's Problem
Ep2 Eddie's Girl
Ep1 Beaver's Poem

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Cat Out Of The Bag
Ep38 Beaver's Guest
Ep37 Beaver Runs Away
Ep36 Beaver and Henry
Ep35 Boarding School
Ep34 Beaver's Bad Day
Ep33 Wally's Job
Ep32 Beaver's Old Friend
Ep31 New Doctor
Ep30 Music Lesson
Ep29 Tenting Tonight
Ep28 Next Door Indians
Ep27 My Brother's Girl
Ep26 Train Trip
Ep25 The Broken Window
Ep24 The State vs. Beaver
Ep23 Beaver & Poncho
Ep22 The Perfect Father
Ep21 Cleaning Up Beaver
Ep20 Lonesome Beaver
Ep19 The Bank Account
Ep18 Child Care
Ep18 Child Care
Ep17 Paper Route
Ep16 Lumpy Rutherford
Ep15 Party Invitation
Ep14 Part Time Genius
Ep13 Voodoo Magic
Ep12 The Perfume Salesmen
Ep11 Beaver's Short Pants
Ep10 Wally's Girl Trouble
Ep9 The Clubhouse
Ep8 Beaver's Crush
Ep7 Water Anyone
Ep6 Brotherly Love
Ep5 New Neighbors
Ep4 The Haircut
Ep3 The Black Eye
Ep2 Captain Jack
Ep1 Beaver Gets 'Spelled'
Ep1 Beaver Gets 'Spelled'

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Leave It to Beaver
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Ep7 Leave It to Beaver
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Ep5 Leave It to Beaver
Ep4 Leave It to Beaver
Ep3 Leave It to Beaver
Ep2 Leave It to Beaver
Ep1 Leave It to Beaver
New Neighbors

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Leave It To Beaver: Season 1

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Leave It To Beaver clip - starring Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow.

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