Life With Elizabeth

  • 1953-1955

Comic vignettes (three per show) about a young woman and her junior-exec husband. Betty White not only was the star but was the series' co-creator and co-producer as well, an accomplishment rare in... More


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Everything Goes Wrong; Tenderhearted With Animals; Babysitting Eddie Miller
Ep19 Scared Silly; Neighborhood Slingshot; Elmer's Garage
Ep18 Detective Stories; Writing a Speech; Moosie on the Patio
Ep17 Collection Agency; Monster With Green Eyes; Good Neighbor Policy
Ep16 Phone Calls to Work; Girl Scout Trip; Census Taker
Ep15 Photographer; Of the Honeymoon; Numb, Deaf and Blind
Ep14 Mam's Visit; Bicycle Picnic; Nosey Neighborhood
Ep13 Article On Carpentry; Hypnotism; Home Movies
Ep12 Black Eye; Momma for Breakfast; Missing Receptionist
Ep11 Bonus Check; House Cleaning; Richard's Moustache
Ep10 Car is Stolen; Fence Needs Painting; Real Estate Deal
Ep9 Learning to Drive; Day They Moved In; Alvin Asks Boss Home
Ep8 Nursery Rhymes; First Business Trip; Lake Allergies
Ep7 Mam's Letter; Lodge Dinner; Richard Gets Fired
Ep6 Oak Tree; TV Repair; Drive-In
Ep5 The Psychic; Car Repair for Dummies; Bird Bath
Ep4 Ping Pong; Leaking Roof; Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
Ep3 Bad Mood; First Kiss; Ex-Flame
Ep2 Balance Check Book; Late for a Party; Piano Tuner
Ep1 Moosie in the Kitchen; Jungle in the Living Room; Underhills for Dinner

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Moosie in the Kitchen / Jungle in the Living Room / Underhills for Dinner
Scared Silly / Neighborhood Slingshot / Elmer's Garage
Mam's Letter / Lodge Dinner / Richard Gets Fired
Everything Goes Wrong / Tenderhearted With Animals / Babysitting Eddie Miller
Mam's Visit / Bicycle Picnic / Nosey Neighborhood
Bad Mood / First Kiss / Ex-Flame
Collection Agency / Monster With Green Eyes / Good Neighbor Policy
Article On Carpentry / Hypnotism / Home Movies
Photographer / Of the Honeymoon / Numb, Deaf and Blind
Bonus Check / House Cleaning / Richard's Moustache
Life With Elizabeth — -1
Balance Check Book / Late for a Party / Piano Tuner
Black Eye / Momma for Breakfast / Missing Receptionist
Detective Stories / Writing a Speech / Moosie On the Patio
The Psychic / Car Repair for Dummies / Bird Bath
Oak Tree / TV Repair / Drive-In
Phone Calls to Work / Girl Scout Trip / Census Taker
Ping Pong / Leaking Roof / Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

Car Is Stolen / Fence Needs Painting / Real Estate Deal

Air Date:
Elizabeth runs errands and the car is stolen. In episode two, Alvin decides to take home improvements into his own hands. Finally, Alvin and Richard purchase a shared cabin, and are unsure how to break it to Elizabeth.

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